FOTD Friday: Green like palm trees

If I HAD to choose a favorite color (which I won’t because that’s lame. How can you choose just ONE favorite color?), green would be at the top of my list. When I think of green, I think of money grass, and ever since that moment where I just went free and laid on the grass in the courtyard of my college, I’ve had an affinity for grass. And palm trees.

Palm trees are just so cool to me. So green is on my team. I like green.

But I REALLY love green on the lids. It’s a rarity. I hardly see brown girls wearing green eye shadow. And whenever I do it, people are staring at me like I’m an alien. And I’m thinkin’…”Did I not blend correctly? Is my phone in my bra…again?” But nope, they walk up to me and tell me that they like my green lids. Hollers! I guess your ole’ make-up newb is doing something right.

I decided to dabble around in my BH Cosmetics 120 eye shadow palette greens. They don’t have many. Tragic. But I tried to work with what I had and came up with this…

The greens in the palette were a bit of struggle to work with. They don’t have many! I don’t know what’s up with the green hatin’ but the ones that were in the palette were mattes. I don’t mind matte shadows but I realllly had to work with these.

I was suppose it was worth it.

My lips are NARS’ Afghan Red and MAC’s Superglass in Totally Bang in. Those two work beautifully together.

Uh yeah…sometimes I get a wee bit carried away with the FOTD photo shoots. LOL!

Excuse me while I drift away dreaming of palm trees.

Hey! Don’t judge me. We all have strange obsessions; one of mine would be loving palm trees.

I also did a look with some of the blues from the BH Cosmetics 120 eye shadow palette here.

Got any plans this weekend? I’ll be volunteering for the Oh, Woman! A Health Woman Conference here in Orlando and hangin’ out with the BFF and godbaby. I live for weekends.

Hope you have a wonderful one!
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FOTD Friday: BH Blues

As promised, I am going to start cranking out looks from my BH Cosmetics 120 palette. I want to try and dabble in each of the color families. First up…zee blues. I found them wonderful to work with! Both the mattes and the shimmers were pigmented, not too chalky and did fabulous on the blending tip.

I used 3 blues for this look. These two…

And then this gorgeous navy blue for my outer-V and crease.

To make the colors really REALLY pop, I used NYX’s Milk as a base. And since I’ve got that 3 mile space from my lid to my brow, I had to apply a matte brown shadow right after the crease.

I blended like mad and topped it off with a thick application of a gel liner and mascara.

Not bad, uh? Guess who turned 6 months today?

My godbaby Sophie! Babies shouldn’t be allowed to grow up this quickly. I remember when she was an itty bitty baby. *tears* 

Sooo, what are you guys doin’ this weekend? For the first time in a long time, I don’t have anything planned. I think I’m going to pretend that I’m a tourist and spend the weekend snapping shots of the Orlando area. Namely the Eatonville and Winter Park area. I’ll post pics on my travel blog, of course.

By the way, I’m totally ignoring the fact that it’s Friday the 13th. If I think about it too hard, I’ll get creeped out. Bwahahaaa!

Love y’all! Have a great weekend!

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FOTD Friday: 4 ways to use Make Up For Ever aqua creams

This week’s look is brought to you by Make Up For Ever and the letter “O” for Ohmigoodness, I need every single aqua cream in my life now. Okay…I’m getting carried away. Let me start from the beginning.

There it was. The Make Up For Ever booth at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week-Swim. After attacking waiters with food on silver platters patiently waiting our turn, Nikki New and I headed over for our appointment. Nikki thought that I would be the one getting the make-up but heavens no…she would be the easel, I would be the annoying sidekick shrieking at the beautiful application of each aqua cream.

While Nikki and her fabulous make-up artist talked about the look they were going for, I walked around being nosy.

Okayyyyy, forget about things you would do for a Klondike bar. What would YOU do for that make-up kit? Icy eyeballs, it looks amazing!

I headed back over to the gals to see that they’ve already applied #21, a vibrant turquoise aqua cream on the water line.

Nikki already had on turquoise eyeliner so instead of removing that, our artist (whose names I SO forgot) worked right on top of it. Next up was #20, an intense blue that I should have had in my life yesterday.

She applied that right on the lower lashline. #12, a muted gold that looks ah-mazing on brown skin. It almost reminds me of MAC’s Indianwood paint pot.

That went right on the lid. This worked perfectly for Nikki because she has those beautiful deep set eyes.

Nikki’s face was buffed with HD foundation…

And guess what the make-up artist used on her cheeks? Remember that #10 deliciously orange aqua cream that I used on my lids last week? Who knew that could work as a blush?

Gorgeous! And then she used #25 super gloss on her lips. I LOVE this chocolate gloss. I need that in my life too!

Stunning, right?! Oh…forgot to show you the fourth way you can use an aqua cream…

In your hair! Shut…up. That’s #8, a tomato red. So freakin’ cool!

Have you tried MUFE’s aqua creams yet? Which ones are you lovin’?

Have a great weekend!

FOTD Friday: Orange eyeshadow, baby!

With the anticipation of all of the hot looks that I am going to see at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami, I decided to pull out my Orange aqua cream (#10) from Make Up For Ever.

I copped this baby at The Makeup Show NYC and have yet to really play with it. Leave it to me to choose the funkiest shade from the aqua cream line-up. But orange lids is truly where it’s at!

This isn’t my first time rockin’ orange shadow. A few years ago I wore it for for Halloween. It was just “eh” then. But MUFE’s aqua creams to take it up a notch. Aqua creams really don’t budge. I mean, at all. I submerged my hand underwater AND rubbed and look…

Nothing. Still there! So I put a bit on the lid and topped it off with MAC’s Acid Orange pigment.

This was a work look so I didn’t want it to be TOO bright. I left the orange on the lid and filled in my space between lid and brow with a brown shadow from my Coastal Scents 88 shadow palette.

To tone down the orange a bit I added a black matte eye shadow in my outer-V.

I sweeped a white eye matte shadow under the brow and bam!

Who knew orange could be so wearable?

My hair has me feelin’ like such a lioness. Rawr!

But nothing beats a pair of over sized shades.

Woot! I hope you are off to a great weekend. Be sure to check out the Clumps Facebook page over the weekend for backstage looks at Fashion Week Swim. And of course I’ll be tweeting like a mad woman while my assistant Nikki New helps me juggle between video footage and photos. The Clumps Intern, BriAna is the one that usually helps me but she’s in New York City for a summer acting camp. She’s the most awesome 16-year old ever.

Have you rocked orange lids before? No, you say? Do it, do it, do it. Yes, I am peer pressuring you. :)

Have a great weekend!

FOTD Friday: My Summer 2010 Look

It’s hot, y’all. Like…REALLY hot. I’m from Florida and I still complain about the heat on a regular. I refuse to walk around with a face of make-up that will end up melting in 2.3 minutes. Not to mention my skin tends to do 10x better when I don’t put anything on it. For an everyday look I’ve been doing my basic facial sunscreen, liner, mascara and gloss. That’s it!

But every now and then a girl has to get jazzy. So I’ve found my no fuss, sweat-proof and simple summer look. And it’s starring one of the sexiest blushes EVER!

This highlighter came from MAC’s To The Beach collection and I’ll be honest…I really only purchased it for packaging sake. Which so isn’t like me but even I can fall victim to pretty packaging every now and then.
Okay, so don’t hate me but this look is uneventful. But it’s simple and when I’m rushing in the morning and it’s already 80 degrees at 8:00 a.m., that’s what a sista needs. But even this is a rarity. My skin tends to flare up something serious in the summer time. I get clusters of pimples all on my cheeks.

Well hello hyperpigmentation and sunburned skin! Less is more with my skin but when I do a little something more, here’s the route I take.

I prep my eyes with my old faithful L’Oreal HIP creamy shadow in Witty. I use it as a base AND an eye shadow. Then I whip out Lancome’s Vintage…

…and apply it right in the outer-V.

Then I sweep a white matte shadow from my Coastal Scents 88 eye shadow palette under the brow.

I grab Eyeko’s Grafitti pen in Navy and Urban Decay’s Flipside to line my eyes. I top the eye look off with the ever so fabulous Maybelline The Falsies mascara.

After dapping just a bit of Iman’s Luxury Radiance Liquid Makeup on the cheeks, I take that On the Beach and sweep it from my temples down to my cheekbones.

 That’s some serious shimmer, baby!

Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am! That look takes no more than 4 minutes to do. But 5 if you’re jammin’ to an old Spice Girls song.

And then I apply the ever so wondeful NYX African Queen.

I LOVE this lip gloss. Get it in your life STAT!

And off I go! With a look like this I can only be going one place. Can you guess?

LOL! Me and my dramatics. This is what happens when you apply nail polish 2 minutes before you fall asleep. Talk about an epic fail! That’s Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear in Purple Potion.

B being B…

I just can’t seem to part with this Hello Kitty necklace turned rusty rearview mirror charm.

HK is my homie!

Have a fabulous weekend,

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FOTD Friday: Adventures in eye shadows

Boy, I tell ya, sisters…eye shadows just have NOT been showing me love these days. I’ve really been craving the color magenta with blue undertones. I blame in on The Falsies‘ packaging and NYX’s African Queen. I decided to pull out a color I haven’t touched in ages! MAC’s Pink Pearl pigment.

 Just look how that baby glows.

I used it in a FOTD Friday a good 2 years ago.

But mannn, I don’t know what happened but it just did not work for me this time. I think it’s because I used my beloved NYX Milk pencil instead of that rich red Artifact paint pot.

The outcome…

Can you say FAIL ten times fast? Someone out there is about to try it…ha! But seriously, I wasn’t a fan of this look. I will definitely be trying it again with a red or pink base.

Then I figured that I would play around with my Black Opal palettes. And look what happened…

Somebody say FAIL twenty times fast. At that point, I just figured it wasn’t meant for me to be rocking shadows and so I just settled for taking pictures of some of my new NYX palettes.

I love the color options in this palette. It’s the perfect blend of neutrals with great pops of color. But I was disappointed in the color payoff and at how chalky they were.

So I pulled out something a little more exciting.

Wow…sers! Check out the swatches….

I love that purple in the middle but you know what? I’m not sure about wearing these babies on the lid. I would straight up try and scratch my eye ball out if if a speck of glitter fell in. I may give it a try.

But not for quite some time since it appears that eye shadows aren’t liking me these days.

What have you been rockin’ on your lids these days?

Have a great weekend!

FOTD Friday: I got Savannah on my mind

It’s time for another travel edition of FOTD! I’ve taken you to the Bahamas, NYC, Miami, Los Angeles and beyond. If you haven’t noticed yet…I LOVE to travel. A lot. Every weekend, I think about about a city I want to go to and jet there. Which is almost ridiculous because I’m discovering that Orlando has a lot to offer beyond Mickey Mouse’s house. And since I plan to do little to no traveling this summer (a sista has to save some pennies, know what I mean?), you’ll be seeing a lot more in my own backyard travels.

But in the meantime…let me take you to a quaint Southern city called Savannah, Georgia.

I love the South. There is a certain kind of home-y feel that I get when I visit Louisiana, North Florida and South Georgia. Sometimes I think I can make it in the big city (failed that mission when I moved to LA..ha!) but when I really think about it, I think I am really made for Southern living. This Memorial Day trip was taken with the family. I don’t remember ever going to Savannah before but Mama Clumps keeps telling me that I went once with my Girl Scout troop. Did y’all know Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts was from Savannah? Any other former or current Girl Scouts?


Mmkaaaay, moving on! The trip up to Savannah from Orlando was almost 5 hours. Shooooot! This was my first time taking I-95 N in all of its hellish construction. First thing I did when I arrived was take a tour. Which I kinda had an attitude about. I’m like, “Forget a tour! Let’s just walk around.” But I ended up really enjoying it.

Savannah has some of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. This coming from a modern girl in a modern world. I never really had an appreciation for older style buildings and homes until I saw homes like this.

and this…

That home was considered a single family home. Can you believe that? It’s huge! It was later turned in a school. I found so much beauty in the homes and surroundings that I tried to be Ms. Photographer with everything.

Now because I’m not a good listener, I was so wrapped up in photo-taking, I missed A LOT of details and history. One time for multi-tasking!

Savannah was established in 1733. And the buildings show it!

The detail on this church is just breathtaking. And don’t these shutters tell a story?

We passed a lot of homes that had little plaques on them just showing how old they were.

And how cute is this itty bitty house? Interesting color.

What’s North Florida and South Georgia without Spanish moss? I grew up around this stuff but never really saw its beauty until now.

Moss is a living plant and doesn’t harm the tree that it grows on. In case you were wondering. :)

Savannah is also home to one of the oldest African American Baptist congregations in the United States, the First African Baptist Church.

The tour guide told us that there were tunnels in the church that led to the Underground Railroad. My mouth was left hanging open because although I kinda knew that (African American History was my major in college), it was just so moving and emotional for me to see that. Talk about being a true history nerd!

After we hopped off of the tour bus, we roamed around the city and ran into an outdoor market.

I purchased the most beautiful glass earrings for Mama Clumps. Actually I bought them for myself but in attempts to be selfless, I figured she would like them too. 😉 We went down to the riverfront.

…and enjoyed the breeze.

And then there’s the food! I was still on the road when the family went to Paula Deen’s restaurant. *insert fuming emoticon* We headed over to Tybee Island and ate at The Crab Shack. I’m not the biggest seafood fan so I can’t properly judge that spot. Savannah Candy Kitchen on the other hand…*faints*

This place was amazing! Every kind of old skool candy was there. They literally passed out samples of everything! I had the BEST peanut brittle. I had my first grit cake at The Bohemian and that was seriously the best tasting meal EVER! The flavors, the richness, the boldness, oh my!

We had a slammin’ breakfast at J. Christopher’s where I had an egg white omelet with avocados, spinach, tomatoes, grits and a side of buttah.

The latter I left sittin’ there but that omelet was delish! The last dinner of the trip was at Garibaldi’s Cafe which didn’t impress me too much. The food was decent but the service was the pits.

It’s hard to do Savannah in a weekend. My sister and I missed jumping on a Ghost Tour and I didn’t get to stop by any boutiques or shops. Another reason to go back!

Have you ever been to Savannah? From there? Want to visit?

Off I go to Miami this weekend. This upcoming week is Clumps’ 3-year anniversary Week. There won’t be any formal posts or reviews. Instead there will be giveaways totaling up to


You excited yet?

Have a great weekend!

FOTD Friday: Black Opal’s Caribbean Blue

Happy Friday, beautiful people!! Today’s FOTD is of me sporting a look from another Black Opal palette. KP, our guy editor, is on his way on a week long tropical vacation. I’m somewhat a little insanely jealous so I decided to dip into a palette that could bring the Caribbean to me.

Well, it ain’t exactly the beaches of Negril, Jamaica, but it’ll do!
A closer look of this palette…

If you are slowly trying to build your collection and want some affordable blues, this palette is it!!

The colors are highly pigmented and blend-able. Like the Gold Galaxy palette I featured, they are a bit frosty. To bring that frost-level down a bit, use a nice and creamy base. I used NYX’s Milk but I think a blue base would have really made this look pop a little more.

What I love about these palettes is that very color has a purpose! I ended up using every single one somewhere on my lid. And that itty bitty blue/black color in the middle is a dynamic crease color. I can see myself using that on regular.

For my lips, I used a bangin’ neutral combination!

Iman Cosmetics’ Strip Tease + Napoleon Perdis Nude Awakening + Stila’s Peach Cobbler=love.

For my cheeks, I used Lancôme Ageless Minerale Blush in Brilliant Berry.

Stay tuned for a review of that. It’s such a luscious mineral blush. The final look:

I love taking pictures in the car because it has the best lighting but there were WAY too many people around so I have to sneak down in my seat a bit. HA!!

I’m very impressed with these palettes, Black Opal. Oh! And I’m still oh so in love with Sally Hansen’s Hidden Treasure. I’ve got it layered over Diamond Cosmetics’ Matte Burgundy.

If you still can’t find that Hidden Treasure, Nubar has one JUST like it!! I’ll be reviewing that soon too. There is always something to look forward to on Clumps. Weeee!!

Anybody got any Memorial Day plans? I’m headed to West Palm, Hollywood and Miami for the weekend. Let’s see how many BBQs I can crash. 😉

Love you guys! Have a safe and wonderful weekend,

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