The Lipstick League: Weekly Links, Volume 14


Yay for another post from the The Lipstick League! We are a group of beauty bloggers, bound together by the desire to save the world with beauty, one post at a time!

Phyrra – The Independent Spotlight for August is Silk Naturals! Learn all about Karen and her company, as well as enter the SN Giveaway.

Vampy Varnish – Check out the On The Prowl nail collection from Wet n Wild for Fall 2011!

we heart this – our inner goth is crying dark tears of joy over the MAC New Black collection, part of the MAC Me Over launch.

Clumps of Mascara – Knows that you pretty much HAVE to add this Sonia Kashuk brush to your collection.

EauMG – Victoria interviews natural perfumer, Amanda Feeley of Esscentual Alchemy Perfumes. Find out her inspiration and her favorite Old Hollywood icon.

Gouldylox Reviews – As if you needed a good reason to pick up the new Tarte SmolderEYES collection, here are three ideas that are as easy as they are beautiful!

Krasey Beauty – Sit back and enjoy, as we weave a tale of magic, mischief, and the Zoya Nail Polish Mirrors Collection.

Nouveau Cheap – doesn’t do purple lipsticks, but this one brought her to her knees (and made her open her wallet).

Pink Sith – reminds you to pick up those Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Collection lipsticks before they disappear when his new beauty line is released in the fall.

Prime Beauty – says the new NARS Larger Than Life lip glosses give a GIANT dose of shine in 8 fabulous colors!


Question of the Week:


What’s your favorite haircare line?


B says, “I don’t think I have one. I review several brands for Loc Rocker and I have yet to really have found a favorite. Plus, I cross-use. I like Peter Lamas’ shampoo, Jane Carter’s conditioner and homemade moisturizer. I so can’t choose.”

What about you? What fragrance would you like to sniff again?

See you next week!

~The Lipstick League


Techies unite! There’s a new charger in town…

I’m one of those techies that keep chargers everywhere. I have one in my purse. One in my car. Three around the house and one at my office. Nothing sucks more than being stuc with a dead phone or iPod. And I know you’ve been there, haven’t you? I know, darling, I know.

I have recently added a new charger to my life and I just had to share it with you.

RCA’s Portable 2 Amp USB Charger is fantastic for cell phones, eBooks and and tablets. While it can be ideal for traveling on the go, I really like to keep it around the house too.

No more fighting over a charger and a plug. With this kid, you can charge two devices at once.

When you’re ready to hit the road, toss it in your purse….

Sorry fellas. Or bookbags. This charger is a total techies must have. Oh! And you can grab it at Amazon for a smooth $20. Not baaaad.

Any other “I keep chargers everywhere” gals in the house?

Maybelline Twitter Party!

I totally love how this event is combining all of my loves. Mascara, Twitter and parties. *squeals* Are you going to be there? Please say you will! I mean, let’s face it….a party ain’t a party until you roll up in the place.

Maybelline is hosting this Twitter party in honor of Great Lash mascara’s 40th birthday. Can you believe that? Great Lash is 40? 40 and still fine, baby. The evening will also celebrate the launch of the Great Lash Limited Edition collection designed by Max Azria, Vivienne Tam and Tracy Reese available exclusively through Target. The three new mascaras will be available starting August 14th through and available in Target stores nationwide on August 21st.

Sounds groovy! Be sure to follow Maybelline on Twitter as well as ClumpsOfMascara. We’ll both be tweeting using the hashtag #GreatLash.

If you’re all like, “OMG, I hate Twitter. What’s the point? This is stupid…”, you may want to officially join Twitter or bring your account from the dead. This is one party that you don’t want to miss.

Don’t be a square, darling. See you there!

The Lipstick League: Weekly Links, Volume 13


Yay for another post from the The Lipstick League! We are a group of beauty bloggers, bound together by the desire to save the world with beauty, one post at a time!

Pink Sith – has swatches of two of the new NARS Night Series Nail Polishes. One conjures memories of a 1980’s rock song and the other, a 1980’s TV show. Find out which is which!

Phyrra – shares a new sensitive skin serum, Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit Seed Oil!

we heart this – finds out that Jo Malone candles are as fabulous as their fragrances. Especially these David Hicks designed ones!

Beauty Junkies Unite – What’s British, colorful, and sold exclusively at Sephora in the U.S.? Check out nails inc., which just launched Thursday!

Clumps of Mascara – is absolutely in love with purple lips. Think you could rock ‘em?

EauMG – reviews an indie perfume from Arcanathat smells like blackberry jam.

Lipglossiping – ditches her beloved black eyeliners for softer greys when she takes a closer look at Estee Lauder’s latest collection!

Nouveau Cheap – shows you the entire Wet n Wild On the Prowl Collection. For a Halloween nail polish collection, this one’s full of the unexpected!


Question of the Week:


What perfume can bring back memories

with just one sniff?


B says, “It’s not a perfume but I used to be in looooove with Bath & Body Work’s Pearberry . A sniff of that would bring back so many middle and high school memories. I practically bathed in that stuff back in the day.”

What about you? What fragrance would you like to sniff again?

See you next week!

~The Lipstick League


Giveaway winners! BIC Simply Soleil and tarte waterproof essentials bag

It took a while to finally track down the winners but we’ve finally gotten ahold of them. Congratulations to the following winners!


From the BIC Simply Soleil razors giveaway

Lauren in Virginia

From the tarte waterproof essentials bag giveaway

Gaëlle in Paris


Carol in Texas



Yay for our winners! Stay tuned for more giveaways from Clumps of Mascara

The Lipstick League: Weekly Links, Volume 12

Guess who planned/hosted their first baby shower last weekend? Ahhh!


Yay for another post from the The Lipstick League! We are a group of beauty bloggers, bound together by the desire to save the world with beauty, one post at a time!

Nouveau Cheap – A universally flattering blush that completely lives up to the hype? Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso is all that…and then some.

Pink Sith – Asks: Do you need another highlighter like you need a third appendage? Well she will show you a third appendage worthy highlighter in the Estee Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Gelee in Modern Mercury!

Phyrra – shows you the wonders of Neptune’s Grotto from Meow Cosmetics.

Prime Beauty – works some magic on her er…uh….’expression lines’ with the help of the Biobliss Patch!

Vampy Varnish – Checks out the pretty amazing Wet n Wild MegaLast Lipcolors and thinks you need some!

Beauty Junkies Unite – See why you need to add one of the new Urban Decay Baked Bronzers to your collection!

Clumps of Mascara – re-fell in love with Schick’s Intuition razor and is enjoying some summer reading. On the beach. You jealous yet?

EauMG – Victoria reviews a beautiful, new black raspberry and violet perfume from indie perfume house, Opus Oils. This perfume will have you feeling Dapper.

Lipglossiping – asks just how tempted do you get by a beautifully-packaged product?


Question of the Week:

If you could develop your dream product (à la MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions)
what would it be and what line would it be for?

B says, “I would love to develop a nail polish. I’m thinking of the perfect and harmonious combination of purple and pink with a bit of neon red glitter. I can see it in my head but need a chemist to help me make it come to life. 8) “

What about you? Would you want to develop your own beauty product?

See you next week!

~The Lipstick League