butter LONDON Colour Hardwear Nail Art Tool Kit

Butter London Nail Art Kit

Some of us are great writers. Others are great athletes. And then some of us are really good at nail art. I’ve mentioned a thousand times that I suck at the latter. And you know what? I’m totally okay with that. Luckily the fine folks at butter LONDON are making it easy for us not so creative folx to get our grooves on with some basic nail art skills. I recently received a press sample of their Colour Hardware Nail Art Took Kit and I can’t be more excited to try this baby out.


For one thing, how sweet is the packaging? Perfectly portable, this tin can of creative baubles and thangs is perfect for storing your new utensils be it at home or in your luggage for travel. Including is this kit is the following…

  • Dotting Tool: Double ended with two different sized dots. Create dot artwork-like polka dots and leopard prints.
  • Striping Brush: Short and pointed for drawing intricate nail designs and lines.
  • Clean Up Brush: Dip in nail lacquer remover and brush away imperfections. Brush away excess nail lacquer along the edge of the fingernail.
  • Liner Brush: Long tip perfect for bold lines and long strokes. For French manicure as well as drawing lines that need to be straight or have curves.
  • Marbling Brush: Perfect for swiping effects across the nail for animal stripes, ombre and textured effect                               (source)


Butter London Colour Hardware Nail Art Tool Kit

Very cool, right? The most practical tool, I think is the Clean Up Brush because what nail polish lover doesn’t find that handy? My second favorite is the Dotting Tool because even if you are darn awful with nail art, chances are you can crank out a few dots with any problems. Shoot girl, if I can do it anyone can.

And they are also giving us a little manual in case we need to see actual pictures. Thank you bL!

Butter London Colour Hardware Nail Tool Kit

Butter London Colour Hardware Art Tool Kit

This cute little kit goes for $30 at ULTA.com and I think it’s a sweet option for people like me who just want the basics. And it’s even better for those who are just starting out.

So what about you? Are you into nail art? Or would you rather stick to the many other skills that you’ve got?


Oh! And since we’re talking butter LONDON awesomeness, check out some of my favorite bL thangs…

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  • I definitely need to pick this up!

  • I need one of these! I’m terrible with free hand nail art.

  • Now that’s a fancy little toolkit! I just use the generic made-in-China from Amazon that I got for a dollar (literally).

  • Jess Scull

    I need to grab this! I’m the worst at nail art but would love to improve!

  • The brush looks great for detail work!

  • I love kits like these! What they call a striping brush is really more of a detail brush, though. – stripers have long, thin bristles, to create long, well, uh, stripes. With that flick at the end. I love dotting tools. When in doubt, dotticure!

  • AHH I want this. Very bad.

  • This is such a cute little kit!

  • I need this kit! Thanks for sharing it :)

  • such a cute little kit! and it does have all the tools you’d need :)

  • This such a cute nail art tool kit :)

  • betzy carmona

    I have the one from amazon and love the price, considering the fact that I’m terrible this is probably to high for me.

  • What a cool kit, now if I only had the patience!

  • Cute set! I was eyeing this!

  • I’m not skilled at nail art but I want this kit! I sometimes wonder if I’m not great at it because of the fact I have no nail art tools & use random stuff around the house to fake it!

  • Kim

    Cute Kit. I love the packaging.

  • I LOVE them, I need them right now!!

  • This kit is so awesome, I was checking it out at Ulta today!

  • I need this because I’ve been using bobby pins for nail art tools!

  • I thought I’m the only who fails miserably at nail art :-) Even w/ this cute nail art kit, I have come to a conclusion that even a simple dotticure is a disaster for me, haha!

  • i have and love this kit

  • I think this is the coolest nail set…

  • What an awesome kit – a great idea and as a nail art novice I need the help!

  • So into this kit!! Need this in my life

  • This is adorable! I needs!

  • Ohh that is sooo neat. I like that it even comes with a dotting tool.

  • What a great little kit!! I love how butter LONDON gives you directions too!!!

  • That kit is so adorable!!!

  • This nail art tool kit looks awesome, i will definitely grab one of these for my DIY nail art designs.