The Lipstick League: Weekly Links, Volume 60

Yay for another post from the The Lipstick League! We are a group of beauty bloggers, bound together by the desire to save the world with beauty, one post at a time!

Pink Sith – HOT PINK FUCHSIA SEX ON A SITCK! Do I have your attention? I thought so. Check out the NARS 413 BLKR Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. It lives up to the all caps introduction.

Prime Beauty – welcomes Fall with bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette, the perfect mix of neutral and jewel tones!

Phyrra – gives in to her desires and loves the Urban Decay Vice Palette. She reviews, swatches and shares a few tutorials.

we heart this – You know the fabulous Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel that everyone always touts as a must have (us included)? Hiney pimples and arm bumps, be warned, it now comes in a Body Towel.

Beauty Junkies Unite – In the event that you haven’t seen how hyped up the blogosphere is over Urban Decay’s new eyeshadow collection, The Vice Palette, you better check out the preview & swatches before it hits stores officially on the 27th!

Clumps of Mascara – Tarte can do no wrong in my book. Such is the case with these awesome Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipsticks. They’re long lasting lippies made of clay. Hot stuff, uh?

EauMG – Is there anything better than champagne? If you answered, “no”, you need to try Sonoma Scent Studio Champagne de Bois perfume. It could change your mind. It’s that good.

Gouldylox Reviews – Ever wonder what it’s like to get serious hair extensions ala every celebrity in Hollywood? I took the plunge for science and am sharing every gory detail!

Nouveau Cheap – finally found the L’Oreal Limited Edition Fall 2012 Project Runway Collection at her local drugstore and picked up the mysterious purple lipgloss. Was it everything she hoped for?

Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by Pink Sith – Well, going with the Fragrance theme, I thought I would share with you one of my fave fragrance blogs. It’s called Eyeliner On A Cat. Carrie Meridith is clever and knowledgeable and just an all around fun read! Enjoy!

Question of the Week:

Your three favorite fragrances, name them…


B says, “Wellll, we all know that I can’t wear traditional fragrances due to migraines. Most days I don’t wear any fragrances but if I need a lil’ somethin’ I like my LUSH solid perfumes. That’s about it. Fragrance-free is the life for me!”

I know I can’t be the only gal out there who prefers being fragrance-free? Anyone? And if you’d rather go around spritzing smelly stuffs…what fragrances are you lovin’ these days?


See you next week!


Tarte’s Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipsticks, Part I

Ask me to list one of my Top 5 Favorite Brands and I’ll always list Tarte. I’ve been in love with this brand since first swatch. Everything from the packaging of the products their lack of harmful ingredients makes me love ’em. Aaaand, unlike many “natural” brands, Tarte has a nice selection of brown girl friendly concealers, foundations and powders. Yes!!

If you pop into Sephora and stroll by the Tarte section, you’ll probably spot these beautiful babies. Look at them. Look at them, I say!

Forget the glitzy and shiny lipstick wands. I like these bamboo-inspired ones so much more. Aren’t they beautiful? Even more, the beautiful and colorful designs on each lipstick box and wand represent the color inside. Cute, right? Tarte has put Amazonian clay in a lot of their products and their inclusion in these lippies is to restores the lips’ natural moisture content with nourishing and hydrating properties. (source)

It’s hard to tell how large these wands are if you’re lookin’ at them online but in person, they are pretty long. So one would think that a larger wand means more product, right? Meh. Not really. You’ll get about the same amount of product in these as you would in a lipstick from MAC Cosmetics.

It doesn’t look that way at first but holding them eye-level will reveal that they’re about the same.

Tarte has given us 8 beautiful and complimentary shades for women of all complexions – which I can appreciate. They’ve got everything from nudes, berries, reds and a bright pink. Swatches of the first 4…

Foxy, Bold, Pure, Playful

Guess which one is my fave? Just guess.

Foxy, of course! Described as a deep pink, this is the brightest lipstick out of the bunch. I haven’t seen Tarte do a lippie this vibrant before and for this to be one of their firsts…they knocked it out of the park. The online swatches of this lipstick (well, all of them) doesn’t even do it justice. If you don’t get any other color, Foxy is the one you’ll want to get.

Bold is coral that I find severely unattractive on me. Then again, y’all know how I feel about corals anyway. Pure is a light rose that I found to be an ideal neutral shade for anyone. It freaked me out at first swatch but but it’s actually okay. And lastly is Playful is a purple rose.

This is my second favorite as I find it to be the most wearable. Foxy rocks but it isn’t exactly work-appropriate. Playful, on the other hand, is a great day to night lipstick.

-Extremely versatile shade selection.
-Long-lasting. In fact, the darker shades transform into a stain.
-Very nice and creamy formula. Achieving an opaque finish is super easy.
-Beautiful natural-inspired packaging. I like this more than my fancier lipstick wands.
-Like all Tarte products, these are free from parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and phthalates.
-Includes shea, mango and avocado butters.

-Smells a bit like clay. It actually doesn’t bother me but may annoy others.
-A bit pricey at $26 a pop.
-Not as moisturizing as I would have liked. But I have yet to find a lipstick that is, ya know?

Stay tuned for my review of the other 4 of these. If you just have to just get ONE, I’d say snag Foxy if you’re a gal who loves bright shades or Playful if you want something beautifully wearable. These are currently available at Sephora stores and at

Have you seen these in Sephora yet? How adorable is the packaging?

The Lipstick League: Weekly Links, Volume 59

Yay for another post from the The Lipstick League! We are a group of beauty bloggers, bound together by the desire to save the world with beauty, one post at a time!

Nouveau Cheap – Alice in Wonderland fans: have you seen the latest Limited Edition lip balm set from eos?

Pink Sith – reviews the new Le Metier de Beaute Nouvelle Vague Kaleidoscope Eye Kit. It has the blackest black shadow ever!

Prime Beauty – has heeded your call for more fashion posts with an awesome handbag find! Emilie M. has chic and stylish bags at affordable prices and I even have a discount code for you! You’re welcome.

Phyrra – Phyrra is ecstatic to share her exclusive interview with Too Faced Founder Jerrod Blandino!

we heart this – discovered a professional range of no-nonsense hair care products that smells fab, is independently produced, and sulfate and paraben free. Read our review to see why we think BANGSTYLE is creating bang on hair care!

Beauty Junkies Unite – Take a sneak peek at a few of the pieces from the upcoming NARS Andy Warhol Collection for holiday 2012!

Clumps of Mascara – is lovin’ these Julie G nail polishes. But why or why isn’t there a Rite Aid in Florida?

EauMG – Travel to Vienna with this sweet, yummy gourmand from The Scent of Departure.

Gouldylox ReviewsShop for a good cause and look lovely with Laura Mercier.

Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by Nouveau Cheap – I love reading beauty blogs from across the globe, and one of my favorites is Catanya’s Things. Catanya is from Spain, and this week she reviewed the new YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat, which seems to be on everyone’s radar right now.

Question of the Week:

Regardless of where you’re going,
what’s the first beauty product that goes in your
suitcase when you’re packing for a trip?


B says, “Hmmmm, definitely deodorant, baby. I can forget everything else but without this stuff, I’d be in quite a funk. Get it? Funk? Heheeee!”

What say you, chicas? What beauty product gets thrown in first when you’re packing for a trip?


See you next week!


EcoTools 5 piece brush set + giveaway!

I’m back with another quick review of one of my favorite brush brands everrrr….EcoTools! I’m still a bit upset at myself for shelling out a crap ton of money on those higher-end brushes back in my makeup newbie days. Someone should have knocked me on my head and told me about EcoTools.

But hey…you live and learn, right? And when you’re a beauty blogger, you try to help fellow beauty lovers not make the same expensive mistakes you did. Aaaaand that’s why I’ll always be bragging about EcoTools. Check out this Bamboo 5 piece brush set…

These are some itty bitty babies, uh? While ideal for everyday use, I think these may be a better fit for those wanting to test out EcoTools’ products or for travelin’ mamas who need brushes that get the job done.

Lé Specs…
-Durable handles of each brush is made from bamboo.
-Cosmetic case is from natural cotton and hemp.
-Brushes are 100% cruelty-free.
-The aluminum on the brushes are recycled aluminum ferrules.
-Affordable at only $9.99.

The cosmetic case is the perfect size. It fits comfortably in the hand which means it’s the perfect fit for purses, bookbags and carry-on luggage.

The brushes, despite their small handles, are actually really good at makeup application. I usually carry normal size brushes with me when I travel, but toting these along will definitely save space. And I just love the beautifully etched handles.

Quick intro of the kids…


Mineral Powder Brush

Ideal for applying powder or mineral foundation. Also works great with blush application. This brush, like all of them, is SUPER soft.


Concealer brush

Great for liquid or mineral powder concealer. It’s a pretty stiff brush so it’s also great for applying concealer to blemishes.


Eye Shading Brush

I’m not sure how great this is for eyeshadow application but I love it for blending and applying eyeshadow to the browbone.


Baby Kabuki

An itty bitty kabuki brush that helps buff powder. Don’t judge her small size – she fits nicely in the hand.


It’s another stellar EcoTools set that is not only available in drugstores and at Ulta but on EcoTools’ new e-store! But wait…if you feel like you’ve GOT to get it now, why not press your luck and try to win it?

One lucky Clumps of Mascara reader will score this 5 piece brush set. That includes my guy ‘n gals livin’ outside of the U.S. too. That’s right! It’s an International-friendly giveaway.


Enter your information in the Rafflecopter below. If the Rafflecopter does not load immediately, give it a few seconds. If you’re still having trouble entering your information, shoot me an email with the subject EcoTools 5 piece brush set giveaway. Otherwise…good luuuuuck!


[Winner has been selected. Congrats to Sejal K!!!] 

5 Goodies in my purse this Fashion Week!

Fashion Week is in full swing and for once I’m not pouting that I can’t attend. I think it has something to do with my being pregnant and knowing that I’d be an uncomfortable mess trekking about NYC trying to catch shows. Okay, I’m lying. I STILL really want to be there. Not so much to see any shows but to attend all of the events. I’m still pouting that I’m not there. So much so that I’m creating “What if I was at Fashion Week” scenarios. Play with me, will ya? Soooo, if I was at Fashion week this season, these are the beauty goodies that would be in my bag.


La Fresh Acetone-Free Nail Polish remover

Shufflin’ around the city, hoppin’ off of trains, snappin’ shots, blogging on the go and huggin’ fellow beauty bloggers is a tough job. The nails usually take a beating and I’m far too vain to walk around with chipped nails. A simple swipe of this pad will help remove polish from all 10 nails. And they’ll be fresh and ready to go when it’s time to apply a new coat of polish. Woot!

Korres Lip Butter Glaze

I likely wouldn’t apply this first thing in the morning (I’d go for something much brighter) but when lipstick starts smudging off, this Lip Butter is not only incredibly moisturizing but gives a fantastic pop of color.

A handkerchief

Because mama said a lady should always carry one. Plus, I sweat at the drop of a dime and subtly dapping my brow is far more attractive than sweeping my hand across my face. Know what I mean?

Johnson’s Baby Oil

Aside from using this as makeup remover, the popular oil is also great for quickly dapping on those super dry spots. Lotions usually don’t last long for me and my natural oils don’t come in portable sizes so I like to opt for this stuff. Just a dab on an eczema flare up and I’m good to go!

Phone charger

Obviously, right? These smartphone thingies aren’t all that smart because they just can’t stay charged up allllllll day. So unfair.

Business cards

You never know who you’re going to meet and being caught without your business card at Fashion Week is the ultimate business faux pas. Unless of course you’re a celebrity that everyone already knows… Yours truly ain’t exactly on that status yet.

Pretty short list for a beauty editor, uh? Less is more when it comes to attending fashion shows. Or anywhere for that matter. I have great longwear makeup products so I usually never have to re-up with mascara, powders and blush.


Okay – so let’s say you’re going to Fashion Week (and if you’re there, don’t tell me…I can’t take any more jealous twinges. ha!)…what’s the #1 beauty item you’d HAVE to have with you?


*This is a paid post but all opinions are my own.

Join me and Chevy for a Pregnancy Pick-Me-Up!

Soooo, guess who’s doing another awesome event with Chevy? I aaaaam! And I’m beyond excited about it because this event is specifically for preggo chicas like myself.

If you’ve been a Clumps of Mascara reader for awhile, you may have seen some of my Chevy posts. I’ve done a lot of Cruze-in’ with the brand. I explored Orlando with my fellow blogger friends, got a sugar rush during Valentine’s Day and  hosted a pizza crawl. Chevy knows how to have a good time so I’ll be partyin’ with them for as long as I can.

Do you know any pregnant mamas in or around the Orlando area? Tell ’em to join me next Wednesday for a fun Chevy-sponsored event. As the flyer says, spots are limited to if you or someone you know is interested, RSVP with the quickness. Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions.

Stay tuned for more update of this event. You know I’m takin’ pictures, right? 😎



The Lipstick League: Weekly Links, Volume 58

Gorgeous polishes from Essence!

Yay for another post from the The Lipstick League! We are a group of beauty bloggers, bound together by the desire to save the world with beauty, one post at a time!

Lipglossiping – offers a juicy insight into the latest Jo Malone fragrance launch: Blackberry & Bay. Cream scones and tea with that?

Nouveau CheapMy favorite makeup brush cleaner isn’t really a makeup brush cleaner at all (well, technically speaking).

Prime Beauty – loves what WEN Cleansing Conditioner does for her hair but not her wallet, so she’s found an affordable alternative in her latest Splurge vs. Steal!

Phyrra – is ready to battle again in Makeup Wars – Favorite Fall Nail Polish. See the best nail polish for Fall!

we heart this – has partnered with Sephora this week to bring you the colors of the season; Blackest Black, Nouveau Purple and Crimson Velvet. Check out these red lip picks for the prettiest pout around.

Beauty Junkies Unite – Get Amber’s official breakdown of the new READY Foundation SPF 20, a solid mineral foundation from bareMinerals!

Clumps of Mascara – has found the world’s most interesting eyeshadow quad. It’s quite reminiscent of alien aircraft!

Gouldylox Reviews – This lash curler actually fits the shape of my eye, perfectly. I didn’t know what I was missing by settling for my Shu.

Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by Lipglossiping – My favourite post of the week comes in the form of this little number from A Touch of Blusher who has me craving the new Paul & Joe collection like a reformed smoker at a Marlboro convention.

Question of the Week:

Who makes the best mascara?


B says, “Are you kidding me?! No way can I answer that question!”

Okay mascara lovers…who makes your favorite mascara?


See you next week!