FOTD Friday: Make Up For Ever, I Love Forever!

Have I ever told y’all how much I love Make Up For Ever? Their eye shadows are impeccable. Amazing. Phenomenal. They rock beyond belief. They only thing stopping me from indulging in more of their products is the hefty price tag. It’s tough to give up $19 a shadow…even if they are are all that and a bag of pita chips. If it weren’t for the discounts at The Makeup Show NYC, I’m not sure if I would be able to play around with MUFE as much.

Whaaat? I’m being honest. Y’all know I’m a bit frugalista.

I decided to play around with some pinks. It took me awhile to warm up to pinks. I didn’t think they could work well on brown skin. How gorgeous are these?

And some swatches….

Oh yeah, MUFE…you got it goin’ on and you know it. I was rushing for work and didn’t have much time to really pack on the color like I wanted to. I called in another color to help me out.

I really wish MUFE had names for their colors. They go by numbers and since mine sit in a palette and I didn’t think to mark them before placing them in the palette. I don’t even much know what is what. Ahhh well…

My first few attempts with dealing with the mattes had me struggling.

I tweaked it a bit and tried to make it work appropriate and neat. I also played around with some liquid liner (gulp) and did a cat eye. Haven’t done one of those in for-ev-er!

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45
MAC Sweet As Cocoa blush
(same ole’ same ole’…if my skin likes it, so do I!)

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Hip cream paint in Witty

NARS Edie e/s
NARS Albatross highlighter
4 ‘unknown’ Make Up For Ever e/s
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
Iman Cosmetics Luxury Liquid eyeliner in Onyx
Diorshow mascara in Plum

MAC Lip liner in Chestnut (brown girl classic, right? lol)
Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick in Nearly There
Maybelline ColorSensational lipgloss in Broadway Bronze

I mean….I don’t know. I’m not 100% feeling this look. I definitely could have spent more time blending and packing on the color for high intensity color payoff. MUFE shadows really aren’t for the weak. You have to bring your A game if you blame on rollin’ with these top dawgs.

I’ve learned my lesson. Still love you, MUFE! And we shall meet again. More preferably on a weekend when I can be all free and uninhibited.

Any of ya’ll dabble in Make Up For Ever?

Love ’em? Hate ’em?

Have an awesome weekend,

Iman Cosmetics liquid eyeliner and Maybelline ColorSensational products were provided to us for post consideration by PR representatives. Read our disclosure policy here

FOTD Friday: Gel liners steal the show

Hi friends!

Gosh….that sounds so lame and dorky. But that’s me. HA!! Before I drop the deets on this week’s FOTD, I wanted to thank you all for the kind words in reference to Clumps’ new logo. I really deserve no credit as I just had the vision. It was Kris from Voz Visual Designs who made it come to life. He comes highly recommended. He and wife Execumama are crazy talented. But I’ll boast and brag more about them later.

Moving on..

Clumps is getting an online store. But more about that later. Get excited now though, kay?

Okay, NOW to the topic at hand. Have I told y’all how much I love cream liners? I’ve reviewed several. I love love love them! I wanted to do a look this week in which the gel liners stole the show.

So I pulled out some of my favorites.

Thank you Urban Decay, Stila and Inglot for making such making fantastic gel liners. Which one is my favorite? I can’t even choose. I’m a dedicated MAC Fluidline fan. And I’m enamored with Lancome’s Ink Artliner too. Gel liners are fantabulous and if you haven’t played with ’em yet….hop to it!

I did a pretty basic neutral eye. I really wanted the liners to pop so first things first. I smudged Stila’s smudge pot on my waterline.

Purple goodness! Then I lined my lower lash line with both Inglot’s beautiful turquoise and Urban Decay’s insane green. Expect reviews on both. And then I topped it off with a blue mascara!

….the rest of the face.

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45
MAC Sweet As Cocoa blush

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

L’Oreal Hip cream paint in Witty
NARS Edie e/s
NARS Albatross highlighter
MAC Sketch e/s
Stila Barbie Smudge Pot in Purple Pumps (my review here)
Urban Decay cream liner in Loaded
Inglot Crean liner in 87
YSL’s ‘Volume Effet Faux Cils’ Luxurious mascara (my review here)

Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick in Born With It
Illamasqua sheer lip gloss in Tantrum

Fun colored liners bring some kind of personality to an otherwise boring look, uh? I want to do this again for a night look with more intensity. Yesss!!

And look at my cute Nine West booties!

I’m a good 5’10 in these things. I feel like I have style and grace when I wear them. Too bad I can’t walk in them to save my life. Exactly HOW long should it take to break in some shoes? Lawd….

I’ll actually be sittin’ still this weekend. Clumps duties are calling my name. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Stay beautiful,

FOTD Friday: Goin’ green on the lids….

So the other day something tragic happened. I was making my green smoothie…like I do every evening for the following day. This particular smoothie was probably one of the best I had ever made (that’s my Drake remix, haha!). It was chock full of kale and spinach with a sweet amount of coconut and almond milk. I tossed in some apple pieces, a banana, strawberries, pineapple and topped it off with cinnamon. It was beyond tasty.

So tasty that I guess the floor wanted try some too (haha, love that Mama Soybean).

But how beautifully tragic is that spill? The formation is kinda awesome. And it is a gorgeous shade of green. It was so pretty that my silly self had to take a picture of it and tweet it. Sometimes you really have to find beauty in….odd circumstances. Like in a green smoothie committing drinkicide.

Anyway….it inspired me to play around with some greens. So I did!!

I used MAC’s Humid for the outer-V.

That was one of my FIRST eye shadows. Humid holds a special place en mi corazon. I was going for a pretty subtle green eye. Didn’t want anything to POW, ya know? And I wanted plain cheeks with a glossy brown lip.

But if you look closer, I made a ton of application mistakes while in a hurry. Experimenting before work is never a good idea. But y’all know I don’t care. Posting my mistakes is kinda fun…..kinda.

Here we go!

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45
MAC Sweet As Cocoa blush

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

L’Oreal Hip cream paint in Witty
A green from Milani Cosmetics
MAC Humid e/s
NARS Edie e/s
NARS Albatross highlighter
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero

Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Mildew
Clinique Glossy mascara

MAC lipliner in Chestnut
Stila Lip Glaze in Brown Sugar

….yikes, don’t be like me. Blend your primer thoroughly!

I love greens.

Don’t youuuu?

Off to Atlanta for the weekend! I’ll be live tweeting my adventures, so be sure to tune in!

Have an awesome weekend, y’all.

Stay beautiful,

FOTD Friday: L’Oreal HIP’s Sculpted eyeshadow duo

Hi fam!

Soooo, a reader asked me about L’Oreal HIP’s eyeshadow duo in Sculpted. That would be this baby here.

Gorgeous, uh? She wanted to know how to make it into a wearable work-safe look. I didn’t think it was possible only because this is one of L’O HIP’s “metallic” duos….but after playing around a bit, I think you can roll up in a meeting with this duo and not get the side eye.

First…here are some swatches.

I would describe the color to the left as a silver based pink. Even when packed on, it doesn’t seem to be too intimidating. However, the darker color, which I would describe as as a chalky black with pink shimmer, can be a little scary if you don’t take your time.

To make sure I don’t overdo it with darker colors on the crease, I have a little method. I do a dot!

That little dot of shadow, when blended across the crease, will be more than enough. Windshield wiper motion time, chicks!

And has anyone tried Urban Decay’s liner in 1999?

Loves it! I lined the inner half of my waterline with this. On to the look!

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45
MAC Flirt & Tease blush

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

L’Oreal Hip cream paint in Witty
L’Oreal HIP duo in Sculpted
NARS Albatross highlighter
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in 1999
Lancome Hypnose mascara

MAC lipliner in Vino

Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick in Born With It

… about a blush overload. I kinda love it though. What do y’all think?


So yeah…although it’s a “metallic” duo, Sculpted is pretty wearable. Application is everything. Adding some more of that chalky black can turn it into a bangin’ night eye.

Holla! Does anyone have this duo? Want it? Hate it?

I love you, wonderful people. Have fantastic weekend!

Stay beautiful,

FOTD Friday: Iman Cosmetics, Take 1

As promised, my darlings, I am doing a face of the day from my run-in with some Iman Cosmetics goodies. I’ll incorporate them in more FOTDs and with complete reviews and all!

This time I played around with the eyeshadow Mahogany.

This is such a beautiful soft brown that blends like a dream. It’s a matte..and it may be one of my favorite mattes of all time. Just look at how the brush soaks it up.

Wow! I applied it on the outer-V and crease like so….

Okay, so I am REALLY in love with Mahogany, y’all. It gave me such depth with little effort. As with most mattes, a little goes a long way so if you use this, you better use a light hand or you may apply too much.

On to the cheeks….I used Iman Cosmetics’ Freesia blush.

Now, at first swatch…I really thought I would like this. It looked beautiful against my skin when I swatched it on the arm, see?

But it was a different story when I applied it on the cheeks. It looked like I got punched on both sides. I ain’t lyin’, yall.

It could very well be me. I’ll admit I’m not the best with darker blushes application. I’ll have to consult with a make-up artist on this one. Here’s the look all pulled together!

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45
MAC Sweet As Cocoa blush
Iman Cosmetics Freesia blush
MAC MSF in Petticoat (I had to put this over Freesia)

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

L’Oreal Shadow paint in Witty
Cargo bronzer in medium
Iman Cosmetics Mahogany e/s
NARS Edie e/s

NARS Albatross highlighter
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
NYC Cosmetics eyeliner in Teal
Lancome Ink Artliner in Indigo Charm
Dolce & Gabanna’s lipstick in Dahlia
…I love this lipstick so much I even took a picture of it and put it on my laptop’s desktop. HA!

Oh….back to the topic at hand.

I be jammin’ on the way to work!

And I’m still leaving positive notes in random places for people to see.

Y’all should really get on the Operation Beautiful bandwagon. It’s quite addicting, I tell ya! And what better addiction to have than to make people feel good about themselves? I try to do it every day.

I’m such a cornball. HA!

Alright darlings….have a WONDERFUL weekend

Stay beautiful,

FOTD Friday: My Halloween/funky looks

Hi darlings!

So this year I didn’t do a Halloween look. And I usually do. I guess I didn’t do much brainstorming this year. I know, I suck.

So….here’s a blast from the past of my most creative looks.

And, in a few days I will be be celebrating my 2-year brow accident anniversary. LOL, not really a celebration. But I will never forget that awful incident. I walked around like this for months….

So dark and dramatic, I know. HA!

Have a safe Halloween, fam!

FOTD Friday: Purples Eyes and Purple Nails

Purples have struck me again! Can you believe this? It’s out of control really. I think my last few FOTDs have been surrounded around purples. There is clearly something in the water. I’m hoping that I can break this streak and dabble into more colors. But for right now purples are rocking my world.

Remember when I showed ya’ll the fabulousness that is Stila’s Barbie Smudge pot in Purple Pumps? I decided to use it as a base. I find that it’s a little tricky because it is super glittery. It takes quite a bit of packing on.

But I managed to crank out a little somethin’-somethin’…

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45

MAC blush in Sweet As Cocoa

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Nocturnelle e/s

MAC Vibrant Grape e/s
MAC fluidline in Blacktrack
NARS Albatross highlighter
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
Lancome Oscillation mascara
Inglot lipstick in #204

I am lovin’ that lipstick!

….and then there are the nails. I used Essie’s Matte About You over Diamond Cosmetics’ Crushed Velvet. Whoa!

And I’ve fallen in love with Color Club’s Wild at Heart.

Seriously the best polish I have seen in my entire life. But I say that about everything right?

Purples are amazing. On the eyes, on the nails, on the lips, in the hair….I’ve done it all. And I hearby retire purples for at least a good 2 months!


Okay….NOW I’m done. :)

Happy weekend, y’all!

Stay beautiful,

FOTD Friday: Making eyes pop through glasses

Still SO in love with my glasses. And I’ve been enjoying finding ways to really make my eyes pop. So this FOTD Friday is comprised of 4 tips to help glasses-wearin’ ladies feel super confident behind their glasses.

So first up….

Defining the brows

Okay, so this is major for anyone, I think. Brows really shape the face and give character. And even more so when you are rockin’ glasses.

Illuminating the browbone

I don’t always do this but I find that it helps draw attention to my eyes.

Bringing the crease up a bit

Normally I place shadow color RIGHT in my crease. However, since I’ve been wearing glasses, I notice that sometimes the frame blocks the crease. Bringing the color up a liiiittle more really allows for my eyes to look like they’ve got somethin’ goin’ on.

Liner, baby!

Um, yeah….y’all know how much I love liner! Colored liners really make the eyes pop. But you already knew that right? Hehe….

Wear your glasses with pride, ladies!

I even did a short video of these tips while I was in Atlanta.

Enjoy the weekend, fam!!