Maybelline Volum’ Express Colossal Pumped Up mascara

For the first time EVER in Clumps of Mascara history, I am posting a mascara review on a day that isn’t Monday. Yeah. Craziness, huh? I did a video review of Maybelline Volum’ Express Colossal Pumped Up mascara and instead of waiting another week to do a blog post, I figured I’d just give you the post now.

Maybelline Volum' Express Colossal Pumped Up mascara

Besides, do I only have to post on Mascara Mondays? Naw. It’s all good. And so is this mascara. I won’t ramble too much (I did enough of that in the video) but this waterproof mascara is quite fitting for summer. Maybelline has given us plenty of waterproof mascaras before but it’s nice of them to roll one out the first time they release a mascara.

Maybelline Volum' Express Colossal Pumped Up

The wand is pretty cool to work with, too.

Maybelline Volum' Express Colossal Pumped Up wand

I recently came back from a week long trip from Virginia – which, by the way, the high there was like 80 degrees. SERIOUSLY???? Because when you live in Florida, you just assume that it’s butt hot everywhere else in the world. Yeah no. Mind blown.  Anyway, enjoy the video review version of this mascara.

Have you tried this mascara yet? What are you thinkin’? Yay or nay?

  • I really really want to try this mascara!!!! Hope you had a great vacation :)

  • This is definitely one I like!

  • Kim

    Great review. Love the video. I haven’t yet tried this mascara. I’ve been using tarte light’s camera flashes lately.

    • Brittany

      I’ll be reviewing that one soon!

  • you dancing in the beginning was the best :) hey hey heyyy!! :)

    • Brittany


  • Great review but I just can’t love Maybelline mascaras. Granted, I haven’t tried any of the most recent ones. Maybe it is time for me to give them another chance.

  • I love the looks of the wand!

  • Jess Scull

    I haven’t tried this yet – but it’s on my list!

  • Great review! I might give it a try. So far all Maybelline mascaras I´ve used have worked for me.

  • This is soooo one of my favorite mascaras right now. Love the brush and the formula. Maybelline did good. lol

  • Thanks Brittany, I’ve been waiting for your review on this! I agree, I want to be BLOWN AWAY with a mascara!

  • I don’t need to go high-end on mascara as long as Maybelline creates this sort of awesomeness.

    All of Colorado’s summers seem like the best winter day of Florida. I miss my friends and the shopping. But, I will never miss that weather!!

  • I just grabbed this and I think I have a new love!

  • I love the shape of this brush. Tapered combs help me with my corner lashes!

  • I have not tried this mascara – but I’m always looking for new things to try :)

  • I really liked this!

  • I’m hearing great things about this mascara. It did do a good job of making your lashes longer… lol at that stray eyelash.

  • Great review! I love your bubbly personality

    • Brittany

      Thanks lovely!

  • I watched your YouTube review on this baby – definitely do want to test it out

  • Thanks for the review! I’m not in a hurry to pick this one up but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it.

  • The brush looks pretty cool and I like the pink tube!

  • I loved this mascara, it’s one of my drugstore HGs :)

  • betzy carmona

    This is a mascara I would totally love

  • Ha ha! You are so hilarious! “One by One…Volum Express!” – that made me think of an 80’s sitcom theme song! The non-WP version of this is one of my all-time favorite mascaras! I have puny lashes and the tapered tip of this wand makes it possible to get in close at the corners, which I LURVE. Great review! I totally agree with you that Maybelline’s mascara formulas are very consistent across the board. :)

  • I have this one and like it, but it isn’t my go to.