Lippy Wippy!

I’m in Florida!! Back on the East Coast and I couldn’t be happier. It was worth the jet lagged red eye trip from Cali at 1am. That was a rough day but I am so happy to see familiar faces, places and MY CAR! I haven’t driven in 3 months. That’s just insane.

I actually have a TON of updates but I gotta do some backtracking, so first things first.

I hauled MAC’s clear brow gel and I love love love it. It really aids in smoothing out my naturally thick and curly brows. Since the waxing accident, they have grown in nicely. I don’t need to pencil in anything. My roomie helps with the arch so I’m estatic that SOMETHING is going right in the beauty department.

I also hauled more lip colors…..
MAC’s 3D and Viva Glam IV.

Here are some FOTDs…ignore the eye make-up. I was messin’ around in pigments.


[Viva Glam IV ]

I like them both. And I’m really liking my collection. I also copped a Milani color that I don’t have any pictures of. I’ll do some swatches of ALL of my newest lip colors just in case other brown ladies are lookin’ for something that works nicely for us.

And I will also post pictures of my skin later. It’s actually getting A LOT better. I have been walking around here without the face make-up and surprisingly, I’m fine. I don’t think I look THAT bad. Some of yall are saying my skin ain’t THAT bad and maybe you’re right….my dramatic self. Still. I would like to try another foundation just for kicks. But to not wear it is just…..amazing.

And I checked out The Originals collection (that one snuck up on me) today and only purchased 2 things. That’s coming in the next post. 5 days until Christmas and I have still puchased zero gifts. It feels great.

I’m rockin’ out on Jaheim’s newest album. For a sultry singer with REAL talent, check out his “The Makings of a Man” album. Simply fab. I shall return, lovelies!

Peace and sexy Black men.


Hi lovely people!

I’ve been able to update like crazy because my teaching/volunteering time is coming to a close end. I am excited! But not really because I have to study for a Teaching Certification exam AND the GRE to get into grad school. YIKES! Yall, pray for me. Seriously. Check out the beautiful floral picture I took yesterday.

Isn’t that gorgeous? I’m showing you this now because what is next to come may scare you. I’ve decided to show you close up pictures of my skin. Now I’m not going to sit here and dog MAC Cosmetics out and make it seem that they are the reason my face is this way. It could be a number of things:
-LA smog
-Leaving the world of vegetarianism (I’ll be back)
-Weather changes
….so I don’t know. MAC’s face products/foundations may not be the monster. But the best way to find out is not stop using them and see how things change. Which is hard because my face looks just awful…..check it out.

Now it gets worse…

Is this not AWFUL?! Now follow the journey of a newbie as she tries to get her pretty skin back. :( I’m so devastated.

But yesterday the school’s faculty went out to The Cheesecake Factory. I thought I would be out of place being that I was the youngest non-Californian Black woman there but we all had a good time. As cultured as I like to thing of myself as being, it’s always strange when I’m the only “Black woman” anywhere. But when I realized that my Mexican and Central American co-teachers are just as loco as me and my friends, I was feeling goooood. I did a holiday-ish look.

I used:

Olay Complete Moisturizer

Bamboo paint
Vanilla pigment
L’Oreal Volumious Carbon
Blitz & Glitz Fluidline
Revlon Colorstay eyeliner

Milani Brown liner
Fresh Brew lipstick
Bare Truth lip glass

….It was cute and festive. Pero, mi cara… spirits are really down because of my face. I think I may exchange my Chesnut lip pencil for a lipstick and then purchase one more. That sounds reasonable in price. And maybe I’ll feel a little bit better about myself.

Peace and Happy Weekend!

Just some stuffff….

So I’m not into the Metal X shadows. I think they require too much work. That and my lids are waaaay too oily. I didn’t even want to purchase those jokas because I knew I’d have some issues. Thankfully, EnKore has posted a video to help some of you who are having some issues with Metal X. And I think it’s mad funny how die hard MAC users still use Urban Decay Primer Potion. Hehe…that’s funny. I’m the same way. Although UDPP has been actin’ crazy lately, for me.

Love this man. He’s great.

Also one of my new and favorite beauty bloggers,

Lani has some stuff up for sale. Stroll on over to her blog and see if you’re interested. She has a GREAT blog. I just love visiting because it’s so festive!

And you’re gonna die when see Francine’s beautiful birthday look. How skilled is she?! Amazing.

And a throwback pic for ya. Because I love me some throwbacks, mon!
Check me out at my first visit to MAC Pro in Orlando.

And me and the baby sisters helping me celebrate my surprise 21st birthday party that my then boyfriend held for me.

I’m about to be 23 on Jan 2nd! Nooooo! I’m getting old! 5 days ’til I go home to Floridaaaaaa. I can’t wait!!!!!!! What can’t you wait for? Tell me!

Peace and congrats to Saleisha!
Another Black woman as ANTM……ya’mon!


My internet access has been trippin’ for the past few days so I haven’t had the chance to do my beauty blog rounds or upate. Updates will be coming slower anyway since I’m heading home to Florida for the holidays. I’ll be hanging with my girls, fighting with the guy, loving my Mom and just realllly enjoying some familiarity.

I did another video. It’s a mess AGAIN. But that’s just me. HA! I’m doing a review of my most recent items…(check the pic below). I reviewed:

Olay’s Age Defying Eye gel
NYC’s Cherrywood lip gloss
MAC’s Prep-N-Prime
CoverGirl’s Last Blash.

I will probably type up an ACTUAL review later.

OH….and it’s official. I’m am discontining usage of all MAC face products; make-up wipes included. I’ll take some before pictures to see if it is in fact MAC products that got my face trippin’. And I will do some holistic/homeopathic remedies as well as detoxing and fasting. So hopefully by March 08, I’ll be back to my clear skin self without using foundations and powders.

Here’s the vid.

And I say, “Anyway…” waaaaaay too much. HA! Funny how you don’t notice annoying quirks about yourself until you SEE yourself.

Click the link below to visit the video.

Reviews, Session 1.

Peace y horchata. Me gustaaaaa.

Haul and FOTDs

Hi lovely people! I hope you’ve all had a great weekend. I diiiiiid. Watched a ton of movies, went out to eat with the roomies, been cookin’ up a storm, semi-shopping then went to church with my Joy Joy. I’ve also been studying for the GRE and FTCE (one’s for entry into grad school, the other to be a certified teacher in Florida) and making plans to high-tail it out of LA. Which includes looking for an apartment and a list of other things. But this is a beauty blog….so let’s bring on the beauty!

So obviously I’m still supposed to be on make-up probation. I’ve been doing well… least for high end products. I’ve only been in Target and drugstores, so I’m proud. This is what I got this weekend…

I’ve been content with my Fibre Rich and Voluminous mascaras but I think one of the reasons I got the LashBlast is because I love the orange tube! It’s just so fab. I’ll do a review on that later. And of course….had to cop some lip colors since that’s my newest interest in make-up. NYC is cheap and I love their colors. Wish they had more! And I needed an eye gel and since Olay was on sale at Target, I copped that. I don’t have dark circles or wrinkles (yet) but I want to get in the habit of applying this stuff.

And now onto the FOTDs.

This was taken this past Friday….I have on zero foundation. Haven’t been wearing that or eye shadows this past week. The pimples are back. Alllll over. It makes me so miserable and I have noooo idea how to stop these breakouts. When I go home for the holidays, I am going to do my 5 day fast and have Mom, the herbalist make something for me because this is getting out of control. Who gets acne at 23? Especially having NEVER had it as a teenager. Ugghhhh!

A friend of mine told that maybe MAC products are the root of evil. I mean she is right…my skin was never this bad when I wasn’t wearing MAC. But the horror! I love my MAC but I love my flawless skin more so if I have to give it up, I will….damn, that would be one hell of a break-up. Let’s hope that doesn’t have to happen.

Here I am Friday night indulging in soooome eyeshadows.

And Saturday as I went off to Little Tokyo (BTW, I’m in love with Asian food/culture. I’m all over it these days) I decided to do a Blue/teal look. I used Big T, Navy Blue Pigment and Carbon. It’s just ehhhhh. Not that into it but it was fun.

I am soooo in love with my brows. They actually have an arch now. With a little more growth at the top, I think I’ll finally have the “perfect” brows. So sad that I had to go through the waxing accident to get to this. But all is fair in make-up and learning.

I’ve also decided to do some nose contouring because damn my nose is huge! LOL, check out my pictures…you can see up my nose in a lot of them. AND it’s just….very dominating. I’ve got a honker. Hehe…even if I could afford it, I don’t think I’d get a nose job, but still…gonna learn how to do some contouring.

I’m going to do a video next post or so. I’ve got some reviews to do too. So yay! I hope everyone has a fab upcoming week. I’m leaving you with some of my make-up art. I love taking fun photos of make-up. Check ‘em ouuuut.

Peace and TuPac.

I’m allll over his music these days.


Yaaaaay, so Yums tagged me! I love these little tagging games. It’s fun to get to know a little something about you fellow bloggers. I’ve also thrown in an old skool pic of myself. ‘Bout a year ago. Loved that hair color. I may do that again come this Spring. Oh wait…check me out in Blue Black.

Crazy difference, no? And I was rockin’ a fab Hello Kitty necklace that I can’t find. Urrrgghhh! And what’s with pics in the car? LOL, am I the only one that does that? Anyway…let’s get to it.

(1) 5 of my favorite genres of music are: classical, jungle, screwed&chopped, ballroom and Egyptian. And I absolutely loathe mainstream music.

(2) I speak Spanish fluently. So much that my sisters and I used to pretend that we were Dominican back in the day.

(3) I don’t know where home is.

(4) I have several hobbies including cooking, make-up (obviously), photography, writing, reading, graphic designing, volunteering, traveling and water sports. I indulge in all of them pretty regularly.

(5) I’ve had some pretty random jobs. I’ve been a baby sitter, an assistant manager at Walgreens, Production Assistant, Photo Technician, teacher, telemarketer (the worse) and newspaper editor.

(6) I just graduated in August 2007 after 4 long years of undergrad. I changed my major from Journalism, Broadcasting, Computer Programming and finally settled for Africana Studies. 4 months later and I still don’t know what I want to do. HA!

(7) I know the alphabet backwards in English and Spanish, all of the books of the Bible, the word tongue in four languages and can identify several Vivaldi pieces. I know, I’m a nerd!

Whooooo’s next? I’m taggin’ the following:

..and I don’t know who else to do because I don’t want to TAG people who’ve already been tagged. LOL….ahh well.

Peace and jazz.

Pucker Up!

So yeah….pimples are back. And they brought a little partner called Seborrheic dermatitis. It’s the most random thing ever. My face gets all hot and it looks like a flesh eating bacteria has taken over. It’s awful. Hydrocortisone cream helps. Anywho. I’m getting patches of that again. So in the next few pictures you may see that. I think I’ve gotten it under control for the most part, but still….

OH—and for those that are using MAC’s Prep-N-Prime, I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. I honestly like the product, but it’s leaving my face a bit ghostly lookin’. It looks white after I put it on….I’m using a brush and applying it as lightly as I can. What’s the prob, mayn? Anyone got any application ideas? Or maybe this just isn’t for me….I don’t know. The next time I go to MAC to ask questions about this, but I’m getting a bit pissed off at MAC in the Skincare department. First the Strobe Cream now me. I can’t the pearly shimmer stuff they put in some of their skincare products. Definitely not brown skinned folx friendly—-or it could be me. I don’t know. We’ll see.

So….I tried something different the other day. A colored liner on my waterline (or is that the lower lash line? I get an F in facial terminology). It’s pretty fun…

And here are shots of me after getting’ my lips done at MAC Pro.

Oh…and there is Stylistics.

I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money on products that didn’t really WOW me. Or maybe I’m in denial because I’m a broke ass and just can’t afford it. Who knows. Maybe Santa will bring me something. But if not, life will move on. Passing on Metal X and The Stylistics ain’t THAT hard.

On to the lips….
I’ve decided to return my Chestnut Lip pencil. Don’t think I have much use for that. Especially since I have a pretty decent brown from Milani.
Here are my FOTDs… have been warned of the dermatitis on the left cheek (your right) so yeah….it sucks. So sad. Still blaming the harsh elements of LA smog. I can’t do this city thing. I need to go back to my clean Floridian air. Ha!

Mommy’s Homemade Honey cleanser
Olay Complete moisturizer
MAC’s Prep-N-Prime
Mineralized Skinfinish in Deep Dark
Fix +

Revlon Colorstay eyeliner
Loreal Cream liner in Blue
MAC Fibre Rich mascara

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm
Night Moth lip pencil
Culture Class lipstick/Ultra Madame in last pic
Contessa Lipglass

(yikes…Blurville. My bad, peeps)

I really like not putting a mess load of products on my eyes. I never realized how time consuming it is. I have 20 minutes more in the morning!

On a good note….the brows are growing back! I’m elated. They are looking better. It’s 34 days since the incident and I’m so happy at how fast they are growing. Still not perfect but at least I don’t walk around looking super duper surprised anymore. And I seriously don’t want to draw them in anymore. Because my brows are so thick, I am confident in thinking that I can have decent arched brows without the assistance of liners, stencils and things like that. But we’ll see how I feel in a month or two. Ha.

Peace and Decision Making

My Haul

So guess who decided to do a review of her most recent haul?

It ain’t nothin’ spectacular. Just 5 minutes of me rambling about what I got. The camera gets fuzzy….things go sideways. I got mascara clumpy stuff on my face but its all in good fun.

Oh…and I stumble over people’s names, go on tangents and am basically a hot mess.
So yeah….you’ve been warned. LOL!

Enjoy and lemme know what you think.

Peace and Hollywood Blvd.