Sleek Makeup in the House!

Okay, where have I been? Why haven’ y’all told me to buy Sleek Makeup yearssss ago? I mean, seriously. I’ve known about the brand for a while but no one told me how great they were. Yes, I saw the swatches online and lusted after their eye shadow palettes but I never made the jump.

Sleek Makeup

Until one fateful evening on Twitter. I was chatting with beauty blogger friends and before I knew it, it was midnight and I was ordering makeup. I blame them. Beauty bloggin’ peer pressure.

Sleek Makeup products
I also thank them because everything is absolutely goooorgeous. I didn’t want to spend too much money and honestly, that’s easy to do considering their prices are so affordable. Since I did a video feature of the things that I hauled, this post will mostly be full of pretty pictures. You’ll have to watch the video to get my thoughts on everything. But I can tell you this…I will be purchasing more Sleek. And soon.

Sleek Bronze Block

Bronze Block in Dark for $11.49. This was a total impulse buy because I’m not really sure how I’m going to use this.

Sleek Mystic

Sleek Loved Up and Mystic

Lipsticks in Loved Up and Mystic. They are  $7.49 each.

Sleek Life's A Peach

Life’s a Peach blush for $6.99. I really wanted to do something different in my blush game. I’ve never owned a peach blush and I didn’t see them as flattering on my warmer skin but I’m going to push it to the limits and see if I can make it work.

Sleek iDivine Ulta Matte V2 palette

iDivine Ulta Matte V2 palette swatches

iDivine Ulta Matte V2 palette. This baby went for $11.99 and of course I didn’t need any more palettes but this was just calling my name. I saw swatches of it and HAD to have it.

Not pictured is the Hide It Concealer that I got for $4.99 and apparently someone hid it because I can’t find it! Haha, see what I did there? I’ve got a video coming soon about this line so stay tuned for that! I can tell you now…I am an enormous fan and will definitely be ordering from them again.


Have you ever tried anything from Sleek? What should I scoop up next? 

  • Kim

    Sleek has some good products. I own their contour palette and blushes. I do want to try their shadow palettes.

  • That palette looks awesome and the price is amazing!

  • That’s crazy! I JUST got my order of four shadow palettes, I think this is one of them, lol! I LOVE those lipsticks! I can’t wait to see how you use the Bronze Block!

    • Brittany


  • Everything looks so gorgeous! I am pretty sure I need that blush

  • What a great selection you chose!! I’ve always wanted to try Sleek, especially their blushes!

  • Jess Scull

    Sleek is so underrated! I LOVE their blushes and ‘3’ palettes (I forget the exact name right now)

  • I have a ton of these eyeshadow palettes. Love them.

    • Brittany

      Ooooh, do you recommend any other palettes? I think I’m going to haul some more in a month or so.

  • I’ve been dying to try Sleek! All of their products look so awesome and for an affordable price!

  • I still haven´t tried anything from Sleek, but I do have couple of their palettes in my never ending wishlist 😀

  • I just bought two Sleek eye palettes for my giveaway but I have yet to try this brand for myself. Must rectify that. Soon.

    I love those lipsticks. I am gone on bright, bright lips, right now. 😀

  • Loving those lipstick colors!

  • Sleek palettes and makeup is gorg!

  • I haven’t tried anything Sleek yet either… even readers are saying I need to try it lol I better start listening.

  • That blush, tho! Loving your pics.

  • I need those lippies, right nowwwww!

  • Those lipsticks look divine!

  • Betzy Carmona

    I have been able to try sleek from previous swaps and love it

  • I want to try Sleek. Did you purchase straight from UK or ebay?

    • Brittany

      Straight from the UK. It took a good week and some change before it arrived.

  • I hear ya – other beauty bloggers are the biggest influence on my spending! I’ve been interested in trying this brand. You picked some great stuff, looks great on your skintone!

  • This is a great post and I love the colors.

  • The colors look fabulous! I love the bronze block

  • LOVE those lippies colors!

  • Haven’t heard of this brand, thanks for bringing to my attention.

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  • Tara

    Ahhhhhhh I’m just like you; except I haven’t ordered…yet! >..< And such amazing prices! I'm in trouble, lol. I am freaking out over the Blush By 3 trios OMG – Sweet Cheeks and Pink Lemonade!!! There is…just…so much goodness!!! *overwhelmed* XD I'm going to be browsing swatches all night, lol. Thanks for reminding me that I need to check this brand out! 😀 Enjoy your new pretties! I think the peach blush will look lovely on you!

  • Awesome lipsticks and blush! Def adding them to my list of brands to check out when I’m abroad. Heard about them a while ago but seemed to forget!

  • I have heard so many great things about Sleek. If I were not on a makeup embargo, and if I didn’t have 5 eye palettes & 2 blush palettes that are still unopened, I’d go for it. The shades you swatched look fabulous on you!

  • I love the sleek iDivine palette in sunset and the rose gold blush. Both products are so pigmented and work very well with my skin. And those prices….!

  • Those swatches go on so smooth! Adding it to my long list of must-try’s

  • I absolutely loooove Sleek! Nice haul–those lippies are fab!