Milani Brilliant Lip Shine Lip Glosses Are Glossy. Really Glossy.

So guess who did another videooo–ooooh? Your truly. I received these lip glosses for review a looooong time ago and I hate that I am just now doing a review for them but yo…better late than never, am I right?

Lip Shine Pinterest

Simply put? I love them. Like, a lot. They are priced reasonably at less than $6 and these non-tacky glosses are actually more pigmented in the tube than they are on the lips. At least some of them.

Milani Lip Shine swatches

And how ’bout that red? And that purple? Girl yes…they are my favorite of the bunch. These are probably ideal for those who really don’t want to be bothered with a ton of reapplying.

Milani Brilliant Lip Shine purple

But hey, I didn’t come over here to WRITE a review. I really just wanted to drop the link to the video review. I almost had a breakdown in that video but I had to breathe through it. I don’t know what it is with me. I used to be so confident in front of the camera. I’m supposed to get better with time. Not revert back to that insecure 7th grader. Let’s hope I can get it together before I turn 30. Which is like in…6 months. Eeeek! But yay. No really. I think growing older is a beautiful thang. Not many people get the chance, ya know?

Thanks for viewing and buy these lippies here.


Disclosure: I provided affiliate links in this post. So if you buy somethin’, I get a penny or two. Maybe three. Thanks in advance. :)

  • These all look fabulous on you, you’re beautiful! I love your video review!

  • These all look gorgeous on you. I totally need to get my butt and get some Milani. All of these glosses look to die for!!!!!

  • Beautiful! That gloss looks perfect on you! Love the video too!

  • You are adorable! Love the video. I like the Milani glosses too, but I wish they had a little more color, less sheer

  • gorgeous colors here!

  • The grabby hands just came out for the pink. But they’re all just so pretty ahh! :)

  • Mai

    These looks wonderful! I appreciate that they’re non tacky, I’m not a huge fan of sticky lip glosses

  • They are so pretty!

  • Gorgeous post lady! <3 <3 Love the lip glosses

  • I need to try these. I love non-tacky glosses

  • These look like must haves!

  • omg! I loved this video!

    • Brittany

      Thanks mama!

  • Are these not the most awesome glosses!

    • Brittany

      Sweet stuff, right?

  • Gorgeous colors!! I love your lips, you suck 😛

    • Brittany

      Haha, I LOVE you!

  • I just love these glosses – they’re fantastic!

  • You are frickin’ adorable!! And you can wear coral!

  • I like the red on you.. and I think I’d like it on me, too! That purple… I am disappoint. Hope you’ve found your wedding ring!!

  • Lisa Heath

    I love these glosses!

  • I love seeing you in video! So pretty! These lip glosses look gorgeous!

  • I think I own 8 of them… half I bought myself the other half from Milani – I love them. But, they are friggen $8.00 here unless I find them on sale at CVS or Walgreens. Err… I hate that Hawaii is so over priced. Oh well, I’ll live vicariously through you. :d

  • Obsessed with these lip glosses! The quality is top notch.

  • betzy carmona

    The shades you have are all so pretty

  • girl…you are right, they are all really pretty!