My Top 5 Favorite Beauty Tools

Beauty Tools

Tools of the trade, baby. All of us beauty lovin’ guys and gals have them. I actually have A LOT but have managed to list just 5. These are the tools that I simply can’t live without. 

Dem tweezahs!  

Yooooo, where would I be without tweezers? I would be a hot mess. I’d be a confident hot mess, but a hot mess nonetheless. Tweezers are everything for a girl like me who naturally grows bushy brows and a beard. Okay, it’s not a full blown beard but if I didn’t tweeze it, I could probably beat a 13-year old boy in a ‘stache race. It’s sad. And I hate it. But tweezers make my life fuller, richer and I feel so much more confident owning several of ’em. 

Liquid Pump Dispenser 

Okay, it’s not that big of a deal. Just kidding, it is. I looooove these pump dispensers. I still use that fantastic (but over priced) nail polish remover that is Zoya Remove + and that was when I was first introduced to that kind of bottle. Now I’ve got a dozen of them all over the house. It’s not a “tool” per se but I find them so incredibly useful for toner, alcohol and even vinegar for spot cleaning in the kitchen. Technically, vinegar could be considered a tool, too but I’ll save that for another day. 

simplehuman mirror 

It’s funny what happens when you look at your face through a well lit mirror. I don’t care how beautiful you think you are (and you ARE beautiful, babe), you may gasp in horror. You SEE things when you look at yourself through one of those mirrors. Pores look like boulders and you’re never really prepared for this kind of thing. Even still, I love my simplehuman Mirror. It is absolutely wonderful. I’ve stared at my mug for hours just plucking and analyzing and really it’s one of the best beauty tools out there. 

Acrylic containers

I rock the minimalist look when it comes to storage. While I love bright and bold colors, I tend to let the cosmetics do the talking and store them in clear acrylic containers. Oh, how I love these. Stores like The Container Store carry them in soooo many different sizes and I love that they can make your space look clean and sophisticated. I love this set, too! 

Clarisonic  Mia

Obviously, right? I’ve been bragging about this thing for almost 5 years now. And here’s why. But also, here’s another reason. I have GOT to get my hands on that baby.

What beauty tools rock your world? 


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  • YES to the acrylic containers!

  • I want that mirror. It’s my next beauty buying goal. I’m asking for Valentine’s Day… it’s more than what we usually spend, but I feel like Jeff has to look at my face everything so it’s an investment for both of us LMAO

    • Hahahahaaa! That’s a definitely a good enough reason. Ha!

  • i definitely agree with this whole tweezer situation… i mean these wirey hairs so SO disrespectful. is an eyebrow threader considered a tool because….

    my makeup brushes i would die without!!!

    • Oh girl, please. Your entire face is perfection. I’m not coordinated enough to own a threader, though. I would butcher my brows from here to Woodstock. Heheeee.

  • DailyBaileyB

    Those pump dispensers are genius! I’m the same way with loving how they dispense product, but never would have thought to buy them separately.

    • I know, right? It’s the little things…

  • I guess I need a simplehuman mirror but I’m scared to look!

  • marciaf

    I guess I’m going to be on the Simplehuman bandwagon sooner rather than later. I have tweezers everywhere – I’d be the abominable snowwoman without mine.

  • Beauty411

    I’m also sensing a cave on the Simplehuman mirror. Guess I just need to go for it!

  • Lou

    Hi Brittany! Great blog – and great list (I want that simplehuman mirror!). I also share your love of acrylic containers. Have you checked out mujis? I have some of their 5-drawers and LOVE them. However, my latest obsession is brushes by Artis. I am patiently waiting for the oval 7 to come back in stock. Game changer, for sure.

  • The simple human mirror is amazing.

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