FOTD Friday: Insanely pink lips

It’s been a while since I’ve done a rockin’ pink lip. So I pulled out a lippy that I don’t wear much but love nonetheless.

That’s Stila’s Jewel Lip Glaze in Pink Diamonds. That paired with a shimmery but kinda muted pink eye from L’Oreal HIP gave me just what I was wanting.

There’s not much to say about this look other than it took me 5 minutes to do. Pink paired with brown on the outer-V will always be a fabulous combo in my book! 
And this is totally random but how amazing are grits?
I normally eat oatmeal for breakfast but lately I’ve been switching over to grits and OMG…I could eat it for every meal. Maybe it’s the Southern girl in me.
On to the look!
Iman Luxury Radiance  Liquid Makeup (only on the cheeks)
NARS Crazed blush

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
L’Oreal HIP metallic shadow duo in Sculpted
NARS Albatross highlighter 

NARS Edie eyeshadow (between crease and brow)
Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Forever Stay eye pencil
Stila’s waterproof liquid eye liner
….and a secret mascara that I’m testing for Lancôme

MAC  lip liner in Vino
Lancôme Color Design in Pink Preview
Stila Jewel Lip Glaze in Pink Diamonds

Gosh…what is it about pink lips that make me feel like I have to poke my lips out? HA! And I’m wearing my c/o 2003 Lincoln High School senior shirt in those pics. Insane! Like…why do I STILL have my class shirt? HA!

And that’s all, darlings! Simple but sweet.

Random Question of the Day: What would you rather eat for a year? Grits, oatmeal, cream of wheat or porridge? Or would you rather go without breakfast until lunch time? As much as I love grits, I’d have to go with oatmeal because they’ve got some nutritional value to them.

Off I go to NYC for the weekend, darlings! I’ll be tweeting my adventures at The Makeup Show along the way. Ciao!

Have a fabulous weekend,

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FOTD Friday: How to Wear A Red Lip

Hmmm mmmm, so y’all thought I was done talking about red lips, uh? Nope! You see…there are STILL several brown girls who think they can’t rock a red lip. Seriously, y’all? I can understand not wanting to wear a red lip work or class as it tends to be a little bold in those surroundings. But haven’t you had some moments when you just felt…”bad”? Fearless? Powerful? Some days call for a red lip. And so, my sisters…we’re going to find some ways to ease into wearing one.

You red-y?

First, remember this…if you’re not used to wearing the color red in the first place, it’s going to be mega hard getting used to wearing it on your lips. Take baby steps with the color. If you can’t rock it on the lips just yet, try wearing a red flower.

Yes, I know it’s very Niecy Nash of me but it’s Spring in Florida and this is how we roll, son! Ha! Okay, so even if you’re not down with wearing a red flower in your hair, try red finger nail polish.

Orly’s Poison Apple and Zoya’s America look stunning on the nails and can make you feel a wee bit more comfortable about rocking a red lip.

When it comes to wearing red lips, I always like to have a pretty neutral eye look. For today’s look I only used Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in Sin on the lid and liner on the waterline and lower lash line.

See the difference the liner on the left (my right) eye makes? Oh yeah! The reds we will be using today are MAC’s Port Red and Maybelline’s Are You Red-dy.

Never eeeever judge a lipstick by how it looks on the outside. What looks to be scary and highly pigmented lipstick can really be a moderately build-able lipstick. Don’t be intimidated!

Check out the differences between Port Red and Are You Red-dy.

Do you see how Port Red has a bit of a blue undertone to it? If you’re not used to rocking reds, this may not be the kind of red you want to start off with. One light coat of Are You Red-dy gives the lip a little red tint. 

Rock this for a while and then head on other to step two. So you’re red-y (okay, I’ll stop…hehe) to get a little more red in, uh? Careful now. One swipe of Port Red is pretty heavy.


If the red is still TOO red for you, you can always tone it down with a lip liner. Take MAC’s Vino for example…

This liner has a little pink in it and will darken the red. But, my sisters…puhlease do NOT forget to blend. The following is not a good look.

Yes…blend blend blend!

So while this lip is slightly darker than the previous one, it’s still red. I LOVE red lipstick. I’m not the type to wear it all the time but I love it when I’m feelin’ like a bad mamma jamma. So again, I urge my brown girls out there…try a red lip. No, you’re lips aren’t too big and no, your complexion is NOT too dark. There are many ways to rock a red lip. Do what works for you and feel confident doing it.

Love y’all!

FOTD Friday: Red is the color of the week!

Happy Friday, fam! Lately I’ve been all over the color red. I’ve been rocking everything from red dress shirts, red pumps (go ‘head Red Pump Project!), red lipsticks and then I went over the top and dyed my hair red. You can see the results of that over at my hair blog Loc Rocker.

It’s so sad. I never know when to stop when it comes to color. Remember when I was obsessed with purple? I ended up dyeing my hair purple then too. Sheesh! Do I have a disorder or somethin’, y’all? HA! Anywhoovers…I ended up doing something I hardly ever do…a red eye!

Now before we go any further, let me explain the horror show that is my brows. Uh…here’s the thing, I’ve decided to grow them up because uh, I want to start a new trend of accepting naturally thick and bushy brows and so—nah, I’m jivin’, y’all. They look like this because I haven’t gone to my threading lady in weeks. But we digress…ha!

Because my red hair dye didn’t take as much as I wanted it to, I decided to go even redder! And not with chemicals this time…but with yarn!

I wrapped bright red yarn around 2 locs and got that pop of red I was looking for. Holla! And as for my red eye,  I pulled out one of my favorite shadows, NARS Emmanuel. Check out the look!

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45
MAC Sweet As Cocoa blush
NARS Dolce Vita blush

L’Oreal HIP cream paint in Witty

Urban Decay primer potion
NARS Emmanuel e/s
MAC Sketch e/s
White shadow from Coastal Scents palette (my review here)
Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Forever Stay eye pencil
….and a secret mascara that I’m testing for Lancôme

MAC Lip liner in Vino
Lancôme Color Design lipstick in Lucky Kiss

NARS Dolce Vita is a great dusty rose blush. It gives a lil’ somethin’ without going overboard.

Lately I’ve been jammin’ to this…

Boy oh boy…some old skool Outkast is the best!  I’m not the biggest fan of rap/hip-hop but I can get down with with conscious lyrics and sick beats. What have you been jammin’ to these days? And who is this B.o.B guy? When it comes to new music, I so live under one of those rocks. Tragic!

Have a fabulous weekend,

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FOTD Friday: Work place look tutorial

Happy Friday, family!

So lately I’ve been getting a TON of emails about how I should do more tutorials. Who me? My ‘hardly wear make-up’ self? Well okay…if you insist! I’ve done this work-appropriate look before many times. In fact, it is probably my favorite quick works look.

It’s so unexpected. I mean, who would have thought that a brown a hot pink could make a hot combination? Of course you can use whatever products you have as I’m sure you will yield the same fabulous results.

First up, if you’re like me and have loco brows, tame them bad boys before leaving the house. I have very thick when I don’t over-tweeze them brows and I’m fine with that, I just like to keep them under control.

Next up is priming. Of course this is an optional step but I live in Florida and eye shadow melts within seconds of walking outside. No lie!

Be sure to blend blend blend!

If you feel like you need a little more depth, apply a burgundy eye shadow right in your crease.

Take your favorite pencil, gel or liquid liner and line your lower lashline.

And you KNOW we can’t forget this step…

I felt like the look needed a bit of a POP so I added a bit of silver in the near the tear ducts.

Define those cheekbones with a bit of color.

And there you have it! You’ve got a look perfect for the office space. No matter which co-worker you are.

Which one are you?

I’m definitely the silly one. Never a dull moment in my office. I’m heading to Atlanta this weekend for the World Natural Hair Show. I’m so excited to meet up with fellow natural hair bloggers. To get all of the happ’ns, you can follow my hair blog handle on Twitter at @LocRockin.

Love y’all! Have a great weekend!

FOTD Friday: My new camera, tattoos and yellow polish

Hi lovelies! Sooo…guess who got a new camera? Yes, it’s about time. One of the many roles that comes with being a blogger is attempting to be a photographer. I take it pretty seriously. For every 1 photo that I post, I took at least 12. Insane, right? For the most part my Sony Cybershot DSC W55 has been pretty solid for the three years I’ve had it. It’s in THEE worst condition but manages to crank out pretty good HD videos and photos.
But it was time to upgrade to a snazzier Sony Cybershot. I’m still learning how to use it but in the meantime, I’ve been taking some pretty cool random shots. 
But first my FOTD. I really wanted to do a soft purple eye using some of my favorite Stila eye shadows.

But for whatever reason that didn’t come out too well.

And it’s written all over my face. The lippie, however, is a fabulous new lipstick from Lancome. Stay tuned for that feature! And now for random photos.

Wrist tat at the wheel.

Do you have any tattoos? The Clumps Facebook group had a TON to say about tats. Some ladies even posted theirs. And they are beautiful! Many of my friends told me that getting a tattoo there was a bad idea and that it would make me unemployable. Know what? Most people never even noticed it.

I have a little round window in my house that peers right into the window of a neighbor across the street. Sometimes when I’m wandering in the kitchen late at night for a drink of water,  I can see her wandering in her kitchen too. Strange!

Our past can  help us prepare for the future. Sankofa.

 Any Erykah Badu fans? I have every single one of her albums and know all of the songs. She’ll be in concert in Miami and I won’t be able to make it. *tears*

I don’t like wire fences. I don’t like fences period. Unless they are at zoos. I don’t need a polar bear charging at me. But I don’t really like zoos either. I feel so bad for the animals.

Do you have any brands of polish where you only own ONE of the polishes? Such would be the case for Creative.

Yellow polishes! Like ’em? Hate ’em? Post on those coming soon…

I am really falling in love with photography again, y’all. I think I’ll take a class this summer.

Off I go to snap more shots.

Love y’all! Have a great weekend!

FOTD Friday: The News Edition

My face is taking a break from its appearance on today’s FOTD Friday. Y’all better not be cheering. HA! In its place is a fabulous giveaway and random news I wanted to announce to the Clumps family.

First up..

Temptation is Beautiful giveaway

Click on the picture above for a chance to win a trip for 4 to Vegas! You know I’ve already entered, right? The cool thing is that a daily beauty basket will be awarded daily. For US residents only. Oh and take the Temptress Temperature Quiz! Mine temp was “Just Right” Apparently I’m the perfect balance between sex kitten and girl next door. LOL!

Look out for CoverGirl Lash Blast 
Fusion mascara!

The above video is of make-up artist Pat McGrath (love her!) using CoverGirl’s newest mascara Lash Blast Fusion. This mascara won’t be available until April, buuuut but you can get it before anyone else staring March 12th during the exclusive online pre-sale. Pre-sale customers can get free shipping from March 12th – April 5th, limited quantity while supplies last. Visit beginning March 12th to find an e-retailer. You know I’m gettin’ this, right?

The Clumps Facebook fam

OMG, have you joined our Facebook fanpage yet? It is loads of fun. Last week I gifted two readers with brand new mascaras. The Facebook group is usually where I head first when I want to share beauty finds and ideas. We are 777 fans strong and growing!


Clumps is the first blog to be featured under the Blog Spotlight on interviews me and I ramble about beauty and health and how they are synomyous. Check out the interview here.

Zoya Gives away a Free Bottle of Remove +

Now how did Zoya  know I needed some more of this stuff? The above photo shows the damage I did just to ensure that I could get a free 8 oz bottle of Zoya’s nail polish remover. I’ve reviewed it here and I’m still using it religiously. Until Monday, March 15th, if you make a purchase of $10 or more, you get a free 8 oz bottle of Remove +.! Use the code: BF5. Click here to get your shop on!

Tis all for now, my darlings. This post makes Clumps’ 900th post. WOWSERS! Thanks for sticking with me through it all. Bad brows, adult acne, fuzzy hair and all…the Clumps fam is the best!

Love y’all!

FOTD Friday: Strawberry/Blueberry Milk

Happy Friday, friends! It took long enough but I finally found some inspiration. And I owe it all to NYX’s jumbo pencil in Milk. Why didn’t y’all tell me how awesome this pencil was? Seriously…where have I been? I’ve heard of fellow beauty bloggers using this as a base but WOW! I never thought it would make my eye shadow pop the way it did. See!

Click the jump to see what the final look looked like!

I was in the mood of doing something a little “out there” with my Make Up For Ever shadows. In a perfect world I would know the numbers to these colors. But this world ain’t perfect and so I don’t. HA! I titled this post strawberry/blueberry milk because that’s what the colors look like. Or am I just hungry? Hmm…
On to the look..
MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45
MAC Sweet As Cocoa blush
Illamasqua blush in Thrust 

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX Cosmetics Milk jumbo pencil
Make Up For Ever pink (???)
Make Up For Ever blue (???)
Coastal Scents’ white matte eye shadow

NARS Edie eyeshadow (between crease and brow)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
Stila’s waterproof liquid eye liner
Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara

Stila Brown Sugar lip gloss

Did I ever tell y’all that I have a slight lazy eye? I’m not kidding. I have to struggle to “lift” my left eye because it tends to droop a great deal–especially when I’m smiling for a picture. I’m getting better at lifting it though. NOW I’m ready for America’s Next Top Lazy Eye Model. Holla!
I had to get all “extra”…lol.

I’ve been wearing head scarves a lot lately. Sometimes the hair needs a break from the elements, know what I mean?

I was mega impressed at that NYX pencil’s performance. I’ll have to do a complete review on it soon. Yes, I feel a little loser-ish for just now getting on the bandwagon. Ah well… Better late than never, I guess.

I’m off to Tampa Bay for the weekend. My girl Kamay is getting married. I’m so happy for her!

Have a fabulous weekend,

FOTD Friday: Neutral Eyes, Poppin’ Lip via tutorial

Happy Friday, y’all It’s been a super long week. But I can’t wait for the weekend because I’ll be visiting my Goddaughter aaaaand heading to Miami for some weekend fun. I’ve really been itching to go to Atlanta for a few weeks not but uh…a sista needs some sun. Not snow. Know what I’m sayin’?

Lately, my YouTube family has been asking me to do tutorials. No bueno! While I enjoy watching some of the beauty tutorials on YouTube, actually DOING them is quite the challenge. You have to take so many things into consideration. Liiiiike….

-Am I talking too loudly?
-Am I boring?
-Am I being too silly?
-Am I talking too fast?
-Did I say “like”, “um”, “totally” too many times?
-Is the camera focusing?
-Is the lighting okay?
-Is the TuPac playing in the background too loud?

Hmm mm…all of that. It ain’t a easy job. And how regular YouTube beauty gurus do it, I’ll never know. But I tried. And here it is…

This tutorial focuses on achieving a pretty simply eye with a hot and poppin’ lip. I used..

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45
MAC Sweet As Cocoa blush
Cargo blush in Lyon

MAC Paint in Bamboo (base)
Cargo Bronzer in medium (lid)
MAC Handwritten e/s (outer-V)
NARS Edie (between crease and brow)
Coastal Scents Matte white e/s
MAC Espresso e/s (deepens crease)

Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
Stila’s waterproof liquid eye liner
Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara

Oyin Handmade Honeystick
NYC Cosmetics lipstick in Lyon
MAC Vino lipliner
MAC Funtabulous Dazzleglass

Such an easy look to achieve for even the most newbie-esque lady.  What do you think? What lippie do you use when you want a poppin’ lip?

Follow me on Twitter…I’ll be tweeting pretty Miami stuffs all weekend. 

Love y’all!