How To Improve Home Ambiance With Curtains

Bedroom curtains

This post is brought to you by Julie Brooks and I’m all kinds of excited about it because I LOVE curtains. Curtains are an essential element in a room. In creating an impressive interior décor for the room, they will be critical in creating the overall tone. Remember, though it is easy to undermine the value that shutters and curtains have in the room, the two are important soft furnishings. Curtains, whether plain canvas, lined eyelet, or pencil pleat can drastically complement existing interior design and improve home ambiance. They will thus tone a room and tie everything together to give coherence, beauty and elegance to a room.

The Colors to Choose

The color of the curtain that you pick is vital and it should match the colour of the walls to make a room more spacious and improve interior design. A quiet place will be brought to life by warm colors such as shades of pinks, reds or yellows. Shades of grey, blue and white will, on the other hand, give a soft appeal to a room. For a smooth, earthy tone, green or brown curtains are best. All in all, the shades that you pick should be pleasing to you and complement or ease in well with other colors that may be present in the room.

The Ideal Length

Curtains can either be long or short. The short curtains are best if one wishes to create a casual feeling in the room. They are especially ideal for kitchens. Conversely, curtains that drape to the floor create a more formal tone. They also visually give the impression of a longer window by adding the perceived height of the window.


Adjusting the Lighting

Laces and sheers can give your room an amazing lighting effect that filters and softens the light getting into the room. However, if you wish to, for various reasons, block out the light completely, lined and insulated curtains or fabric shades are the way to go. These often come with extra privacy.

Rods to Use

Curtain rods are varied in shape, nature, style and material. Finials are great silhouette creators. For ruffled and tailed curtains, continental or mesa rods are best. Wooden and wrought-iron rods go well with tab curtains.

You can now easily change the ambiance of your room to suit your preferences using curtains.