All About That #BeachLife

A few weeks or so ago, I was in Ft. Lauderdale posted up on the beach. Not ‘gon lie – it wasn’t an ideal vacation. I was juggling both babies and didn’t have Esposo to help me out since he was traveling for work. My family is fantastic about helping with EB and Bub but the beach just isn’t the same when you’ve got a nursing little and a 3-year old who thinks she can swim.

But all hopes for a beach vacation aren’t lost. I think I’m going to do a weekend by myself and I’m SO ready for it. I’ve got Clearwater on the brain, y’all. And like always, Shopbop has me all excited…

Scroll over the images to get more information about them. 

For the beachin’ dude…

Esposo is even more of a beach bum than I am. He’s the one that got me into boogie boarding and we’re forever competing on who can catch the biggest waves. He ALWAYS wins but can we talk about how cool those totes are? They would have made the best Father’s Day gift. It maaaay not be too late.

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And my BEST Summer Product Is…


This Urban Decay Vice app is SO much fun, y’all.


Hey y’all! Happy Weekend from me and my Lipstick League sisters. Check out these hot posts circulating the web. 
Beautygeeks – What do plantar fasciitis, rotator-cuff erosion, joint pain and a persistent itchy red rash have in common? If it’s YOU, you have to read this, stat.

Beauty Junkies Unite – Sunscreen is known to protect your skin from UV rays, and usually — that’s almost all they do! What if I told you that we found a very versatile sunscreen that multi-tasks?

Blushing Noir – Buying just ONE piece of The Estée Edit line will pull you into a black hole of needing it all. Here are a few of my faves (with many more to come)!

Clumps of Mascara – Beauty boxes, beauty boxes, beauty boxes. If you’ve seen one beauty subscription box, you’ve seen them all, right? NOT! I’ve tried over a dozen and this one is my absolute favorite.

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And The Best Beauty Subscription Box Is…

You guys, I’ve finally found it. Ever since beauty subscription boxes hit the scene, I’ve been all over them. They’re so incredibly practical for beauty lovers and folx like me who think they’ve tried it all. I’ve tried at least 7-10 boxes and over time, I find that they aren’t always consistent. But Essence Beauty Box? Woooow!

Best beauty subscription box

Maybe it’s the fact that many of the products are targeted to women like me, women of color! It could be that they toss in Black-owned companies and lesser known brands that I likely wouldn’t come across. Or perhaps it’s the fact that they actually feature hair care products that work for my hair type. I don’t even know but I’m a BIG fan of this beauty subscription box. 

I reviewed their last 6 boxes and each box not only has a diversity of products, but I’m also pleasantly surprised EACH month. You know you’re winning when you’re surprising a beauty blogger.

That said, I’ve been doing mini reviews of these boxes on Instagram and if you’re open to a box under $20 that caters to brown girls with thick hair and interesting products, Essence Beauty Box is it.

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KBShimmer Summer 2016 Collection

Confession. I had an argument with my 3-year old the other day. She asked me if it was summer time and I told her it was. Because, uh…it’s 95 degrees outside. Feels like summer to me! 

“No! It’s not summer, mama.” 


“It is, baby.”

“NO, it’s nooooot!”

I let it go because no one really wins in an argument with a 3-year old. And just as I started to draft up this post, I did a quick Google search on when Summer starts and what the heck, y’all?! It’s STILL Spring. Craziness! We are just about a week away from Summer but I’m feeling dumb for arguing with my child. And I feel even dumber for being wrong about it. Ha! It has been a hot little minute since I’ve featured some KBShimmer beauties and when these press samples landed on my doorstep, well…I was thrilled! 

KBShimmer Summer

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What’s on your Summer 2016 beauty wish list?

EcoTools makeup brushes

Phyrra – Take a first look at the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette with me!

Prime Beauty – is feeling years younger with the dewy glow of Osmosis Long Wear Liquid Foundation!

we heart this – Do you need the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Essentials Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette? Like, NEED?

Beauty Junkies Unite – Amber loves this cult-fave perfume that smells like a beautiful beach day — sea spray, and all! See which one it is…

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EcoTools Brushes – The Best Makeup Brush Brand Everrrr!

Oh darlings, you’re in for a treat. I’ve partnered with EcoTools to bring you a series of posts that will introduce some of EcoTools latest and most popular items. My budget beauty lovers will be alllllll over this. In the 9 years that Clumps of Mascra has been chugging along (OMG, has it really been THAT long?) there’s been one brand that I have consistently purchased and enjoyed. 

And guess who it is?

EcoTools brushes

Yessssss, girl. I’m not lying when I say if there is ANY brand that that will fulfill your makeup brushes needs with STELLAR brushes, it’s them. And I know it’s not easy out there. There are sooooo many brands working hard to get your attention. I’ve spent a small fortune in the makeup brushes department and was always under the impression that I had to spend all of my coins on quality brushes. Wrong, y’all. So wrong.

And that’s when I met and fell in love with EcoTools.

EcTools makeup brushes

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The Fabulous Sephora at Disney Springs + A Giveaway!

So when I heard about the new Sephora at Disney Springs, I was all like, “Eh. Okay.” Because, if you’ve seen one Sephora, you’ve seen them all, right? What could be so different about this one?

Disney Springs Sephora location

Giiiiirl…I could not have been more wrong. This Sephora, oooooh, this Sephora. If any location is going to have a magical Sephora, it would be Walt Disney World. This makes sense. Oh! Remind me to do a post on the coolness that is Disney Springs.

Disney Springs Orlando

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Black-Owned Beauty Brands at The Makeup Show NYC 2016

I’ve had a few weeks to come down from the high that was The Makeup Show 2016. Good times, y’all. Good times. I not only did a few things that scared me, but I had much needed time with my girls, ate some REALLY good food and just enjoyed a few days without washing dishes.

You’re laughing but shoot, man. Mom life is mostly of me washing dish after dish every single day. Instead of rambling about the show in its entirety, I’ll just highlight a few of the brands that I was so glad to see. Can we say YAY to Black-owned?!

A little glance at the show. It was busyyyy!

Now now, buttercups…don’t be all uptight over my pride and adoration for James Vincent and his team for providing a space for brands of all backgrounds to shine. This is a big deal. The reality is this – you don’t see a lot of Black-owned cosmetic lines. You just don’t. I can make many assumptions as to why this is but when I do see Black-owned beauty lines, you better believe that I’m investigating and supporting. I’m just so grateful to see people that look like me offer cosmetics at such a huge trade show. 

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