Amor de Lacquer: Broadway Fashion Diva Chrome nails

Welcome to another post of Amor de Lacquer…the series all about nail polish and nail care. Send me your requests, suggestions and ideas to Raise your hand if you’ve been wanting to rock Minx nails for like….ever now? I mean, honestly…I’ve never been on the “do what the celebs do” when it comes to beauty and fashion trends, but I’ve been all over Minx nails. Solange rocked the fiercest set in my book.

I’ve been wanting to try Minx myself but I swear y’all…my cheapness will be the death of me. Minx nails can be pretty costly ranging anywhere from $35-$75. And they don’t even last THAT long. But as with anything that’s crazy in price, it doesn’t take long for a budget-friendly alternative to hit the scenes.


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Physician Formula’s Gel CreamLiners

Girl, lemme tell you…since I’ve been on this “Green Kick” as some of my friends like to call it, I’ve been all about green-ing up my cosmetics. Now, I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that all of my products are natural, organic and comes from the earth. But I am slowly making changes and being more aware of the products that I do use.

I’m finding that swapping every day products with greener ones is the best way to green-ify. I’ve done it with pencil liners and I am so glad that I can officially retire my MAC Fluidlines.

Physician Formula’s liners are epic.

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MAC Venomous Villains party

Let me tell y’all something about Orlando, Florida…it’s more than just Disney World. I know…shocker, right? Having lived here for 2.25 years, I can tell you that nothing annoys Orlando residents more than people asking about Disney World and Mickey Mouse. While I love Brotha Mouse, I haven’t seen that homeboy in years. Orlando has sites and locations that most visitors don’t see because they stay in the Disney World and Universal Studio areas. The Mall at Millenia would not be one of those places though.

Despite it being full of tourists, I kinda dig Millenia. It just so happened to be the location for Orlando’s Fashion Week (yeah, I totally missed that too) and one of the events for Fashion Week was a MAC party hosted by the MAC Pro here in Orlando. I rolled up in that piece with a bit of an attitude. I mean, MAC is cool and all and *insert reasons for why I’m not obsessed with them as much as I used to be* and even though I was a huge Disney kid, I just wasn’t all that interested in the Venomous Villains collection.

My make-up artist Mark totally changed my mind on that. He gave me one of the fiercest looks I have EVER had.

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Giveaway Winners! Clean Well & Fashion Week Prize Pack

With revamping Clumps and organizing posts, I completely forgot to announce the winners of the CleanWell hand sanitizer and Fashion Week prize pack giveaways. Soooo…

Congrats to these lovely ladies reppin’ NYC, Chicago and Cali. There was originally supposed to be just one winner for the CleanWell giveaway, but I made a goof. :) Stay tuned for future giveaways and thanks to all who entered!

Mascara Monday: YSL Mascara Singulier Exaggerated Lashes

Clumps readers are pretty funny. Some of them are annoyed to bits when I review pricey mascaras. The fact is, to be an adequate resource for mascara lovers, I think I HAVE to review all kinds of mascaras. While some of us don’t want to spend over $7 on a tube, there are other ladies, that would rather use luxury brands. And I think that’s perfectly fine! As Mama Clumps, “Do what yo can afford.” Yves Saint Laurent is one brand that I WISH I could dive into more. y wallet simply won’t allow me. But after reviewing YSL’s Volume Effet Faux Cils, I was hooked. Can Singulier Exaggerated Lashes do the same thing?

YSL Mascara Singulier Exaggerated Lashes

FOTD Friday: Super matte eyes + insane red lip

Happy Friday, you amazing peeps! I am SO glad it’s the weekend. Aside from a quick day trip to Tampa Bay, I’ll be reading WordPress for Dummies and tweaking Clumps ALL weekend long. I’m behind on quite a bit but don’t think it’s because I don’t love you. A sista is just a wee bit overwhelmed, ya dig? My sister friend Sheryl and I (heyyy girl!) were texting back and forth about matte eye shadow and how much we love it. Indeed, matte eye shadow gives any look that “airbrushed” touched. And when done correctly, it is absolutely flawless. I played around with one and topped it off with the reddest lip EVAH.

Oh yeah…it’s serious.

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MBFW-Swim 2011: Backstage at Mara Hoffman

It’s no big deal for my New York bloggers, but this Florida blogger has never been backstage at any Mercedes-Benz fashion show. Which believe it or not, is a bit of a faux pas for a 3-year old beauty or fashion blogger. Needless to say, I was geeked up! I grabbed my assistant Nikki New and off we went to the beautiful Raleigh Hotel in South Beach.

Ahhh….the Cabana Grande where all of the action happens.

I won’t tell y’all how I accidentally went through the Designer’s Check-In. I’ll save that story for another day. Ha!

We made it backstage for Mara Hoffman only to be thrown into the hustle and bustle of hairstylists, models, make-up artists, the designer team and fellow members of the press.

I tweeted away while Nikki New snapped shots of the models getting all dolled up.

I stole a peek at some of the products that the make-up artists were using.

See any of your favorites?

Lovin’ the messy fishbone braids.

And before we knew it, the models had to line up for the pre-walk .

The proud designer watching her work…

It must be amazing to see your vision and drawings come to live like that. We actually missed the official runway walk because of we were watching another show. Check out the pieces  here. Mara Hoffman’s Native American, Indian, African and island inspirations blow my mind. Stay tuned! I’ve got a lot more for you from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim.

Clumps Turns 3 Winners List!

My nephew and Clumps’ 3rd anniversary model Addaeyomi thanks y’all for the love and support shown last month!

As promised, below is the winners’ list. Please excuse the delay. It took longer than expected because I had a hard time tracking down a lot of the winners.

If your name is listed below and you have NOT received your product, don’t worry…it’s a comin’. Remember there’s only one me and a TON of winners and I am doing my best to fulfill winnings and get them in the mail. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at

Congrats to our winners!!

Site winners:
Tracey in Alabama
Alesia in Texas
Allison in Orlando
Michelle in Canada
Bridget in California
Shalonda in Tampa Bay
Tracy from Michigan
Crystal from Ohio
Jessica in Virgina
Latisha in Wisconsin
Danielle in California
Breanne in Indiana
Elizabeth in Georgia
Ashley in New Jersey
Helen in West Virginia
Meg in Georgia
Kate in Delaware
Chai in Brooklyn

Twitter Winners:
Michelle in Australia
Richa in Australia
Tara in Massachusetts
Andrea in D.C.

Facebook Winners:
Anu in New York
Asheera in Kansas
Ja’Nelle in Virginia
Geri in New Jersey
Tralese in Ohio
Wendy in Minnesota
Cassandra in Michigan
Stephanie in Mississippi
Katie in Los Angeles

YouTube Winners:
Crystal in California
Naomi in Winscon
Kheisha in Georgia
Jocelyn in Florida
Katrina in California
Idette in California
Kebia in South Carolina
Eve in Georgia
Sun in Washington

And congratulations to Anu in New York who was the winner of the Clarisonic Mia. I enjoyed reading ALL 420 entries from that contest.

If you’re pouting because you didn’t win anything, pick up that lip, suga. I’ve got 3 more International friendly giveaways.

Stay tuned!