The Makeup Show NYC, Installment 1-Around the city

Here we go! Time to start cranking out posts from The Makeup Show NYC. I have so many things to share with y’all that is just may take a week to get it all out. But something tells me you won’t mind. At least I hope not.

First up….random sites of the city. I’ve been to New York City several times before but I always felt like a “tourist”. This time, however, I didn’t stay in a hotel. I moved around via trains, buses and taxis and I didn’t even get lost.

Okay, that’s a lie. If you followed my tweets you know that I got crazy lost on the bus from NYC to Jersey. And not once, but twice. The Port Authority Bus Terminal is by far the most confusing creation ever!

Pero, I digress…on to the shots!

My first dinner in the city was in Harlem at Amy Ruth’s with my good friend Jasmine.

I love some good soul food. I’ve been to Sylvia’s and B. Smith’s before and I think I would rank Amy Smith’s as the best of the three. The salmon croquettes were seasoned to perfection.

And just because I love art in all forms..

While roaming the city aimlessly I found myself in Time Square.

But I didn’t stay there long. WAY too many tourists <--- says the tourist. On our way from a D&G Cosmetics event, Miss. Yaya and I ran into a street festival.

I wanted to hang around but we were on a mission. We grabbed a gyro and chicken-on-stick and jetted. My last few shots….

Fast forward a few days and my friend Nuratu, blogger Wes and blogger Mariyah and I all went to Sea Thai Restaurant.

Thai is one of my favorite cuisines and I have been to a dozen Thai restaurants. Um….this is so my favorite. Panang tofu is one of my favorite dishes and this was so good that I can still taste. Seriously!

Tis all for now. Stay tuned for the next installment of my experience at The Makeup Show NYC!


Mascara Monday: Myrabelle Mascara Shield

Happy Monday, family! And Happy Memorial Day. Memorial Day is an American holiday that honors our fallen soldiers. Take a moment out of your day to reflect and remember those soldiers who risked their lives for all of us. Now if that ain’t beauty, I don’t know what is.

I have been thinking about expanding Mascara Monday. Instead of seeing mascara reviews EVERY Monday, you can expect mascara discussions, tools of the trade and any other randomness we (of course I’ll need your contributions and recommendations!) come across.

Also, if you are a fellow blogger that has featured some of the same mascaras that I have featured, I will gladly link you!

On to the review!

Myrabelle Mascara Shield

Price: 3 out of 5 ($10 online. It was $5 at The Makeup Show NYC)
Packaging (Brush Wand): N/A
Overall: 4 out of 5

What it claims: “This non-toxic plastic device placed under the top or bottom eyelashes ensures the uniform application of mascara without disturbing other make-up or marking the skin. It brings into relief thin or sparse eyelashes making them easier to see. For thick and long lashes, mascara application goes on more smoothly and evenly.

The Myrabelle Mascara Shield can be used in the same way for eyelash tinting & applying individual false eyelashes.” (source)

The truth:
I haven’t seen anything else like this before so I can’t compare it to another brand. It takes some time getting used to it but it is very effective.

What I loved about it: It allows you to really get to the roots of your lashes. Which means….more length!

What I didn’t like: It isn’t all that comfortable and made my eyes water after awhile. But I think that’s just because my eyes are used to buggin‘ out like that. Ha!

Overall: This is one of those products where you are like, “OMG, why didn’t I think of this?” It is very innovative and I find it to be really really useful. This is great for those of us out there who have a hard time applying mascara without getting the residue on the lid. Even I have this issue! And it becomes extremely frustrated when you have already applied a ton of eyeshadow. Yikes! The mascara shield prevents this from happening.

Got shaky hands? I find that this gives you more control. Especially for the lower lashes–which by the way, I never apply mascara to. And the reason why I don’t is because I always end up getting it all over the place. The shield helps with that!

And what I REALLY love about it is that it allows you to get to the root of your lashes. This is almost impossible to do with a mascara wand. I mean…you can try, but honey….I’m too afraid that I would poke myself in the eye. Ha!

Some shots of the Mascara Shield in action…

Okay, now I’m just being silly. HA!

Would I recommend it?: I would! I think it’s a great little investment. Especially for serious mascara wearers out there.

Yep, I even did a video review of it….

Myrabelle Mascara Shield
Video Review

You can find out more about the Mascara Shield here. Have you tried it? Or would you like to?

Tell me!

A crazed mascara reviewer,

Beauty Bubble: The Top 10 Best Skin Cities…

Is your city on the list? None of the ones I lived in are.

And who picked New York City? C’mon..I love NYC like every one else but how can one of the world’s most polluted cities have residents with the best skin?

I mean honestly—I was there for a week and broke out like mad.

What do you think?

Peep the article! And see if your city is on the list.
The Top 10 Best-Skin Cities

These towns all have perfect conditions for smooth, clear, wrinkle-free skin

In a perfect world, we’d all have flawless-looking skin. In reality, few of us are that lucky. However, some of you are fortunate enough to live where the conditions are ideal for skin. We looked at pollution levels, amount of sunshine, tanning beds per capita, humidity, number of smokers, stress, diet and more to find the places best suited for your skin. Check them out, maybe it’s time to relocate?

See cities

FOTD Friday: Make Up For Ever pinks!

Is it really Friday already?


Seems like only yesterday when I was taking the 115 bus from Jersey to catch the Number 2 train from 42nd street to jump on the C. Yes, I STILL have New York City on the brain. I should have it together by next week. Hopefully.

I did this look for my last day in the city. I purchased some shadow colors from the all mighty Make Up For Ever. I really hate that I love this brand so much. Seriously!! Each shadow is $19 each and that is so outside of my budget. At The Makeup Show, however…..40% off! That means each shadow was a little over $7.00.

Pumpkin ice cream chair cords!!
(my excitement=a slew of random words)

Girl yes….I was thrilled! Make Up For Ever shadows are HIGHLY pigmented and blend like a dream. My only wish is that MUFE starts giving their products names instead of numbers. Since I forgot to put the shadow name in my MUFE palette, I have nooo idea what is what. So I am totally guessing on the colors here.

[NOTE]: My skin is going through some thangs in these photos. Of course—another break-out. What else is new! And I’m not sure why I look so ashy either. But ya’ll know I don’t care. Photoshop-free is the way to be!

Iman Second to None cover cream in Earth Deep
MAC Petticoat Mineralized Skinfinish

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
L’Oreal HIP Cream shadow paint in Witty
NARS Albatross (inner-V)
Make Up For Ever #49
Make Up For Ever #85
Urban Decay Swag eyeshadow
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Urban Decay 24/7 liner Zero
Maybelline Lash Stylist mascara (a total repurchase. I love this mascara!)

MAC lipliner in Chestnut
Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect in Linen Beige



….so random, I know. I haven’t taken mirror photos since those MySpace-obsession days!

Anyone else rockin‘ Make Up For Ever shadows? OMG, for the total MUFE queen, check out my gal Adina at Krasey Beauty. My girl is like….the biggest MUFE fan ever!

Have a wonderful amazingly beautiful exciting weekend!

Stila Sale: 40% off!

It’s me! I’m back in the blog spot and have so much to share from The Makeup Show NYC.

As soon as I finish wiping my tears. I am a hot “missin’ NYC” mess right now.

But I will survive….YOU, on the other hand, should stroll on over to and enter STILAPRO at check out. This code will give you a 40% discount on everything! Oh and check this…..shipping is free too! Not sure how long this little deal will last so better jump to it. You can get a platter of….

Yummy! I will be sure to share my Stila goodies with ya’ll soon!

Stay beautiful!

Beauty…and the Male: An Open Letter


I want to thank you all for the love on my first ever blog entry. Frankly, I wasn’t sure if I would get calls for an encore or pumpkins thrown at me! But, I am excited about a new opportunity to bring a different view and perspective to what COM is already? So, after kicking it around with COM’s Founder and EIC, I figured we would do like the song says, “give the people what they want!” This is your chance! Write in and tell me what YOU want to see? A monthly review of a male product? Q&A column done bi-weekly? Tell me what YOU want to see from the newest male beauty blogger!


Guest Blogger: Hairstyle Trends for Summer ’09

Summer is the perfect time to try a new style. Warmer weather means more style freedom, so don’t be afraid to try a new trend. Spice up your current look with a celebrity-inspired ‘do.

Bold, Dramatic Color
Jennifer Hudson and Meagan Good Hair
Celebrity Inspirations: Jennifer Hudson, Meagan Good, Chrisette Michele, Keri Hilson
Summer is a great time to try a new, lighter. It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as Christina’s, but a good dye job can get you feeling like a new woman. This season, choose a deep brown with auburn highlights like Meagan Good and Jennifer Hudson, or go for a touch of golden blonde like Rihanna or Keri Hilson. A few highlights, especially around the face, will brighten your complexion.

Crop Tops
Estelle and Chrisette
Celebrity Inspirations: Estelle, Dawn, Chrisette Michelle
The reign of the weave is over. This Summer it’s all about the cropped ‘do. For those worried that their face “can’t pull of a short look,” just look at variety celebs who have gone short and how fab they look. From Chrisette to Estelle, the short looks great!

Ethnic Styles
Ciara Cornrows
Ciara, Alicia Keys
Protect your hair with corn rows or braids. It’s a high fun, low maintenance hair style perfect for a beauty on the go. Who says “ethnic” styles can’t be chic.

Severe Bangs
Solange and Tyra Banks Bangs
Celebrity Inspirations: Solange, Tyra
If you’re not quite ready for the big chop or dramatic color, then a blunt bang might be a perfect compromise. Bangs will give your look some drama, but keep you looking work appropriate.

Center Part
Tyra and Alicia
This Summer, keep it sleek and sophisticated with a center part. The seemingly simple look will amp up your sex appeal. To keep hair silky smooth, I recommend using Biolage Smooth Therapy Smoothing Serum while straightening.

Kim is the editor of Black Beauty Central, and the founder of The HyperLuxe Media Network. You can contact her via Twitter at @Kimberly4Nicole

Tweezers Anonymous

Hey Clump beauties… Its Tamar your resident try any product once type of gal! I’m bringing you my latest find. If you don’t check your local Marshalls for the discounted beauty products you really should. I think you’d be pleasantly surprised. Check it out….

I have entered a 12 step program for my addiction. No its not drugs or alcohol…. Its tweezing!

I don’t know how this started or when it became a problem but my brows look sparse and lonely for fullness and sophistication. A couple of weeks ago while checking the cosmetic department at Marshalls I found this…

It’s so cute and when I saw the brand Anastatia (eyebrow artist to the stars)I got excited! It claimed to save my brows from my plucking hands! Look at the case it comes in…

This kit includes stencils (to help you figure out your brow shape)

Brow comb and brush duo (for blending and maintaining) Brow powder for brunette and blond women and enhancing serum to fill in those spots that just wont grow….

Now the serum is something like clear mascara at first glance…

You apply it day and night after you cleanse your face. I’ve been using it faithfully for about 2 weeks. I can’t say that they are growing out but I can say that my brows seem full of life now.

In case you were wondering yes it did come with a list of 12 steps and my favorite is #3 I made a decision to turn my will to tweeze over to the care of tweezers anonymous. After research I found that this kit retails for 55.oo at Sephora. (I paid 29.99 at Marshalls)

So am I alone? Is there anyone else out there that is guilty of over plucking/waxing? If so what steps have you taken to correct your brows? Please share!