OCC Lip Tars….I need more!

I’ve had these things for a minute. I have been to three of The Powder Group’s events and OCC had a booth at every one. I keep forgetting!

I need your help. Any lip tar fans out there? Which ones should I haul?
…oh, and if you don’t know about the fabulousness that are lip tars, find out more about these vegan, ultra-pigmented mixable glosses here.

Beauty and…the Male: Jock Soap review

Greetings again, Clumpers! With it being close to Christmas time, it’s time for me to start some product reviews so that you can begin to get that husband, boyfriend, brother, father, or friend, some of the new products out there for HIM!



Company: Jock Soap

Products: Face, Shave, Body, Cologne, Hair, Etc.

Product Reviewed: The 4 piece Shave Collection

Price: $39

How to get it: TheJockSoapCompany.com


Finally! Jock Soap understands the most important part of the shaving experience—THE LATHER!! This lathered up VERY nicely and the best part is that a little bit goes a LONG way! Fellas will probably get about 10+ shaves out of this (and my mama gave me a pretty big head to shave)!


I had heard that shave brushes were unbelievable but I wasn’t expecting such a high quality brush! It washes and dries quickly and using it I could actually feel the brush moving my hair bristles around. And I have to admit…a few times, I just got in some extra lathering because it was giving me a nice head massage! Go get one of these for the man in your life NOW!


Cool a$ name. But, unfortunately the bottle and name was cooler than the product inside. Don’t get me wrong, it was not heavy was refreshing and did an adequate job of moisturizing my skin. However, I’ve used better products and this one won’t make me stray from my normal aftershave lotion.


Same deal here. There was nothing too special about this face soap that would make me switch. It does the cleaning adequately though. However, here’s a NEWS FLASH for the folks at Jock Soap—men barely use face soap and women take up 90% of shower space with their products—put the cleanser in a bottle!


Very nice. Medicated and something that would your man would probably use if he could keep up with it. If you’re into having your man use this, buy about 10 of these and put them everywhere (his car, his nightstand, his office drawer). This is a big step for a man (my girl laughed at first…’til she got a taste) but if you compliment him REPEATEDLY and shower him with kisses, you’ll always get what you want!

Overall grade: A

High quality + low price=a new customer. This one was complimentary from Jock Soap but my head is hooked on the shave! The products were well packaged (except for the soap) with dark colors and cool manly themes. Visual is half of the battle with us—trust me! The product far exceeded my expectations; in fact, I’m gonna end this right about NOW…it’s about time for a head massage!

Until next time,


More about Kenneth:

Kenneth D. Pratt Esq. is a graduate of Morehouse College and the Florida State University College of Law. A native of Tallahassee, Florida, he began his career there, as a certified legal intern at the Office of the State Attorney and progressed to the Office of the Attorney General where he served for three years. Pratt has published several short stories, poems, and op eds in National as well as local publications. In his spare time he enjoys reading, travel, and sports.

This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by a PR representative. Read our disclosure policy here.

Maybelline ColorSensational: Reds!

I love red lipstick. A LOT! Now granted I wouldn’t walk around wearing every day but when I’m feelin’ sassy or sexy….out comes the red.

In this case its Are You Red-y lipstick and Wine All Mine lipgloss.

Both are heavily pigmented and fail to dry out the lippies. That’s a plus in my book. And have I mentioned how heavenly the ColorSensational glosses feel? They smell like honey almond syrup and jelly bean pie…or somethin’ like that. Ha!

I’ve never been good at these up close and personal shots of the lips but er uh…

Intense, right? Are you red-y?

Oh yeah…..
See…that’s what happens when you wear red lipstick. You get all sexy-eyed and start poutin’ the lips. Or…is that just me? Maybelline ColorSensational has 11 more reds….one of ’em has your name on it.

Stay tuned for the next color in the ColorSensational family. Should I do natural, pink or plum? I’m thinkin’ natural.

This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by a PR representative. Read our disclosure policy here.

But Black Women Can’t: Wear Red Lipstick

Welcome to another But Black Women Can’t post. The purpose of this series to dispel the many myths and stereotypes that have haunted Black women for centuries. Colors we can’t wear, products we shouldn’t touch….it’s getting old. It’s time we start reclaiming our identities and defining our own beauty. Who’s with me?!! Email your suggestions to Brittany@ClumpsOfMascara.com.

I can’t believe I haven’t done this one yet! If there is one lipstick color that I think many Black women hide away from….it is red. So many of us fear wearing it because we think it will make us look crazy. Chances are you probably saw someone who didn’t wear it well and it scared you off. Am I right or am I right?

Well un-scare thy self because red lipsticks are beautiful on brown skin.

“My lips are too big.”

“Red is too….red.”

“It’s too bright.”

You’ve said it or heard it, haven’t you? What’s the matter with you? You CAN rock red lips. A little bit of confidence goes a long way.

My girl Shavonda and I both happened to try Maybelline’s ColorSensational Very Cherry. Check us out!

Go Shavonda!

Go B!

Go You!
*insert a photo of you wearing red lipstick here*

Reds rock and so do you.
Get one today.

…..and don’t let me catch you in the streets talkin’ about how Black women shouldn’t wear red lips. Girl please! Somebody dun told you wrong.

Peace, love and red lips for all!

Beauty Review: Colgate Wisp…

How many times have you been caught with the foul breath right before a meeting or study group or date or _________? (insert very important event in which you’d want fresh breath) Y’all can act cute if you want but I’ve been the victim of tart bref before. Not cute is it? Even worse if you ran out of breath mints or gum. So what’s a gal/guy to do?

Dun dun duuuun….Wisps to the rescue!

These darling little “fit in your pocket or purse” mini tooth brushes are PERFECT for freshening the breath in a pinch. I even keep one in my cosmetic bag nestled safely between the HK notepad and Illamasqua gloss.

I prefer these over gum because chewing gum gives me a head-ache. Yeah, I know….don’t ask. And I never have mints on me. These are better than both because your teeth really feel like you’ve brushed them. Wait…you have! Look how tiny they are…

I don’t know how the liquid filled breath bead works but it does. You don’t even need water. Simply brush the teef like so…

And then you’re off! You’ve got the fresh breath PLUS the “I just brushed my teeth” feeling. And if you’re happy and you know it….smile,

Yay for gapped-tooth smiles! And yay for Colgate Wisps! You can get these babies at drugstores, Wal-Mart and Target nationwide for $2.39 for 4pk, and $7.99 for 16pk. Pretty reasonable in pricing I think.

Such must haves. HOWEVER, don’t try to use them in lieu of an actual toothbrush. Something tells me that if these were out when I was a kid, my sister and I would so “wisp” our teeth instead of actually brushing. Kids, I tell ya!

So…how cool are these?

Fresh breath kisses,

The Colgate Wisps samples in this post were provided to me for post consideration. But er uh…I like these things so much that I’ve already purchased them. Twice. Holla!

Mascara Monday: Korres Provitamin B5 and Rice Bran mascara

Jasmine rice. Check! Brown rice. Check! Rice and beans. Oh yeah! I love me some rice, y’all. This starch just makes me smile. Never would have thought that I would be reviewing a mascara that has rice in it though. Leave it to Korres to come up with such. Ahhh Korres…a brand I have dabbled in and have yet to formally introduce to the Clumps fam. No better time like the present. Introducing….

Korres Provitamin B5 and
Rice Bran mascara

Price: 3 out of 5 ($18.00)
Packaging (Brush Wand): 2 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5

What it claims:“Lash-strengthening mascara naturally volumizes thin and brittle lashes, while adding length and deep pigment
• Nourishes lashes with a non-clumping buildable formula, providing maximum lash health
• Provitamin B5, a proven natural hair strengthener, improves both the length and number of lashes, treating them while adding drama to the eye
• Rice Bran natural extract expands (just like rice does in water) to provide maximum lash length, volume, and fullness. “(source)

The truth:I am totally impressed!

What I loved about it: Is that volume I see?

What I didn’t like: It has a plant-y smell but this is to be expected from natural mascaras. No big problem but I can see how it may bother others.

Overall: Well, I don’t know what else to say other than I’m impressed. No, really…this is a dynamic mascara. I was sent this mascara some time ago and it sat and sat for months before I even touched it. By the time I went to grab it, it had dried out. Off to Sephora I went to purchase it for myself. I didn’t have high expectations because well…just check out the review of my first natural mascara here. This baby blew me away. I love the volume that it gave me. I didn’t get a TON of length but enough to keep me quiet. My lashes also remained soft and weightless.

Buuuut, if I had to change one thing about it, it would be the wand.

It doesn’t make for the easiest application. Especially if you have smaller lashes and lids. I would love to see this with a lash comb-esque kind of wand. It would make for better separation and enhanced length.

But other than that, I’m sold! Unlike other natural mascaras, this one was able to withstand Floridian humidity without flaking or just oozing off of my lids. Oh…and yes, it does smell funka-licious. It doesn’t bother me though. It’s the price you pay if you’re looking for a natural mascara. Aaaand, it comes in different colors including grey green. Now that’s dope.

Lashes without mascara
(did NOT curl lashes)

Lashes with 2 coats of mascara

Would I recommend it?:I do! I receive a great deal of emails from ladies who are looking for natural mascaras and this is one I would definitely recommend. It works and although the price is a little steep, I think it’s worth it.Has anyone tried this mascara?

Whatcha think?

A crazed mascara reviewer,

The Body Shop 12 Days of Giveaway!!

It’s time for another giveaway, y’all! And this one is huge. Get ready….


Clumps is partnering up with The Body Shop to give one lucky lady (shoooot…or guy) $156 in Body Shop goodies. Check out the stash:

But wait! In addition to that The Body Shop is also giving a grand prized valued at approximately $1200. Wow-sers!! To get your name in on that one simply enter your name and email address here. That winner will be drawn on December 12th.

As far as the giveaway here on Clumps all you have to do is leave a comment here by December 12th 12:00am EST. U.S. residents only. Be sure to provide an email address if you do not have a Blogger account. And don’t try and be slick, y’all. Only 1 comment per person. A winner will be drawn at random and announced on the blog.

Are you exciiiiited?! One more thing…

Check out the other blogging beauties hosting giveaways with The Body Shop:

Um yeah…so you pretty much have 13 ways to win. Start entering now. Good luuuuuck!!!

FOTD Friday: Gel liners steal the show

Hi friends!

Gosh….that sounds so lame and dorky. But that’s me. HA!! Before I drop the deets on this week’s FOTD, I wanted to thank you all for the kind words in reference to Clumps’ new logo. I really deserve no credit as I just had the vision. It was Kris from Voz Visual Designs who made it come to life. He comes highly recommended. He and wife Execumama are crazy talented. But I’ll boast and brag more about them later.

Moving on..

Clumps is getting an online store. But more about that later. Get excited now though, kay?

Okay, NOW to the topic at hand. Have I told y’all how much I love cream liners? I’ve reviewed several. I love love love them! I wanted to do a look this week in which the gel liners stole the show.

So I pulled out some of my favorites.

Thank you Urban Decay, Stila and Inglot for making such making fantastic gel liners. Which one is my favorite? I can’t even choose. I’m a dedicated MAC Fluidline fan. And I’m enamored with Lancome’s Ink Artliner too. Gel liners are fantabulous and if you haven’t played with ’em yet….hop to it!

I did a pretty basic neutral eye. I really wanted the liners to pop so first things first. I smudged Stila’s smudge pot on my waterline.

Purple goodness! Then I lined my lower lash line with both Inglot’s beautiful turquoise and Urban Decay’s insane green. Expect reviews on both. And then I topped it off with a blue mascara!

….the rest of the face.

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45
MAC Sweet As Cocoa blush

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

L’Oreal Hip cream paint in Witty
NARS Edie e/s
NARS Albatross highlighter
MAC Sketch e/s
Stila Barbie Smudge Pot in Purple Pumps (my review here)
Urban Decay cream liner in Loaded
Inglot Crean liner in 87
YSL’s ‘Volume Effet Faux Cils’ Luxurious mascara (my review here)

Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick in Born With It
Illamasqua sheer lip gloss in Tantrum

Fun colored liners bring some kind of personality to an otherwise boring look, uh? I want to do this again for a night look with more intensity. Yesss!!

And look at my cute Nine West booties!

I’m a good 5’10 in these things. I feel like I have style and grace when I wear them. Too bad I can’t walk in them to save my life. Exactly HOW long should it take to break in some shoes? Lawd….

I’ll actually be sittin’ still this weekend. Clumps duties are calling my name. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Stay beautiful,