Giveaway Winner! Q-Tips giveaway.

Wow oh wow. With more than 600 entries, the Q-Tips giveaway proved to be one of the most popular giveaways on Clumps of Mascara this year. Thank you all SO much for you support on my ambassadorship. The bad news is, I could only select one winner. Buuuuut the good news is, I’ll be doing more giveaways in the future.. In the meantime, help me congratulate our first winner.

Tiffany from North Carolina


Congrats Tiffany! Stay tuned for more giveaways on Clumps of Mascara.

The Lipstick League: Weekly Links, Volume 28


Yay for another post from the The Lipstick League! We are a group of beauty bloggers, bound together by the desire to save the world with beauty, one post at a time!

Clumps of Mascaratalks about boobs during this week’s TMI Tuesday.

EauMG – Want a perfume that smells like old school face powder? Check out EauMG’s video review.

Gouldylox Reviews – Found a great eye creme that is also giving back to Karma Dogs with each purchase! It’s a win, win!

Nouveau Cheap – compares the new Physicians Formula Nude Palette to the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Is it a budget-friendly alternative?

Pink Sith – Says: If you only get one red lip color this year, ELLIS FAAS Milky Lips L201 is the one to get.

Prime Beauty – is gifting one lucky reader her TOP holiday beauty pick, Tarte’s Lip Service LipSurgence Collection. Enter now!

Phyrra – Phyrra debuts Femme Fatale Cosmetics and their lovely duochrome eye shadows.

we heart this – Hey Hunger Games fans, have you seen the China Glaze Colours for the Capitol swatch chart yet? Join in our game of “guess the inspiration”!

Beauty Junkies Unite – Amber shows that seeing is believing with Make Up For Ever’s HD Complexion Starter Kit.

Question of the Week:

Beauty or otherwise, what gift are you
hoping to receive this holiday?

B says, “Not a thing. Between getting a new job, getting my own place, hosting several events, taking Clumps to the next level and getting married, I’ll say 2011 was ‘gift’ enough for me.”

Are you expecting any special gifts this holiday season?

See you next week!

~The Lipstick League


Live Chat with Milly on CVS’ Beauty Club Page

Have you heard the news? My good friend and fellow beauty blogger Milly from Beauty Logic Blog announced that was she was the newest gal added to the CVS Beauty Board. Huge deal! Words can’t express how proud I am of her. And don’t even get me started on how much I love strolling through CVS and racking up ExtraBucks.

Just in time for the holidays, Milly will be dropping ideas and product suggestions for festive looks via a live chat on Facebook.

When: Thursday, December 15, 2011 from 12:00pm-1:30pm EST
Where: On Facebook, yo.
RSVP here.

See you there!

TMI Tuesday: Boobs. An abundance of or lack thereof

That sounds like a talk show title, uh? Boob Talk with B. Hahahaaaaa! For some boobs is a serious TMI topic. And why, I’ll never know. My girlfriends and I love talking about our boobies. We push ‘em up in public and complain about how small or big they are. It is my belief that all us women folk have a personal love or hate for our boobs.

All throughout middle school, I wanted boobs. I was so bare, that I didn’t even wear a training bra. There was nothing to train. Each morning, I would wake up thinking that maybe overnight God granted me with a bosom blessing. And each morning, I’d wake up and be like…

…because nope. Still no boobs. In my middle school mind, boobs meant social status. Trading my camisole for a training bra would grant me access to the Cool Kids Club. Because I was a victim of bullying for most of my middle school life, I wanted boobs like Charlie wanted a Golden Ticket. And then one day it happened. I was in 9th grade. I did my morning ritual of glancing in the mirror and greeting me was a pair of C boobies. C’s!

My world changed. I became a new person. I was a girl. A young woman. With boobs. Those C’s eventually turned into DD’s. And that’s when the fun of having boobs ended. Bra shopping was never something that I never looked forward to. I could never wear the cute and dainty bras that came in colors like magenta, purple or pink. I had to wear white, brown and black bras with not 1, not 2 but a good 5 hooks in the back. It didn’t matter what size I was, because of the boobs, I ALWAYS had to go up a shirt size. And wearing a bathing suit top was the worst. No matter what I did, I always looked like I was auditioning for a Playboy cover.

I used to do some heavy complaining about my boobs.

Until I met a college friend who had undergone a mastectomy at the tender age of 22. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 19 and the minute she heard me complain about my boobs, she shut me down. So told me that I should be grateful and learn to appreciate those boobs of mine. And ever since then….I’ve been appreciating them.

Do you love yours? Get annoyed with ‘em? Want more or less? Find them to be perfect? What’s your boob story?

The Lipstick League: Weekly Links, Volume 27


Yay for another post from the The Lipstick League! We are a group of beauty bloggers, bound together by the desire to save the world with beauty, one post at a time!

Beauty Junkies Unite – Amber is going absolutely ga-ga over the new Urban Decay Naked2 Palette, check out the review & swatches!

Clumps of Mascara – is giving away a $50 gift certificate to Enter the giveaway!

EauMG – Check out EauMG’s holiday gift guide for natural beauties.

Gouldylox Reviews – has a holiday list of gift ideas that might break the bank, but you’ll score you major gifting points.

Krasey Beauty – Looking for that perfect holiday gift guide? Look no further than this holiday beauty gift video guide!

Nouveau Cheap – The big 2012 drugstore beauty launches have begun, with many new collections now surfacing in stores. Find out what I’ve purchased so far, and why Bed Bath & Beyond is currently rocking my world.

Pink Sith – Shares with you her “I have no idea how to apply this beautiful NARS palette” review of the Hanamichi Kabuki-Inspired eyeshadow palette.

While Prime Beauty prefers ‘eye candy’ of a different sort, she’s still smitten with Tarte’s Eye Candy Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow Set. At $27 for six full size gorgeous cream eye shadows, it’s likely to satisfy your sweet tooth and make a wonderful gift if you can stand to part with it!

Phyrra – shares with you her new favorite way to follow all her beloved beauty bloggers… on the Kindle Fire!

Vampy Varnish – talks about all her favorite holiday 2011 gift ideas!

we heart this – hearts MOR’s Lip Macarons. And with our code and a $20 purchase, you can get one for free!


Question of the Week:

Your favorite type of lip color: lipstick, gloss,
balm, stain or other?.

B says, “I prefer lipsticks. Although drying, they last a lot longer than glosses. Plus, I feel so sexy putting on a lipstick. But of course, I neva eva put one on without putting on a lip balm first.”

Any other lipstick over lipgloss ladies in the house?

See you next week!

~The Lipstick League


Angle Eyeshadow with Qtips and win $50 to Sephora!

Soooo, guess who has the amazing opportunity to be a Q-Tips ambassador for a whole year?

Yup! Yours truly! In case you didn’t know, I take Q-Tips pretty seriously. So much so that I not only keep them stashed under my bathroom sink, but I also have have a nice little jar of them on my bathroom counter too.

My ambassadorship will consist of me bringing you creative posts on how us beauty guys and gals can use Q-Tips everyday. Today we’re going to touch on how using Q-Tips can help to angle eyeshadow and remove mistakes. Soooo, even though I’ve been wearing eyeshadow for a few years now, I still have the most unsteady hand in the world. How I end up with shadow all over my brow and around my hairline is beyond me. Exhibit A.

See the craziness that is this smokey eye? I’ve got eyeshadow ON my brow and under my eyes. In my defense…I still struggle with doing a smokey eye. And don’t even ask me how long it takes. Cleaning up, however, takes less than a minute with my handy dandy Q-Tips. I soap a Q-Tip up with a bit of makeup remover.

And gently sweep up to angle my eyeshadow a bit – you know…for more of a dramatic look. I also clean up under the eyes…

…aaaaand bam.

Oh wait. You didn’t look at my brows, did you? I’m growing them out and they look like two furry rugs on my face. Womp. Ah well. Can’t have it all, now can we? On a good note, I’m giving away a$50 gift card to!

Here’s how you can win:

TMI Tuesday: Confessions of a Hairy Woman

photo source

Yes. It’s true. I’m hairy. And I’m a woman. 10 years ago I could never admit this. Shoot, 5 years ago I couldn’t admit it. But the fact is…my hair grows at the speed of light.

This can be beneficial in some cases. Hair cut gone wrong? No worries. My hair will grow back quickly. Overpluck the brow? It’ll grow back in 2.3 days. Ironically enough, I’m not one of those “gotta be hair-less all over” kind of women. Even though I live in tropical weather year round, I shave my legs once a month. If that. Stubble doesn’t bother me and the only area that gets hair removed regularly is the bikini line and my underarms. Everywhere else though? Pfft.

I even have a mustache.

Sexy, uh? I spend several minutes a day in the bathroom try to get rid of it AND the hairs that sprout all over my chin. Dude, I don’t know what happened but when I hit like 22 or 23, I started getting a ridiculous amount of facial hair. In fact, I can’t even go a day without doing some kind of plucking or clipping. It’s quite the nuisance. And the whole laser hair removal thing? Yah. I’m not convinced that’s safe enough for us richly hued people. The only saving grace is Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion. While it doesn’t eliminate the chin hairs, it dries up the bumps that ingrown hairs cause – making it hella easier to tweeze the hair out. It sucks, y’all. It really does.

Chin hairs are vicious lil’ somethings. They’ll spout right before something important happens. You’ll be getting ready for a  date, meeting or important presentation with only seconds to spare. You catch a glimpse in the mirror and see a chin hair. You go to pull it. It doesn’t budge. Instead, it coils up into a darling little candy curl. You pull again. Doesn’t budge. At this point, you feel like the chin hair is laughing at you like…

It sucks, y’all. It really does.

Are there any other hairy gals out there? Please make your voices heard. I just know I can’t be the only woman who is thiclose to pulling out a razor and going at it on the chin. Have you ever tried laser hair removal? Would you? Are there any products or techniques that you use to get rid of or minimize facial hair? And what’s the deal with women who pluck their brows, only to draw them back in? I could SO use some insight on that.

Home Beauty: Interior Design with Easy Canvas Prints

I’m no interior designer. Far from it, in fact. But I do know that I love reflecting my personal style when it comes to my living space. I want people to be able to walk into my house and not only feel comfortable, but walk around at marvel and the photos and paintings and my wall. Which probably sounds a little vain. Ha! But I can’t help it. After graduating from high school, I left home and went from dorm rooms and apartments and had more than my share of roommates. It’s hard to be creative when you’ve got roommates. The minute I got my own place, I got my van Gogh on.

Each and every bit of wall art was designed by me.

Yep. I painted those canvases.

And those are pictures that I’ve taken. I take so much pride in my pictures and love putting them on display. And while I’m no painter, I find it therapeutic to mess around in acrylic paints every now and then.

Esposo helped with that one but it was still my vision. ;) What’s better than personal photos or handmade canvases?

A personal photo ON a canvas.

Isn’t that amaziiiiing? I couldn’t think of anything better to put on a 11×14 canvas than the wonderful memory that was the Lucky Dior party. I probably should not have selected Image Wrapping. But because I did, you can only see a bit of my face in the canvas. Ha!

Easy Canvas Print was gracious enough to provide me with the opportunity to order my own canvas. Twas the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I uploaded a photo, selected my size and placed my order. One of the best features of the website is being able to get an idea of how large your canvas would be when compared to a 7-foot long sofa.

I suck at measurements so I would have never been able to figure that out on my own. 11×14 (retailing for $46.52) is an ideal size. It was larger than I thought it would be.

I live in a 1 bedroom apartment (formerly known as The Bachelorette Pad) and so my dining room is also my office, beauty room, library and Clumps of Mascara headquarters. When Esposo and I move into a larger place in the Spring, this canvas will be in fine fashion with my other beauty stuffs in the Beauty Room.

These canvases will make PERFECT holiday gifts. Especially for newlyweds, new parents, photographers or people like me who really love showcasing memories. Oh! And if you LIKE Easy Canvas Prints on Facebook, you can get 50% off and FREE shipping on your next order. Woot! And speaking of their Facebook page, I’ve seen so many beautiful canvases that I’m in the process of ordering another one. Yup! I enjoyed the many shipping options (I ended up paying extra for faster shipping – I’m so impatient!) and the canvas arrived in tip top condition. The quality of the canvas is outstanding and I can’t wait to get my next order.

Easy Canvas Prints rocks! Are you big on decorating your home?