100th Mascara Giveaway Week: Korres Mascara duo giveaway!

Day 3 of our Mascara-A-Day giveaway and we’ve received a TON of entries. And remember, if you’ve already entered the previous 2 giveaways, you can totally press your luck and enter the remaining ones. Be sure to check the running dates. Some giveaways are for just a few hours and only the entries that have been received BEFORE that time will be valid.

I’ve got another one for you. THREE lucky ladies will win a mascara duo for Korres. The duo includes their Black Provitamin B5 & Rice Bran and their Abyssinia Oil mascara.

Here’s how you can win!

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100th Mascara Giveaway Week: Physician Formula Shimmer mascara duo!

It’s round 2 of this week’s mascara giveaway. This time I’m giving away a mascara that even I haven’t tried yet. Have y’all seen Physician Formula’s Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing mascara duo’s? That’s a mouthful, I know.

I can’t wait to try it out! One side gives you dramatic dark lashes and the other side coats your lashes with an eye brightening shade. Like, you know…green! As a brown eye-d girl, I’m “supposed” to be rocking the duo with the purple but I’d totally try all four. One lucky lady will get that chance!

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100th Mascara Giveaway Week: Rimmel Lash Accelerator

It’s a great time at Clumps of Mascara, y’all. With celebrating 3 years in June, expanding my readership and blogging from a new platform (WordPress, holla!), I’ve been super excited with what Clumps of Mascara represents. In addition to being a blog that features and supports others ladies, gives you silly (but informative) product reviews and attempts to let brown girls know how beautiful they are, we are also the largest mascara review archive on the net. Yeahhhh boi! :)

Last week made the 100th mascara review and you know what that means…

Giveaways, of course! Be sure to check the rules as some will only last for a few hours. Others are for Facebook or Twitter users only. And some are just for Clumps of Mascara subscribers.

Last week I reviewed Rimmel’s Lash Accelerator. Which I absolutely LOVED! I am still rockin’ it as we speak. 5 lucky Clumps of Mascara readers will get a chance to snag this mascara. Hit the jump to get the deets on how to win.

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Make-up at Blogalicious + cute kids

As a beauty blogger, sometimes I feel like I HAVE to wear make-up at events where I am representing Clumps of Mascara. Beauty blogger=she must wear make-up all of the time, right? Wrong. I may don a face of make-up 3 times a week tops. But because I was out and about meeting with fellow bloggers, I wanted to look jazzy and so here’s what I was rockin’…

That’s my little cousin B. Yep, he’s a B too. Silliest boy ever.

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What are you reading?

If you didn’t really know me you’d think I am all about beauty and blogging. While I spend hours a week dabbling into both, I kinda sorta (I think) have a life outside of Clumps of Mascara. I’m in organizations, I’m a mentor, I go to church, I travel, I do yoga and oh…I READ!!

I’ve been obsessed with books for as long as I can remember. Forget having a “Beauty Room”. My dream house would have a library with shelves of books. As much of a techie as I am, I simply can’t get down with e-books. There’s nothing like curling up with a good book in bed; flipping the pages in anticipation. Tossing the book out of shock and surprise. And I can never read one at a time. Nor can I read only fiction or only non-fiction. I like to switch it up. For every hardcore novel I read, I follow up with something fun and light.

What are you reading? And can you get down with e-books or would you rather have the real deal?

Sista Show Off: QuellyRue Designs

Welcome to another post from the Sista Show Off series! In this series I like to show some love to other companies, blogs, businesses, organizations or just regular ladies like myself who are paving the way for women everywhere! Let me feature you! Shoot me an email at Brittany@ClumpsOfMascara.com.

QuellyRue Designs is a collection of handmade crafts, art, and accessories that is full of bohemian flare, whimsical, yet refined and reminiscent of a love for Africa.

Having already made 2 orders from QuellyRue Designs, I simply can’t say enough above this sista and her amazing talent.

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Brown and Blushin': NYX Tango Bronzer Powder

Here in the great state of Florida (or Flo’duh if you’ve got that Southern draw..:p) it is still practically summer time. Sure the heat index has gone down a bit and the humidity isn’t at 100% anymore but we are still hitting 80’s and 90’s in Central Florida. So while bronzers are typically used during the summer time, I have found one that I’m going to be sporting during the Fall and Winter.

‘Nuff said, uh? That bad boy is gorgeous! Hit the jump to get the deets.

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I’m recovering from Blogalicious 2010

Ohmigoodness, y’all…I’ve had one of the BEST weekends ever. I took the Black Star (my car’s pimp name yo) down South to Miami for the Blogalicious Conference. I spoke at the conference last year and left feeling so inspired. Times that by 50 and you’ll understand how I felt this year.

Imagine being around women all over who understand your passion. They understand social media. They get why you blog. They come from Atlanta, San Francisco, North Carolina and San Antonio. They are young 20-somethin’ year olds and retired grandmothers. We went to sessions and workshops that were destined to help us reach our fullest potentials. We yoga’d and partied acted…ourselves. Twas dreamy. So while I don’t have a Mascara Monday for y’all today, stay tuned for random posts about the Blogalicious Conference. And let’s hope I can catch up on some sleep. I feel like a total zombie. Oh and check out my hair blog’s feature in Essence magazine. Clumps’ baby sister is growing up!

Love to love ya,