The Makeup Show Orlando 2016

The Makeup Show Orlando

And once again…I made it! It’s starting to be a bit of a joke with my blogger gal pals and me that every time I make my way to The Makeup Show Orlando, I’ve got a baby in tow. Sure enough, Bub made his beauty show debut at the show and except for the minor whining he did during the Blogger Preview, I think my boy did a grand job. He shot the ladies lot of smiles and had an enjoyable time snugging up with Titi Ellis. 

The Makeup Show Orlando blogger

You know your friends love when you when they’re willing to wear your baby so you can enjoy the show a bit. And enjoy, I did! This year, many of the girls in the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida group commented on how there weren’t as many attendees this year. I noticed that, too. It was nice to be able to walk down not-so-packed aisles. Brands like NARS, Make Up For Ever and Crown Brush were still packed but even still, their tables were walkable. Which is always appreciated. 

NARS Cosmetics

As a blogger, y’all know that my focus is really brand-centric. The Makeup Show prides itself on being a show that helps makeup artists and the like in the creative/branding space. It is pro-artistry driven and they rock in the educating department. Having brands in the house just makes things a little sweeter for us bloggers. I have yet to sit in on any of the workshops (and I really should one of these years because two words…Danessa Myricks) as my intent is to talk to and networking with brands. Each year, I make a list of brands that I want to investigate and chit-chat with. Of course, I do minor shopping too but my main focus is always getting some insider secrets.

The Brands

So many were there. Soooo many. I’ve attempted The Makeup Show in L.A. and NYC and while Orlando is definitely the smaller of the three, I think the show does a great job at giving artists so much to work with. The heavy hitters like NARS, Make Up For Ever, Inglot, Ricky’s NYC and Graftobian are always so popular with their huge displays and live demonstrations. 

You also have your smaller brands, including a drugstore favorite of mine…Shea Moisture Cosmetics!

Shea Moisture Cosmetics

Now I’ve rapped about Shea Moisture Cosmetics before as I’m a huge fan. They not only released new products, but they’ve gone through some re-branding. I haven’t seen many of these items in stores but after chatting with the ladies at the booth, I can’t wait! 

Ricky’s NYC

They were such a big hit at the show. I’m guessing the $2 OCC Lip Tars (in the older packaging) is what had people going crazy. 

The Lip Bar

One thing I love about the show is how they cater to big brands and indie brands. The Lip Bar is a Black girl owned vegan lipstick line. They have suuuuuch beautiful colors. I snagged two of them. Stay tuned for swatches. 

Moyou  London

Yesssss! Back in the day, I was BIG into nail art, especially those stamping tools. Remember this? I didn’t get a chance to see their booth but we received samples of these tools in our Blogger Preview bag and now I’m regretting that I didn’t at least stop by. So good to see nail brands at the show!

The Makeup Light

I need these. Next year I’ll be purchasing one! 

AJ Crimson Beauty

Pretty packaging and shades for brown girls? Yes please! I was so excited to see his powders and foundations. His booth stayed pack during the show. 

The Makeup Show Orlando

James Vincent rocks 

But you knew this, right? James Vincent has such an incredibly bright personality and I love how much he values bloggers. He really sees our worth and doesn’t hesitate to let us know this during each and every Blogger Preview. During the preview, members of the press are provided with a press bag full of goodies from various brands. We always look forward to these bags. James goes through each product to give us an idea as to why each product made its appearance in the bag. I’m so grateful for James and he truly cares about artists in the industry…and it shows!

Admittedly, I still didn’t get to see as much as I wanted to this year. Even when I make a list and have a game plan, I get all distracted by the glitz, glamor and lights. Next year, however, I will be ON it. 

Interested in The Makeup Show? Get more info here about the various events happening all around the U.S.


*I received a press pass to attend this event

  • oh a makeup show sounds SO FUN! that last look is killer!

    • Riiiiight? Makeup Shows are sooooo much fun!

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  • Jesse Sage

    When the guy at Ricky’s told me the OCC lip tars were $3, I almost shouted back to him “These are THREE dollars??” and two other ladies heard me and jumped in lol!! I didn’t know Shea Moisture was there!! Have to visit them next time. Love that I went to TMS and STILL learned something from your post. <3

  • AllyMcBeagle

    I found Shea Moisture when I was suffering from a self-imposed dermatitis (too many foundation try outs). Their African Black Soap for Eczema and Psoriasis Therapy healed my skin when 3 topically prescribed cortisol treatments didn’t!

    • Oh wow! That’s such an awesome testimony, Ally!

  • So happy that I finally got to meet baby Jett! But so sad that I didn’t get any OCC lip tars :(

    Next year, you’ll have to give me your list so I can help you get everything that you need.

  • Jessiedee

    I loved reading your post and your baby is soooo cute!! I love seeing other peoples perspective and even though we were at the same show, we had two completely different experiences!! And I totally know what you mean about getting distracted. I spent ALL day at the show and still managed to forget things!

    • Hey babe! Your post SO made me want to go back and re-live everything.

  • dreammua

    I loved reading your post. I wish i had stopped by the Shea Moisture booth but I was so confused lol I didn’t know which direction to go in. But I’m happy that we were all able to go.


    • I know, right? There was so much to see and do!

  • Reema

    Brittany, I am a blogger in the houston area and am planning to attend the makeup show in Dallas. I would love to go to the blogger preview, but I have no idea as to how you get in. Is it strictly based on your contacts and getting an invite?

    • Hi Reema – have you been before? If not, shoot me an email and I can put you in connection with that right person. :)