Traveling in Style with the Flyest Passport Holders Ever

Fly Passport Holders

I’ve got travel on the mind, babes. Granted, I’ve only really planned 2-3 major trips this year but I’ve already applied for both babes’ passports because something tells me we’ll be doing some serious travel in the next few months/years. First on the list? Canada. Don’t laugh. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to visit Canada during one of those non-snow months. That said, I’ve got fly in style, honey.

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Hair. How do you remove it?

Pretty nails

Hey y’all! Happy Weekend from me and my Lipstick League sisters. Check out these hot posts circulating the web. 

Blushing Noir – TALK IS CHIC! Check out the most comprehensive, mother-of-all L’Oréal Paris makeup posts to see the must-have items I die for AND the hot deal currently going on at ULTA Beauty!

Clumps of Mascara – I don’t think there is a nail polish better suited for Spring than this gorgeous one here.

EauMG – reviews two naturally delicious gourmand botanical perfumes by indie brand, Phoenix Botanicals. Yum!

Gouldylox – For spring, think fresh skin, juicy color and glistening eyes. Want the look? Gouldylox has all of the details!

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Favorite Spring Products!

Favorite Spring Products

It is finally starting to warm up a bit, which means it is time to show you my favorite spring products! The spring season brings a time of fresh, clean colors, which is exactly what we want with our makeup during this time of year. You will find everything from exfoliating products, lip balms, blush, and even nail polish in an array of spring colors. Enjoy!

Daily Rehydrating Sunscreen: First things first. When spring arrives, so does our time spent under the sun. We need to protect our skin every day or we risk damaging it from those harmful UV rays. I like this sunscreen because it also acts as an incredible moisturizer. You can use it before you start your regular makeup routine. Do not forget to apply this sunscreen to your neck, shoulders, and any other part of your body that will be exposed to the sun.

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Essie Go Ginza – A One Coat Wonder

This post was submitted by Tiffany! A fabulous Clumps of Mascara contributor.

Nails on mug

Spring time is finally here, y’all! I know, I know… it seems hard to tell if Mother Nature got the memo considering this cold weather all of a sudden, or maybe Winter wasn’t going out quietly. To get those Spring vibes going again, especially with Easter being today, I decided to rock some pastel polish this week to celebrate my second favorite season. Bonus: I’m finally getting to try out a color I’ve had for a minute but didn’t wear because it didn’t match my mood.

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I Took the Sally Hair Dare!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sally Beauty.

I am not in a happy place with my hair. I’m not alone with this, am I? I mean…admit it. At some point in your life, you’ve looked in the mirror and just weren’t satisfied with what was going on with your hair. Of course, you’re still fabulous, beautiful and a stunner, but loving your hair is SO important. As for me? Well, postpartum hair loss has me down in the dumps, man.


4B hair

Not only am I losing a ton of hair, but I’m also dealing with insane dryness, the lack of time to really pamper my hair and this funky texture that I’m not used to. No one told me that those pesky pregnancy hormones can also change the texture of your hair. Yeah, girl…the crown on my head has been needing help. Badly. Of all of these problems, it’s the dryness that I’m really struggling with. And guess who has me covered in that department?

Sally Beauty

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Whole Foods Market’s Exclusive Beauty Bag + Giveaway

A few months ago a Whole Foods Market opened up down the street from my house. I can’t get enough. I am literally there a few times a week. Sometimes I take Bub and we have a date outside on the patio. Sometimes I just browse the aisles – without a list, just looking around. And 9 times out of 10, I’m sniffing bar soaps and swatching thangs in the beauty department.


Whole Foods Market has a HUGE one and that’s why you’ve got to get your hands on one of their Exclusive Beauty Bags.

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Hydrating Lip Balms – Which one is your fave?

It Cosmetics Superhero Stretch Volumizing Mascara

Hey y’all! Happy Weekend from me and my Lipstick League sisters. Check out these hot posts circulating the web. 

Beautygeeks – Wanna re-use that empty cushion-compact? Here’s how to make your own version of BB-cushion foundation – safely.

Beauty Junkies Unite – Amber reviews the latest from Urban Decay — Beached Bronzer. There are two shades, and they’re matte — great for almost anyone!

Clumps of Mascara – So many brands “natural” brands – so little time. I’ve put together a nice little list of a few favorites.

EauMG – Poor unfortunate souls…Victoria is “scenting” Disney Villains!

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Take My Sleep, But I Won’t Let These Kids Take My Beauty

This post was sponsored by Amopé™ as part of an influencer activation for the #AmopeCrowd and Socialstars™. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review, but all opinions are my own.


Girlsssssss, lemme tell you. Life is funny. The minute you think you’re on a roll, things switch up on you. Our family has been battling the flu on steroids around here. I guess I’m due. I haven’t been this sick in yearsssss and man, this thing just about took me out. Being sick, plus nursing a sick baby, a sick toddler and a husband with the man flu (the regular flu but somehow it’s worse when men get it…ha!) has drained me completely. Before all of this went down, I had finally gotten into a new little routine. Thanks to the Amopé™, of course…

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