The Lipstick League: Weekly Links, Volume 37

Yay for another post from the The Lipstick League! We are a group of beauty bloggers, bound together by the desire to save the world with beauty, one post at a time!

we heart this – just sent their latest package to Beauty Board members. Take a look at what they’re excited about for spring, from L’Eau de Chloé to mascara with a flexible wand!

Beauty Junkies Unite – We tried out six shades of the new L’Oreal Infallible 24HR Eyeshadows, and couldn’t believe the long wear we got out of a shadow that isn’t a cream!

Clumps of Mascara – is head over heels in love with OPI’s Holland collection. Some of the polishes are just so so and others are just amazing!

EauMG – Inspired by a Gauguin art exhibit, Victoria shares which perfumes that she believes could fit in with these Polynesian paradises.

Gouldylox Reviews – You can mix this little miracle into everything. This huile is that good!

Lipglossiping – Gets on board with the latest beauty trend straight from London Fashion Week… Face Lace. Intricate stick-on designs for the visage!

Nouveau Cheap – If you haven’t heard, Payless Shoe Source sells cosmetics now. And guess what? There’s some awesomeness to be found in their newest collection.

Pink Sith – Loves her Barry M Dazzle Dust in Oyster Grey so much, she went a Absolutely Ape with Alliteration.

Prime Beauty – continues her series on “Brands You Need To Know About But Probably Don’t” with GlamNatural and their outstanding hydrating foundation.

Phyrra – Flirts with the Make Up For Ever La Bohème Rouge Artist Natural lipsticks, which are perfect for spring.

Vampy Varnish – Loves the new NYX Roll On Shimmers and they come in 16 shades!

Question of the Week:

If you weren’t blogging about beauty,
what would you be blogging about

B says, “Photography, fitness/health and inspiration. Outside of beauty, those of some of my other passions.” 

What say you, fellow bloggers?

See you next week!

~The Lipstick League

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Get Perfect Nails with Q-tips and win $50 to Sephora!

That’s riiiiight! Time for another Q-Tips giveaway! I’ve already shown you how to angle your eyeshadow and assist  in a pimple’s demise all using a Q-tip. This tip is allll about cleaning up manicures.

For my nail polish lovers out there who are still struggling with getting perfect application, using Q-tips Precision Tips are GREAT at helping you clean up mistakes. Because the tip has a nice little point, dipping it in nail polish remover and sweeping it along the edges of the nails instantly cleans up nail polish that landed on your cuticles and beyond.

Easy as pie, y’all! Thanks to Q-tips, I am giving away more gift cards. Yaaaaay!! Two lucky Clumps of Mascara readers will each score ONE $50 gift card. Answer the mandatory question in the Rafflecopter (you must submit a comment to do this) and increase your chances of winning by doing the other tasks.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you run into problems using the Rafflecopter don’t hesitate to email me at Brittany@ClumpsOfMascara. Good luuuuuck!


This is a sponsored post. Q-tips® product was  provided by Unilever, the makers of Q-tips®; my tips and usage suggestions are my own.

The Lipstick League: Weekly Links, Volume 36

Yay for another post from the The Lipstick League! We are a group of beauty bloggers, bound together by the desire to save the world with beauty, one post at a time!

Vampy Varnish – checks out the newest MAC collection for spring called Vera

we heart this – checks out Covergirl Natureluxe gloss balm and shares 4 easy tips for retro lovers to lighten up their look for spring.

Beauty Junkies Unite – The eyes really have it with this new collection from bareMinerals, Frill Seeker!

Clumps of Mascara – made a list of 7 Things Beauty Bloggers Should Never Do. Think she was dead on?

Gouldylox Reviews – I care. This is why I am asking, no begging you, not to do this

Krasey Beauty – shows you the bright beauty look (and outfit!) that she wore to her friend’s bridal shower.

Lipglossiping – wonders how to make our fellas smell as good as they look and shares her husband’s favourite scents.

Nouveau Cheap – Are you a fan of colorful, sparkly shadows? If so, then you’ll definitely want to check out the new Coloricon eyeshadow singles from Wet n Wild.

Pink Sith – swoons over the Spring 2012 Chanel eyeshadow quad in Ecolosion, where being subtle is not necessary.

Phyrra – cures her lemming for the Urban Decay Naked 2 collection. See how!

Question of the Week:

What’s currently at the top of your beauty lemming list?


B says, “I want the China Glaze Hunger Games nail polish collection sooooo badly. 


What about you? Got your eyes on any beauty products?

See you next week!

~The Lipstick League

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Kickin’ rocks to Google Friend Connect

Welllll, Google has decided to get rid of Google Friend Connect for bloggers who DON’T use Blogger. Since I proudly ride the WordPress train, that means my GFC widget will disappear soon. If you are following Clumps that way I soooo don’t want to loose you. The good news is, you can follow me other places on the web.

  • Facebook – The Clumps Facebook page just reached 4,000 LIKES! Woot!
  • Twitter – Follow my ramblings about beauty and other random bits.
  • Pinterest – It’s my newest obsession. I’ve got the boards to prove it.
  • YouTube – I’m back to making videos!

I think that about covers it. A boring post for a Friday, I know but yours truly has been feeling mightyyyyy lazy. 8)

Have a great weekend!


7 Things Beauty Bloggers Should Never Do

Who knew so many of y’all would find such great use out of the 10 Tips for Aspiring Bloggers post? I don’t claim to be some kind of professional when it comes to blogging but I’m glad that my post brought about so many “OMG, that was helpful.”-type comments. Fellow blogger gals and I were griping on Twitter not too long ago about some of the annoyances we’ve seen in the blogosphere. I know, I know. Sounds so whiny, doesn’t it? The fact is, a lot of bloggers may not know the rules of the game when they are first getting started. Granted there isn’t an official “Beauty Blogging Bible”. The fact is, we’ve all made mistakes. This post is to help give some insight on what may not be so good to do if you’re a beauty blogger. Of course, use your judgement and feel free to correct me if you think I’m wrong about something.

1. Fail to cite sources.

This is the worst thing any blogger, journalist, writer, college student, hell, ANYONE can do. Failing to cite where you received your information or photos is such a no no. It’s stealing. Period. If you grab a thought that didn’t come from your own dome, cite where you received that information. It’s just the nice thing to do. Besides, if the blogosphere finds out that you’re notorious for taking content and photos without citing them, no one will want to work with you. You’ll be considered an e-thief. And nobody likes thieves. Noooooobody.

2. Completely bash a brand.

This one is relative. Some beauty bloggers only feature products that they like. Others feature products they did and DID NOT like. The choice is yours but remember this….your completely bashing a product may omit you from future opportunities. I am soooooo not of fan of Revlon’s mascaras. In my opinion, most of them suck. However, I actually really like their new lip butters and nail polishes. If I totally wrote off Revlon as a brand, I may do myself a complete disservice if they had intentions on working with me somewhere down the line. Of course, it’s your blog and you can do whatever you’d like but if you plan to be in the beauty blogosphere for quite some time, it’s best not to publicly bash a brand.

3. Leave your blog link in another blog’s comment section.

Whenever I see this, it makes me want to scream. A blog’s comment section is for engagement. Not for you to spam your blog’s website. Many bloggers consider it rude and oftentimes they will delete those comments. I get it. You have a blog and you’d like the person whose blog you’re commenting on that to visit your blog. A better option would be to send them an email introducing yourself. Because I love showing love to other bloggers, I installed the CommentLuv plugin (WordPress) on Clumps. That way, commenters can display their blogs in the comment section in a discrete manner.

4. Assume that by becoming a beauty blogger, you will get free products.

So you’ve started a blog and now you want free products to review. Newsflash: It won’t happen overnight. If at all. Becoming a beauty blogger is not a guarantee that you’ll get products. Starting a blog for the sake of getting free products can be considered….lame. And PR folx pick up on that quicker than you may think. Your best bet is to blog, blog and keep blogging. Get your Google page rank up. Increase your blog traffic, Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Give PR folx a reason to want to work with you. They will come to you. Trust me on this.

5. Solely post press releases.

Aside from being insanely boring, a blog that only posts press releases isn’t really a blog. It’s a beauty news source and there is no creativity behind it. Oh, MAC has a new collection? Okay cool. Laura Mercier’s primer comes in a larger size? Great. Copying and pasting a press release or article time and time again will not engage your readers.

6. Assume that if you don’t live in New York City, you won’t be a successful blogger.

This couldn’t be more false. I don’t care if you live in East Idaho or Northern Wyoming, you CAN be a successful and influential blogger. And that goes for any blogger. Yes, NYC is considered a beauty mecca but don’t let not being there discourage you. Trust me – it sucks to miss out on the opportunities that seem to prevalent in NYC but look around you. Why can’t you launch events in your own city? Next month a good 15 beauty bloggers and I will be getting together for a networking event and swap meet. And I live in Orlando. Home of Mickey Mouse and tourism. Put some feelers out there. If you are passionate about blogging and beauty, chances are you can find a few others who are too. And no shade to my NYC bloggers but being a beauty blogger who is not in NYC kinda makes you stand out a bit, ya know? 😉

7. Consider other bloggers your competition.

There is no race. Blogging is not a spectator sport in which the person who has the most comments, likes, visits, subscribers and fans wins. Some bloggers interact more on Twitter than they do on their blogs. Others get hundreds of comments per posts while others have thousands of newsletter subscribers. Don’t beat yourself up trying to figure out how to be “better” than another blogger. Can you be inspired by them? Absolutely. But whatever you do – don’t waste your creative brain power but trying to find out how to be “better”. Be you. That’s the one thing that you can do flawlessly. And before you get to thinking “OMG, she’s got 40,000 Twitter followers. She must be really cool.” consider this – there are programs out there in which you can BUY followers, subscribers and likes. I don’t use them because I find them to be inorganic and I’m not insinuating that every blogger with a ton of numbers uses them, but…I’m sure some do.

What do you think? Am I off on some of these things? Got any to add to the list? Let me know!


*Special thanks to the bloggers that helped with the development of this post!


The Lipstick League: Weekly Links, Volume 35

This week in photos

Yay for another post from the The Lipstick League! We are a group of beauty bloggers, bound together by the desire to save the world with beauty, one post at a time!

Phyrra – rocks out with Make Up For Ever’s Rock For Ever Palette.

Vampy Varnish – not only do you need to read the series but you also need to check out the new China Glaze Colours From The Capitol collection inspired by The Hunger Games.

we heart this – Hey LA, if love animals, and want to score a gift bag worth $250 (filled with the likes of MUFE, Benefit, BPAL, Urban Decay, Murad and more) then you simply MUST join us this Sunday at the raffle we organized for the Amanda Foundation!

Clumps of Mascara – has found a hot pink lipstick that is rocking her world.

Gouldylox Reviews – I love a good DIY project. Check out the great looks you can get from a headband worn “80’s Physical-style” and a tube sock.

Krasey Beauty – tests out the WEN by Chaz Dean haircare line. Find out if it made her hair silky silky smooth!

Nouveau Cheap – The new Almay Intense I-Color Shadow Sticks promise all day, crease-proof wear. But do they deliver? Come see!

Prime Beauty – is calling all Drama Queens! You SIMPLY HAVE to try the Three Custom Color Daytime Drama Palette–I DIE! But seriously, you WILL perish if you don’t at least see the pics.

Question of the Week:

What’s the one haircare tool you never travel without?

B says, “I’m a loc rocker, baby! That means I don’t use any tools on my hair. I haven’t even used a comb in like…5 years.”

What about you? Got any hair tools that you can’t travel without?

See you next week!

~The Lipstick League

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TMI Tuesday: Raising vegetarian children.

So I’ve been getting a lot of TMI Tuesday suggestions that involve something I have zero experience in. Raising kids. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I know how to change a diaper, hold a newborn correctly and can entertain toddlers into sugar-free naps. And while Clumps will never morph into a Mommy blog when I do have kids, I still love featuring Mommy-baby  topics because there are so mommies out there.

Plus, the more I learn from your mommies, the less of a screw up parent I will be. 😀

Okay, no. I’m kidding. My kids will be freaking awesome having a beauty bloggin’ rockstar as a Mom and a musical computer geek as their Dad. But this post isn’t about my uterus and its production of bebes. This post is about a penny pinchin’ Mommy (and also one of my BFFs!) and her mission to provide her 13 month old daughter and 3-year old son with nourishing food.

Gaetane recently launched her blog Seeds of Mommy Soul. Show her some love and tell her B sent you!


On Tuesday, I finally decided to buy a few grocery items for the kids. I simply do not like grocery shopping, especially with my two handfuls of children. Now that my daughter is mobile, she has a major issue with anyone trying to hold her hand in public. Little did they know, I had a plan AND I was sticking to it.

I buckled them into the double shopping cart of Target (which I love by the way) and after 1.5 hours we accomplished our mission. Being that we are a vegetarian-based household, we are limited (surprisingly, huh?) on organic vegetarian foods. Don’t get me wrong, I do have my cravings for fatty foods like Burger King fries but we limit on what we buy in our household. Our children have a right to a healthy lifestyle. The kids are only accustomed to eating a very wide range of hearty vegetarian dishes and because they are kids, they are now asking for sweets and snacks. My son verbalizes and my daughter always simply wants what her older brother is having.

Addaeyomi and Anaiziya’s top 5 snacks:

*Archer Farm’s blue corn tortilla chips and salsa dip
*Earth’s Best baby food
*Simply Lemonade
*Honest Kids juice packs
*Archer Farms Strawberry fruit strips

You may have noticed the picture of the Ackee. Well, it was on sale and I simply love Ackee.

All these items were on sale and/or I used coupons for greater savings. Even if they were not on sale I would still purchase these items because my children love them. I do believe children should be children and enjoy eating snacks. On the other hand, I do not believe we should drown our children in unhealthy eating habits that will affect them in the future.

We as parents, care givers, aunts, uncles, and even friends should make sure that we educate our children on healthy eating habits. We cannot expect our children to eat healthy if we are not reflecting that as well. So next time you go grocery shopping, and your children are screaming at the top of their lungs for candy, look to the fruit strips as an alternate. It’s just as flavorful and is better for them.

Check out more of Gaetane’s parenting musings over at her blog Seeds of Mommy Soul. And if any of your mommies (or daddies) out there would like to submit hilarious stories, adorable pictures or shocking parenting revelations to Clumps, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at

What are your thoughts on raising vegetarian or vegan kiddies?