OPI Mustang Nail Polish Collection

OPI Mustang Collection

Vroom baby, vroooom! The Mustang is turning 50 and in honor of its birthday, OPI is giving us a collection about this iconic car. I received a press sample of the limited edition collection. It was released just last month in July so you should be able to find it at retailers like Ulta and JC Penny Salons.

OPI Queen of the Road

OPI Queen of the Road nail polish

Queen of the Road appears black at first glance but really this polish is a blackened murky green. Okay yeah, but it still looks black on the nails. There is a touch of silver in it that gives it a nice shimmery finish. I didn’t like it at first but somehow it works. It’s a very interesting shade and very fitting for a collection inspired by an automobile.

OPI Race Red

OPI Race Red nail polish

Race Red really isn’t red. It fact, it leans more on the orange side. It really is the perfect blend of orange and red and is the kind of shade that will look fantastic on anyone who wears it.

OPI The Sky's My Limit

OPI The Sky's My Limit nail polish

The Sky’s My Limit is a deep blue sea shade golden shimmer throughout. It’s sweet because at different glances it switches from shimmery golden green to shimmery golden blue and back. It totally reminds me of an ice cream paint job.

OPI Angel With A Lead Foot

OPI Angel With A Lead Foot nail polish

Angel With A Lead Foot is a creme white polish. And that’s it. It’s your average white polish in that it takes a good 2-3 coats to achieve an opaque finish. It’s pretty but I don’t know…it seems a bit odd to be in this collection.

OPI Girls Love Ponies

OPI Girls Love Ponies nail polish

Girls Love Ponies is a bright pink creme. I rolled my eyes when I first glanced at it, but it really is a stunning pink. This says a lot considering pink is one of my least favorite colors. It isn’t heavily unique as far as pink nail polishes go but it is pretty!

OPI 50 Years Of Style

OPI 50 Years Of Style nail polish

50 Years Of Style is a metallic gold nail polish and really is the perfect polish for this collection since a 50th birthday is called the Golden Birthday. I never think gold nail polishes look that good on me and this one is no exception. Womp.

Overall Impressions
Shade-wise, these are okay. There isn’t anything spectacular but you can tell that this isn’t one of OPI’s powerhousecollections. The only shade that really made my head turn was The Sky’s My Limit. Girls Love Ponies was a nice surprise, too. Overall, I think that if you have similar shades, you don’t really HAVE to run to pick these up. As always, the formula is great but unless you’re just itching to try something new, you could probably pass on purchasing the entire collection.

But if you can’t help yourself (and I so won’t judge you), you can snag these polishes for $9.50 a bottle at ULTA.com.


Any Ford lovers in the house? The Mustang is pretty slick but I don’t know, I’m more of an F150 kind of girl. 

  • I like this collection! The Girls Love Ponies is such a pretty bright pink!

  • Race Red = love. My kinda color!

  • Kim

    The colors are nice, but like you said, they aren’t amazing. I feel like polish companies are running out of spectacular shades to produce…

  • I am so disappointed that this collection isn’t more dynamic. I mean, it’s supposed to be celebrating fifty years of the Mustang. Talk about dynamic. These polishes are pretty but there isn’t anything there that I can’t live without and that makes me sad.

    • Brittany

      Right? It was a snooze-fest to say the least.

  • Oooh Girls Love Ponies is really pretty!

  • Race Red was one of my faves from this collection.

  • Girls Love Ponies is calling my name 😀

  • I think I am going to have to get that My Sky’s the Limit shade. Gorgeous!!! Thanks for the swatches!!!

  • Jess Scull

    Great swatches!!!

  • That black polish is ahhhhmazing!

  • I think it’s too many collections too fast. Too bad, could have been more exciting for sure!

  • Is it greedy to like every single color?!

  • What a range of shades! Love the stark white

  • For some reason the blue shade is the only one I’m crushing on.

  • Loving these shades girl! Especially the white and the gold.

  • Who picked these colors, man? I’ve seen a few posts that compare the pink and black to other OPIs and they’re pretty close to dupes! I like the black, but it’s a shimmer version of the Gwen Stefani 4am, which I own. And I do like that Sky’s The Limit. I want one just for the cool packaging. Isn’t that sad? lol

    • Brittany

      Oh girl no. Totally not judging you for wanting to haul for packaging sake. After all, we are beauty bloggers…

  • I think the collection is nice, but agree this isn’t one of their powerhouse – outstanding collections. I want them to bring back similar to the Diamond Series again… oh my heart loved that one.

    • Brittany

      Yessss, I loved the DS polishes!!!

  • These are completely gorgeous!

  • I NEED that pink!

  • Pink and White will always win me over.