FOTD Friday: The quickest look ever

Today my little sister Imani turns 12! This is hard for me to swallow because I remember when she was born. And now she’s…12? Like…how? Anywhoovers, since I can’t be there, I wanted to surprise her with her an e-card on Clumps.

Leave a comment telling Imani Happy Birthday. I’m sure it would make her day. Love you, Pie!

Back to beauty stuffs, this look is inspired by Judy who emailed me and told me how she desperately WANTS to get into make-up but doesn’t know where to start. She said she felt so intimidated by all of the products of all of the brands and didn’t know where to start. I kicked it to her real easy…

Hit the jump to see what I’m talkin’ about…

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FOTD Friday: Winged shadow is so hot right now

Hey giiirl! Lemme tell y’all something about South Beach…it’s not really a big deal to us Floridians. Even though I was born in Miami, I didn’t go to South Beach for the first time until last year. Crazy, uh? But now that I’m out here for the Blogalicious Conference and having a ball with my girls, it ain’t so bad. I cranked out this look a few days before I went to Miami. I was so inspired by the winged eye liner look that Mark did. I wanted to do the same thing except with eye shadow. And I wanted it to be work appropriate.

Hit the jump to see if I achieved it. And don’t you dare say a thing about that smudged eye liner. I promise on rice krispie treats…it did NOT look like that when I took the picture. You believe me, don’t you?

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FOTD Friday: Super matte eyes + insane red lip

Happy Friday, you amazing peeps! I am SO glad it’s the weekend. Aside from a quick day trip to Tampa Bay, I’ll be reading WordPress for Dummies and tweaking Clumps ALL weekend long. I’m behind on quite a bit but don’t think it’s because I don’t love you. A sista is just a wee bit overwhelmed, ya dig? My sister friend Sheryl and I (heyyy girl!) were texting back and forth about matte eye shadow and how much we love it. Indeed, matte eye shadow gives any look that “airbrushed” touched. And when done correctly, it is absolutely flawless. I played around with one and topped it off with the reddest lip EVAH.

Oh yeah…it’s serious.

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FOTD Friday: Super bright lip and freeze pops

A few days ago someone asked me what my favorite color was. Are you kidding me? How…in this world full of beautiful colors can you choose one to be your favorite?

Green is remarkable. Yellow is stunning. Blue, brown, black, silver, fuchsia, turquoise, magenta, periwinkle, cream and chartreuse are just gorgeous. And I have to choose just one as my favorite? It’s so not happening.

My fascination with color was the inspiration behind this look. Well, that and me trying to be a copycat and do a lip like Selita’s. Hers appears to be a little darker than mine. But I did *pops collar* what I could.

Whatcha think?

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FOTD Friday: Brown smokey eye tutorial. Or is it smoky?

For the record, y’all…I really don’t know if it’s “smokey” or “smoky“. And apparently the rest of the world doesn’t know either. I’m just going to stick with smokey since that’s what I’ve been using all of these years. But it bothers me…I sit up late at night wrecking my mind over smokey and smoky. Bahhh!

Anywhoovers, my homegirl from the great state of Ohio (as Mama Clumps would say) has requested that I do a brown smokey eye. It’s been a few months since I’ve loaded THIS much make-up on my face but here we goes….



Can I give tribute to my brows real quick?


These kids are finally where they need to be and I couldn’t be happier. Much much love to Rashmi at Rashmi’s Boutique here in Orlando. Having her thread my brows every week and a half has done wonders! I think I’ll do a post on her. Whatcha think?

As always, I prime my lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer.

I think I’ve had this one tube for over a year. As a matter of fact, I’ve only purchased eye shadow primer TWICE in the 3 years I’ve been into make-up. This stuff lasts foreeeeevah!

Taking the brown gel liner from my Physician’s Formula trio, I used a concealer brush and applied it all over the lid. I didn’t worry about it being perfect as I was going to smooth it out later.

I have never used this gel liner as a base but I am SUPER impressed. It was easy to work with, dried quickly and didn’t crease my eye shadow throughout the day.

No need to adjust your computer settings on the next pic…I was in such a rush and didn’t realize how blurry it was. Ack! I placed Lancome’s Vintage eye shadow right on top of the brown base.

Of course you can use any kind of brown shadows that you have. I find that matte works really well though. Next up is THEE most important step: smoothing out harsh lines.

I took NARS Edie eye shadow to buff out the harsh lines of the brown base. The goal is to allow the colors to flow together without any stark lines. At the same time, I didn’t want to be TOO tough on the lids. Remember, crows feet at 25 ain’t a good look.


This took the longest as the brown base settled quicker than I thought but alas, I’ve finally smoothed out the edges and applied a matte white eye shadow to the browbone…

But something was missing. So I added a bit of MAC’s Sketch eye shadow in the outer-V up into the crease.


If you don’t have that shadow, get it NOW! It is one of the most versatile eye shadows ever. I’ve used it in so many looks and it always takes the look up a notch. I love you, Sketch!

A bit of a blue liner to had some, liner on the lower lash line and mascara and bam!



I will forever credit Kia from Yummy411 who taught me how to do a smokey eye. She’s the bestest!


I’ve always get flustered when it comes to doing lips when I rock a smokey eye.  Naturally, I love rich and bold colors but I think they can be over the top when the lids are already dark. So I settled for Lancome’s Pink Preview  and paired it with MAC’s Vino lip pencil.


I didn’t super blend because I wanted the liner to pop just a wee bit.


Not that I mattered because after I ate, it was practically gone. Ha!



I like smokey eyes and all but I felt some kinda way about wearing in the day time. And quite frankly…it’s just too much make-up. I don’t know how Kim Kardashian does it. These days I’d much rather go without eye shadow than load it up like this. Look at me becoming a less is more make-up snob. But it was fun nonetheless!

For other smokey eye attempts of mine click here and here.

What are y’all doing this weekend? I’ve got some major catching up to do with Fashion Week news. And I may even crank out a YouTube video. Although I’m sure my subscribers probably hate me now. Shooting and editing a 10-minute video takes like 3 hours. Mannnn….


Love yooooou,
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FOTD Friday: Yellow lids + hot pink lips

Happy Friday, lovelies! So the other day a friend of mine told me that she would love to rock a yellow eye but didn’t know how to make it work-appropriate. Even anyone can turn a crazy color into something subtle and work-safe, it would be I. And so I dedicate this post to Ri. And to the color yellow.
Because it’s a freaking awesome color. Two of the products that were the heavy hitters in this look were MAC’s Chrome eye shadow and NYX’s Jumbo pencil in Milk. 
Which I reviewed here. Still lovin’ it too. 
So here’s what I did…
I applied Milk all over my lid. This stuff is tricky. You really have to be sure to blend it out to create a nice and smooth base. But you have to work quickly as it dries and becomes un-blendable in a matter of seconds. Next, I applied MAC’s Chrome Yellow right on my lid.

I’ve had this shadow for quite some time and love how it pops! Especially with a white base. Next up was NARS Edie, my absolute staple.

I call this my bridge shadow. It bridges that 3 mile space from my crease to my brow. I normally don’t apply it until AFTER my crease but I had to do things a little differently with the yellow. And whoosh…there goes NARS Albatross highlighter under the brow.

I also penciled in my brows a bit.

P.S., I usually don’t like to touch my brows. I don’t care how un-even they can be, I much prefer the look of natural brows. But I sculpted them this time.

Lancome’s Vintage eye shadow is becoming one of my favs. I used it in the outer-V and blended like a mofo.

After liner and mascara, the lids were done!

I kept the cheeks down to a minimum. The acne medicine that my dermatologist prescribed me is working (I guess???) but is leaving my skin super oily and out of sorts. And for whatever reason, I’ve been getting cluster acne all over my forehead. Not a good look. So when it came to the face, Tarte’s Hotel Heiress topped on the cheeks was all I felt like doing.

And the lips was Inglot’s matte lipstick in 09 and MAC Super Dazzleglass in Totally Bang!.

Crazy hot combo, uh? This super pink lip makes the look a little less work appropriate but it was a Friday and I was feeling *snaps* fierce.

So yes, my sistas. THAT is how you can make yellow lids safe for work. And if you really want to block the color of sunshine, sport your eye glasses until you get off from work. 
Yep! Been absolutely loving Nubar’s Arencia on my nails.
Looks like Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is popping off again! Yours truly won’t be in the spot but I have the Clumps of Mascara team attending events and they will reporting back with all of the happ’ns going down in NYC. 
Oh! And Happy Birthday to my baby cousin and Clumps intern BriAna. 
My baby turns 17 today. Bri plays such a huge part in Clumps as she assists me with every Miami industry event that I attend. We love you, BriAna! Continue representing us Bri’s well. If you made me any more proud, I would burst into glitter. 
Loves y’all!
Have a fabulous weekend,

FOTD Friday: Vegan make-up and Captain Planet

Okay soooo even though this has unofficially been Green Week, don’t you think for one second that I won’t be reviewing and featuring more eco-friendly and green conscious products. It is becoming a way of life for me and I simply HAVE to share everything that I’m learning with you cool cats.

Now don’t hate me for saying it but if you haven’t heard of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, you’ve been living under a beauty rock. I’ve featured them on Clumps of Mascara before. Remember those polishes I snagged at The Makeup Show NYC? Yeah giiiirl…. I’ve been giving their pigments a whirl and oh oh oh oh oh ohmigosh. I actually hate that Usher song but it was so appropriate right now.

Pretty, uh? Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is 100% vegan and PETA-approved. Ah-mazing!
Although I only used 3 of the shadows, I just had to show you swatches of all 5.

They are vibrant and just stunning. No ashy-ness here, brown girls! I started off with Ginger as my base colors.

And since I was feeling a little extra,  popped Nori in my outer-V.

When I think of orange and green, I think of the FAMU Rattlers, one of the finest HBCUs (historically black college and university) in the country. Nope, I didn’t go there but I grew up in Tallahassee, Florida where the Rattlers and FSU Seminoles (boooo!) run the entire city.

I lined up eyes with Physician Formula’s gel creamLiners. LOVE those. They are paraben-free and will replace my MAC fluidlines. Bye bye MAC. And then there is Lorac’s 3D lip gloss in. Remember that time I featured on of the shades here? I really love these green glosses. Free of synthetic ingredients and great staying power? Yes ma’am!

I donned my cheeks with Tarte’s Hotel Heiress.

Yep, I ended up purchasing it and LOVE it. That will definitely be replacing MAC’s Sweet As Cocoa. Sorry MAC. Don’t take it personal, kid. Yay for orange and green lids!

 And it still looked good after a sweaty work-out.

Super impressed! You can grab the loose colour concentrates for $10 for a 2.5g jar. And I will definitely be reviewing the Physician Formula’s gel creamLiners. Nail polish of the week is Zoya’s Kelly.

Who remembers Captain Planet? *nostalgic sigh* Those were the days.

Off I go for a super long weekend. I’ll be volunteering and hanging out at the Tom Joyner Family Reunion at the Gaylord Palms. And  I may hit the beach. Enjoy your Labor Day, U.S. of A kids.

Love yooooou,
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FOTD Friday: Neutrals, browns and a pop of color

After cranking out blues and greens for the past few weeks, I wanted to take a look at the neutrals in the BH Cosmetics’ 120 eyeshadow palette. I wanted to do something simple and work appropriate. But y’all know me…I had to crank it up a bit with some colorful liners.

One thing that I wish the BH Cosmetics’ palette had was more golds and browns. They lack a bit in that area but I worked with what I had. I prepped my lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance and L’Oreal HIP cream paint in Witty.

I grabbed a shimmery yellow gold and placed in the inner-V.

But the fall out was less to be desired. It ended up on my cheeks and all over the palette.

No bueno.

Next I grabbed a matte brown…

And theeeeen…

Liner time!

And last but not least…

Not bad…

I didn’t put anything on my face because uh, well…my skin has been acting SO crazy these days. Between trying these new products that my dermatologist has recommended, combating the acne, healing from former breakouts, preventing new ones and running in the sun resulting in sunburned skin, mi cara has been through Hades this summer.

It is ridiculously greasy and don’t let the flash fool you…it’s a terror. But like always, I will keep you guys tuned in with what’s working and not.

And as for brown nails…

I’m still diggin’ them. I’ve got Nubar’s Milk Chocolate on the pointer and ring and Sephora by OPI’s Studs & Stilettos on the middle and pinky.

I am SO glad that the weekend is here. I am going to be volunteering at a Natural Beauty lab and attending my friend’s housewarming party. And I may treat myself to a cookie or two if I can manage to run a good 5 miles or so. Wish me luck!

Love y’all! Have a fabulous weekend!
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