And The Best Beauty Subscription Box Is…

You guys, I’ve finally found it. Ever since beauty subscription boxes hit the scene, I’ve been all over them. They’re so incredibly practical for beauty lovers and folx like me who think they’ve tried it all. I’ve tried at least 7-10 boxes and over time, I find that they aren’t always consistent. But Essence Beauty Box? Woooow!

Best beauty subscription box

Maybe it’s the fact that many of the products are targeted to women like me, women of color! It could be that they toss in Black-owned companies and lesser known brands that I likely wouldn’t come across. Or perhaps it’s the fact that they actually feature hair care products that work for my hair type. I don’t even know but I’m a BIG fan of this beauty subscription box. 

I reviewed their last 6 boxes and each box not only has a diversity of products, but I’m also pleasantly surprised EACH month. You know you’re winning when you’re surprising a beauty blogger.

That said, I’ve been doing mini reviews of these boxes on Instagram and if you’re open to a box under $20 that caters to brown girls with thick hair and interesting products, Essence Beauty Box is it.

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Beat Face by Shea Moisture

Hey girl, hey!

Did you know that Shea Moisture makes more than just awesome hair and body care products? 

When I first saw the ad for in on Facebook, I shrieked with delight–literally. I’m a crunchy mama and love their hair products because of all the juices and berries they put in there really make my girls and I’s hair look phenomenal. My husband is a huge fan of their Black Soap line and the baby products got me through those moments I didn’t feel like making the kids’ products. 

But now they have something that’s JUST.FOR.ME!



We all know Shea Moisture is rocking hard in the natural hair and body product community but did you know they do makeup too? Check this out.

Shea Moisture Beauty Line

They have EVERYTHING! Foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and all the lippies you need! 

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What’s on your Summer 2016 beauty wish list?

EcoTools makeup brushes

Phyrra – Take a first look at the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette with me!

Prime Beauty – is feeling years younger with the dewy glow of Osmosis Long Wear Liquid Foundation!

we heart this – Do you need the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Essentials Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette? Like, NEED?

Beauty Junkies Unite – Amber loves this cult-fave perfume that smells like a beautiful beach day — sea spray, and all! See which one it is…

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7 Ways To Refresh Yourself

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by vitafusion™  through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about vitafusion™ gummy vitamins, all opinions are my own.

As women, we have so many roles that we play: mother, wife, domestic engineer, maid, chef, and chauffeur–you get the drift. In between these roles, it’s hard to fit in the much needed nurturing and care of the most important person–US! This normally leads to a cranky, moody, anxious, sleepy, unkempt woman who’s in need of a much needed restart and recharge.

7 Ways to Refresh Yourself

Luckily, this is NOT a permanent state of being and all it takes is doing little things for one week to refill your proverbial well so you’re back to delivering water with a smile!


Day 1: Buy Yourself Some Flowers

It doesn’t matter if you have someone to buy you flowers or not, there’s something empowering about a woman buying herself flowers. It screams, “I love me enough to treat myself to fine things!” And what better way to brighten up your space, right? I love looking over and seeing some fresh flowers in a mason jar (yes, mason jar!!). I normally choose something bright and different–not that I don’t love roses but I like different too! Start your week off with fresh flowers for your fresh perspective on taking care of you!

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The Fabulous Sephora at Disney Springs + A Giveaway!

So when I heard about the new Sephora at Disney Springs, I was all like, “Eh. Okay.” Because, if you’ve seen one Sephora, you’ve seen them all, right? What could be so different about this one?

Disney Springs Sephora location

Giiiiirl…I could not have been more wrong. This Sephora, oooooh, this Sephora. If any location is going to have a magical Sephora, it would be Walt Disney World. This makes sense. Oh! Remind me to do a post on the coolness that is Disney Springs.

Disney Springs Orlando

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Black-Owned Beauty Brands at The Makeup Show NYC 2016

I’ve had a few weeks to come down from the high that was The Makeup Show 2016. Good times, y’all. Good times. I not only did a few things that scared me, but I had much needed time with my girls, ate some REALLY good food and just enjoyed a few days without washing dishes.

You’re laughing but shoot, man. Mom life is mostly of me washing dish after dish every single day. Instead of rambling about the show in its entirety, I’ll just highlight a few of the brands that I was so glad to see. Can we say YAY to Black-owned?!

A little glance at the show. It was busyyyy!

Now now, buttercups…don’t be all uptight over my pride and adoration for James Vincent and his team for providing a space for brands of all backgrounds to shine. This is a big deal. The reality is this – you don’t see a lot of Black-owned cosmetic lines. You just don’t. I can make many assumptions as to why this is but when I do see Black-owned beauty lines, you better believe that I’m investigating and supporting. I’m just so grateful to see people that look like me offer cosmetics at such a huge trade show. 

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My Top 5 Hair Products For Color Treated Natural Hair

Hair Products for

I will never not color my hair, y’all. I’ve been doing this since I was a 14-year old and it’s a habit that likely won’t ever end. Speaking of dyeing my hair at 14…I can’t be the only one that used Kool-Aid packets! Are you judging me? I hope not! Don’t knock it ’til you try it, girl. 4 packets of Orange and 1 packet of Cherry would bring about a gorgeous shade. Mama has grown up since then and now I’m using more refined products. 

Or something like that…HA!

Manic Panic

Manic Panic and I go way back. I’ve been using this dye for about 10 years now and I love how it’s gentle, fume-free and just EFFECTIVE. It’s a semi-permanent dye (which means it won’t last forever) but it does a great job at depositing color. Aaaand, they’re affordable and available online AND at Sally Beauty Supply. Woot! 

Cantu Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque

I first tried this masque about a year ago (remember this post?) and I’ve been loving it ever since. Creamy and moisturizing, I find that this deep conditioner does a fantastic job on my color-treated hair. To keep that color around, I like to drop a few dollops of my Manic Panic color in the conditioner.

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Are you about that concealing life?

Disney Minnie Beauty Perfect Red Lipstick

Olive & Ivy – Marc Jacobs Beauty is totally underrated. I have yet to find a product from them that I don’t LOVE! Here’s some of my fave releases from Marc Jacobs this season.

Phyrra – Want a truly peachy eyeshadow palette that’s not Limited Edition or filled with boring browns? Check out my DIY Makeup Geek Peach Palette and fall in love with these fun shades!

Prime Beauty – has a great giveaway to perk up your makeup bag. She is giving away a $50 Sephora gift card as well as a prize package for the new movie Love and Friendship. Go enter now!

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