Milani Is SO Making A Statement With Their New Color Statement Nail Polishes

Oh Milani. Oh girl…you are lookin’ good. Something looks different about you. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Milani Color Statement

Milani has totally shocked us with this one and they are giving us not 1, not 2 but 37 new shades of their new line of nail polishes. I received a few samples of these and I can’t wait to start showing you how fantastic they are.

Milani Color Statement polishes

I am loving the bottle design! Like, a lot. In fact, it reminds me a lot of Cult Nails’ bottle.

Milani Color Statement vs Cult Nails bottle

Milani needed a more updated and a more chic look for a nail polish bottle. I mean, don’t get me wrong…their original bottles aren’t terrible. They’re just…

Milani Color Statement vs Nail Lacquer

I mean, which one would you rather pick up? And pay no mind to the teeth marks on the bottle to the right. I have a terrible habit of using my teeth to loosen nail polish bottles. I know, I know. Don’t even say it. I know.

Milani Color Statement nail polishes

I’ve been playing around with these babies for a few days now and formula-wise, Milani is right in that they give great coverage with only one coat. Most will require a second coat if you want true opacity, but they do really well with the initial coat. As with all nail polishes, wear time is relative but I’ve always been a huge fan of their base coat and I think it is spectacular at helping nail polish last longer than a day.

Milani nail polish

The Color Statement line is giving is so many formulas and shades to pick from including glitters, a fire engine red, stunning purples, sweet pinks, vampy shades and everything in between. I’m so proud of Milani! I am very excited about these reasonably priced bottles of polish. They go for $3.99 which is a dollar less than their regular line of polishes. I’m thinking these will be a huge hit among Milani aficionados and those scouring drugstores for pretty polishes. If the chic bottle design doesn’t grab you, the really pretty color selections will.

Go Milani go!

  • I saw these the other day at CVS and definitely want to pick up a few!

  • These look so pretty! I like the manicure you created!

  • Kim

    I use my teeth to open stubborn polish bottles, too. I have quite a few that look just like that.

    • Brittany

      Shame shame. We should know better, huh?

  • I love your nail art and selection of shades from the collection here. Milani is stepping it up, I LOVE the new bottles and polishes so far!

  • Love Milani! This redesign is so chic. Between this release and the Gel eye shadows, they are on a roll!! Love the dotticure, too, B!

    • Brittany

      You’re impressed? Weeee! I’m trying to get my Nidia on. Woot!

  • Beautiful! I love your nails.

    • Brittany

      And I love YOU!

  • That blue is so gorgeous!

  • That blue! It’s beautiful!

    • Brittany

      Right?? The blue is my favorite!

  • Great mani, love that colbalt shade!!

  • I may just have to pick up a few of these!

  • Oh yes, oh yes… I am loving these nail polishes… if I had my way I would paint a new color every day. lol

  • The bottles are so chic! I’m loving the expansive color range in this collection.

  • The bottle does remind me of Cult Nails. :) I am WOWED by these polishes – seriously amazing.

  • wtf? that’s a talent *opening w/ your teeth*, lol. But seriously, this collection looks stunning!

  • hahahah are those teeth marks! :) I love their new bottle shape too!

  • I really like the red color a ton!

  • Loving your nail art here! Wow!

    • Brittany

      Thanks lovely!

  • Milani is consistently raising the bar on drugstore cosmetics and polishes! Love this line up!

  • Loveee the mani you created.