The Makeup Show-Day 1 (mobile post)

Okay fam…keep in mind that I will do complete coverage of The Makeup Show NYC when I make it back to Florida. These are just teaser posts. If you have questions about anything in particular don’t hesitate to email me at Responding to posts via mobile is crazy hard!!

If you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably seen some of these photos already.

Oh! Whoever guessed that the polish I am wearing in the previous NYC post was from OPI’s South Beach collection and called Done Out in Deco was absolutely right!

First up!

I absolutely love the idea of Mommy Makeup! Until I do a formal review of these products, you should check out their site at

What in the powdery colorful goodness are these? Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics pigments! You know you want one…. And yes! I got not one but TWO of their lip tars. Can’t wait to review them.

Crown brushes!! Amazing quality—insane price. No really….insane. As in good, I mean. Be on the look-out for a giveaway!

Blogger girls in the house! Yummy411 and Her Royal Poshness (who was visiting the states for her first time ever—-and alone!) and I took a few minutes to get cute for the cam!

It’s YouTube make-up guru Koren and Oscar-award winning make-up artist Eve Pearl! Both are extremely down to Earth. And yes I was begging Koren to jump on Twitter. Did you know he has launched a website? Hotness!!

Whoa whoa….beautiful shades from Make Up For Ever. Sooo pigmented!

Tis it for now, friends. You can get more coverage of The Makeup Show NYC from me if you follow me on Twitter (@ClumpsOfMascara)

Anything you want me to check out? Let me know!!

Stay beautiful!


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NYC Mobile Post

Hey family!

I’m just shootin’ you some quick photos of my time so far here in NYC. I so wish I could spead all of my photos out instead of ALL of them ending up at the top.

Ah well…

All pictures were taken with my Blackberry so if they look a little fuzzy….that’s why!

First photo is of New York City, of course! I was hangin’ out at a cafe off of 42nd and Lexington. Or something like that. Ha!

Next up is a darling little flower ring that I got from a wholesale shop for only $3. Actually…..I got A LOT of little goodies for only $2-$3. Blame those purchases on Miss. Yaya from I’ll Be My Own Judge; fellow beauty/fashion blogger.

My hair is LOVING Carol’s Daughter’s Hair Milk. I will do a formal review on this one but I just wanted to share with my family how much I love it. I am also supporting a mani I got done at Avanti Spa with Adina from Nail polish fans…can you guess the color? Hint: it is a OPI color. And you thought it was Zoya’s Malia, uh?

Can you believe I only brought TWO palettes with me on this trip. What can I say? The NARS Bridal palette and Urban Decay (omg, what is it called again?) palette have everything I need! And as far as that Dove deodorant. Wow!! Stay tuned for a review and giveaway of that baby!

….and then of course, it’s me throwing up the deuces. Why do people do that? And why do you feel like you have to wear shades when you do it? Lol…craziness!

Today I will be at Saks off of 5th Avenue swooning over the work of celebrity make-up artist Pat McGrath. Right after is the Blogger Preview at The Makeup Show. And after that? Who knows? Sushi? Thai? Shopping? I’m up for anything!

I hope that you all are having a great weekend!!

Special love to my girl Tamar is has been holding down Clumps beautifully!

Stay beautiful,


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Clumps goes to New York!

Or back to New York, I should say. All posts from here on out will come from the handy dandy Blackberry. I plan to share my entire experience while in New York and at The Makeup Show NYC with Clumps of Mascara readers. Don’t mind the randomness that the blog will take from now until next Wednesday. It won’t be routine, but it will be fun!

-The Makeup Show NYC contest winners have been contacted. Are you one? Check your email and email me back ASAP.

-Are you going to be in the NYC area around the same time that I will be? Heyyyy! Let’s meet up!

-Keep the emails a coming! My responses may be a little delayed but I will respond!

-A guest post or two may pop up. Don’t be alarmed. She’s great!

… I go, family.

Stay beautiful!

The Makeup Show NYC: Free tickets!

That’s right! You read the title correctly. I am giving away not one but TWO tickets for either day of the The Makeup Show NYC. Before you get crazy excited, here are the deets.

  • The Makeup Show NYC is on Sunday, May 17th and Monday, May 18th.
  • Each winner may bring one guest each (WOW!)
  • The Makeup Show NYC will be in New York City (duh) at the Metropolitian Pavilion.
  • I will be there!
  • …..and so will many other fabulous make-up artists, bloggers and brands.
  • Contest ends on Monday, May 11th at 12:00 a.m.
  • A winner will be selected at random.
  • Winners MUST email me directly.

All you have to do to win is….leave a comment in this post with your email address. If you prefer to email me you can do so at No need to submit a sob story….but I would love if those who can actually ATTEND this event be the ones that submit their information.

C’mon yall…if you know you can’t make it (ahem, Motherrrr…) give someone else a chance.

If you DON’T win…you can still purchase tickets to The Makeup Show NYC here.

Ticket information

Advance Tickets
One Day Ticket $45
Two Day Ticket $70

At the Door – If Available
One Day Ticket $65 – Tax is not included
Two Day Ticket $85 – Tax is not included

Good luck!! And happy Friday to all!

Beauty Event: Johnson’s Body Care Cause Party

It’s Saturday!

…..and very rarely do I post on Saturdays but I just had to let y’all know of an amazing event coming up. Johnson’s has asked me to host a Johnson’s Body Care Cause party!

I am thrilled! On Sunday, April 26 around 3 p.m. a few of my girlfriends (and some fellas too) will come together to marvel over Johnson & Johnson goody bags, play a few games of Taboo and just enjoy each other’s company. The real purpose of the party is support a charity here in Orlando, Dress for Success. This was the charity that I selected and I am honored to be able to give to an organization that helps disadvantaged women.

Singer, Ashanti, has also gotten in on the Cause party fun! A few weeks ago, I was able to chit-chat with her on a phone conference with other beauty bloggers and pretty much found myself wanting to be Ashanti’s BFF. She is so down to earth! She too hosted a Cause party and gave us fellow hostesses some tidbits. One which included inviting sexy men over to give massages to the ladies! Okay honestly… can you not love her?

Ashanti told us her favorite Johnson’s products which include the Johnson’s 24 Hour Lotion and Wash and Baby Oil gel with Shea & Cocoa Butter.

Ohmigoodness, you all have not lived until you have tried these products!! The Body Wash alone is such a spa-like treatment. You NEED them in your life.

I will definitely be taking pictures of the party. How exciting is this! I love being able to incorporate two of my passions…beauty and helping others.

Now that’s pretty!! Have a wonderful weekend, fam!

Update and Barbie loves Stila, part II

Greetings my loves!

I am back in Florida–but not “home”. All of the posts this week were actually scheduled. I am currently in North Florida on business. I can’t express to you all how wonderful actually being in D.C. for the Presidential inauguration was. Just amazing!! I mean…just check out one of my views:

Of course I will share additional pictures and details next week when things aren’t so loco around these parts.

I also popped my head in to let you all know that the Barbie Loves Stila cans are finally in!!!

Remember this post? And remember the confusion? They are now available so get yours before it is too late!

I may not have responded/replied…but I have read every comment from this past week’s postings. And fellow bloggers—I’ve read you all’s posts as well.

Stay beautiful, family!

Beauty + Fitness: Wii Fit called me fat!

I have a confession.

I’m pretty obsessed with fitness. I think about it all the time. I am consciously always counting calories. And I have finally gotten to the point where I actually enjoy waking up in the morning to run my miles.

But nothing, I mean nothing beats my Wii Fit.

I got it for Christmas and can’t stop playing it.

The Wii Fit and I were good friends until it called me “overweight” *gasp* Imagine my horror! Apparently the Wii Fit didn’t know that I had already gone from 201 lbs to a little less than 180 lbs in the past 6 months. And surely the Fit didn’t know that my dangerously high blood pressure around 150 was dropped and stabalized to the normal 125-130 range. Yikes.

No worries. I continue to jump out of bed to run every morning and jump on the white board every night.

Fitness is beauty, family. Doesn’t matter how beautiful your gloss is. Or how “fab” your new boots are. High blood pressure doesn’t know that you massage your cuticles every night. Diabetes could care less if you spent $19 on that Make Up For Ever 92 eye shadow color (hehe). None of that matters.

THIS JUST IN: MUFE 92 can prevent anxiety/stress. Swatch it on your fingertip and see what I’m talkin’ about

We have to start taking better care of our bodies…not just on the outside, but on the inside, as well.

What do you think? Would you like to see more health related/weight loss posts on Clumps of Mascara? Do you think that health is relative to beauty or not so much?

I would love to know your thoughts. I also have a poll on the left hand side of the page. Vote por favor!

Stay beautiful but more importantly, stay healthy,

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Road triiiiiip

Hey chicas! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! Still shocked that I’m 23!

I’m back from my 2-day road trip. Of course I went to Orlando and hit up the MAC Pro store where I chatted it up with my new favorite artists who were happy to see me. I didn’t buy anything (THAT’S THE FIRST!!!!!) but it was good to see some familiar faces. I went to Universal City Walk, saw some friends and saw Juno. Please go see this movie. That and The Great Debaters. And August Rush. Amaziiiing films.

Then I headed to Tampa Bay!!! My college home! Had so many memories in this city and was happy to be back. I went to my storage spot to go grab some things and got all sentimental.

*Yums, see the shine?*

My life in a storage room. Gotta love it. I need a home! And then I went around visiting my friends and got into this HUGE debate about Black women wearing red lipsticks. My girls were NAY and I was YAY. Many said that because their lips were already big, wearing red would make them look like a clown.

Now tell me… I look like a clown?


Seriously…women of color are still victims of what beauty should look like. While a crap-load of people plump their lips and go around lookin’ a mess, we hate our beautiful naturally plump lips because back in the day we were hated on because of them. What a mess.

But I digress. Then my girls and I went to my favorite Thai restaurant. Aren’t they fab?

The Fashionista, the Public Relations chic, the law student and the International Humanitarian. I have great lady friends!

And then before I went and got my brows threaded. I seriously think that Indian women truly understand the art of thick natural brows with an arch.

I swear, I won’t let anyone else touch my brows. Only my Indian ladies and Sam Fine. That’s it!! But I just can’t get my left brow to look like the right. Dang, that bothers me! The right is just wonderful and the right is trying so hard to keep up.

More productive posts soon to come. I’m out living my last few days in Florida because I fly back to my poor volunteering life in Cali and I’m SO not looking forward to it. :( Yall bloggers have been updating like crazy. I can’t keep uuuuup!

Peace and India.