Around Orlando: Wonderworks, Indoor Theme Park

Most Orlando locals stay far away from the infamous International Drive. But lately I’ve been slightly obsessed with hitting I-Drive to check out some of the restaurants and attractions. And I just knew it was meant to be when Groupon had a deal of discount tickets to Wonderworks.

Hollers! I’ve been eyeing this upside down joint for years. And I finally ventured inside.

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Feelin’ like a G with my Baby G

How perfect is this watch for Valentine’s Day? I’ve always been a lover of watches. And watch lovers have to have the right watches for the right occasions. You know…because working out while wearing a Movado watch is so not happenin’.

Baby G to the rescue!
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Lash Card and Bali Intimates Winners!

Congratulations to the following ladies who won some sweet goodies!

Winner from the Lash Card giveaway:

Ebony from Missouri

Winners from the Bali Intimates giveaway:

Khristel from Massachusetts
Jessica from Utah
Yvonne from Virginia
Stacey from Nebraska
Temeka in North Dakota
Jana from New York
Sabrina from Tennessee
Connie from West Virginia
Lori from California
Kate from Delaware

Food Yum: California Pizza Kitchen’s veggie pizza

A lot of people assume it, but I’m not a vegetarian. Once upon a time I used to be one. And although I consume (and love) poultry and fish twice a week or so, I still choose vegetarian options when they are available. Such was the case at California Pizza Kitchen. I’ve tried several of their pizzas but the roasted veggies with goat cheese was by far the best!

Girlfriend, yes. This pizza rocked my world.

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Guess who won a Best Blogger Contest?

The other week I was aimlessly checking my Twitter feed and came across a tweet from Shecky’s. You know about Shecky’s, don’t you? They only throw the BEST Girls Night Out events everrrrr. I went to the one in Miami a few months ago and had an amazing time.

Shecky’s was having a Best Blogger contest and I decided to enter. The winner would get the opportunity to write articles for the Shecky’s community. Well…I won! Total shocker, right? I am humbled and honored and can’t wait to crank out pieces.

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See you there, lovelies!

Green Smoothie Recipe: January Hurricane

The Clumps Facebook fam has requested it and so I bring you another green smoothie recipe. Last year I debuted my love for green smoothies and the obsession has not ended. I wasn’t drinking them as much during the holidays but they are back and with a vengeance. Bwahahaaa!! Hit the jump for a super easy and delicious green smoothie recipe. I call this one January Hurricane. It is named after the day Orlando went nuts when hurricane-like weather panicked the city.

What you’ll need:

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