My Interviews


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Lengthening Mascaras

So it’s length you desire, uh? Are you looking for lashes that can touch the ceiling? Nah….that may be a little scary. Lashes that touch your brows should be enough. :-) These mascaras may be just what you need!

Belvada mascara

Worst Mascaras

Well, let’s face it….some mascaras just suck. Feel free to disagree. What’s the worst mascara you’ve ever tried? Tell me in the comments!



Volume Mascaras

Puny lashes? Need some omph? Mascaras that provide volume happen to be my favorite. The following mascaras promise to plump up those lashes. Now whether they actually do so or not is another story…



Best Mascaras

Very few make the cut. In terms of all over performance, these mascaras bring it! Some have been so good that I’ve actually purchased them more than once. Imagine that!