Life is crazy

Sometimes life forces us to pump the brakes. Instead of fighting it and screaming “Whyyyyyy???”, I yield. I pray. I pause. I think. I breathe. I slow down. Activity on Clumps will crawl for a bit as I grasp on to real life thangs. You understand, right?

Because seriously…life is crazy.


  • Good luck, boo! Everything will work out and try not to get too stressed out. We’ll miss you!

    • Brittany

      Thanks lovely!

  • Well, you might not *laugh* but it does get easier. The first winter my oldest was in daycare was such a mess of sick days and no sleep and stress. I can look back remeber the stress but also the help that came out of the woodwork and the pride in getting through some tough times. I think time dulls the more stressful buts and brings the nice moments into relief a bit.

  • Tam

    We’ll miss you!

  • I would die without my A/C – the construction going on outside my house sounds like two dinosaurs battling it out at 7AM every morning. Sending love and good vibes your way!