Amor de Lacquer: Kiss Paint & Stencil Kit

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A lot of you have been asking me about nail art and designs. I SO wish I had the time to do them more often but I have a hard time even polishing my nails these days. I know, I know. So unlike me but I’ve been one lazy lady these days. 

I had the opportunity to test drive Kiss’s Paint & Stencil kit and had super high hopes for it.

Hit the jump to see if it rocked my world. Or…not.

If you’re a newbie when it comes to nail art and design, a kit like this is the way to go.

This one comes with two pages of stencils and three nail art polishes. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use the stencils.

BAM! Seems pretty simple, right? To test it out, I used Illamasqua’s hot pink polish in Collide.

First up, the application of the stencil.

And then a bit of white nail art polish on top.

I gently pulled the tab and…

Um…is that it? I was expecting some magic. I tried again with the black polish and another stencil.

Uh? Not so much. I left the stencils alone and tried to play around with the nail art polishes a bit.

The consistencies of the black and white seemed to be a little too watery for my liking. But I managed to crank out a bit of a design anyway.

The kit isn’t priced badly and for $6.99, I thought it would deliver. But nope…between the watery polishes and stencils that you CAN’T re-use, I’m not sure if I would use it again. The good news is, you can always use the brushes with a polish of your choice.

See! There’s always a bright side!

To get more info about the kit, check it out here.

Your fellow nail polish junkie,
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Beauty Review: COVERGIRL LiquiLine Blast Eye Liners

Remember when I was trying to sell my left leg to buy excited about COVERGIRL’s newest eyeliners?

Check this out!

Here’s to hoping their performance is as beautiful as they are. Chow!
First things first…here are some stats on the kids.

  • They retail for $7.99. And of course if you catch a buy 1, get 1 free sale…holla!
  • The amazing Pat McGrath, P&G Global Creative Design Director was one of the masterminds behind the gorgeous shade palettes.
  • These liners are infused with silicone to help keep them long lasting. 
  • They come in 6 shades; the three shown in this post, a silver, brown and black. 
At a glance, I thought that the three that I tested would all have the same finish, but it looks like Violet Spark  is matte.
Blue Bloom and Green Glow take on a bit of a creamier and semi-metallic finish. This is definitely my preference! In fact, out of all of them, Blue Bloom is my favorite.
 I think Green Glow is too cool for my skin tone And Violet Voltage in all of her matte-ness is a bit of a pain to apply. It takes a few strokes on the waterline to get it to really stay. But by then, you’re in tears!

On the opposite side of each liner comes a smudger tip.

I never really smudge my liner unless I’m going for a sultry night look but just to show y’all how easy it is, I gave it a whirl…

Now for some swatch tests. I do these tests each time I try a new eyeliner. I figure if they can stay put without budging on my hand, then they’ll do even better on my waterline.

Funny how Blue Bloom practically disappears because check it out after an 8 hour workday and jog outside.

Boo yah!

So are the liners worth a try? I think so. Blue Bloom is a must have. I’ve been wearing is daily since I got it!

Have you tried these kids yet?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

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Ms. Manicure Handy Dandy Mani set

Here’s a pretty regular conversation between me and my girlfriends.

Friend: Hey B, let’s go and get our nails done.

Me: *side eye* Nah uh…that costs too much money. I’m trying to save money for, you know…life and stuff.

Friend: Really B? Come on! I know this place that only charges $10 for manicures and $15 for pedicures.

Me: $25?! You know what I could get with that? Two weeks worth of veggies, gas in my car, I could save up for a trip, *insert rambling*

It’s true. I’m THAT friend. The frugal one. The one that hasn’t gotten her nails done in a year because she’d rather save money and do them at home herself.

*insert Handy Dandy Mani set*

Now this is more my style! For $10, you can whip your nails into shape without breaking the bank. And you know the tools are clean because…they’re yours!

What comes in the set…

That’s everything you need! Except the nail polish which Mama knows I have enough of that. Some time ago I did a video of my At Home Manicure routine.

Do you do your nails at home too? You’ll definitely need the Handy Dandy Mani set. Click here to find out where you can get it.

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Beauty Review: LORAC 3D lipgloss

I’m pretty frugal when it comes to certain products. I’ll spend an arm and a leg on skincare products, but lipsticks and glosses? Eh. Aren’t $3 glosses just as good as glosses that cost over $20? There’s only one way to find out.

I was strolling in Sephora one fine day and came across a stunning lippie from LORAC.

Oh the beautiful glitter-ness!

This was my first time checking out any products from LORAC. I had to go home and do my research after making this purchase. What Sephora says,

“The Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss features a viscosity that visually retextures the lips, and smoothes away imperfections allowing color to appear more vivid and luminous. The unique formula is infused with antioxidants to help nourish and protect, while the creamy, moist texture helps lips look silky-smooth and ultra-glossy. It combines a liquid lipstick and lip lacquer for high-impact color and the 3-D Holographic effect will make your pout stand out!”

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrance
- Synthetic Dye
- Petro-Chemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan

Well look at that! It’s a green gloss. For my ladies who doubt that higher end brands do not come out with paraben-free products, I think y’all need to take a nice long look at LORAC.

And as for the gloss, I LOVE it! It almost reminds me of MAC’s Dazzleglass but not as thick. It is long wearing and this particular color (3D) makes for great layer. It’s pretty sheer when you wear it solo.

 But man does it POP when you layer it on top of a gloss. I like the wand too. Makes for even application.

For it to retail at $22, I say it does a darn good job. I’m itching to check out some more products from LORAC. I wonder if their mascara is just as green.

Have y’all tried anything from LORAC? Or am I like 10 years late in just now discovering this brand? 

Mascara Monday: NYX Doll Eye waterproof mascara

It only took 600 years but I am finally reviewing this mascara!

NYX Doll Eye mascara
Price: 3 out of 5
Packaging (Brush Wand): 5 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5

What it claims: “
Doll Eye mascara offers the latest advanced mascara formula for perfect all-around full lashes. Contains natural oils, vitamin E and fibers to extend and protect lashes.” (source)

The truth: It’s average.

What I loved about it: The wand was pretty groovy. It’s not original but helps with lengthening and separation.

What I didn’t like: While I like fiber mascaras, one of their flaws is the flakiness they tend to give you after you’ve coated your lashes. This isn’t the case with ALL fiber mascaras but it is certainly the case with NYX’s.

Overall:  Fiber mascaras ain’t for everybody. I think they are best suited for ladies who have short ladies. Small strokes and few coats are key for fiber mascaras. And if you have have super sensitive eyes, they may not be the best for you because of the flakiness. Doll Eye does well with one coat but I didn’t find it to be spectacular. The volume was so so but the lengthening wasn’t where it should be for a fiber mascara.The best thing about it is the removal process–simply wet the lashes, massage them and it’s off! It’s like magic!

Lashes without mascara
(did not curl lashes)
Lashes with 1 coats of mascara

You can purchase it for $9 anywhere NYX Cosmetics products are sold. 

Would I recommend it?: Nope. While, it’s not a bad mascara per se, I didn’t find it to be one that I would purchase again.

Until next Monday…

A crazed mascara reviewer,

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A Sunburned Reminder…

Dear Brown Girls,

We do get sunburned. I have the worst one ever and summer JUST begun. I’ve been spending a lot of time outside and it looks like my every day moisturizer just ain’t gonna cut it. My face is about 14 different colors right now with my nose being the most burnt.

It ain’t a good look. Learn from me. Of course I’ll be talking more about brown girls and the sun in the coming weeks. Including how to heal and repair the skin if you’ve been a victim like me.

I was born and raised in Florida so you would think I would know better. *guilty sigh*

Enjoy your weekend! Clumps will  be back at it on Monday and I’ll finally be reviewing NYX’s Doll Eyes. Only took me 12 years to get to that. Hahaaaa!!


Amor de Lacquer: OPI + Konad

Welcome to another post of Amor de Lacquer….the series all about nail polish and nail care! Send me your requests, suggestions and ideas to

I love OPI. After all “The It Color” is featured in my Amor de Lacquer banner. But I don’t dabble into OPI as much as I used to so I’ve been catching up these day. But wait…when was the last time you visited their website? I may be late but I love the swatches features.

 You can choose any color, choose your skin tone and desired nail length. I spent a good 20 minutes playing around on that site. #dontjudgeme And how awesome is this trio?

I first ran into Jade is the New Black from the Hong Kong Collection when I got a manicure in NYC for my meet and greet with Iman. I just recently picked it up a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it.

I don’t own a green like this. I love how dusty it is. And I get the most professional looking nails when I used OPI polishes. That pro-wide brush is the bomb diggity!

I love that not so close to the cuticles look but it’s so hard to achieve–except when I’m using OPI.

And then there’s Suzi Says Feng Shui also from the Hong Kong Collection.

My camera makes it look cooler than what it is. It is actually a dustier blue with a tinge of gray. I wanted to have some fun with these kids so I decided to use Fiercely Fiona from the Shrek 3 Collection to play around with some water marbling.

Two nails later and I decided it wasn’t for me.

I’ve tried with several brands, colors and finishes and I just suck at water marbling. iFail at it. I am clearly no Colette and I can live with that. Konad and freehand on the other hand….

…are a little bit more up my alley. I’ve never used this design before but I am lovin’ it!

If I weren’t so lazy I would konad my nails more often. But I can honestly say I’m done with water marbling. I just can’t seem to get it right.

What was your last OPI haul? Whatcha think about the Shrek 3 collection?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

Amor de Lacquer: Diamond Cosmetics’ Summer 2010 collection

Welcome to another post of Amor de Lacquer….the series all about nail polish and nail care! Send me your requests, suggestions and ideas to

It’s summertime, y’all! I know so because the heat index in Central Florida stays around 109 degrees Fahrenheit. And what’s the only think that can cool a sista down in heat like that? That’s right…some cool AC. But pretty nail polishes from Diamond Cosmetics’ Summer collection don’t hurt either. :)

Magens Bay Blue

I LOVE this robin blue. It almost reminds me of Zoya’s Yummy but Magens Blue Bay is a wee bit cooler.

South Beach Pink

Not a super unique shade but the next time I take a stroll on South Beach’s Collins Ave, I’m going to rock!

Pelican Peak Purple

Although we may have seen several pastel purples, I’m thinking Diamond Cosmetics needed this. I haven’t seen a purple cream from them before. It applies beautifully but reminds me more of Spring than Summer.

I recently did a random weekend manicure and Magens Blue Bay and South Beach Pink


I applied 2 coats for each polish and didn’t have any problems. It’s not the most exciting collection from Diamond Cosmetics but if you don’t have similar colors, you can grab the entire collection for $8! Click here to snag it…you know you want it. :)

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

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