Add Refresh Soothing Masque to Your Summer Skincare Regimen

| July 3, 2014 | 33 Comments

Refresh Natural Skincare masque shot

I already know what you’re thinking. “Oh joy. Another blog post about a mask.” Surely if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong, my friend. Wrong. This blog post is being brought to you by the brand Refresh and I had the opportunity to test drive their mask. Er…masque.

Refresh Natural Skincare masque

Retailing for a smooth ‘an easy $29.95 this masque has been a much needed addition in my skincare routine. I’ve been cool with my cleansers, moisturizers and exfoliators but a soothing treatment like this masque is very much appreciated.

Perfect for those of us with all skin types, Refresh has formulated this natural mud masque to have several uses. In addition to moisturizing the skin, it helps exfoliates and contains 100% natural ingredients. Yes girls. This product even omits synthetic fragrance which you know I’m lovin’.

Refresh Natural Skincare

I really wanted to give my skin sometime to see how well she (my skin is a she…right?) liked the masque. I took a shower and applied this bad boy to clean and damp skin. Per the instructions, I let it sit for 10 minutes. Yours truly was very happy to see that it didn’t crack and become a crummy mess. Warm water assisted me in removing it and I was left with subtle skin that felt moisturizing and soft to the touch.

I find that many facial masks suck the moisture right out of my skin but thanks to the moisturizing properties of ingredients like shea butter and cucumber, I didn’t immediately have to dive into my moisturizer and this is always a good thing.

Refresh Natural Skincare whipped mask

Having used this several times over several weeks, I find myself reaching for it time and time again. And this, ladies and gentlemen, says a lot for skincare product junkie!

Refresh Natural Skincare masque ingredients


-The masque is incredibly moisturizing and will come in great use during the warm months and during the cooler months.
-The base of this clay is bentonite clay which is known for its fantastic detoxifying properties.
-Removal is quick and easy. Slather on and rinse off. DONE!
-I’ve found that this masque feels extra nice when used after spending hours in the sun.
-A little goes a long way.

Refresh Natural Skincare swatch


-If you aren’t familiar with the smell of bentonite clay (which uh…smells like clay), the scent may throw you off.
-If you don’t ensure that the lid is placed on correctly EVERY time, you may end up with a dry masque. Ask me how I know…

Refresh Natural Skincare masque on skin

I’m a fan! I haven’t boogied with a masque in forever and a day I think this one from REFRESH will be following me for a quite some time. You can purchase it here but if you use the code 9FIOVZKR, you’ll save $5 from now until the end of August. Happy shopping, lovelies!


Are you a mask lover?


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  1. BeautyJudy says:

    So yes, I see a lot of mask reviews, but there’s a lot out there and not every one is great for everyone :) This one really appeals to me, it sounds like it would work great on my sensitive skin! Thank you for the review and the code (and I’m glad it’s good for a while longer!)
    BeautyJudy recently blogged about Gorgeous Cosmetics LipsticksMy Profile

    • Brittany says:

      So true, babe. Different masks work differently on all of us but I’m glad that there is one out there for us girls with sensitive skin.

  2. Eugenia says:

    GIVE ME ALL THE MASKS! You look great with gunk on your face!
    Eugenia recently blogged about Neutrogena Hair Repair Simple Up Do TutorialMy Profile

  3. Sheila says:

    This sounds like a mask my skin would love. Thanks for the review!
    Sheila recently blogged about How To Apply False LashesMy Profile

  4. This sounds amazing! I’ll seriously buy anything you tell me to, your skin is gorgeous!
    Brooke @ Blushing Noir recently blogged about Neutrogena Triple Repair Hair Care Review #StrongerHairMy Profile

  5. Allison says:

    I’ve been specifically looking for a blue masque, lol, but I already have a clay masque in my stash. It’s good that this one has shea butter etc to put back the moisture that the clay takes out! You look super-cute int it!
    Allison recently blogged about essie Nail Lacquer, Mojito MadnessMy Profile

  6. Aleya Bamdad says:

    It’s sounds like a great mask. Don’t forget to shut that lid tightly.
    Aleya Bamdad recently blogged about June Lip Monthly ReviewMy Profile

  7. Jessica says:

    This sounds awesome! So glad it’s not a moisture-sucker either, I have enough problems with dry skin!
    Jessica recently blogged about OMD2 Nail Art Challenge: LavenderMy Profile

  8. Leelo R says:

    Never heard of this brand before, but this something I would love to try!
    Leelo R recently blogged about June´14 in Instagram picsMy Profile

  9. Phyrra says:

    This sounds so nice!
    Phyrra recently blogged about Teal Thursday Bunny Paige Teal the EndMy Profile

  10. Miranda says:

    You won me over at “it didn’t crack”… I HATE that feeling!
    Miranda recently blogged about The Difference Between Eyeshadow Primer and BaseMy Profile

  11. Melody says:

    I love a good masque and the price tag isn’t bad. Hmm, you’re gonna make me actually do one tonight.

  12. I am seriously in LOVE with face masks!
    Laura MyNewestAddiction recently blogged about LORAC PRO 2 Palette ReviewMy Profile

  13. Ange says:

    Ordering this right now, #facemaskjunkie
    Ange recently blogged about Montagne Jeunesse: Renew You Sleep Spa ReviewMy Profile

  14. Pink Sith says:

    SWEET! I always love facial masQUEs! And thanks for the coupon code! I’m going to check out their site now!
    Pink Sith recently blogged about A Fourth of July ManicureMy Profile

  15. This mask sounds awesome and I like clay for skincare.
    @ NORAH LOVES MAKEUP recently blogged about Makeup TransformationMy Profile

  16. This sounds lovely and refreshing!
    Cindy (Prime Beauty) recently blogged about LORAC Back to Bronze Collection: Review, Pics, Swatches!My Profile

  17. Anastasia says:

    This sounds like a really nice mask, I like that it’s not as drying as most clay masks out there. I hear you about them drying out if you don’t close the lid tight enough, happened more than once to me too.
    Anastasia recently blogged about Opal Nail Art Using RickyColor Pastel Opal Nail PolishesMy Profile

  18. This reminds me of The Body Shop clay mask. I like face masks as well so I’m checking this out.
    Kath TheFabZilla recently blogged about Burberry Summer Showers Collection: Orange Poppy { Lip Glow Balm, Fresh Glow Blush, Nail Polish }My Profile

  19. Justina says:

    I need to do a face mask this week, my face is so dry!
    Justina recently blogged about Kenra Smooth Anti-Frizz ProductsMy Profile

  20. Ashley says:

    Can I just say that in the jar, the color of this mask is SO pretty! Pickimg a facial mask is entirely personal. I would use this in the winter when my skin tends to be on the dry side.
    Ashley recently blogged about June 2014 FavoritesMy Profile

  21. Betzy Carmona says:

    This mask looks amazing ! I try to do one at least once a week but it’s so hard , but I use the more genetic type.

  22. Honeygirlk says:

    this sounds and looks like something I may want to try. My skin is soo ooober sensitive… that I never know what will affect it. But I like this.
    Honeygirlk recently blogged about SUMMER HAPPINESS – Plus Sized Fashion and StyleMy Profile

  23. This one looks really tempting
    Kimmi @ The Plastic Diaries recently blogged about 4th of July Sales, Offers and Discount CodesMy Profile

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