Free Hello Kitty Beauty goodies for Sephora VIB!

As if I’m not obsessed with this collection enough, check out what just landed in my inbox…

Aw man. Looks like I’ll be in Sephora AGAIN this weekend. Lately that place has been callin’ my name somethin’ serious.

When I’m at work: “Brittaaaanyyy…”

When I’m working out: “Brittanyyyy….”

When I’m blogging: “Yo! Beeeee!”

At least I HOPE that’s Sephora calling my name. 😕 If you are a Sephora VIB and have at least 100 points in your bank then you are eligible to snag that Hello Kitty fragrance sample. I got a whiff of it last weekend and while it was too fruity and sweet for my liking, I still want it for packaging purposes.

I know, I know. Don’t judge me. Have you checked out the Hello Kitty Beauty collection yet? Whatcha think? Oh, and unless you are ready to spend ALL of your money on this cuteness, do NOT watch this video.

I’ve warned you.


Food Yum: Bahama Breeze, take me away!

Since I’ve been wanting to incorporate more food posts on Clumps, I guess I should give the unofficial series a name. Food Yum it is!

The other night I had dinner at Bahama Breeze. For the first time in years! I went down to the one off of International Drive in Orlando. I-Drive is also known as Restaurant Row and is always swarming of tourists. Us locals usually stay far away. But Bahama Breeze’s Creole Baked Goat Cheese made dodgin’ the bad driving tourists worth it.

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Happy Martin Luther King Day!

I took this picture when I went to Washington D.C. this past summer. I stood on a little plate that indicated that that location is where Martin Luther King stood when he made his “I Have A Dream” speech.

That’s pretty deep, uh?

This day has always had some significance to me. It was never just a day off. Whether I’m in a parade or attend some festivities, this day always gives me a chance to remember our past. And it’s even more so a motivator to work hard in the present so that I can leave footprints for the future.

Happy Martin Luther King Day.

POLL: Lady Gaga’s Polaroid Sunglasses

Where are my fellow tech geeks? The Consumer Electronics Show is like OUR Fashion Week. I’m already addicted to reading Mashable, CNET and other tech-y blogs, but I am in an excited frenzy when I see CES highlights.

I practically did a cartwheel when I saw Lady Gaga and the gadgets that she helped design. I wouldn’t agree with everything she said at the unveiling (nor would I agree with what she wears…ever) but I am digging the idea of having a camera and camcorder on shades. What do you think?

[polldaddy poll=4358543]

Black Opal True Beauty Model Search

How cool would it be to be the face of Black Opal? It could be you!

Per the press release…

Anyone is eligible to enter, including full-time, part-time, continuing education students, for a chance to win the following:

ONE  GRAND PRIZE: The opportunity to be featured in Black Opal’s promotions and become the new face of Black Opal.  Enjoy the red carpet moment with an all-expense trip to New York City starring in a model’s cover shoot.  The one grand prize winner will be awarded a $20,000 scholarship (payable directly to the school)

Aaaand…there’s more than one winner! Hit the jump to get the deets.

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POLL: Oprah’s OWN Network. You watchin’?

Happy Saturday, lovelies! I just left from having a fabulous lunch with Mommy and travel blogger Lee over at My Sentiments Exactlee. Yep, Orlando has a network of mega cool bloggers.

Lee has inspired me in many ways and while I’ve been thinking about it for a few months, it’s only been recently when I’ve decided to take Clumps to a new level. Beyond beauty. New series and different features. Starting with polls!

On my way back home I got a radio plug for Oprah’s OWN Network. I’m not much of a TV watcher so I can’t say for sure or not if I’ll be tuning it. But what about you?

[polldaddy poll=4358210]

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Join CVS’ Beauty Club!

Where are my drugstore divas at? If you are a regular shopper at CVS, you are going to love how they have made shopping a little sweeter. The CVS ExtraCare card already saves you a ton when you use it at each checkout. But when you become a member of the Beauty Club, you save more on products that you actually purchase. The membership perks include…

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