Beauty Review: SinuCleanse neti pot and giveaway!

Very rarely do I have to do disclaimers on my posts but for those of y’all that are squeamish about liquid going up and out of the nose, you may not want to read any further. I have pictures showing it alllll.

Yep, I love you too. :)

For those of y’all that have hung around, allow me to share with you the power that is the neti pot.

Looks like Aladdin’s genie lamp 2010, uh? While an actual genie won’t pop out and grant you three wishes, the neti pot does provide an insane amount of nasal and sinus relief.

I know what you’re thinking…WHAT in the world does this have to do with beauty? I’ll tell you what’s not beautiful, sinus migraines and under eye discoloration; two things that regularly using a neti pot can alleviate. Follow me as we take a journey up my nose. Literally.
So how does a neti pot work?
For starters, nasal irrigation or the flushing out of mucus and debris from the nasal cavity and sinuses is not a new concept. Its origin began in India and South East Asia and has been around for centuries. (source) The concept is simple. Using warm water and saline solution in your neti pot, you simply tilt your head and allow the solution to go up one nostril and out of the other.

Looks weird, uh? Wellll OBviously, it’s not done at the dinner table on a date but as needed in the comfort of a bathroom.

Saline solution comes with your neti pot and they can also be purchased separately.

But don’t be cheap like me and try to use half a packet of a saline solution. It burns like the dickens! I was screaming for Mommy and Daddy when I accidentally did that. No bueno.

Neti pot instructions….

OMG, what if I choke?
You won’t. Unless, of course you panic. But then again, the same could be said for drinking a glass of water. The key to using the neti pot is to relax. Don’t rush, don’t hold your breath and don’t swallow 4 times in one second. I find that making the K-sound (as in kite) really helps me from accidentally swallowing the water.

Uh, what comes out of your nose?
Boogers. LOL, I’m kidding. Once the saline solution travels from one nostril, through your sinuses and out of the other nostril, you won’t see much of anything except perhaps mucus and saline solution. I’ve seen lint (maybe from a towel or pillowcase) before.

Wait, what’s the point of this again? Who can benefit from using a neti pot?
Anyone! We brush our teeth, clean our ears and bathe on a regular, why not clean out the nasal passage every now and then? It has also been said that using a neti pot can help diminish under eye circles and can alleviate stuffy noses. I’ve used my neti pot with stuffy noses but it doesn’t seem to work. If one nostril is all stuffed up, the water has no where to go. Opps! And while I don’t have allergies, I can only imagine how golden a neti pot would be for allergy sufferers. As a chronic sinus headache suffer, the neti pot has changed my life. I always look at holistic, herbal and homeopathic remedies before OTC and prescribed medication so the neti pot is right up my alley.

And you shouldn’t use it every day. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. I use mine at least 3 times a week.

I want one!
You can get the SinuCleanse neti pot at most drugstores and natural food stores. They are super easy to find and will run you about $11.99 USD. Aaaand, you can try and win one from me. I love my neti pot so much that I decided to give TWO readers a chance to snag one of their own.

Here’s what you have to do:


Leave a comment telling me why you would like a neti pot
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Zee Rules:
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Beauty Review: COVERGIRL Queen Natural Hue concealer

Y’all know I love concealers, right? When I find a good one, I hold on to it for dear life. Because I’m not the biggest fan of full coverage foundation, I have to have a good concealer. One that provides me light coverage, won’t clog my pores and won’t evaporate in Florida’s insane humidity.

That said, I was SO happy to hear that the COVERGIRL Queen collection released concealers that are brown girl friendly.

 Hallelujer! Drugstore concealers for brown girls? “Where dey do that at?” Peep this…
This lightweight non-acnegenic concealer comes in 4 shades; Light, Golden, Terra and Cocoa. The sponge tip applicator takes some getting used to.

I never know how to use this. Do I dab it on my hand and apply using my fingers or a brush? Or is it okay to simply swipe the concealer directly on my cheeks? What is your preference?

Either way, I find it to be smooth and light. My best shade for me was Cocoa. For reference, I am NW45 in MAC Cosmetics.

It blends right on in and gives me the day-to-day coverage that I seek without looking “too made up.”

I am able to dust a translucent powder over my cheeks and I’m good to go. And somehow…it manages to last ALL day. I’m impressed! Not bad for $8! You go, COVERGIRL Queen!

Whatcha think? Are you a concealer wearer?

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Amor de Lacquer: Nubar Venetian Glass collection

Welcome to another post of Amor de Lacquer….the series all about nail polish and nail care! Send me your requests, suggestions and ideas to
Oh la la! Nubar does it again!
What Nubar says about this collection, “Inspired by traditional Venetian glass, nubar’s Venetian Glass Collection captures the brilliant colors and flawless craftsmanship of the ancient traditional handmade glass of Venice. With vivid hues, a strong glass-flecked shimmer, and rich color saturation, these shades are as memorable as their inspiration.” (source)

I was so excited to try this collection. The colors are just so rich and Fall appropriate! 

Verde means green in Spanish. But of course you knew that, right? Verde is also the name of the one of the most unique greens I have ever seen.

In darker settings, it looks like a dark forest green but when the light hits it…
….whoa mama!
Oro reminds me of Zoya’s Penny. I don’t wear golds often but when I do, I prefer them bling-y with nice orange undertones to them. And for that reason, I can show Oro lots of love!
Vaso is a purple that I’m surprised that I like! While purple polishes are my favorite, I don’t really like lavendar-esque type polishes. But Vaso is pretty! It adds a certain kind of sparkle to this collection.
Arencia is my favorite of the bunch. I just LOVE orange polishes and this may be my absolute favorite one. Nubar says that this orange “glows” and they ain’t lyin’. I can’t stop looking at my nails when I wear this.
…and I love how it looks with konad designs.
Caramello is a little warmer than her sister Oro but it still appeals to me. The application was a little funky. I applied 3 coats and still struggled with opacity. What’s that about yo?!
Vino is probably the most Fall color of the bunch. It’s deep and looks like it’s infused with dark cherry juice. Beautiful!
Bronzo is a burnt orange with a ton of bling.
Rosso is probably the most ordinary of the bunch. I think I have several reds that look like this. Still beautiful nonetheless!
I was totally wow-ed by this collection when I first laid my eyes on it. The finishes are fantastic. They have mico-glitter specks in them so while removing isn’t as bad as regular glitter polishes, it still requires some work. And by work, I mean a simple swipe won’t do it. I find that soaking a cotton pad with nail polish remover and placing it on the nail for a minute or so is the best route to go.

Arencia and Verde are the winners in this collection so if you don’t want to haul the entire collection, you just HAVE to take home those two. 

You can buy the collection for $49.95 or purchase them individually for $7.49 here.
Other Nubar collections I’ve reviewed:
Your fellow nail polish junkie,

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Beauty Review: BH Cosmetics 120 eyeshadow palette, 3rd edition

Prepare to be mesmerized. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen so many tiny eye shadows in one sitting. BH Cosmetics have recently debuted the 3rd edition of their 120 color palette.

No need to adjust your computer’s settings. I waited for a super sunshine-y day here in Central Florida to photograph these shadows so that I could display their true awesomeness.
 While I haven’t tried the 1st and 2nd editions, I think the main difference are the color options. The 3rd edition has bright AND neutral/night time color options whereas the 1st and 2nd editions seem to fall moreso on the brights side.

What BH Cosmetics says about the palette:

• One 

• Long

• Super‐fine

• Feels 

• Easily

• Includes 

• BH

Allergic to talc or mica? This is not the eye shadow palette for you as these shadows contain both.

Bottom line? I’m impressed! This palette is truly the best of both worlds. Every color you could ever need would be here. The mattes are rich and pigmented and the shimmers are adhere beautifully to skin without looking washed out.

The palette contains two plates that sit on top of each other. To reveal the one at the bottom, simply locate that little purple ribbon…

And gently lift…

You won’t damage your shadows with this simple action, but over time, I can see an accident happening. I think I would much prefer a flipping action…you know, kinda like a book. That way both palettes are in place and can be moved with ease. By removing one palette, my clumsy self is liable to accidentally knock it over. Which has happened one too many times in my beauty life.

*moment of silence for products that fell from the bathroom counter and died*

Other than that, I find myself dipping into this palette more than any other palette in my stash. The neutrals are perfect for work and the brights allow me to channel my inner rockstar on the weekends. Yeahhh baby! The shadows fit snuggly in their spots, so if you’re a depotter, I don’t think you’ll have much luck with depotting these kids.

Pics of the palette in natural lighting.

Indoor, no flash…

Some random swatches from the brights…

Not bad for a single swatch and no base, uh? A few of the mattes are frosty, but nothing that a good solid creamy base can’t take care of. I love that for every other matte shadow, there seems to be a similar color in shimmer. Such is the case with the two reds that are in the palette. One is a matte and the other is a shimmer. Genius!

From the neutral/night time palette…

I know, I know…neutrals and night time shadows are on opposite ends but this palette seems to cover all such colors. It goes from the matte browns that I love applying in my outer-V for work to the rich and highly pigmented chrome-esque shadows perfect for smoky eyes. Very well thought out, BH Cosmetics!

But you know what I would have liked to see? A mirror. All of their other palettes seem to have one. I tend to take palettes with me when I travel and when you’re fighting for a mirror with 3 of your sisters, a mirror attached to a palette is a necessity.

The palette retails for $34.95 and you can snag it from the BH Cosmetics website here. As far as getting bang for your buck, I think you’ll get it with this palette. I know that over $30 may be a little steep for some, but considering that you’re getting 120 shadows….it really isn’t a bad deal. Especially if you’re a newbie to the make-up world or just itching to find some inspiration.

Of course I’ll be cranking out several looks with this palette. I’m also going to do a video review so brace yourself for that. Y’all know how I am when I do videos. HA!

So what do you think?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

Check out the blues look I did using my BH Cosmetics palette.

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Amor de Lacquer: Orly Plastix Satin finish collection

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Check out Orly’s most recent nail polish collection…Plastix!

I recently cut my nails down and was feelin’ super sad about how nubby-ish they looked.

I was super excited when I heard about this collection coming out. I’m not sure why because mattes polishes are getting a little annoying. We’ve seen so many different variations of them; vampy, velvet-y, shimmery…how could these be so different? These kiddos dry to a “semi-gloss” finish. So to my matte haters, could these make you start to like mattes? A little bit? Maybe? Let’s take a look.

Old School Orange reminds me of an orange Push Pop! Quite delicious and I love how it applied streak-free.


Viridian Vinyl has to be one of the most stunning blue-greens I have ever seen. This kid is just begging to be konad-ed.


Retro Red is not a true red, nor does it lean on the coral side. It almost reminds me of what would happen if you mixed a little bit of cream with red punch.

Purple Pleather is stunning. But then again I would say that considering I love just about every purple.

Well, what can I say that hasn’t already been said about matte polishes? I do like how these apply with minimal streak-age. I only applied 2 coats for each without a base and top (duh!) coat. I like them but I’m not in love. I think I’m over the matte trend. They are still beautiful nonetheless and are nice additions to my nail polish collection.

The must haves? Viridian Vinyl and Retro Red. I got these from TransDesign for $3.50 a pop.

Whatcha think? Had enough of the mattes or can you get down with these?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

Lady Speed Stick giveaway!

Welcome to Florida.

Where we sweat all day. And night. I can’t even lie to y’all. I’m a sweat-er. And it’s bad. I walk outside and less than a minute later, I am pouring in sweat.

Okay, I’m exaggerating. That was a post-run picture, but still. Sweating is necessary but it’s sooo not sexy. Even worse is smelling like a 7-year old boy who played in dirt all day.

Which, *flips hair* never really happens. But only because I wear deodorant. Without it…O.M.G.

Here’s what Lady Speed Stick says about their newest kid on the block,

“The new Lady Speed Stick Stainguard with Stain Defense technology allows your body to comfortably soak up the summer rays without having to worry about unsightly yellow pit stains. In addition to the specially formulated yellow stain defense technology, Lady Speed Stick Stainguard also fights white residue and provides 24-hour protection from odor and wetness.”

Now I’ve had pit stains. Brace yourself…

But never yellow ones. And as far as 24-hour wetness protection? Hmm…not so much. But it did too pretty darn good in the odor department. Which is huge for me! I kinda dug the Speed Stick so much that I decided to give one away.

Leave a comment AND your email address in THIS POST ONLY  telling me your favorite work-out. Do you like to run, Zumba, Wii Fit, swim, salsa?

Zee Rules:
-For ALL Clumps of Mascara readers (from Buckhead to Bermuda)
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MBFW-Swim 2011: Clarisonic booth

It’s no surprise that I am an enormous Clarisonic fan. In addition to regular visits with my dermatologist, it was the Clarisonic Mia face brush that helped my skin turn around. And those of y’all who have read the Acne Sucks series know just how funky my skin was can be at times. I was SO excited about getting a little facial at Clarisonic’s booth at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week-Swim.

Have you heard of the Clarisonic’s baby sister,  the Opal?

This powerful cutie patootie promises to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles under and around the eyes. And yeah, I know I’m only 25 but it’s important to start these preventive treatments now. And you know why else I dig the Opal? It helps me breathe a little better breaking massaging my sinuses. Score!

After my facial I got a chance to chit-chat with Dr. Robb Akridge, one of the co-founders of Clarisonic.

I asked him if he thought the Clarisonic face brush could help brown girls with with hyperpigmentation. He told me that hyperpigmentation is a clinical issue and he couldn’t say for sure. But is the Clarisonic face brush worth the investment for those looking to repair and maintain their skin’s health? Um….yeah!

Clarisonic was also present backstage at the shows to buff the models’ faces and bodies’ to perfection. Make-up and lotion literally sinks right in on freshly Clarisonic’d skin. Loves it!!

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Amor de Lacquer: Night Skyline and 2010 collection

Welcome to another post of Amor de Lacquer….the series all about nail polish and nail care! Send me your requests, suggestions and ideas to

Nubar tries again to wow us with another unique collection. And like ALL of their collections, it works. This is one brand that keeps me on my toes as far as collection excitement goes. You never know what they’re going to come out with next.

Night Skyline consists of what Nubar calls ‘the shifting colors of  the evening’s sky’ (source). The 4-piece collection retailed at $24.99 includes three polish with a matte finish and a top coat. The idea is to rock the matte polish in all of its shine-less fashion AND apply a top coat if you need some extra bling. I get it, Nubar but this is what a lot of us have been doing for quite some time. I’ve always deemed matte polishes as versatile because you can wear them two different ways.

So the idea isn’t new but with Nubar’s creative collection theme and name, you can’t help be but drawn in.

Sunset is a stunning rich gold that is one of the few golds that compliments my skin tone. I think I prefer gold matte. It just looks so interesting and silky smooth.

Twilight reminds me a lot of Zoya’s Loredana, a similar gray matte polish that debuted in their Matte Velvet collection. Twilight does have a wee bit more silver in it but going on with the night sky theme, it works!

Midnight is your typical matte black polish. What I like about this one is that it has a bit of shine to it. In fact, it doesn’t look matte at all. Could this be enough to sway our matte haters?

In a separate 1-piece collection comes Nubar’s 2010.

If you’ve been on the hunt for its twin, Sally Hansen’s Hidden Treasure, this is the best way to go. 2010 is intended to be used as topcoat and it is a winner with all of its reflective glitter in a polychromatic base. Sounds technical, I know but watch this…

Hot stuff, uh? And it can be used on ANY kind of polish. Not bad for $7.49. You can cop that here.

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Your fellow nail polish junkie,

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