BB, NARS & Ochre Style

My internet service is the pits and this is the first time I’ve been able to access it since Friday so I guess I better update quickly before my connection suddenly disappears!

Most of you know that my ventures into foundations weren’t so hot. MAC’s StudioFix and StudioTech killed my face. Literally. Scroll the blog. I’ve got pictures to prove it. I stopped using those products but I still wanted some kind of coverage. Especially since I had post pimple marks on my face (lemme tell you….cocoa butter is amazing. It seriously lightens dark spots like that *snaps*) Bobbi Brown’s Tinted Moisturizer is simply fab! This is my first attempt with tinted moisturizers. Because my skin is naturally dry, I love how this product gives me some added moisture and a light coverage. It’s great for the winter months. I stiple it on my hand and then on my face and blend all over. It goes on beautifully and I don’t get that make-upy” look that I dread. When applied with the 187 brush, it is a dreeeam. At $43 a bottle, a little goes a long way which is a good thing for a broke beauty like myself. I’m a NW45 in MAC colors so I use the “Dark Tint” for the BB Moisturizer. Because it does leave me a bit shiny, I buff NYC’s loose translucent powder on top. I absolutely adore it. And so far…no break-outs so A+ to Bobbi Brown!

Another product that I adore is MAC’s Ochre Style from The Originals collection. What a beautiful muted gold! It looks beautiful when paired with Trax, Sketch and Handwritten. Because it is a bit sheer, I used UDPP and Bamboo paint for the color to really POP! See how simple it looks here.

But when I add a crease color…

I love it! Simple, neutral but…..nice.

And yesterday I went to check out the N Collection. Didn’t see anything that I liked. As I’ve mentioned, I think I’m pretty good in the neutral department. But I did go to Sephora and got NARS Crazed. I’ve been wanting it for a minute. This newbie has very little experience in the blush area so watching me learn how to do that will be fun!

And I’m also going to do a natural hair post.

Just because I realize there are a lot of us out there with beautiful natural hair. But dang, I can’t wait to get my locs like lovely Yummy and Divine Rae.

See my curly Q’s!

Yay! Ohhh….and per some blog sista suggestions, I’ve also dipped into some mineral make-up too. Stay tuned for reviews/pictures of that.

Peace and natural beauty.

The Originals and then some…

I’m so behind on updating so I may be rushing things but I think yall can keep up.

One of my blog sisters, Yummy discussed Google Reader in her most recent blog. Do yourself a favor and check it out! It’s amaaaazing. I can now know when each and every one of you lovely ladies makes an update without spending 30 years going to each blog space. I just go to my Google Reader and BAM….I can see who made updates. It even works fab on my Sidekick (which will hopefully turn into a Blackberry Curve on Christmas Day). Good lookin’ out, Yums!

Here are what those pretty lip sticks look like. [ahem and how do yall get the titles and words on your pictures? Lemme guess….Photoshop, uh? I’ll invest in that when I get on that steady salary. Hehe.]

*left to right* [Milani’s Sumptuous and MAC’s 3D and Viva Glam IV]

And then here’s the bitty haul I got from The Originals Collection. Ochre Style on the left, A Little Folie on the right.

I was NOT a fan of that Parrot. I can’t believe people were goin’ crazy over a color that looks so close to MAC’s Shimmermoss and Waternymph (from the Lure collection). It’s so not worth the hype.

I like A Little Folie for a crease color. And even for a lid color if I can get it to work right. I have issues with some mattes. I like Ochre Style because it is a muted gold and isn’t as loud as that damn Amberlights. However, it’s color payoff isn’t too hot so I have to get a super good base for this to pop. But if they don’t work out, I will not hesitate to return them. HA!

Don’t understand that hype over C-Thru either because it looked a hot mess on me. Hmmm…this collection was just “Eh” for me. The last collection that seriously wow-ed me all over was Smoke Signals and that was in August, I believe. But I do believe that the Fafi collection will have me jumpin’ for joy!!!!!!! Who else is excited about this beauuuutiful collection?

Here is how I’m lookin’ these days. Face is looking a little better but I’m getting insecure with the dark spots. I only wear eye liner, mascara and a lip color everyday. Tis all. And heyyyy….look who got a new scarf! Have I mentioned how much I love scarves?

And I played around with Sushi Flower (I’m sorry but I hate HATE this color, I can’t ever get it to work), Humid and Shimmermoss. Something didn’t come out right because the color payoff so didn’t last. But then again, I was just playin’ around.

And ohhh, I got my nails done and isn’t this color pretty?

I’m happy happy. Why can’t my nails look this good when I do it? Ugghhh.. Yall like my faux wedding hand picture, uh? I even got the wedding ring. LOL, I’m a mess.

Peace and Louis Vuitton (I just found my first one!)

Lippy Wippy!

I’m in Florida!! Back on the East Coast and I couldn’t be happier. It was worth the jet lagged red eye trip from Cali at 1am. That was a rough day but I am so happy to see familiar faces, places and MY CAR! I haven’t driven in 3 months. That’s just insane.

I actually have a TON of updates but I gotta do some backtracking, so first things first.

I hauled MAC’s clear brow gel and I love love love it. It really aids in smoothing out my naturally thick and curly brows. Since the waxing accident, they have grown in nicely. I don’t need to pencil in anything. My roomie helps with the arch so I’m estatic that SOMETHING is going right in the beauty department.

I also hauled more lip colors…..
MAC’s 3D and Viva Glam IV.

Here are some FOTDs…ignore the eye make-up. I was messin’ around in pigments.


[Viva Glam IV ]

I like them both. And I’m really liking my collection. I also copped a Milani color that I don’t have any pictures of. I’ll do some swatches of ALL of my newest lip colors just in case other brown ladies are lookin’ for something that works nicely for us.

And I will also post pictures of my skin later. It’s actually getting A LOT better. I have been walking around here without the face make-up and surprisingly, I’m fine. I don’t think I look THAT bad. Some of yall are saying my skin ain’t THAT bad and maybe you’re right….my dramatic self. Still. I would like to try another foundation just for kicks. But to not wear it is just…..amazing.

And I checked out The Originals collection (that one snuck up on me) today and only purchased 2 things. That’s coming in the next post. 5 days until Christmas and I have still puchased zero gifts. It feels great.

I’m rockin’ out on Jaheim’s newest album. For a sultry singer with REAL talent, check out his “The Makings of a Man” album. Simply fab. I shall return, lovelies!

Peace and sexy Black men.


My internet access has been trippin’ for the past few days so I haven’t had the chance to do my beauty blog rounds or upate. Updates will be coming slower anyway since I’m heading home to Florida for the holidays. I’ll be hanging with my girls, fighting with the guy, loving my Mom and just realllly enjoying some familiarity.

I did another video. It’s a mess AGAIN. But that’s just me. HA! I’m doing a review of my most recent items…(check the pic below). I reviewed:

Olay’s Age Defying Eye gel
NYC’s Cherrywood lip gloss
MAC’s Prep-N-Prime
CoverGirl’s Last Blash.

I will probably type up an ACTUAL review later.

OH….and it’s official. I’m am discontining usage of all MAC face products; make-up wipes included. I’ll take some before pictures to see if it is in fact MAC products that got my face trippin’. And I will do some holistic/homeopathic remedies as well as detoxing and fasting. So hopefully by March 08, I’ll be back to my clear skin self without using foundations and powders.

Here’s the vid.

And I say, “Anyway…” waaaaaay too much. HA! Funny how you don’t notice annoying quirks about yourself until you SEE yourself.

Click the link below to visit the video.

Reviews, Session 1.

Peace y horchata. Me gustaaaaa.

Lip stuffs

I’ve never been too fascinated with lip colors. I’ve always worn the same soft colors. And cheap brands too…NYC has always been one of my favs. But now I am slowly getting into creating a more diverse lip color collection. Similar to how I have a diverse eyeshadow collection.

And today I woke up and was realllly craving a “different” color. I viewed my lippies only to see that I didn’t have anything fun, yet subtle yet noticing yet business-like. So I pulled out my Pink Mauved pigment. This is actually a really pretty pigment color that I hadn’t used since doing my Halloween Mask. In fact, I very rarely play with pigments….a bit too messy for a klutz like myself. But I do enjoy collecting them.

So I figured I would play around with Pink Mauved on the lips and this is what I came up with.

Sooooo….it pretty much looks like Barbie Doll pink but I kinda like it. That is until I went outside and later checked myself in the mirror. I wiped it off with the quickness. Has anyone else ever had a case of “Oh….but it looked good at home”? This happens to me allll the time. I think I need to invest in better lighting. A mirror that lights up, perhaps?

So that little fluke has inspired me to cop some new lip stuffs. I know I’m on make-up probation from MAC (which now I’m thinking is crazy with the Stylistics out and all) but I’m really diggin’ Finery’s plum lips.

Maybe I should just buy it and get it over with. And maybe I’ll only purchase 1-2 items from Stylistics. Yeah….that should work. Right? Right? Bills first. I gotta stop this buying thing because it’s not like I have the extra money to spend on make-up. I really don’t. So yeah….I’m goin’ to the PRO store on Saturday and only spending under $50. And that should last me until Christmas.

Okay….there. Glad I settled that. And glad I’m not into Metal X. I got oily lids and ain’t tryna experiment with bases to figure out what works. Plus I have good purples, greens and blues. But 6th Sin is pretty. Uggghhh, help!!

Let’s digress.

I like Pink Mauved despite the fact it didn’t work well on the lips. But did it and Ruby Red really have to commit suicide?

Yall know that just ain’t right. I’m upset. Ohhh wellll…guess I gotta order more pigment samples from my girl, Cheryl. *siiiiigh* Anyone wanna suggest some MAC and non-MAC lip colors? And I suppose I need to get hip to lip pencils too.

Probation? What probation?

Peace and Finery

Reviews and my Top 10!

So I decided to do some quick reviews on my newest products. I still consider myself a newbie in the make-up business. There are so many things I don’t know! But I’m learning….can’t believe how far I’ve come. Yay me! So, I feel a bit juvenile having just been introduced to some of these products but heyyy…..I’m getttin’ there! So first up…..

MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural

Overall Rating: 5
Price: 4
Packaging Quality: 5
Would you buy this product again? Yes!

So I just purchased my first MSF and I absolutely love it! I really owe Scandalous Beauty a ton of love because it was that site that got me into even considering purchasing this product. Because I’m NW45, I have to use Deep Dark and it really sets my make-up and gives me such a nice….finish. I am very impressed with this product. Find out more about it here.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Overall Rating: 2
Price: 2
Packaging Quality: 5
Would you buy this product again?
Probably not. I’m a bit disappointed in this. The innumerable amount of raves from Specktralites convinced me to purchase this $18 curler. I didn’t give it a “1” because at least it doesn’t crimp my lashes like other curlers do. But it doesn’t seem to do much at all. Not for me, at least. Find out more about this product here.

MAC’s Strobe Cream

Overall Rating: 2

Price: 1
Packaging Quality: 1

Would you buy this product again? No way!
Being that I’m new to smog-filled LA, I’ve been looking for a reallly good moisturizer. Something that not only protects my skin, but keeps it feeling moisturized and conditioned. I thought Strobe Cream would do the trick, but I think not. For one, it’s too expensive! $29.50 and I only get a 1.7oz? That’s awful. Aside from the packaging, I don’t think this product is made for darker skin tones. It contains an opaque “pearly” pigment stuff that is supposed to make your face shine…as if a strobe light is on your face. Didn’t do that for me. Instead, I ended up looking like I had white shimmery residue on my face. Not a good look. And I made sure that I used a little, but then my face was left too dry. And when I used too much, I ended up with a white face. I hated it. Back to my jojoba oil by day and cocoa butter by night! Find out more about this product here.

MAC’s Green Gel Cleanser

Overall Rating: 4
Price: 3
Packaging Quality: 4

Would you buy this product again? Sure. Why not?
I was initially introduced to this product via sample. It was good enough for me to purchase. I like it. I use it in the morning and it realllly gets my dry skin nice and moisturized. I exfoliate every night and this cleanser seems to replenish my skin and give it back some of that moisture that was lost during exfoliation. If I came across something better, I’d go to it, but for right now the Green Gel Cleanser is doing the job. Find out more about this product here.

Aveeno’s Positively Ageless Rejuvenating Serum

Overall Rating: 3
Price: 3
Packaging Quality: 3

Would you buy this product again? Maybe.
Hidden fact: I’m a bit obsessed with fighting wrinkles and other “old age” lines that tend to plague our faces when we reach our “mature” ages. I’m only 22, but I strongly believe in taking care of my skin now so I can look 30 when I’m 80. LOL….I received this as a sample and it’s just “okay”. I love the way it smells and how light it feels on my face. It says that it can be used under a moisturizer, which I think is pretty cool. I use it under my eyes and on my forehead just because I know that’s where wrinkles first start. I’m going on my 2nd week using it and ehhh….it’s okay. Haven’t seen too many results yet, but then again I don’t have any wrinkles, so what exactly am I looking for? HA! I like it though. I’d give it a chance again. Find out more about this product here.

So that’s it for now….I hope I’ve given some of you other newbies (or pros) some good ideas….or recs. If you have some, please share! Especially in the department of skincare! Matter fact, before I peace out, I’ll drop my top 10 gotta get before ’08 comes list:

(1) A kabuki brush
(2) A good eye cream serum
(3) A foundation primer (looking at Smashbox’s )
(4) A good eyelash curler (looking at Shiseido’s)
(5) An everyday blush (looking at NARS’ Outlaw)
(6) Always looking for good mascaras.
(7) MAC’s 187 foundation brush or something close to it.
(8) Benefit’s Brow Zing
(9) A subtle but nice everyday lip color
(10) The perfect neutral eye combination.

….hopefully I can snag at least half of that list before ’08 rolls around. Give me some of your tips of favorite products!

Peace and kabukis!

Just updatin’….

Hi beauties!

Thanks to you all for the positive (and honest) responses in regards to the brows. I’m feelin’ a tad bit better about it. Well, not really but at least I’m not cryin’ about it anymore. I have, however, indulged heavily in my head wraps and making sure that they cover my brows. Guess I still haven’t been able to accept it. HA! It’s kinda funny when you think about it.
So I’ve been goin’ to work and ‘roun town lookin’ like this.

LOL, look at me. Got the snob look goin’ on and fake wedding ring blingin’. I look like I’m in mourning…of my brows. I’m a mess, yall. Some days I’ve pulled the scarf to the side for the gypsy look and other days I’ve tied it up like my African sistas do. So sad. I’ve prayed (literally got on my knees) and prayed about these brows. LOL, it can’t be that serious. But then again it is. I have purchased Espresso e/s. So we’ll see how that works. Trying to draw on brows with my MAC Stud eyebrow pencil is soooo hard.
Today I did a different kind of purple eye. For the look below I used:
Artifact paint pot as a base
Inner Lid-Hepcat
Outer V-Carbon (my new BFF. Sorry Vex!)
Crease-Satellite Dreams (Sooo fab!!)
….and then I dabbed some Vanilla along with S.Dreams and blended up.
Came up with this:

I can dig it. Did a super nude lip. Gotta love that Bare Truth lipstick from Blue Storm.
I also went to MAC and returned my Strobe Cream. I played with it as much as I could but I realllly didn’t like it. I didn’t feel like a strobe light was on my face. It didn’t give me enough moisture and all that opaque pearly stuff just made me look a bit ashy. So instead I returned that and purchased my first Mineralized Skinfinish. Really excited about this! Can’t wait to see how that works!
My girl Vanessa at (faaab beauty blog. Check her out!) is pro Beauty of Essence brushes just like me. For great quality brushes for a realllly good price, please check out this brand at your local drugstores. And is it bad that I absolutely adore NYC’s lip stuffs? Pictures of “Mission Salvage Brows, Act I” will be available soon!
….but before I go! Cross your fingers for me! I’ve entered my Jigsaw look in Temptalia’s Halloween Mask Contest! Some girls have entered some beauuuutiful looks so we’ll see. Just to be featured on this wonderful beauty blog is considered an honor to me! To my other bloggers, add this one to your list. I don’t purchase anything until I get the trusty pictures and reviews from this site.
Love and L’Oreal macaras!


So of course, most obsessed MAC fans know that the Antiquitease collection as dropped. I can’t say enough how much I love living in LA (and probably for this reason alone) because they have 2 MAC counters, a store and a PRO store in a 10-mile radius. So fortunate. I stay goin’ to the PRO store in West Hollywood because they have the best customer service and of course they get new collections a week earlier.

So I played around a bit and Mi’Lady’s beauty caught my attention. Some of the other colors did but I was realllly likin’ this one. So I purchased the damn thing only to find out it has waaay too many sparkles for me. I’m not a fan of sparkles and glitter on the eyes. Hence the reason why I don’t even look at Swimming e/s anymore. Glitter bothers me!

But I played around with it a bit and put the colors on top of Artifact paint pot. Still not likin’ it. The colors blend well together but….I don’t think it’s for me. A little disappointed too because I’ve thrown away my box and receipt so I can’t return it.

And yes, my application is a bit messy because I was just experimenting. Maybe Mi’Lady will be one of those colors that I grow to love.

We shall see. I’m staying away from Antiquitease lip stuffs. They all look a bit blah to me. I haven’t been too impressed with these past few MAC collections. This in a sense, is a good thing. A break in purchasing will allow me to perfect my skills in the skin and application and eyebrows and eyelashes area. LOL, I got a loooot to work on. Someone share some tips, recs or something with me. What’s goin’ on in your make-up/beautification life?