Parrot (rainbow) Eyes-attempt #2


I think I’m doing better with my parrot/rainbow eyes….I’ve posted my pics on to get some feedback from some of the users, and everyone seems to have liked what I did. I got some advice to use Blacktrak Fluidline instead of Blitz & Glitz, and I concur with that. It’ll give me a BOLDER look.

Ohhh, I’m soooo happy and proud of myself. I’m learning, I’m learning… blending is gettin’ better too.

Here are some pics:

I don’t too much know about this one, but some folx are saying that they like how the eyeliner goes alllll the way out like that. Hmm, I don’t know. And pleaaase don’t even LOOK at my eyebrows. In fact, let’s move on—next pic! LOL

This is the same thing with my eyes open. Not bad, not bad, uh? Oh yeah—click ON the pics for a better view.

You know, because I can be crazy a times….

From the car to the shuttle…..lookin’ to the side.

Aaaaand, my close-up. Not bad!!!

And, of course….every look that I post I have to provide the products:

MAC’s Trax, Vex, Amberlights, Swimming, Electric Eel and Blitz & Glitz Fluidline

Revlon’s Colorstay Eyeshadow

And Loreal HIP’s Purple “whatever it’s called”.

Thaaat’s iiiiiit!!

Rainbow eyes-attempt #1

So, I tried to do rainbow eyes at my friend’s “Waiting to Exhale” night and it wasn’t pretty. #1, I didn’t wear any face make-up. I don’t consider that to be a BAD thing since I am just now wearing foundations, but I think I’ve learned that if you want eyes that pop out—-perhaps the entire face should look “pretty decent”.

So yeah….I didn’t wear my Studio Fix and ugghh…I probably should have. Here is how it looked. Not a really good picture, but you get the idea…

Actually….you can’t even see the color @ all, uh? Okay, how ’bout in THIS pic?

I look pretty terrible…..I wasn’t100% happy with my face anyway when I left the house either, sooo….look how oily my skin looks. Pretty clear and free from blemishes, but defintely oily.

And my eyebrows? I really don’t even want to talk about it…..still working and learning on how to contour them. Ugh, I need a teacher or something because I’ve never mastered doing my own eyebrows.

That’s okay—-I’m learning, I’m learning.



Today MAC’s newest line came out and I am SOOOO excited. Only, I’m somewhat in a financial hole, so I can’t afford to indulge in these colors like I really want to. :( I thought about purchasing at least one color, but I can’t…..I have to buy at least 2 and that’s gonna run me $20 alone, so I’m just going to have to be patient and wait.

These colors are VIBRANT and will look great on darker skinned folx. ‘Bout time! I want the entire collection!

I’m going out tonight and want to do parrot eyes. I’m going to go home and practice and then do the real thing tonight.


New lessons for today?

(1) MAC’s lustres and frost are the best for my eyes. Go more towards them.
(2) Check out NYX brand…..I’ve been hearing good raves about it.
(3) Stick to Make-Up wish list and DO NOT purchase items outside of that list.
(4) Visit MAC Pro store in Orlando with Marissa…..and soon!
(5) Check out Milani’s purples….heard good things about them too.
(6) Eyebrows, eyebrows….work on them b/c they look A MESS!!!
(7) Test myself on the anatomy of the eye

Today’s look:

All MAC products…..UPDD primer (I can’t stress enough how wonderful primer is!!!), Amberlights on Inner V to mid-lid——Trax from mid-lid to outer V and VEX from Crease on up.

Genie…I need 3 wishes.

June 11, 2007

I purchased 2 things from my wish list. And applied them…how’s it look? I called this look


I’ve discovered that to get long lasting color on your eyes and to make the color look and STAY vibrant, it is important to use a primer….Urban Decay’s Primer Potion is the BEST.

And MAC’s Fluidline is better than regular liquid eyeliner. It’s a gel.

I think I’m done purchasing for awhile…I’m continuing to do research but I will stay AWAY from MAC and Sephora for as long as I can help it. I’ve got all of the essentials for eyes….good primer, colors, mascara, liquid liners and pigment. What else do I need?

…..okay, dumb question. I NEED A LOT….nooo, not true. I WANT a lot. But I’ll continue doing my research and creating designs. No more impulsive make-up shopping.

A plan

June 11, 2007
WOW, I spent over 2 hours today doing some research….and it almost depressed me. LOL! I have a loooong way to go and a lot to learn before I perfect eye make-up designing. But I’m up to the challenge. I made a wish list. And I really can’t do much until I get these essential items…..Well, that’s not entirely true. But I REALLY have to get the primer. That’s the #1 list on the list.
From MAC:
239 eye shading brush $24
249 large shader brush $26.50
272 small angled shading brush $24
217 blending brush $21.50
Blitz & Glitz $14.50
Shadows: Steamy (bright bluish-green with golden shimmer-Frost)
Embark (intense reddish brown-Matte)
Woodwinked (warm antique gold-Veluxe Pearl)
Not from MAC:
Michael’s or JoAnn Fabrics for paint set brushes
Eyeshadow Primer Potion from Urban is such a great source! I’m lovin’ it and they have a section of Women of Color. Thank the Lord!! I don’t know how to act, I’m so excited!
I tried a combo yesterday called Jay’s Array which was gorgeous, but the colors were not as rich as I would have liked them to be. Hence the reason why I need that primer. I also tried another called Iraqian Blues which was HOT!!
I need to write down the colors of these combos. I’m makin’ them up myself. I can not believe how much I am into this make-up thing. Goodness….

Seeeeee…..the concept for Jay’s Array is gorgeous, but I need to work on my blending and defintely need to get some primer so that the colors will POP out more.

Jay’s Array

My findings….

June 8, 2007

So I’ve learned 3 very important things in my attempt to perfect eye make-up designing.

(1) Know what you want when you go in a store. Don’t just go in there, look around and buy something out of impulse. I tend to do that a lot when I shop at MAC. Not a good idea.

(2) Don’t be afraid to be bold. Today when I put on MAC’s electric eel, I was a bit worried that it would stand out too much…But you can’t be worried about what people think. What I like about eye make-up designing is that you can be extremely bold with the eyes without going overboard. I don’t even think there’s a such thing as “going over board” on your eyes. Of course it’s not professional EVERYWHERE….but 9 times out of 10, good eye make-up is appropriate no matter where you are.

(3) Don’t be exclusive to just ONE brand of shadows, liquids and pencils. My Mom is like this. She’ll only wear Iman. You have to open up to the great world of companies and brands. And thinking that the expensive stuff is the BEST stuff is a fallacy too. I’ve come to that realization myself. While I do think that MAC is the BEST for eyes, I’m aware that there are other great brands out there—-for better prices too.

Gettin’ up in it…

June 8, 2007

I’ve joined a website called And I’ve learned a lot already!! I’m so excited that I am devoting more time to this. I’m going to go to MAC today and grab 2 new colors and get to work.

Today’s eye design is (and I wish I could upload a picture, but my camera phone is terrible) called…..

Iraqian Blues

….simple but different technique I used on this one.

Loreal HIP

I used a Loreal HIP’s gold and dark bronze for the outside and put in circle of MAC’s blue (I’ll learn the EXACT colors one day) in the center. Topped off the upper lid and lower brow with HIP pigment. And then Revlon’s eyeliner and Milani’s liquid eye liner.
Very nice look. I’m proud. More to come….

How it alll began…..

June 6, 2007
…pretty obsessed with eye make-up. And I don’t exactly know how this came about. I used to be anti make-up. My younger sisters taught me how to put on eye liner and mascara. And I JUST recently bought my first foundation.

At the age of 22. And I never felt like I NEEDED to wear make make-up. I always felt pretty and have good skin….but I have become so engaged in eye make-up designing. MAC, the company is the vanguard, in the make-up world. I go in the stores and loose my mind over the colors, brushes and designs.

I, too….want to create beautiful combinations and have eyes that pop out. From everyday combos to crazy and eccentric sets, I want to master the art of eye make-up.
The end.


This picture is defintely motivation. And it’s pretty ugly, I must admit! It was taken in October 2006 when I FIRST got the itch to work on eye make-up. Ugghhh, terrible. But hopefully but this upcoming October, I can look at this and laugh!