Iman Cosmetics overload!

If there is one brand of cosmetics Clumps readers demand more coverage of, it’s Iman Cosmetics. I dabbled in some of the foundations here but this is my first time playing around with the shadows and blushes.

Dude, what took me so long?

Thanks to the incredible prices of (definitely check ’em out…shadows are only $3.99 and blushes are $4.99!!) I was able to do a major haul with minor spending.

Check out the shadows….

Chili, Twigs, Mahogany

Can you believe I DON’T own colors like these? I guess because I always assumed that colors like this were a little too “safe” and predictable on brown skin. Don’t know what I was thinking because I find that all three of these babies are uniquely versatile.

And then there are the blushes…

Fressia, Website, Bark

You fainted, didn’t you? I know I did when I first saw them. I can’t wait to swatch them and incorporate them in looks to share with y’all.

I was really anxious to see how Chili eyeshadow would look on the lid. It is a matte so I packed it on and used Mahogany in my crease for a quick “off to work” look.

Not bad at ‘tal, uh? Stay tuned for a complete review of all of the shadows and blushes. In the meantime, head on over to Beauty Ticket and get your Iman Cosmetics haul on!

Mid-week Spotlights: 10/21/09

Gosh, it’s been quite a while since I’ve given my fam a heads up on the hot deals, contests and spotlights goin’ on in the beauty world. Holla!

Sephora’s Friends & Family Sale

Oh yeah….enter the code FF2009 when checking out online and you’ll save 20%. This is good from today until November 2nd. Not too bad, I suppose. 20% isn’t that much to me so I think I’ll sit this one out. Unless Illamasqua calls my name again.

Cover Girl’s Queen Ignite Your Persona Contest

I LOVE Queen Latifah. Like, a lot. She embodies soooo many different personas and rocks each and every one of them to the fullest. And now she wants YOU to do the same.

“Create a one-minute video performance showcasing the Queen Latifah persona that fits you best. Whether you’re a singer, a dancer, a rapper, or anything in between, Queen wants to see what you got! She’ll handpick one finalist per tour date to open the show! Along with a video, tell us in 250-words or less why you deserve to ignite your Persona. You’ll also select the COVERGIRL makeup you use to create your Persona beauty look everyday. “

Dang. I can’t sing, rap or dance. BUT if I could, I would so enter this!

Nails Night Out NYC!

*click to enlarge*

Oh.mi.goodness, if I was in NYC, I would soooo be going. In fact I’m a salty that I can’t go. I’ll save the whining for later. If you do go, tell everyone Clumps said “heyyyyy!”

Drugstore sales aren’t monumental this week. Let’s cross our fingers that buy 1, get 1 free deals pop up next week.

Ciao loves!

Amor de Lacquer: Halloween nail art

Welcome to another post of Amor de Lacquer….the series all about nail polish and nail care! Send me your requests, suggestions and ideas to

It’s Halloween time, y’all! I don’t really get into the whole dressing up thing–although this year my girls want to go to Miami. In which case if I DO go, I’m dressin’ up as a cop. Or a “sexy cop” since most Halloween costumes for ladies are nothing more than baring more. HA!

I got a little inspired and wanted to play around with some new konad plates I got.

I finally ordered from I HIGHLY recommend them. Kathleen is a pleasure to work with and shipping was fast. Gotta love it.

The plates I got…

I knew that I wanted to use China Glaze’s new Fortune Teller.

How amaziiiing is this color? It is black with orange glittery chunks. It looks SO good on its own. It really is a fabulous Halloween color. I got mine from Sally’s Beauty Supply.

I used a design on Konad plate m57.

I fudged up the pointer. My konad-ing skills STILL need some work.

Then I took China Glaze’s Style Wars and used a design on plate m61.

Can you believe I don’t have a black polish? 100-somethin’ polishes and not one is black? The horror! I ended up using Man Glaze’s The Death Tar. See my review here. A black polish would really make the art POP. So I guess I need to buy one.

I am really loving konad!

I was trying to do a fancy nail + face photo and look what happened?

I so messed up. HA!! I’m a mess, y’all.

Check out my konad tutorial here. Anyone doin’ any funky nail art for Halloween?

Or even dressing up for Halloween?

Tell meez!

50 million pound challenges: Greens 3x a day

Time for weigh-in!

…er uh, check-in. But speaking of weigh-in, I have only lost 2 pounds. Boo. I’ve never really been one to constantly weigh myself but since I’m doing this challenge I kinda have to, right?

Oh…the Mascara Mamas group is growing! We have a good 16 members now. So glad to have so many people on board.

When I was a on a raw foodie (for like a month but hey…lol) I learned SO much about incorporating greens in my diet. And not just at one meal. I try to get my greens in at least two meals a day. And three on a good day.

So for breakfast I’ll make an egg white omelet and toss in some some spinach sprinkled with lemon pepper. That’s feta cheese on the side. I can do without most dairy products but feta cheese is like….my weakness.

Lunch or snack is usually always a raw spinach salad. I keep it simple with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette, sunflower seeds, raisins and tomatoes. Sooo good!

And there’s the green smoothie aka green monster aka grass juice aka the best drink in the world. Can’t get enough of this stuff. I drink at least 40 oz of it a day. I usually drink it in between meals and if I’m craving something sweet at night…it’s a dessert!

I think green smoothies are great for folx who really don’t like the taste of greens. When combined with fruit, you can’t even taste them! I did a video of it here.

To my weight loosin’ peeps, keep it up! And for this week, try getting more greens in your diet.

See y’all next week!

Beauty…and the Male: Why men should care about saving the tatas

rib2.gif - 3.1 K

Unless you have been in a coma for the last two weeks, you’ve noticed that everywhere you go, you see some form of PINK. That means that it’s October again and it’s time that we ALL turn our focus to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. That’s right…ALL! Men also!

While breast cancer only involves about 1% of men directly, it does effect us in many, many indirect ways. Many men have grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, close friends, etc., that have seen the terrible vestiges of the disease of breast cancer. I’ve watched close ones to me go through a very painful and lengthy chemotherapy period where I could do nothing to comfort them.

When my boss was diagnosed with breast cancer, it even made me fear for my own employment. A woman’s strength, her vibrancy, her hair, and her breasts (things that we as men love about women) are forever changed through the process.

Even today, I still chuckle when I see those “SAVE THE TATAS” bumper stickers. The brilliant mind that came up with that campaign totally realized that men needed to be reminded that OUR intimacy with OUR mates is many times drastically effected by breast cancer. And this year, even the National Football League (aka the bastion of maleness), has reminded men everywhere that we MUST do what we can to support research by playing with PINK armbands, PINK cleats, and even a PINK football. Thankfully, they raised millions to support research to end this condition.

So while my posts probably only reach about 1% of men and while the disease only effects 1% of men directly, this is a movement that we can ALL support 100%. Donate today.

More about Kenneth:

Kenneth D. Pratt Esq. is a graduate of Morehouse College and the Florida State University College of Law. A native of Tallahassee, Florida, he began his career there, as a certified legal intern at the Office of the State Attorney and progressed to the Office of the Attorney General where he served for three years. Pratt has published several short stories, poems, and op eds in National as well as local publications. In his spare time he enjoys reading, travel, and sports.

Glamour Squad Beauty Reads

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DivaDebbi is heady over PurMinerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral

ThinkThruFashion rounds up all the spring trends from Fashion Week in New York, London, Milan and Paris.

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Mascara Monday: Fresh Supernova mascara

Okay, y’all should be proud of me because I am FINALLY getting around to reviewing this mascara. I have been working my hardest to crank out mascaras that have been highly requested. Fresh Supernova is one of them.

So yaaay! I am happy to finally add it to the Mascara Bin. Check the review below!

Fresh Supernova mascara

Price: 2 out of 5 (around $25.00 )

Packaging (Brush Wand): 3 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5

What it claims: Find out more about it here.

The truth:
Wellll…..I mean, it’s not THAT super.

What I loved about it: It is totally build-able. You can apply two coats or twenty coats and you won’t endure any clumping. At all. Now that’s pretty cool.

What I didn’t like: It didn’t give me much….well, anything. And it also seemed to flake throughout the day. No bueno.

Overall: Okay, soooo…..I had HIGH expectations for Fresh Supernova. With all of the requests I received about this baby I just KNEW it would be the best thing since the Blackberry. Buuuut, not so much.

And it’s not that Supernova is a BAD mascara….I just find that it doesn’t do much for me.

First, let’s take a look at the wand..

It’s not bad. It allows for easy breezing through the lashes. So whether you have short, stubby, long or full lashes—the wand will work well for you. So 2 points for that.

Now as far as the actual performance of the mascara—it’s good. I think it may work better for ladies with shorter lashes. It gave me decent length but not much volume. As mentioned, one of the best aspects of this mascara is how awesome it is when it comes to building.

I talk about this a lot in the video review but I think it’s amaziiiing how it doesn’t clump. You can go for as many coats as you want and Supernova just won’t get all clump-tastic on you. This aspect makes it a very diverse mascara. That means you can apply 2 coats and head to work one day. And apply 4 coats and head to a bar the next day. It gives you options which is really cool because a lot of mascaras tend to clump after multiple coats.

However, what it did do was flake a bit. I soooo don’t like flaky mascaras. I don’t handle eye irritation well. I’m so serious. I get all dramatic and am always close to clawing my eyes out so a mascara that flakes, even a bit, is so not for me.

It is also free of synthetic dyes and sulfates so 10 points to Fresh for giving us a pretty green mascara.

Lashes without mascara
(did NOT curl lashes)

Lashes with 2 coats of mascara

So the length is there but nothing spectacular. Eh. Eh. Ehhh….

Would I recommend it?: Ummmm, not really. I think there are better ones out there for a better price with better pay-off. It’s not bad bad but it’s not the bomb diggity (so old skool…ha!) either and for $25, I expected uh-maze-ing!!

A Supernova fan?

Think I’m loca for not liking?

Tell me!

A crazed mascara reviewer,

FOTD Friday: Making eyes pop through glasses

Still SO in love with my glasses. And I’ve been enjoying finding ways to really make my eyes pop. So this FOTD Friday is comprised of 4 tips to help glasses-wearin’ ladies feel super confident behind their glasses.

So first up….

Defining the brows

Okay, so this is major for anyone, I think. Brows really shape the face and give character. And even more so when you are rockin’ glasses.

Illuminating the browbone

I don’t always do this but I find that it helps draw attention to my eyes.

Bringing the crease up a bit

Normally I place shadow color RIGHT in my crease. However, since I’ve been wearing glasses, I notice that sometimes the frame blocks the crease. Bringing the color up a liiiittle more really allows for my eyes to look like they’ve got somethin’ goin’ on.

Liner, baby!

Um, yeah….y’all know how much I love liner! Colored liners really make the eyes pop. But you already knew that right? Hehe….

Wear your glasses with pride, ladies!

I even did a short video of these tips while I was in Atlanta.

Enjoy the weekend, fam!!