Twinks oh Twinks

So I played around with Twinks eyeshadow and I love love love it! MAC Cosmetics defines Twinks as a “dirty plum with gold reflects” and it is simply fab. In fact….I’m diggin’ my neutral/highlight collection.

Anyone have any ideas? I can’t, I just can’t leave those empty spaces like that. Grr…

Okay, so I digress. Here’s my FOTD with Twinks and New York Apple lipstick. I think that this lip color is a bit much for everyday but it is fun every now and then.

I really like Twinks. And as you can see….I can’t let go of that Ochre Style either. That paired with Twinks is heaven. And of course, I always do Vanilla pigment as a highlight. And….I’m still trying my hardest to do flattering pictures of my lips, but I caaaaan’t. It’s such a struggle for me. LOL! Mannn….and I really need to keep working on my liner because the line is so thick. I’m wonderin’ if I will ever master Fluidlines and the 266? Hmmmm…

So that’s that. Seriously…Twinks is a must have but I think I say that about a lot, uh? Ohhhh….and before, I forget, I think that I may do a lipstick post. I know a lot of you are saying that you can’t get down with the lipsticks and I feel your sentiments. I didn’t purchase my first lipstick until last year! I thought I was always going to be a lipgloss girl, but I am slowly gotten into lipsticks. Soooo, stay tuned for a Lipstick for Newbies post. I’ll have swatches, techniques, alternatives and if there is something you want to see, please send me an email or comment!!

Peace and have a fab weekend!

MAC Lip Conditioner Review

Hi mijas.

I have a review for you…..MAC’s Lip Conditioner.

I know, I know. It’s not a new product, but when you are a newbie you aren’t always on time when it comes to discovering products. Ain’t no shame in my game.

Overall Rating: 5
Packing: 4
Price: 2
Would you purchase this product again?: Yeeeep!

Now, I’m gonna keep it real. $12 is a lot of money for a lipstick, chapstick, lip gloss….whatever. I come from a ’hood where we got Bon-Bon lip gloss at Wal-Mart for $.88. And if we had a little more change, we may have shelled out another dollar for the glittery lip gloss at the hair store. And that was only a few years ago. So my step into MAC Cosmetics where everything is $10 and up was a bit of struggle on my wallet and sanity. However, I have to jump on the bandwagon of the lip conditioner.

It kinda really is good stuff. Lately my lips have been super dry. Drier than usual since I’m tryna be a grown woman and wear lipstick everyday. MAC’s lip sticks and lip glasses are so drying. It really makes no sense and I was seriously about to boycott them until I discovered this stuff. I put it on after I exfoliate my lips at night (lightly with my toothbrush or my facial scrub), in the morning after washing my face and throughout the day when my lips need some extra moisture. It has a nice pina colada smell but don’t it seep in your mouth. You’ll be gagging for days. However, the consistency is great…feels like satin. Newbies, this is one splurge that is worth it. MAC’s Lip Conditioner seemed to do the trick and now I can happily rock my lipsticks. Speaking of lipsticks….

Dig the newest color to the collection thanks to B2M (please tell me you knew that bringing in 6 empty MAC containers can get you a new lipstick or eye shadow, giiiiiirl!)

New York Apple

MAC defines this color as a muted red with pinky-red shimmer. And again, I am NW45. I’ll feature some looks with this color. And remember newbies, you can change the color of any lipstick or lipgloss by pairing it with a lip liner. I’ve been eyeing this one for awhile and glad that I finally got it. And it feels divine with my lip conditioner. I also copped Twinks….another brown-girl friendly color. I’ll provide ya with some swatches and looks with that one. It is such a nice neutral crease and lid color. Stay tuned for that.

Peace and love.

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Lining Larger Lips

I love my lips. I really do. But seriously….you really give a girl some issues when it comes to lining. The lack of definition is soooo frustrating. It is hard to achieve the perfect pout with larger lips. You want to make sure that your liner and lip colors compliment your lips and not make them look too crazy. So I attempted to a do a video that would help my girl and other ladies with beautifully full lips.


Squeeze It Lipglass

Greetings lovelies!

I decided to dedicate an entire post full of pictures and review to MAC’s Squeeze It Lipglass from the Fafi collection. A lot of folx have been saying they like it and passed on it when they initially checked out the Fafi goodies.

MAC describes Squeeze It (frost) as a Brassy Plum. But don’t go lookin’ at this color online because MAC’s uploads certainly does not do it much justice. I think it is a beautiful color for us brown skinned ladies and really for ALL ladies. I have the hardest time taking pictures of my lips because I feel like they are so big and look unflattering. But whatev. I love my full lips, I just don’t know how to do that sexy pout. LOL, so don’t laugh at me.

Here are my lips with MAC’s Chestnut lip liner. I also used Milani’s Cocomo.

Viloa. Squeeze It is ultra glossy and appears to be full of glitter but for an anti-glitter queen like myself, it isn’t too bad. Now for bigger pics to see the whole face. Which is make-up less and a mess, by the way. My skin is smooth but when I’m not battling pimples, I’m trying to get rid of the scarring previous pimples have left. This adult acne crap is crampin’ my style, yo. But then again, I could be exaggerating…AGAIN!

So there is Squeeze It. A color that I really like but I know a drugstore dupe like it exists. Any other Fafi colors that I should take a look at that are brown skinned friendly? Drop ya recs and help a newbie out.

Peace & have a fab weekend!


Hi loves….I’ve been a bit ghost on the blogging tip. I’ve moved back to Florida, I don’t start my new job until next Monday, my apartment place fell through so I’m looking for something else and I am slowly getting over the flu. I’ve tried to stop by everyone’s blog homes and leave some love. I’m still working on my purpose and defined role of Clumps of Mascara. I want this blog to benefit newbies and professional make-up artists alike. Which I am finding hard to do because it takes a ton of time and dedication. Working full time and preppin’ up for graduate school leaves me with very little time. I wish I could beauty blog my life away…..bein’ the first to post new collections, doing reviews on new products….but I don’t think I’ll be able to ever do that with the way my life works. But I’ll do my best. Especially for my newbies, because this blog is designed for you, for us…

So there’s that….a few explanations for the downtime. I checked out Fafi today and was a bit unimpressed…but thanks to the swatches of some of my blog sistas, I already knew what I was going to get and surprisingly got just those things.

I copped Fafi Eyes 1

….and Squeeze It Lipglass.

Here are some more swatches of Fafi Eyes 1 and the look that I’m not too big on. The colors seem a bit frosty and chalky, so I may have to play around with other bases and/or Mixing Medium to get a better look. Yall let me know what you think.

I don’t knowwwww…..super duper chalky to me but I’m going to play around with it some more. I think I may go back to get some Paint Pots and a lippie or two. We shall seeeee. What did yall think about Fafi? Was it worth the hype?

Peace & blush.

Beauty Review: Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint Herbal Shampoo

It has been a crazy week for me so I haven’t had the time to do much updating with me packing to move to Florida so I figured I’d do a quick review on a hair product that I used recently. This is Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint Herbal Shampoo with Sea Moss. This is the first shampoo I have used in my hair is very long time. I am a no-pooer and don’t shampoo my hair so I was a bit hesitate with what this product would do for me. But I am a natural-lite and since the products were all natural and lacking sulfates, I figured I would give it a shot.

The smell is niiiice and was very pleasing to me since I’m a big fan of Rosemary the essential oil and the spice. When we think of shampoos, we often think of getting nice lathers but this product didn’t do so and that was okay with me since lather often=sulfates. I massaged my scalp and gave my hair a good cleanse. I let it sit on my hair a bit to find that it was actually bringing out my natural curly cues.

Those little curly cues always disappear when my hair dries. After rinsed out the shampoo I was a bit saddened at how limp my hair felt. It was hard and unmanageable. Ugh, what happened?

So I don’t know about this one, ladies. This product didn’t make me want to convert to using shampoos again. So I’m sticking with the ACV rinses and conditioners. I’ve heard that ACV rinses work well for all hair types so click here to try the recipe for yourself. It does wonders!!

Oh….and Happy Black History Month. In fact here’s a fact:

In 1871, Jefferson Long of Georgia became the first Black to make an
official speech in the House of Representatives. He opposed leniency to former Confederates.

You can find more facts by the link to the right of the this post…Black Facts online.

Peace and Fists up and a fabulous weekend to all!

My Nappy Hair!

Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair
*very long post about hair. make-up talk will resume soon*

Finally the requested hair post. Yaaaaay!!

More than make-up, I love my natural hair. I didn’t love my hair this much when I had a perm. Before I went natural, I felt like every other Black sista. Goin’ to the salon to get a touch-up, wraps, hours under the dryer, split-end frustrations! But I just adore my hair now. When my skin gets to breakin’ out, my knees start crackin’, and I get plagued with the flu from my kids, my hair still stands strong. She’s a soldier.

I transitioned from permed hair to natural through micros (bad idea!) for 4 months. On April 23, 2005 I was offically natural. I cut off my own hair with scissors in my dorm room and haven’t looked back to the lye since.

Here are some resources:

My YouTube Hair Vid-Pelo Negro (my #1 Site ever)-
Noooow, onto the pictures. I usually only wear my hair in 3 ways:




…..sometimes I’ll bust a scarf, fro-hawk, The Frederick Douglass, the afro puff or a funky hat. But those are rare since I’m teaching now and don’t have time to be all eccentric and strange. Miss those days. Here are some pics of those funky do’s.


[F.DOUGLASS—funny, I know, but I love it. It’s funky!]




Here are the products I’m hip to these days.

I’m not a die hard Carol’s Daugher fan. I mean, I do think the products are fab but since my Mom is an herbalist she can make similar items and for free. CD is a bit on the ‘spensive side. But since I’m not living near home, I’ve had to buy products. I will never ever ever put shampoo in my hair. The devil, I tell you. If I feel like my hair needs a good cleanse, I do an ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse or whatev Moms can make for me.

“Can’t live without” products are:
Olive Oil
Rosemary/Jojoba blend
Aloe Vera
VO5 Conditioners

But here’s the sad truth…..I don’t spend much time doing my hair. I can go up to 2 months without washing or combing it. The only thing that takes time is the 2-strand twists. 4-6 hours. But those hours can last me for 2 months. It’s a dream.

Now color is a whoooole ‘notha story. I’ve done honey brown, orange/red, blond streak (ha, don’t ask), jet black and everything in between. I’ve never had a weave or worn a wig and probably never will….just not me. I’ve done extensions and usually give my hair a break with 2-strand extentions once a year. But micro=death. Straightening with heat has only happened once. Never again. I’ll probably loc this year since I love the low-maintenance fabulouslness of them.

I mean, really….that’s it!! Any questions about the naps, just ask!!

BB, NARS & Ochre Style

My internet service is the pits and this is the first time I’ve been able to access it since Friday so I guess I better update quickly before my connection suddenly disappears!

Most of you know that my ventures into foundations weren’t so hot. MAC’s StudioFix and StudioTech killed my face. Literally. Scroll the blog. I’ve got pictures to prove it. I stopped using those products but I still wanted some kind of coverage. Especially since I had post pimple marks on my face (lemme tell you….cocoa butter is amazing. It seriously lightens dark spots like that *snaps*) Bobbi Brown’s Tinted Moisturizer is simply fab! This is my first attempt with tinted moisturizers. Because my skin is naturally dry, I love how this product gives me some added moisture and a light coverage. It’s great for the winter months. I stiple it on my hand and then on my face and blend all over. It goes on beautifully and I don’t get that make-upy” look that I dread. When applied with the 187 brush, it is a dreeeam. At $43 a bottle, a little goes a long way which is a good thing for a broke beauty like myself. I’m a NW45 in MAC colors so I use the “Dark Tint” for the BB Moisturizer. Because it does leave me a bit shiny, I buff NYC’s loose translucent powder on top. I absolutely adore it. And so far…no break-outs so A+ to Bobbi Brown!

Another product that I adore is MAC’s Ochre Style from The Originals collection. What a beautiful muted gold! It looks beautiful when paired with Trax, Sketch and Handwritten. Because it is a bit sheer, I used UDPP and Bamboo paint for the color to really POP! See how simple it looks here.

But when I add a crease color…

I love it! Simple, neutral but…..nice.

And yesterday I went to check out the N Collection. Didn’t see anything that I liked. As I’ve mentioned, I think I’m pretty good in the neutral department. But I did go to Sephora and got NARS Crazed. I’ve been wanting it for a minute. This newbie has very little experience in the blush area so watching me learn how to do that will be fun!

And I’m also going to do a natural hair post.

Just because I realize there are a lot of us out there with beautiful natural hair. But dang, I can’t wait to get my locs like lovely Yummy and Divine Rae.

See my curly Q’s!

Yay! Ohhh….and per some blog sista suggestions, I’ve also dipped into some mineral make-up too. Stay tuned for reviews/pictures of that.

Peace and natural beauty.