Sales & Spotlights: 12/3/09

It’s been a minute since I’ve hit y’all with some sales and spotlights in the beauty world. Looks like there are more “spotlights” this time around. I mean, my goodness…haven’t we all been inundated with Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales? HA! Enjoy….

T.J. Maxx=cheap beauty finds

I tweeted that this past weekend. I saw SOOOO many higher end brand products just chillin’ on shelves at a T.J. Maxx in Tallahassee, Florida. I’ll be stalking quite a few of them here in the Metro Orlando area. If you find some deals, let me know!

Ohmigoodness….I can’t believe that I am JUST now sharing this amazing website with y’all. I am obsessed with healthy and clear skin and it’s great to come across a site that understands that and sends me production recommendations and regimes specifically for my skin. Hence the name! One thing—this site is INVITE-ONLY. Clumps readers can bust down the doors by using this code: clumpsofmascara. You will love this site!

Lancôme’s Holiday Beauty Bonanza

Ahh yess….this brings back memories of me trying my first Lancôme products. I hauled the beauty set from last year and I have been a Lancôme girl ever since! This pearly white reusable train case is filled with $330 worth of Lancôme makeup and skincare essentials, including deluxe samples. Spend $36 on any combination of Lancôme products and you’re eligible to snatch it up for just $52. Of course I want it!

Coastal Scents 88 Piece Makeup
Palette giveaway

Why….you remember this, don’t you? I reviewed it here. The lovely Danielle from Project Danielle is giving one away. Show some love and enter!

It’s like a salon online! Salon Experience serves beauty needs from hair care, to nail care, to bath and spa products. And not only that…..if you’re in need of advice on choosing the right product, they have stylists available who can assist you. Lord knows I have some questions. Like….do I have a problem if I’ve colored my hair 3 times in 2 months? *gulps*. Salon Experience also has a blog. Check it out here.

Your turn! If you have any other spotlights, giveaways, contests are sale alerts, let a sista know!

Guest Post: Winter Fashion by Miss. Yaya

PhotobucketWelcome back COM readers for another guest post by Miss Yaya from My Own Judge!! While I attempt to assign myself as the style guide while Miss Britt is not looking, read on about making your wardrobe work through all seasons and through the thinnest of wallets.

For many, the weather is getting frightful and a summer wardrobe is starting to look as flimsy as swimsuit attire in a snowstorm. But apart from the hoarders and overprepared girl and boy scouts who have separate sets of attire per season (guilty), who has the space and time to separate wardrobes and store unused items? Money and space are getting as precious as air and water, so who’s to know what to do when looking at camisoles in weather best described as ‘brick cold’?

For y’all warm weather folks, let me tell you. I’m jealous. Why do I have to hear about your beach going shenanigans when my teeth chatter while crossing the street? Have you no shame? Do you not understand cardigans are needed for more than just AC filled offices?!?! I can rant forever of course. Or I can let y’all in on a few secrets.

We all spend money on wardrobes. Some more than others, but none can refuse the claim that a precious money is spent to cover our bodies. So how do we make the most of our money and the biggest bang for our buck when temperatures shift?

Layer effectively:
Remember that underwear is not limited to being your singular layer of fabric underneath your outside clothes. Thermals, long-johns, etc. are great for holding the heat that your body needs in colder weather. Not a fan of waffle knit articles? Make use of leggings and stockings (men: long sleeve plain tees & workout pants work as well) under your jeans and dress pants. Dress pants of all things have a tendency to waver around your legs sometimes when you walk. This lets wind and cold seep through. If the waists seem too high, choose a fun pattern to fold over your pants as part of your outfit. (You can try this in a fitting room or in the privacy of your own home toPhotobucket insure you look fine. Trust me.)

Mix fabrics:
That soft, super thin tee/blouse you were raving about in the heat of July not keeping you warm? Slip it under a button down or a sweater. The mix of fabrics (and layering) will add warmth as well as aesthetics to your getup. And let’s not forget – make use of your summer clothes.

Purchase additional staples:
Blasphemous? How to save money by purchasing more? Give me a chance! You only need a few staple items to add to your summer clothes to make it fall and winter appropriate:

  • jacket
  • blazer
  • scarf
  • gloves (depending on the severity of your climate’s chill/freezing factor)
  • boots

Sound pretty simple right?

A blazer can warm up many a light top. Imagine those three quarter sleeve items you have. They aren’t too cold but not too warm either, but they fit just great under a blazer (which adds all the warmth you miss in the first place). These buggers also have a knack for making the person who wears them pretty snazzy looking. For men, they make a t-shirt and jeans combo look neat and put together, and for women they can nip in at the waist just Photobucketright to have us looking like Coke bottles all night.

The warm-up ad(dress):
The tricky part about dresses for gals? They’re usually not floor length and made out of wool (and if they are a lot of us are not inclined to wear or purchase them).

So what do we do about those to die for strapless mini dresses we bought in May and have yet to wear?

Check out my cornmuffin of a slogan in the image to the left. “If cold feet is what ya got, leggings are what’s hot!

All laughs aside, this year above all we have been given carte-blanche with our leggings. Leopard spots, lace, (p)leather, sequins, and whatnot! Pay close attention to the dress you wear and pair leggings or stockings aproppriately. If you are wearing patterns up top, keep it simple below, same vice versa. Have a soft material dress – stay away from textured tights to prevent the lumpy bottom look at the Christmas party. Most important, wear what you feel good in.

Feel free to use that blazer or scarf as a cover up for your summery dress. Once you get to the party and you hide the evidence, no one will know how you managed such a display of skin without freezing (unless they too read Clumps).

So when you want to be financially savvy with frigid fashion? Layer it on like a cake (or onion a la Shrek), mix textures, and keep reading you some COM!

Disclaimer: Neither COM nor Yaya are in anyway responsible for readers taking this advice too far. If you live in an arctic environment and need a bear for warmth, these may not be the best tips for you. Remember to take the tips and make them your own!

FTC Product Disclosure

Okay y’alll….I’m going to make this as simple as possible. If it goes over your head, I apologize. To be honest…this whole disclosure thing is going over my head too. The FTC Product Disclosure ruling will affect the way Clumps of Mascara operates so I want you all to be as informed as possible.

Get ‘ta readin’!

“The Federal Trade Commission will require that writers on the Web clearly disclose any freebies or payments they get from companies for reviewing their products. The commission also said advertisers featuring testimonials that claim dramatic results cannot hide behind disclaimers that the results aren’t typical.

The FTC said its commissioners voted 4-0 to approve the final guidelines, which had been expected. The guides are not binding law, but rather interpretations of law that hope to help advertisers comply with regulations. Violating the rules, which take effect Dec. 1, could result in various sanctions including a lawsuit.” <----Oh Lawd! (source)

This disclosure policy went into effect yesterday. Basically what it’s saying is that I have to inform you when I receive something from a brand for review.

I’ll be honest….I have received free products to be reviewed on Clumps. I’m sure many of you could care less because despite how I get a product, I still bring you honest reviews with good information, photos and videos. I have never been PAID to say wonderful things about any product. As a beauty blogger, I find it to be unethical. As a person, I find it to be wack. You all read Clumps of Mascara because you feel as if I provide honest commentary about the products that I review. I would never compromise that for a buck or two. <--ohhh, that rhymes!

I did not start this blog to make money. I started Clumps of Mascara as a college student who had an interest and simply wanted to share it with others. It is my passion for writing and beauty that makes me blog. Not the money.

I hate that the FTC has done this because it makes us “real” bloggers feel as if we are wrong for receiving a product to review. Whatever. Just know this….from now on if I receive a product for review I will indicate that in the post. It’s as simple as that.

If for any reason you have any questions about a product I have reviewed, do not hesitate to let me know. I didn’t even want to write this post but I feel like I owe it to you all. I am doing the best I can with Clumps and the material that I present to you all. I know that most of you know that.

And at the end of the day….that’s all that matters.

My disclosure policy will be on the main page at the button that looks like this.

You can also read the disclosure in its 80 page entirety here. Refer to it at any time.

Alright y’all….I’m done being serious.

Peace, love and suede purple booties!

Amor de Lacquer: Nubar’s Chocolate Truffle collection

Welcome to another post of Amor de Lacquer….the series all about nail polish and nail care! Send me your requests, suggestions and ideas to

Hmmm, truffles. I’m not the biggest chocolate fan in the world (I know, I know) but it’s just like Nubar to name a collection Chocolate Truffle. This collection satisfies your sweet tooth sans the calories and guilt. Nubar sent me these babies for review so without further ado…

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the stars of Nubar’s Chocolate Truffle collection:

Chocolate Coffee Bean is is described as a deep brown shimmer. I’ll be honest….I was hesitant about brown polish on brown skin. It didn’t seem like it would be something for I would like but by George, it’s gorg!

Raspberry Truffle sounds totally yummy and looks fantastic! I think this is my favorite out of the bunch. Funny what bright red shimmer can do to a brown polish. This is fabulous!

Cherry Cordial is the only color that I immediately liked when I first saw it. It had enough red to tame the brown that scared me.

Later that day I jazzed it up with Lippman’s Happy Birthday. It’s a party on my nails! I think I’m going to rock this on my real birthday (January 2nd….holla!).

Chocolate Caramel is described as a bro†wn gold shimmer. Yum-E! It looks luscious enough, uh? I’m not the biggest fan of gold polishes but this is a little warmer so it’s not so bad.

Swiss Chocolate isn’t a bad polish….I’m just not sure if it’s for me. It really is brown! This is a first for me. It’ll take some getting used to.

Milk Chocolate Creme looks so delicious. I’m not terribly in love with it either but it’s funky enough for me to sport.

Nubar does it again! When it comes to unique polish collections, they win. Hands down! I’ll admit that I have never really be interested in brown polishes. When I can find them, they just didn’t seem to be ideal for my warmer skintone. Nubar proves me wrong. While it may take me some time to love the entire clan, I’m glad that so many different variations of brown polishes are available.

I used 2 coats for each and didn’t experience any application issues. Not one bit. I’m going to doing some designs with these babies. Imagine the possibilities….

You can get all 6 polishes plus a base and top coat (loves ’em!) for $49.95. Click here for more information.

Hmmm, whatcha say (channeling Jason DeRulo)? Like ’em? Love ’em? Could do without?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

50 million pound challenge: Portion sizes

Hello there, weight loosin’ and maintainin’ mamas! It’s been a while since I’ve checked in. How is everyone doing? I hope y’all didn’t fall off track with Thanksgiving feasts and all. I purposely worked out like mad the week before Turkey Day because I knew I wanted to indulge. Just a bit.

But now I’m back on my regular routine and not doin’ as much snacking as I was during the holiday. Once upon a time I was a snack machine. I could easily eat a huge bag of chips or a box of cereal in one sitting. And it wasn’t because I was hungry, but because the food was just….there. It’s easy to be heavy snacker when you don’t eat in small portions. Since realizing this, I now put all of my snacks in small containers.

1 cup of cereal as a snack is more than enough, right? But if I took the box to work with me….there ain’t no tellin’ how much I would eat. I do the same with my beverages.

This ensures that I get enough of my green smoothie intake. I drink about 32 ounces of green smoothie a day and about the same in water. Yummers!

I challenge you to think about portion sizes. If you get a sandwich for lunch, try eating one half now and the other half in an hour or so. Put your snacks in baggies or little containers so that you don’t over-indulge and consume calories that you don’t need.

Make sense?

And oh…I totally haven’t weighed myself in quite some time so I don’t know how much I’ve lost. But who cares….I feel great!!

Hang in there, y’all. Eat well, work-out and keep telling yourself how beautiful you are.

Until next time…

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Acne Sucks: Skin Updates

Hey y’all! It’s your favorite Pimple Poppin’ lady. I really shouldn’t even call myself that because poppin’ pimples really ain’t good. So disregard that. HA!

Anywhoovers, I was thinking that it was time to update y’all on my skin and its battle with acne. It has been doing A LOT better. I attribute it to many things but mostly to the Differin gel that my dermatologist prescribed. Even though my skin is acting all normal and whatnot, I fear the day I run out of this stuff. Lawd, let’s hope I can get it for life.

Daily pimples are no more. They just don’t pop up. And when they do, they are small and easy to tackle.

And I know I keep saying I’ll review it and I will but ohmigoodness….skin tone correctors are a must have for the woman of color battling hyperpigmentation. I’m almost positive that they would work well for anyone. Wow! I am amazed. Over time, it has literally erased some of my dark spots. See for yourself!

These photos are untouched. I am not wearing any foundation, correctors or blush in any of them. Well….I take that back. A closer look at the first photo shows a swatch on concealer. But never the mind. Can you see the difference?

I talked about my skincare routine via video and even showcased some new products that I can’t WAIT to review for y’all. To see what I’m talking about, you’ll have to listen to me ramble and act a mess.

Sooo, the skin is doing better. Hallelujah! Stretch marks? Whatever. Chubby tummy? I can deal. The inability to wear above the knee boots because I have fat knees (lmao)? Fine. But I will NOT let acne get the best of me. The fight is still on because my skin, at any moment, can turn against me.

Now it’s your turn! To my fellow acne fighters, what have you been using that’s been working wonders? Spill the beans, sisters!

Introducing….Clumps’ new logo!

Okay, y’all…so don’t hate me for not having a Mascara Monday this time around. I did very little make-up wearing all of last week. The lashes needed a break.

But to make up for its absence, I have for you Clumps’ new logo.

This is a HUGE deal. Clumps’ hasn’t had a facelift since….sometime in 2008 . The “afro gal” has been faithful to us ever since. She will still be around until the new Clumps of Mascara web page design. Replacing will beeeeee….

So what do you think? How insane are those lashes? And how much does she look like me? And what about that pink mascara? Hotness! And it would only be fitting if she too could sport glasses like I do from time to time…

I am beyond excited about this new logo. Somehow Clumps feels a little more like home with a logo that is uniquely mine. And this is just the beginning, y’all. I have so many more things coming up that it is literally hurting me to not tell you gals everything.

Stay tuned. I’m so excited! Aren’t y’all!!

Oh, and….
Voz Visual Designs—you da man!

Giveaway Winners! Macy’s gift cards

Tis the season for more giving! I don’t know what it is about giveaways but I love hosting them. If I could do a giveaway every day, I would! Y’all really deserve them. Clumps readers are the best!

This time around the winners were selected from Clumps’ Facebook fan page and Twitter. I had Mama Clumps give me a number. She selected 7. Each 7th entry from both Facebook and Twitter were winners!

Congratulations to

Stacy L. from Facebook
@kateypie35 from Twitter

I’ll need emails from both of you ladies.

If you didn’t win, don’t you fret. I’ve got at least 3 more giveaways coming up. You’re going to love them all. So whether you are feed subscriber, YouTube subscriber or shoot me random emails weekly (I love those!)….know that your opportunity to win is coming up!

….and I’m taking suggestions! If there are any cool ways you think I should select winners, let me know.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Ciao for now…