These feet were made for walkin’…but comfortably.

It’s a well known Clumps of Mascara fact, that I am NOT a fan of heels. And not because I don’t want to be stylin’ and profilin’ and standin’ close to 6-feet tall in heels that elongate my legs. But let’s face it, heels are not meant to be comfortable. Prolonged wear of ’em can’t possibly be good for our toes, feet, ankles and legs. And because of that, I like to rock comfortable and cute flats and sandals as often as I can.

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Rumba Watches=WIN

My obsession with watches continue with the super fun and incredibly affordable Rumba watches. And one of the best things about these watches is the packaging. Check this out…

…I know right! Hit the jump to see them up close.

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Sista Show-Off: The shopaholic who stopped shopping

Welcome to another post from the Sista Show Off series! In this series I like to show some love to other companies, blogs, businesses, organizations or just regular ladies like myself who are paving the way for women everywhere! Let me feature you! Shoot me an email at

Can you imagine NOT shopping? I mean…for a complete year not purchasing an article of clothing, accessory OR purse? Have you fainted out of sheer horror yet? My girl Kelli over at Stop Shop is doing it. Hit the jump to read her story.

MBFW-Swim 2011: Swimwhere Anywhere Pool deck show!

The world renowned  Raleigh Hotel in South Beach, Florida is most known for its beautiful pool. I’ve never seen anything like it. Despite Miami being my birthplace, I pretty much get an F for not knowing a lot of what Miami-Dade county has to offer. Locals generally stay away from the South Beach area so I always feel as if I’m transported to another city when I head down Collins Ave.
As Nikki New and I emerged from backstage for Mara Hoffman, we found ourselves right in the middle of a runway. Literally!

Security practically pushed us out of the way as models pranced their gorgeous selves right passed us.
Turns out that Swimwhere Anywhere was having a show right IN the pool.
Aww, how cute is he? And I’m not talkin’ about the kid. He’s cute too but uh…yeah. :)
My favorite pieces…
Girlfriend to the right is killing me with her adorable cut and shades. Fierce, honey, fierce!
And I think she was a spectator, but man oh man, I was lovin’ her dress.
I can be such an outfit paparazzi when I want to be. Sheesh.
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About Me

My attempt at being sexy. Bahahaaa!

Okay, soooo…what to say about me? Hmm, well I’m from Florida and I’m 26 years old. But I don’t act like it. I don’t take myself seriously and because of that, I have no problem embarrassing. In fact I do so frequently. No lie.

I started Clumps of Mascara in the summer of 2007 right before I graduated from college. I was going through that, “OMG, what am I going to do with the rest of my life?” panic that most college students go through and channeled a lot of energy into make-up, something I NEVER took notice to before. My newfound love for beauty inspired me to start a blog that would help me track my journey into different products and brands. I never had any intentions to be a “beauty blogger”. Or to have people read my blog. But before I knew it, people were reading. And actually…liking my quirky newbie-esque approach to beauty.

I am not a professional nor am I a self-proclaimed “beauty guru”. Far from it. But I think that’s what makes my approach to beauty unique. I don’t mind posting my mistakes. In fact, I do so frequently. And even though I have reviewed over 100 of them, mascaras aren’t the only focal point on Clumps.

I’m pretty obsessed with lipglosses too.

My goal is to inspire women all over to love the beauty that they already posses. To love their hair textures, skin complexions, large lips, big eyes, small eyes and everything in between. Clumps of Mascara means admitting that, “Yeah…I’m not perfect. But I am me. I am beautiful. And I rock.” If I’ve inspired one, then I’ve done my job. While I get emails from ladies thanking me, I really want to thank them. It was this blog that gave me purpose and re-ignited my passion for writing. It was Clumps that went from a blog to a business that sent this small city girl on trips to meet celebrities and speak at conferences. But I’m not JUST a blogger. I work a full-time job, volunteer throughout Orlando, help teach natural beauty classes and freelance as a photographer and writer.

In addition to being a top beauty blog, Clumps of Mascara has had the opportunity to work brands like Maybelline, COVERGIRL, Sally Hansen, Clinique and China Glazes.  We’ve attended fashion shows, industry beauty events and trade shows. We’ve got an awesome fanbase of readers from New Jersey to New Zealand. I say “we” because I’m not doing this on my own. I’ve got amazing designers, IT professionals, mentors, freelance writers and ambassadors that help me with Clumps.

Life is busy, crazy and sometimes demanding, but it’s beautiful.

It’s funny what happens when you stop freaking out and start listening to that voice inside yourself. Doors open and opportunities start flying in.

Love it and love yourself. I’m just an email away. Shoot one and say Hi. Unless you’re a creeper. No creepers please. 😎