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Expect some reviews from Iman Cosmetics coming from me in the near future. I have been dabbling quite a bit with their concealers and even the foundations. And….I’m impressed!

Until I get those reviews up, check out It is user-friendly and does an awesome job and trying to “guess” what shade you are by other brands.

Por ejemplo (Spanish for “for example”):

Let’s say you are NW45 in MAC’s foundation. According to Iman Cosmetic’s chart, you would be Earth 3 for their foundation.

Totally cool, right? You can do the same for Black Opal, Fashion Fair, L’Oreal and Revlon.

My favorite part of the site? The makeovers!! Click here to see what I’m talking about it.

To my darker brown girls….Iman has you covered!

Anyone a fan of Iman Cosmetics? I can’t wait to get those reviews out for y’all. Stay tuned!

Beauty Review: Ms. Pedicure’s The Foot Spahh!


Don’t tell me you don’t say this when you soak your tired feet.

Please tell me you soak your feet. Giiiirl, my feet not only love the pampering but they need it. My obsession with feet care has hit another level with this darling little Ms. Pedicure Foot Spahh set.

In this little set you get:
-a Pumice stone
-6 oz exfoliating foot scrub
-6 oz moisture-rich foot lotion
-2 oz invigorating foot and leg rub

And it all comes in reusable tote bag–which makes it easy to transport the feet goodies while traveling. I decided to give the set a little swirl one weekend.

First I soaked my feets in a Dr. Scholl’s foot spa.

Don’t have one of these? A tub of warm water works just fine.

I grabbed the pumice stone and foot scrub and hit the feets. Because I love y’all, I will spare pictures of zee toes. Don’t get me wrong, they are fly and all but um, yeahhh….lol.

The scrub feels good!!

It has a nice clean smell and instead of giving me a streaky clean, it left my feet nice and soft.

And then there is the lotion which is equally wonderful.

It slathers on nice and smooth with no stickiness or greasiness.

Now the leg rub…hmmm, not too sure about that.

It feels like a serum and takes forever to dry. It doesn’t smell as pretty as the scrub and lotion and I didn’t find much use for it.

And the massager, as cute as it is….is probably more fun if someone else was doing it for you.

Of course I had to pull out my tools and do the rest of the pedi-work.

Overall, I like The Foot Spahh! My feet really do feel revitalized and refreshed. Not bad for $12.99. A lot cheaper than going to a salon.

What do you think? Would you invest in a Ms. Pedicure Foot Spahh?

You can find them where-ever Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure products are sold.

Because yo feet need a break too,

Beauty Bubble: Top 10 Worst Skin Cities

Last week we listed Top 10 Best Skin Cities.

And remember last week how I was ranting about how I didn’t think it was fair that polluted NYC was on the “Top 10 Best Skin Cities” list? Well, I’m ranting again, dog-on it!!

My favorite Floridian city Tampa Bay is on this list. What the! The commentary says it is because we “flock to tanning salons”. We who?

*looks around*

Not this brown girl. Floridians aren’t as tanned obsessed as people makes us to be. Los Angeles, on the other hand….whoa!

Check the list and come back and rant with me. Do your think your city is one of the top 10 worst skin cities?

Tell me!
The 13 Worst-Skin Cities

The environmental aggressors in these towns could be damaging your skin

Before blowing your next paycheck at the derm’s office or on pricey skin care products, take a closer look at the place you call home. We looked at pollution levels, sunshine and humidity averages, skin cancer, smoking rates, and even tanning salons per capita to determine which U.S. locales could be disastrous for your skin. Did your city make the list?

See cities

FOTD Friday: The just some liner look

Hi family!

It’s Friday—ohmigoodness, I totally love short weeks. Actually, no I don’t. They go slower than regular weeks. Don’t ask to try and explain that either. I know someone out there knows what I’m talking about. HA!

Before I drop the one-photo look for today, I wanted to update you on what’s going on via Clumps:

  • I will be traveling for all of next week. Don’t fret! Posts will still air as usual however I will not be able to respond to comments immediately. This year’s family vacay is back to the Bahamas. You know I will take tons of photos!
  • The Makeup Show highlights will take a brief intermission next week but will resume shortly after.
  • I will be attending the Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event on June 7th. If there is anything you would like for me to check out, shoot me an email and let me know!
  • Clumps will celebrate its two year anniversary on Friday, June 12th. It will be quite the celebration ‘roun these parts! That means giveaways, giveaways and more giveaways! Maybe some contests and other surprises. Stay tuned. Anyone want to be on the party planning committee?
  • My fellow blog sister and friend Kia at Yummy411 celebrates a birthday on Sunday, June 7th so shoot her some Happy B-Day love!
  • The lovely Tamar will be babysitting Clumps while I am away so feel free to email any housekeeping questions to her at

I think that’s it for now, jello pops. Will ya’ll miss me? *tears* Because I shall miss you!

And now for my look:

….and that’s it! I’m serious. I’m supporting some liner, gloss and of course, mascara! I was getting a makeover at D&G Cosmetics in New York City and this was the BEFORE. Nothing special here, uh?

Off I go! Have a wonderful week, lovelies!

The Makeup Show NYC, Installment 3-Body Art galore

It is easy to miss a lot at The Makeup Shows. Between the seminars, meet-ups, photo opps, workshops and exploring it is almost impossible to see EVERYTHING. But you really have to be blind as a bat to miss all of the fabulous body art around the show. Mehron does mouth-droppin’ kind of make-up.

….even Make Up For Ever artists got in on the act.

It was amazing watching the models transform. Body art makes me have an even greater appreciation for make-up!

What do you think, fam?

Zoya’s Summer 2009 Oh-La-La Collection

Welcome to another post of Amor de Lacquer….the series all about nail polish and nail care! Send me your requests, suggestions and ideas to

I am finally getting around to reviewing the other collection from Zoya’s Summer 2009 collections. Remember Oh La-La? I loved that collection. Hot bright neon’s with personalities. I am still in love with Paz.

Oh-La-La, I think, is for the average nail polish wearer. There are a few colors that are for us crazy nail polish fiends but for the most part, this collection is a little subdued compared to La-Di-Da. There are a very stars, though!


Katy is described as bright fuchsia pink with blue/purple shimmer. I know for a fact that there are many colors like this. But that doesn’t stop me from liking Katy. I consider this to be a pretty “safe” color and I felt like I had to add some glitter to really make this baby pop.

Hey there, Emme! I have never been a fan of pinks like this. Just not my style. But she is pretty nonetheless with a nice shiny finish–even without a top coat!

Goldie. Just how fitting is this name for this polish? Goldie is gold alright! I actually like this gold which is shocking because I have never really been fan of gold polishes. But this one isn’t so bad. I rocked it on my toes for awhile and loved it.

Now we’re gettin‘ somewhere! I love
Ginessa! I have always loved silver polishes and the fact that this one has some micro-glitter in it, well….I love it even more! I mean, check out the bottle! I’ve been using this baby like crazy. While all of the other polishes took 2 coats, Ginessa demanded 3.

I love blue nail polishes! Tallulah is rockin‘. It almost reminds me of Zoya’s Tart but nope, Tart is slightly darker. I think I like Tallulah better. It just looks stunning in person.

[RANDOM] I wish my middle finger would hurry up and grow because it looks crazy funny next to my other nails. I like Midori! I really like greens that have creme finishes but I can deal with this one. I rocked this one on the toes for awhile too. It looks amazing in the sun.

I didn’t endure any problems with these kids. Katy’s brush was little wonky. A few of the hairs were longer than the others. Which made for tough application. I used two coats for each, except for Ginessa which, I think, looks better with three.

Must haves in this collection? Ginessa, Tallulah and Midori.

Buy these and more for $6/bottle at

What do you think? Own any of these? Want ’em or not so much?

Your fellow nail polish junkie,

Calling all Central Florida Mocha Stylists!

Guess whaaaat?

I’ve partnered with and McDonald’s, in honor of McCafe, their new line of espresso-based coffees, to feature your Mocha Style Tips on my blog.

Tomorrow (that’s Thursday, May 28th) I will be at this McDonald’s:

9401 W. Colonial Drive
Ocoee, Florida 34761
5:30-7:30 p.m.

What do you have to do? Just show up! No….I’m serious. Just bring your fabulous self, find me, tell me your style tips and you will get a McDonald’s Arch Card.

….that means you will get a free meal on me!

Not in Orlando but have friends and family members that are? Tell them about it! I am crazy excited to be a part of this and would love to meet some Clumps readers that actually LIVE in Florida. There seems to be few. Email me at to let me know that you will attend or just show up!

Hope to see you there!

Oh…check out Amber Mag’s mocha stylistas in NYC!

The Makeup Show NYC, Installment 2-Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

If there was one brand that truly caught my eye at The Makeup Show, it was Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I have heard about the brand before but didn’t know much about them.

I sent out a tweet about OCC and got a slew of responses; many in which were telling me to try the lip tar. And like a good blogger….I listen to the peoples!

Some quick tidbits about OCC:

-The line was born in November 2004.

-All of their products are 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free, and are also free of parabens and other harsh preservatives.

-Their products are for professional make-up artists and make-up enthusiasts alike.

And if you’ve gotten this far and you’re wondering what makes them unique, check this out:

Wowsers! The loose colour concentrates ($10) are amazing. From the glitters to the mattes I find that they are all highly pigmented and ready for action in any way you choose to use them. Be it on the eyes, nails or on the body, giiiirl…you can best believe that you are getting a colorful piece of heaven.

I snagged Burning-described as a bright coral with subtle violet shimmer.

Stunning, right?

I saved the best for last. The Lip Tars ($12.50).

I think that everyone needs one of these. They are so much fun! And highly pigmented beyond belief. They are as pigmented as lipsticks but go on like lip glosses. You can try wearing these babies solo but they may scare you at first. Mix them with other glosses and you can create an array of beautiful lippy colors.

I know y’all are like, “B!! Where are the photos of the products on you?”

Relax my little blueberry shortcakes. I will definitely be incorporating these babies in upcoming FOTDs.

What do you think? A fan of OCC? Never heard of them? Wanna try?

Tell me!

Because even your personality should be pigmented,