I Finally Found Shea Moisture Cosmetics…In Stores!

I went to Virginia a few months ago and visited my husband’s side of the family in this itty bitty city. I’m not knockin’ small towns because I’m from one but y’all…I was SO surprised when I discovered that this city’s Target had Shea Moisture Cosmetics!

Shea Moisture Cosmetics
Um…yay! I’ve had Shea Moisture Cosmetics on my radar for quite some time. The brand is most popular to the natural hair’d girls of the world because they make fantastic products for those of us with kinky and curly hair. They also have great skincare products for babies and everyone else.

The cosmetics line is really geared towards women of color because, get this, they have really dark foundation shades. This NEVER happens. I mean, ever. As a dark girl, it is beyond difficult trying to find a foundation. Most brands omit us completely. Yes, even in 2014. I always jump for joy when I see an affordable line of foundation for brown girls. I couldn’t help but scoop up a tube. I also grabbed a lipgloss.

Shea Moisture lipgloss

And okay, there isn’t anything crazy fancy about this lipgloss, but how cute is the packaging? I snagged a blush, too!

Shea Moisture blush

I would have loved to grab more but this line is a bit on the pricier side. For Target, at least. The good news is, you’ll get your money’s worth because the products are really stellar. I did a video review showcasing everything I hauled!


Have you ever tried anything from Shea Moisture Cosmetics?

  • That lip gloss looks stunning and I love the packaging!

  • These cosmetics look great on you.

  • I need to try this brand!

  • Love the packaging of the gloss. These products sound great.

  • I ve never heard of this brand before. This blush shade looks so pretty on you :)

  • That lippie color looks divine!!!

  • These sound fantastic!

  • I love your videos!!

  • Nice!! Those are definitely your colors :)

  • So glad you found this line – great that they carry darker foundation colors. So sad that you’re not wowed, and you should be. Testament to the fact that there aren’t many choices for women of color, and you’re happy to find *anything*. In 2014, that shouldn’t be the way it is.

    • Brittany

      Preach, my sister!

  • Never heard of this brand, but that’s fantastic they have foundations for brown girls!!

  • If this collection is anything like their hair products, I’m in!

  • Lucky you. I still have no luck finding this brand

  • I had no idea Shea Moisture actually sold cosmetics, how cool!

    • Brittany

      I know, right???

  • These products sound right up my alley. That blush is FAB!

  • Love that lip gloss packaging, reminds me of Eminence Lip Plumper I used to have years ago.

  • I see Shea Moisture stuff all the time! Now I want to try it!

  • *jumps in car* lol I really want to try these

  • What beautiful looking shades and products! I’ve seen Shea Moisture skincare and haircare products at both Ulta and Walgreens in my area but I didn’t even know they made cosmetics. How lovely!

  • Wow! These look really interesting to me. I totally want to try them out.