Barbie loves Stila

Oh….mi….goodness were the first words that I said when I saw this.

I immediately hit Twitter and asked my beauty bloggin’ Twitter fam if that was a brown skinned Barbie with an afro.

I got confirmation.

And then I got excited.

Stila Cosmetics (a line that has the BEST lip glosses to date…and don’t even get me started on their convertible colors…loves ’em!) has partnered up with Barbie to bring you “Decades of Beauty”. Wait—there’s more of them.

Jewel Barbie

Malibu Barbie

Ponytail Barbie

Each comes with 2 eyeshadow colors and a cheek color, a liner OR mascara and a lip color. A collector’s can and look book also comes with each. Stila is only producing around 10,000 for EACH Barbie so if you want them, giiiirl…you better hop to it.

They are pre-launching on on Wednesday, January 14 for $40. That’s today! So you better go snag them now. I know I’m gettin’ my girl with the fro.

Don’t judge me. I was a HUGE Barbie girl growing up. I still have them. See…

Oh yes…run, don’t walk to, chicks.

Because I’m foxy too,

[EDIT]: As of 9:00 a.m. EST all of the cans are”temporarily out of stock”. Check HERE. I don’t believe….how in the world? That quickly? This must be a joke.
Thanks Steph’s Closet

Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual review

Beauty bloggers have been buzzing over Bobbi Brown’s newest publication. Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual is full of information for everyone. The teenager new to skincare and make-up, the professional make-up artist and every one in between. So what do I think?

Um, I love it! Granted it is my first make-up book ever but it contains a ton of information for newbies and pros-alike. Since I am more on the newbie side, let me take you on a photo journey of my expressions of some of the things I saw in the book.

I am going to try this! Per page 72: “Using two shades of blush, apply your natural color and then add a pop of brighter color on top. The natural shade looks great at first, but often fades easily. The brighter shade alone is often great for evening, but too much of a contrast for every day. This layering technique offers natural brightness.”

I learned that “very dark skin looks best with yellow-based foundation that has warm cinnamon tones.” (page 62)

I was a little embarrased at how BAD I was about taking care of my brushes. Per page 18, “Clean your brushes everyone month or two. For a quick cleaning in between washings, use a spray brush cleaner.”

Per page 128 “Some dark skin looks best with no blush”. Whaaaat?! I’m sorry, but I definitely can not co-sign on that one. I think that a dab of blush looks beautiful on any one. Especially those with dark skin. But what do I know? I’m a clearly not the professional. LOL!

Page 106 gave a photo tutorial of how to do a smoky eye. Yeeep, I still don’t get it.

I learned some tips on for long-lasting color on page 84. Here’s one, “Use pencil on top of lipstick to create a waxy barrier.” Ahh haaa!!

The book is split up in two sections: Basics and Artistry. The Basics focuses on Skin, Face, Lips, Eyes, Guides and Special Makeup Applications.

Artistry focuses on Essential Equipment for the Professional, Advanced makeup applications and Memorable Makeup Moments & Legends.

So see!! There is something for everyone. It details for $32.00 but I got it a lot less at

Does this seem like something you would purchase? What’s your favorite make-up book?

Read uuuup,

P.S. Don’t forget about the freebie you can get by purchasing some NYX from Mai. Details HERE.

Beauty Review: Sea Breeze Fresh-Clean

‘ello family!!

Okay, so what’s the number one skin annoyance in your book? Is it scarring from previous pimples? What about hyper pigmentation? Your dessert dry skin? T-zone turmoil?

What say you? While you are thinking–let me tell you mine.

Breakouts!! And not just any kind of breakouts. The kind of breakouts that don’t even make sense.

For example..mira este foto:

This was when I was living in the City of Angels almost a year ago. My face went crazy! But it made sense. I was going through some changes.

-Different climate.
-Smog-alicious L.A.
-My diet changed (left the world of vegetarianism).
-I was teaching and around kids. Kids=germs.
-Stress. Post grad nerves, a big move, no money, wowsers!

So it almost makes sense as to why my face reacted the way it did. I can’t blame it.

Lately, however, I’ve been getting some mad crazy pimples on my left cheek and I can NOT understand where they are coming from.

“B, what are you doing differently?”

Nada! I’m serious. My diet/work-out regime in the same. I drink a ton of water. I take my multi-vitamins daily. I change my pillow cases. I change my wash clothes. I don’t touch my face with dirty hands nor do I press my face up against my cell phone. So what is it?

The world may never know. Add that mystery next to “Where is my left sock?” file.

But I have finally combated these massive thugged out pimples.

Good ole’ Sea Breeze Astringent . I grew up with this stuff in the house but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago until I became BFFs with it again. Don’t know what I was thinking! A cotton ball soaked with Sea Breeze every morning and night on my left cheek is doing the trick. When I tell you my pimples are gone…they are gone! says:

“Oil control formula that treats and prevents breakouts. “

Great stuff, sisters and brothers. Of course it comes in a Sensitive Skin formula. I meant to pick that up but I am glad that the original isn’t giving me any problems. You can buy it at all drug and grocery stores and online at for only $4.99.

The pimples are gone. Next step: getting rid of scarring. *sigh* It never ends.

Have you used Sea Breeze before? A fan? Hate it? How do you get rid of breakouts or pimples?

I mean besides using toothpaste. And I know I’m not the only one who does that.

Pimple poppin’ (not with my fingers of course) and proud,

NYX Cosmetics–freebie for Clumps readers!

I had the opportunity to link up with a fabulous little lady over in Arizona. Mai is an NYX Representative.

Please tell me that you’ve heard of NYX. If not….what the eggs and cheese are you waiting on? I love this brand!! See my stash…

Oh yes, girl. People compare NYX to MAC Cosmetics for a reason. The quality of their products are amazing and the prices are even better.

Aside from hooking you up with the greatness of NYX products, Mai also takes swatches. Not sure of how a color will look? She can show you!

Here’s some more random stats about Mai:

-She’s a 28 year old YouTube addict who loves to dress her pug up according to the months. Aaaand….she is also a fellow fitness buff who is looking to drop some pounds in 2009. She notes that she enjoys salivating watching her hubby work-out. HA!

Mai, have we met? I don’t know….you seem like the kind of person I would hang around.

Check out my NYX FOTD (face of the day).

NYX Products:
Cotton Candy eyeshadow (inner lid)
Mocha Pearl loose powder (outer lid)
Midnight eyeshadow (crease)
Sapphire eye liner (on waterline and lowerlash line)
Name of lip gloss rubbed off (ack!)

Mai ships internationally (Nikki, tell your girls in the Philipines!!) so to my beautiful ladies overseas and beyond, she can hook you up.

[THIS JUST IN] Clumps of Mascara readers can receive a free goody (eye shadow, lipstick, lipgloss, jumbo eye pencil) with any $30 purchase. Just use coupon code: ILovesBrittanyMascara. How cool is that? And it ain’t hard to spend $30..especially with the shadows only being $3.50.

*does the Bankhead Bounce*

Visit Mai’s site HERE and shoot her an email at should you have any questions. Tell her B from Clumps of sent you.

Because you’re so fly,

Mascara Monday: Shiseido-The Makeup Mascara Base

Greetings and hot chocolate, friends! Did yall have a wonderful weekend? I was happy to finally spend mine at home. I’ve been traveling since the holidays so it was nice to be stable for a “hot minute“—as my Mommy would say. I’m off to D.C. next weekend but that’s one getaway that I can not wait for.

Ahhh, so let’s see. This mascara review is long over do. I have had this baby here for quite some time. Shiseido mascara base is supposedly a “cult fave” among beauty gurus, editors and novices. Did it pass my tests? Make me smile? Have I found an awesome mascara primer?

Shiseido The Makeup
mascara base

Price: 3 out of 5 ($22 from Sephora)
Packaging (Brush Wand): 2 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5

What it claims: “A clear base coat for eyelashes that improves mascara application and wear as it boosts volume and curl. Adds dramatic definition to the eyes.” (source)

The truth: Definitely decent as far as mascara primers go.

What I loved about it:
I love the fact that it isn’t white like most mascara bases. In fact it has a gel-esque texture that I can appreciate. It didn’t make my lashes feel heavy and “loaded” like primers tend to do.

What I didn’t like: While it did give me a little extra volume, it wasn’t anything to do cartwheels over. I don’t think it is a necessary step in mascara application.

Overall: Okay, so here’s what I REALLY like about this mascara much easier it makes mascara application. If you find that your lashes really don’t cooperate well with mascara application, this primer can do the trick. I found it easy to apply. My lashes were longer and I think it gave me a little curl. When I applied the first coat of mascara, I found that I didn’t HAVE to do a second or third coat because the primer had already assisted in giving me extra volume. Which I suppose is a good thing.

I could not STAND the brush.

Eww….I mean…why does it look like that? It is a little challenging trying to get that messy brush through your lashes. Another plus for Shiseido mascara base is the wear. It holds up! Or maybe the mascaras I use for it are already up to par in the wear department.

IDK, my BFF Jill. <---random, I know. I actually say this when something confuses me. It’s rather hard to review primers. They are dependent on a lot; how your lashes already look, what you are trying to achieve, the mascara you are using and how much you put on. If you are trying to decide if you need one, I would think of it this way—does your mascara need extra “umph”? If so, maybe a primer would work for you. But then at this price, you are better off purchasing ANOTHER mascara. I don’t know….see, it’s hard!

Lashes with 1 coat of mascara
(NO primer)

Lashes with 1 coat of mascara

Would I recommend it?: Not really. Not because I didn’t like it but because I’m not sure how necessary it is for regular mascara users. But if you like primers then yes….this is a good one!

Are you a fan of mascara primers? Have any favorites? Don’t see their purpose? Tell me what you think…..

Love you now and later,

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(photo source)

Let It Clump: The Crowned Chronicles-my hair blog

This series is where we stop talking about make-up to explore other areas of beauty and beyond. That’s anything! Hair, fashion, jacked up love lives..anything! Any suggestions? Let me know at

Since I’ve been blogging through good ole’ here, my hair has gone through some changes.

There was the ultra fro….

…but then I made the mistake of straightening it.

…and my hair never recovered so I had to cut it off.

….and then I decided to make the commitment to start growing locs.

It has almost been a month since I started my loc journey blog. To see what I’m up to, follow my journey there.

Check it out:

FOTD: New Year Eve look

Happy Friday! Time for this week’s Face of the Day (FOTD)!

Man, I wish I could rewind time. Last Friday was my birthday and boy was it a great one. It’s been a week since I’ve been 24 and I’m lovin’ it so far. I’m wondering when I’m supposed to feel “old”. A friend of mine (who is a good 10 years older than me) told me that after 23 it all goes down hill.

Uh…I don’t think so!!

Anyway, check out my New Year’s Eve look. I was in Atlanta with some friends. We did dinner at Twist and then went to downtown Atlanta to watch the peach drop. I wish I had pictures of me running around in my boots saying “Happy New Year’s!!” to strangers. Good times, good times….

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45
Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick in Brownie (cheeks)

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NARS Albatross highlighter
MAC Firespot e/s
Make Up For Ever #92
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Electric
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Lancome Définicils Pro mascara

MAC Nightmoth lipliner
MAC Girl About Town lipstick (see, I love it!)

See those gold star earrings I copped from H&M? I loved them! Can I still wear them without looking cheesy? What do yall think? Hmm…

I am normally a church goer for New Year’s Eve so this was a nice little switch up. Did you have any looks for the holiday?

Tell me.

Have a wonderful weekend,