FOTD Friday: Work-safe Pop!

Happy Friday, lovelies! This FOTD is also a step-by-step quick tutorial for those of us that have to get up at the crack of dawn to head to work. With my new “waking up at 5:30 a.m. to head to gym” schedule, I reaaaally can’t afford to spend more than 10 minutes on my face. Granted I don’t do more than a little shadow, liner and cheek action anyway, but now that my time is REALLY limited, I have to be polished but sporting a look that is work-safe as well.

But fiiiiirst, let me tell you what I used:

Cargo Medium Bronzer
NYX Sapphire Eye Pencil (waterline)
MAC Rave Pearlglide Eyeliner
Maybelline XXL Exensions mascara (OMG, seriously the BEST mascara EVEEEER!)

L’Oreal HIP blendable blushing creme in Blushing

Clinique Long Last Glosswear in Air Kiss

A look like this is great for me because it is quick but gives me a nice POP of color that is work-appropriate. This is great for anyone!

First I applied NYX eyeliner on the waterline. This navy blue is beautiful and is subtle but still pretty noticeable up close. Now whether it will stay on all day is another story.

Using a regular eye shadow brush (how I love Target’s Studio Tools brushes) I scooped up just a bit of Cargo’s bronzer. Yes! Try a bronzer as a lid color. I actually use this one alllll the time. Thanks Amina!

What’s great about this bronzer is that it moves around on the lid beautifully so working it up above the crease is easy. I find that it blends well enough on my complexion that I don’t even need a crease color. Not that I’d have the time to add one anyway. So I use a fluffy brush and blend it up.

Next, I added MAC’s Rave Pearlglide Liner in Rave. These pretty pencils came out in one of MAC’s newest collections, Suite Array. They are smooth and pigmented and have just enough sparkle to give the lids a little pop. I kinda want another one of the pencils; Bankroll. But spending $14.50 on a liner is a tad bit ludicrous. I can do it once, but twice? Yes, I’m frugal and ain’t shame! Haaaa, we digress….

And to give the eyes even more POW, I used a lengthening mascara i.e. the best mascara EVER!!! And I’m not exagerrating. Maybelline’s newest is wonderfuuuuul. Check out the review for the next Mascara Monday.

….and the final look!

…I’m not wearing blush in these pictures. In fact I don’t have anything on the face at all. And for whatever reason I having a mild breakout. Yikes!

…me and my BFF!

Okay peoples, so what do you think? Do you have any quick work-safe looks? Tell me about ’em! And have a wonderful weekend!!!!

FOTD Friday: The Lovely Danyelle!

Happy Friday, good people! I have had a crazy week with a lot going on at my job and training for this 5K so I haven’t had much time or energy to even play in make-up this week. Thank God I have a wonderful fellow beauty buddy who not only rocks hot looks but doesn’t mind being featured in FOTD Fridays. I love my Danyelle! And I’m so glad that she will be participating in our Politically Pretty Beauty Challenge! Check out her fabulous look.

She used (all MAC unless otherwise stated):

NC50 Studio fix fluid
Deep Dark blot powder
Sweet as Cocoa

Vintage Gold Pigment
Embark eyeshadow
Covergirl lash blast/GreatLash mascaras

MAC Jampacked
Bath & Body Works BlackAmethyst lippie

Nightmoth Lipliner

…..and just for kicks, check out Danyelle rockin’ purples on the cheeks. She used MAC’s Hepcat eyeshadow.

HOTT! Definitely a little more wearable than my purples. Loves it!

Have a wonderful upcoming weekend, people!

FOTD Friday: Les Nubians

Happy Friday!! Gosh, this week was not too hot for me so I am excited for Friday. And I am diggin’ this week’s FOTD. It was surprisingly effortless. The ladies of Les Nubians were quite the inspiration!!

I love everything about this look. The dark burgundy lip. The springy green/blue eyes. The hot pink cheeks. And those mysterious white dots. I mean—wow. I tried to mimic this the best way I could but nothing does the original justice.

When I play around with theatrical dramatic looks I pull out something that I neeeever use:

Well, not quite foundation. Bobbi Brown’s Tinted Moisturizer is as close as I get to using actual foundation. I forgot how wonderful this stuff is. It created the perfect canvas for the look. Along with that I used:

MAC Full Fuschia (PRO)
Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick in Brownie
MAC Shimmermoss
Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner
Dior Diorshow Mascara
Milani brow pencil
NYX White eyeliner


MAC Matte Lipstick in Bing

Gosh, lining those dots up was NOT easy.

..okay, I got a little too ANTM on that last one.

Me with a more “me” look.

I love love looooved doing this. It took me all of 8 minutes and my Sonia Kashuk fluffy brush was responsible for the wonderful wash of color on the lids. I want to try to do this look on someone else.

What do you think about this look? A little much? Creative? Funky? Would you try something like this?

Happy Fridays, mijas! Enjoy your weekends and stay beauuuuutiful!

FOTD Friday: Travel Edition

Okay so don’t you love Fridays that come too soon? I mean it really feels like a Thursday for me. But hey—I’m so not complaining. Last Friday I was livin’ it up in Chicago so I figured I would show you wonderful people a few shots of a city that I fell in love with. Because I went on business, I didn’t get a chance to do much. But that’s more motivation for me to go back. Who wants to plan a trip with me?!

How beautiful is the lobby of my hotel? I stayed at the downtown Hilton Chicago.

My first trek down the Magnificent Mile (aka Michigan Ave). This street is located in the middle of downtown and is full of stores, shops and restaurants.

Downtown Chicago! Gorgeous!

Every time I visit a new city, I love to take pictures of famous streets. I have everything from Sunset Blvd to Bourbon Street and Broadway.

The beautiful Millennium Park…

Looook! An HK scarf? Had to have it!

I visited the world’s oldest African American museum. And here I watched Barak Obama’s historical speech. I will never forget that moment.

And what’s a trip to Chicago without some Chicago-style pizza? I could only eat one piece. While it was yummy, I had to hit the hotel’s track a good 7 times before I felt like myself again.

The Sears Tower from my hotel room….

Ohhh Chicago…how I miss thee!

Have any of you visited Chicago? It had such a wonderful “vibe” to me. Next city to visit? Vegas, baby!!! Where are you trying to visit?

Uh? What? Orlando? *wink*

Have a beautiful weekend, kids!

FOTD Friday: Oh La Tempting

Happy Friday, lovelies!!! I am still in Chicago and hopefully I am having a ball. Um, it’s strange talking about myself in the 4th person??

Ha! So if you know me beauty-wise, you know that I am Queen Itsadupe (it’s a dupe). I have this obsession with assuming that MAC’s newest collections with eye shadows can be duped with other eye shadows from not only MAC but other brands. Hence why I didn’t feel the need to haul the palettes from the Cult of Cherry collection. Not to mention, I am very fickle and anal when it comes to not only cleanliness but having 2 of the same anything. Especially eye shadows.

But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t think the colors were gorgeous. In fact I thought that Tempting was beautiful!! I had to try to find similar colors. Here’s how I tried to recreate the quad.

Tempting (top-left): Milani Golden Bronze
Dark Edge (top-right): MAC Signed Sealed
Next to Nothing (bottom-left): Clinique Almost Peach
Sharp (bottom-right): MAC Eyepopping

Dig the swatches on the hand…

Pretty darn close, uh?

I used…


(the colors stated up, of course)
Milani Cocomo Lipliner (I know, I know…I didn’t have brown eyeliner and was just experimenting)
Maybelline Unstoppable eye liner
A mascara that I haven’t reviewed yet but me gusta!

Mineral Concepts Dessert Dawn blush

(1st look)
MAC Nightmoth Lip pencil
MAC Jampacked Lip glass

(2nd look)
NYC somethin’….name rubbed off.

OMG, my lip liner so isn’t blended. Clumps of Mascara strikes again. Gotta love it! And check out how different this look is without the bright lip.

I am also thinking that despite the bright green shadow, the look is still subtle enough for work. And brown liner on the lower lash line is crazy beautiful. I have to incorporate that in more looks. Except I hope to use a eye pencil next time instead of a lip pencil. Shhh, don’t act like you’ve never done it before. HA!

What do you people think? I think my dupes are almost identical. I shall be returning to Florida tomorrow evening. I hope that everyone has wonderful weekends!

Stay beautiful!

[NOTE]: I ended up wearing this look to an after-5 lounge and at work and it was beautiful!

(picture source)

FOTD Friday: Hot Pink Runway Look

It’s Friiiiiiday! And I’m glad because this week was a yucky week for me. With Tropical Storm Faye dumping a ton of rain and me getting very little sleep because of my obsession with watching the Olympics, I was a little “out of it” this week.

But leave it to Friday to put a little pep in my step….a smile on my face…and a twist in my hip. I made that last one up because I figured it would sound okay since it rhymed. Kinda? Maybe?

No? HA..okayyyyy.

Today’s FOTD Friday is definitely a runway look. I got the inspiration from visiting and came across this banner.

I was really loving the pink winged liner so of course I had to try my version of it.

But first….who would have thought Wet ‘N Wild would have such a pretty Kohl eyeliner?

Beautiful!! I will definitely be picking up some more of their pencils. The staying power isn’t half bad. It was only $1.99. I don’t know why I’m acting like Wet ‘N Wild is new. It’s funny now some of us beauty folx try to get all siddity and get to purchasing liners for over $10 when the cheap ones work pretty well.

Ya know?

I wanted to focus on 3 things for this look:

*The pink liner with crazy
dramatic lashes*

*A super nude lip*

*Pale pink cheeks*

So here’s what I used:

MAC Fuschia pigment
Stila glitter liner
Wet ‘N Wild Turquoise Kohl Eyeliner
Dior DiorShow mascara (revisted—I’m likin’ it more!)

Cargo Blush in Lyon

MAC Soft Lust lipstick
Stila Brown Sugar Lipglaze

Sinful Colors San Fransisco

My before…

Tis was fun. I like to play around with everyday looks, runway looks and everything in between! What do you thiiiiink? I will be crazy busy this weekend preparing for my business trip to Chicago early next week. But no worries, I will have scheduled posts. Most will be articles and random ramblings than series’ posts. So I will still be around!

Have a happy weekend, beautiful people!!

(photo source)

FOTD Friday: Browns ‘N Pinks

I am really starting to love FOTD Fridays. No, really….I spend most of the week just thinking about what look I’m going to share with you wonderful people.

This week’s inspiration comes from Too Faced. I can not express to yall how much I loooove this company. Check out the Mocha Meteor yummy eyeshadow.

Oh uhhh, don’t mind the Obama button. Don’t know how that got there. *wink* I thought for the longest that it makes sense to have a lighter color on the lid and a darker color in the crease. But I decided to switch some things up. I applied Mocha Meteor on the lid and this….

….on the crease. MAC’s Passionate: a lovely hot pink matte eye shadow. I could not imagine trying to make this color work on the lid but it applies beautifully on the crease.

So here’s what I used:


Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Too Faced Mocha Meteor Eyeshadow (lid)
MAC Passionate (crease)
MAC Sketch (outer-V)
Clinique Almost Peach (highlight)
Milani Liquid Eyeliner
Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner
Neutrogena Healthy Volume mascara

Cargo Bronzer
NARS Taj Mahal Blush


MAC Tendertone Hot ‘N Saucy (OMG, I looooove this!)

And I’ve been all over China Glaze’s Second Hand Silk.

Loves it! Have you ever played around with concepts that you thought wouldn’t work but did? Like cream blushes on the lips? Or concealer as a highlight? …tell me some! I’m excited about this weekend. One of my girls from college is coming in town and we are going to hit City Walk and act like tourists. Have a beautiful weekend, lovelies! Shoot me any questions, suggestions or comments at Happy Friiiiday!

FOTD Friday: Flashback & Contest Winners

It has been a super long week, yall. I have had A LOT of good news, most of which I will share later, but I have also had my share of exhausting busy-ness. But I can’t complain. I’m the type that feels “funny” when my life isn’t in overdrive.

To continue on with the Mascara Monday rewind, I decided to post some of my boldest FOTDs. Most of these were done when I was living in Los Angeles and playing in make-up really became not only a hobby, but….a friend. I spent hours every night trying to come up with some creative ish. My skills weren’t so hot but this was really when I looooved eyeshadow.

My first week in LA….I really had nothing else to do but do craaaazy bold looks.

Ahhh, the Jigsaw piece. I had so much fun doing this.

Sunshine seriously consisted of 3 products. Loved this look!

Who remembers MAC Mi’Lady mineralized duo?

Awww….this is my FIRST all MAC look. I got addicted to MAC during the C-Shock era last summer and was all over that Wondergrass paired with Humid. And you couldn’t tell me nothin’ about those 3D lip glasses. I can’t believe that was only a year ago and I’ve moved 4 times since then!

That nude lip is sick! I’ve got to try to do that again. Loved this look….around this time, I started to tone down the BOLD looks and focus on pretty pinks/purples and neutrals.

If you remember these looks, you are serious a vetern Clumps of Mascara viewer! And I loves you for it!!

Now for the 2 winning Stila
Lipstick Contest Entries:

“I vote because i’m scared that if I don’t i’ll be paying 20 bucks a gallon for some gas in a matter of months. lol jk…

It’s important to vote because not doing so would be single handedly snatching away our voice. No vote…no voice. No voice…no song. I sing my song for the woman with sore feet who went against the rules and sat at the front of the bus. I sing my song for young children that got sprayed with fire hoses. I sing my song for abused & dominated women. I sing my song for shackled slaves. I sing my song for ME, and most importantly…for my future children.”



“It is sooo important to vote, especially in this day and age. Many people, especially women, have fought for our right to vote and have a say about the future of our country. As women, we are always affected by who our President because many issues affect us and our children – gun control, abortion rights, education, health insurance – the list goes on and on. If we don’t cast our vote and choose – we are being complacent and currently, letting men make decisions for us. Vote, vote, vote!! Especially this time – we need change so we can get out of the recession, improve the economy and spend money on important stuff – like makeup!”


I love how these ladies touched on so many issues in just a few words. True beauty lies not in this make-up bit we talk about but our cognizance of worldwide issues; and how they will affect our future. I love yall!! Shoot me emails so I can send off your lippies. Thank you to all of the submissions.

Support Stila cosmetics and VOTE!!!!!

……and be my friend. :)

Stay beautiful!