Ms. Pedicure’s Giveaway Winner!

Ah yes….time to show love to winner of the Ms. Pedicure Foot Spaah Giveaway.

It could be you.

That is if your name is Trish D.

Congrats darling!! Be sure to shoot me your mailing information so that I can get your goodies off to you.

Not Trish D? Don’t pout—I’ve got more giveaways with more chances for you to win.

Stay tuned for the next giveaway! Clumps’ 2 Year Anniversary continues……

The Makeup Show NYC, Installment 7-Stila Cosmetics

Clumps of Mascara veterans know I am a truly a Stila Girl. Have been for quite some time. I love Stila for their cosmetics AND for their relationship with their customers. It’s a special thing when a company actually recognizes their customers.

At The Makeup Show NYC I got to get a sneak peek of the gorgeous Indian Summer collection.

Divine, right?

Each product is to make a gal feel as if she is wearing a piece of jewelry.

I played around with the 24K Appreciation gloss . Awww, look at Stila—naming a gloss “Appreciation” because they really appreciate their customers and fans. That makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Before I go on an overload of emotions, check out the photo shoot of Lady Appreciation.

Okay, I so love the arrow. Without it my crazy self would be
turning to the left. And for hours at that. HA!

And it is pretty!

At first glance, I thought that these would be similar to MAC’s Dazzleglass but they aren’t. They aren’t as thick and the glitter is not as “glittery”–making it a little more work appropriate.

And guess who I ran into at The Makeup Show? The official Stila ladies. That’s the owner Lynn Tilton in the middle. She’s a Florida girl too. Heyyy!!
….and don’t say a word about my foundation-y face. Minutes before this photo I was testing some colors and they uh, weren’t quite right. But I’m cheesin’ like it doesn’t matter. Gotta love it!

I love my Stila!! You can snag that 24K gloss here.

2 Year Anniversary-Diamond Cosmetics polishes giveaway!

Aaaaand the party continues. More love from you means more love from me! This is a “Tell A Friend about Clumps” giveaway. Shoot this link to a friend or family member and encourage them to enter this giveaway.

Last week I reviewed the hot summer collection from Diamond Cosmetics. Remember?

Now is YOUR chance to win it. That’s right…one lucky reader will score the entire collection.

Pay close attentions to the details to see if you are eligible for this giveaway.

-Answer this question: “Diamond Cosmetics polishes are numbered 2 through ____.”
HINT: Click HERE for the answer.
-To win this kit, email your answer to
-For U.S. residents only!
-Have you won a contest/giveaway at Clumps in the past 6 months? Keep it movin’, sister…give someone else a chance.
No submissions will be accepted after Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 12:00 a.m. PST. Winner will be selected at random..

Got it?

Get to guessing! Good luuuuuck!

My dry skin battle

Hey guys I have DRY skin mainly on my face. I tried almost every moisturizing face cream i could afford and I settled on cocoa butter because that’s the only (cheap) thing that worked for me. Until I got a recommendation from Luxetips for Lumene Radiant Beauty Drops.

They come 28 in a jar for a 28 day treatment. But I honestly saw results during the first week of applying the formula to my face and neck. Its really light! Here are the capsules

Here is the formula It glides on easily and I really have smooth glowing skin now. So if the winter months had you dry and peeling check out CVS and pick you a jar up for 23 dollars.


2 Year Anniversary-Ms. Pedicure giveaway!

Okay, soooo I don’t even know where to begin on how much LOVE I feel around Twitter, YouTube and Clumps of Mascara. The love shown is incredible and I thank each and every one of you. If you have ever left a comment, sent an email, viewed a page, won a contest, watched a video, tweeted me and supported me in ANY WAY, you are loved beyond measure.

And I hope you know it!! It may take forever, but individual thank-you’s are coming. Y’all are some awesome people, yo!

Check out the giveaways line-up:

Sunday: Twitter followers only: Essie Perky Purple (2) and China Glaze Recycle–winners selected
Monday: YouTube subscribers only: Beautiful Innovations light up lip gloss
Tuesday: Clumps of Mascara followers only
Wednesday: Tell-A-Friend about Clumps new visitors only
Thursday: Clumps of Mascara followers only (International-friendly)
Friday: Clumps of Mascara followers only
Saturday: Clumps of Mascara followers only

*schedule subject to change

Remember last week when I did a post on the Ms. Pedicure Foot Spahhh?

Now is your turn to win this baby!!

-You must follow Clumps of Mascara via Google or Feedburner. Verification of your “follow” will be checked.
-To win this kit, simply leave your name AND email address in the comment section (or email me at
-For U.S. residents only!
-Have you won a contest/giveaway at Clumps in the past 6 months? Keep it movin’, sister…give someone else a chance.
No submissions will be accepted after Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at 12:00 a.m. PST. Winner will be selected at random and announced the following day.

Good luck!!! I think I will do a vlog of the random pull of the winner for this giveaway. What do you think?

The Makeup Show NYC, Installment 5-Crown Brush spotlight

Yes ma’am! Don’t give me the cyber side-eye. I am STILL doing The Makeup Show NYC installments. I promise to stop at 10. I can’t help but feel like I need to share with my readers virtually EVERYTHING I experienced while in NYC. Which, I know is kinda sorta impossible.

So next time there is another show, ya’ll will just have to come along with me, mmmkay?

Let’s rap about Crown Brush.

Goodness.gracious.wowsers.good.googla-moogla! I love these brushes! I first discovered them at The Makeup Show LA and was SHOCKED at how cheap they were. I’m talkin’ no more than $5 for a decent make-up brush. I’m serious!

And these aren’t some rinky dink cheap-o creep-0 raggedy brushes either. They are pretty decent as far as durability and quality goes. I can’t say much about the face brushes, though. Most of the Crown Brushes that I have are for eyes.

I HIGHLY suggest checking out these brushes if you are a newbie, make-up artist or just a regular make-up lovin’ chick or chap that loves a variety of brushes.

Click HERE to check out their Studio Series brushes. These are my favorites!

[NOTE]: I just know someone out there is going to inquiry if Crown Brush and Coastal Scents are the same company. Or if one owns the other. To be honest….I’m not sure, muffins. Some of my beauty bloggin’ sisters and I scratched our heads trying to figure this out. My guess is this: Crown Brush sells brushes to “private labels”. Coastal Scents is a private label and has purchased some of their brushes from Crown Brush. Hence why they look the same. However, I could be wrong. Feel free to add to the discussion. Ya’ll know I’m one big ole’ clump of mascara so don’t hesitate to correct me!

A Surprise for Brittany… Happy 2yr Anniversary Sis!

Hey Clumps family! Tamar here and as you know this week is Anniversary week!! It was so important for me to do this post simply because I Love Brittany and ClumpsOfMascara soooo much! Have you ever met a person that you clicked with instantly? A person that is always willing to help you and not complain? Well I have met a few of those kind of people in my life and I must say Brittany is one of them!! Don’t you agree? I knew I wasn’t alone so I asked some of her blogging sisters to help me out to surprise her. CHECK OUT WHAT THEY HAD TO SAY….

“I love Brit for her charm, wit and go get it attitude. She’s a positive voice for America’s brown girl and I’m glad she’s a part of my life! Love ya sis! Keep up the awesome work!” -Kia, Yummy411

Brit is a blogger who clearly enjoys all that she has been able to do. She has already found her favorite mascara yet she still posts her “Mascara Monday” segment- that says so much about her! Brittany is friendly, real and considerate. I wish you continued success in all that you do!!!!!

Clumps of Mascara is one of my favorite beauty blogs. Brittany is a true inspiration with a beautiful spirit. I had the pleasure of meeting her back in March ’09 at The Makeup Show LA and it was like hanging out with an old girlfriend. I appreciate her fearless love of beautiful, funky makeup and bright, bold nailpolish! Happy Anniversary, B!!”
Milan Rouge Beauty Blog

The most important thing I can tell you is to STAY FEARLESS… We’re in the beautiful struggle right now but it’s all good :-)
Thanks again for the book- it was just what the doctor called for.

I totally love Brittany’s writing style and her PERSONALITY. She is the
Ms. Congeniality of bloggers! She always finds positive things to say
about people and their “beauty” style and she is an asset to the blogging
community. YAY CLUMPS of MASCARA!!!!
– Charu Suri

What do I love about Brit? What’s not to love? She’s intelligent, eloquent and kind-hearted not to mention gorgeous. She reached out to me when my own blog was just starting out and made me feel like I had a place in this massive blogosphere. She’s truly a kindred spirit, and a fellow mascara addict to boot! Happy Anniversary B!”~Jen
A Beautyful Sentiment

Congratulations Brittany on your 2-year anniversary of Clumps of Mascara!!! You are a true gem and extremely talented. I’m so glad to have you as one of my blogger friends. Keep up the good work and see you in the magazines soon! :-)
All the best,
Karla aka
Brown Girl Gumbo

“I love me some B. Brittany is one of the first beauty bloggers to reach out to me and give me encouragement and compliments when I first started my blog. She is one of the nicest people I know. She is very business savvy, a connector, determined, and creative. She is an excellent writer and I love her fresh approach to writing product reviews. Her blog is a must read everyday! “
“I had the pleasure to meet B in Atlanta and we hit it off instantly. I know we will be friends always! ‘
Happy Anniversary B!

Happy Birthday Clumps! We are so proud to have been with you these past two years and watch you grow. Now that you’re entering your terrible two’s, stay sassy and spunky because we all know that makes your mama Brittany the most happy! Cheers to another wonderful year and I can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays/anniversaries with you!
xoxo, Lilan Thedailycookie

“Brittany’s enthusiasm for all things beauty is contagious, and I absolutely love her energy. You definitely feel it reading her blog! A very special congratulations, to Brittany and “Clumps of Mascara”, on reaching the 2nd Anniversary! I’m looking forward to many, many more!”
Best, Kitiya

“I love how real Brittany keeps it on Clumps of Mascara. Her mascara reviews are always on point! But aside from maintain a wickedly awesome blog, she has an amazing personality. I’ve never met someone who was willing to help you- even if she didn’t know you personally. I’m honored I can call her a friend.” Eileen

I love Brittany. She was my very first blogger friend and helped me a lot. She had words of wisdom about jealous beauty bloggers and she let me be a guest editor for a post when I was just starting out. She’s so funny and caring and I’m glad she is a friend of mine. – Jaimie, Just Kiss ‘N Makeup

Brittany has such a beautiful spirit and it shows in her blog as well as the emails we have been exchanging these past few months. As a fellow beauty blogger, she wants everyone to shine and Clumps of Mascara to be a place of love, compassion and friendship.
I have learned so much from her and mostly Clumps of Mascara has taught me that beauty is not in the eye of the beholder but within ourselves. Thank you Brittany!
Amina S.

Now what do you love about Brittany? What tips or tricks have you learned by reading ClumpsOfMascara? Leave a comment and let Brittany know!

By the way to everyone that participated I want to say thank you so much for taking the time out to give some kind words and make this surprise a success!

Mascara Monday: Lancome Best Lashes Mascara Gift Set

Ive always been interested in Lancome Mascara but I never purchase mascara over $10! Everyone raves over the Lancome Defincils and I actually stopped by Sephora to pick it up. To my surprise they had this:

It’s a gift set that contains 3 mini Lancome mascaras (Defincils, Hypnose and Virtuose) along with that you get the CILS BOOSTER XL Mascara base and a 1.7 ounce Bi-Facil makeup remover!

It’s regularly $45 but, can you believe they are selling these babies for $25??? This is great for traveling or just a treat if you want to try out new mascaras. It is sold exclusively at Sephora so Shop On!