Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Saisha Beecham

Saisha doing makeup for Kandi of Real Housewives of Atlanta

I had the opportunity to interview one of hottest makeup artists in the game. Saisha Beecham has done makeup for several stars including Janelle Monae, Ashley Tisdale, P.Diddy, Usher, Vanessa Hudgens and one of my favorite actresses, Nia Long. Impressive, uh? I had a few minutes to chit-chat with Saisha. Peep the interview. Y’all know me…I couldn’t ask those boring and typical interview questions. 😉

In attempts to not make this a boring interview, I will start with something random. What’s your favorite candy and would you rather use a PC or a Mac?

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Food Yum: The BEST snack ever! Got almonds?

My name is Brittany and I’m a snacker. I’m not ashamed either. I have long ditched that 3 meals a day philosophy. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and have snacks in between. The old me would snack on chips, cookies, Gushers (oh wait…I STILL eat those) or crap that would make me gain 5 lbs in 2.3 hours. But since I try to be a little more conscious about what I stuff my face with, I’ve been loving almonds. I keep a stash at work.

And I keep them in my purse and pull ’em out at the movies, during meetings or snack on ’em at trips to the beach.

Almonds are fantastico. I’d be a mean beauty blogger if I didn’t let you know that although almonds are GREAT for you, they tend to be calorie and fat-laden. 1 oz (or 13) raw almonds is equivalent to 14 grams of fat and 160 calories. Yikes is right. As with anything, moderation is the key and I only eat a 6 or so almonds per snack. And if I could thank an almond tree, I would. From almond butter to almond milk to Sweet Almond Oil, it seems like everything extracted from this nut is golden.

Any almond lovers in this house? Or do you prefer another type of nut? Check out this link to find out just how beneficial almonds are.


Food Yum: Lunch at CRAVE

It may look like it but I promise I don’t eat out THAT much. I prepare most, if not all of my lunches before I head to work and for dinner…I usually wing it.

But I enjoy exploring some of Orlando’s restaurants and sharin’ them with y’all. Especially with Orlando being a hot tourist spot. If you’ve never been, you should definitely start planning a family trip or getaway with the girls. I’ve been to CRAVE 2 or 3 times before and have never been disappointed. I mean…just look at how delicious this pasta looks.

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Officially my FAVORITE watch ever!

Well, at least for the moment since I am forever eyeing and wanting to purchase a new watch. I am still loving and wearing my red Baby-G for when I work out. I officially added a sibling to my family of watches.

I am in LOVE with this watch. It is so 80’s and so retro. It looks like art. I really don’t use all of the features but I love that it’s an analog and digital watch in one. Coolest thing ever.  I’ve got my eye on one more Baby-G and then after that I PROMISE I’m done.

I think.

Check out Baby-G watches here.

INGLOT Cosmetics Opens Studio in Chelsea Market

Y’all know how much I LOVE Inglot. I’ve been bragging about them for several years now. And I love that they have been becoming more widely available. And not just in New York. I’ve heard of stores opening in Las Vegas, Miami and beyond. Keep your eyes peeled as one may be opening up near you.

Katie, one of Clumps’ NYC Reps, headed down to the Chelsea Market opening. She got her make up done and ended up snagging a ton of goodies. Hit the jump to see more.

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Food Yum: Slow-cooker turkey chili

I found this recipe on A Black Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss and just had to try it.

I wanted to skip the turkey but I figured I needed a double dose of protein since I worked out HARD the previous week. This recipe yielded quite a few servings in my 3-quart Crockpot. I had enough for lunch and dinner for at least 3 days. I also had enough to freeze too!

I really should have used more chili powder as I  2 tbsp didn’t give it enough of a “chili” taste to me.

I used all organic vegetables and skipped the cheese because, well…y’all know my cheese issues. 8) And of course you can skip the rice but I’m not one of those anti-carbs kid, so rice it was!

Hit the jump to check out the recipe. Let me know if you try it!

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POLL: NYX’s Nude or Urban Decay’s Naked palette?

I know it’s a complete faux passe in the beauty blogosphere but I never picked up Urban Decay’s Naked palette. I figured that with the shadows that I already own, I wouldn’t need it. But of course NOW that it is so hard to find, I want it. The Naked palette retails for $48 at Sephora stores and It includes 12 shadows and a travel size version Primer Potion and either an eye shadow brush OR eyeliner pencils.

Then there’s NYX Cosmetics’ Nude on Nude palette.

This baby is only $25, comes with 20 shadows and 10 lip glosses and is available where NYX Cosmetics is sold and online.

Which one should I get?

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