Good news tidbits

I forgot to tell you folx….guess who is MahoganyButterfly’s first ever Blogger of the Week? Yours truly! You can check check out my interview here. You may find out some things about Ms. B that you neeeever knew. *wink* And if you haven’t joined yet, what are you waiting for?

OH–and I have more news to share:

A few months ago, I entered a contest and uh, I won. Which shocked me because I was one of those little girls growing up who never even won BINGO (still sad about that….). I entered Clinique’s Beauty Insider contest. Applicants were asked to submit a 1-minute video and a bio of themselves. 20 people would be selected to review and post articles AND videos on Clinique’s website.

Um, can you say, amazing?

I feel so fortunate to be able to represent a company that is not only impeccable in the skincare area but cosmetics as well!

I wanted to let you, my readers know, in case you notice the increase of Clinique products in my FOTDs and skincare regime, should I post them.

I am so excited and thank you all for your continued support. I will do what I can to be a great Beauty Insider! In the meantime…check out the Skin Anaylsis. This short quiz not only tells you what kind of skin you have but creates a little medicine cabinet for you and shows you which products would work best for you. I’m Skin Type I. Tell me yours!

And I’m starting to work the hair a little more. I forgot how much fun it was to have short hair and be able to wash it everyday! Loves it!

Have a wonderful Thursday!!!!

Website news..

Hi lovelies!

I am in the process of re-organizing my site series. Not just their names but their definitions as well. To not confuse the “Sista Sites” series with the Top Sista Sites website, I have decided to change the name to Sista Show-off. The series won’t change. I will continue to brag about the blogs on my Beauty Marks blog roll. I have added an extension to Sista Show-Off in which I will interview some baaaaad women. I’m talkin’ entrepreneurs, authors, fashion designers, business women, the workin’ Mommy and more.

This extension is meant to inspire any and everyone who reads it. Please shoot me an email at if you know of fabulous women I can interview. Sista Show-Offs come with beautiful Black art like…

Eyes of Mystique by Jerome Brown

Anytime you see a contest, it’s going to come out of the Honey Pot. The Honey Pot contains…




My Mommy, the herbalist came up with this name and I think it’s quite fitting. Especially considering I just adore bees. Whaaat, you didn’t know I had an affinity for those cute honey makin’ black and yellow wonders? Sure do. My nickname was Bee Buzz as a little girl. Loves it!

Want to showcase a beautiful new look? Hairstyle or gorgeous shoes? Allow me to introduce another series:




Going along with the Bee-theme, I would love for any and everyone to submit me some of their favorite pictures of anything you would like to share with the Clumps of Mascara family! Beautiful banners for these new series will be coming shortly and I am still in the processing of updating the “Site Series” links to the left.

I would love to get your input, recommendations and suggestions about the current themes and the upcoming ones. I am trying to make Clumps of Mascara as user-friendly as possible. In a few days, you may notice the new Mission link in which I lay out the “purpose” and goals of COM. I want to incorporate more than just “make-up” reviews and products on the site. Aaaand…..I’m in the process of creating a Clumps of Mascara MySpace site. And I am quite obsessed with Twitter. Stay tuned as I make “our” home bigger and better.

Stay beautiful!

My hair is goooone.

I’m hoping that everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day! This post isn’t on the schedule (yes, yall…I have a schedule, crazy….) but I had to share it with you. Being a Black woman with natural hair isn’t easy. What should be easy, isn’t. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world because I love my natural texture.

Buuuut—I mad a horrible horrible HORRIBLE mistake in straightening it. For a week back in May I was rockin’ this:

I mean….I was fly. Trouble with wearing this cute wrap was that my natural hair would not come back! I spent 5 months working with half straight-half nappy hair. It was so difficult to work with that I pretty much wore wraps and scarves 90% of the time. And even while hair looks pretty decent here:

…..looks can be rather deceiving. So I decided to start over. Don’t be shocked. I mean, it really is a HUGE difference. And I can’t say I am in love with it but—it had to be done.

….ummm, so yeah. Can’t quite crack a smile yet because it is still growing on me. Took me 5 hours to convince myself that I didn’t look like a Black man named Tyrone. Of course I had to do a vid. The more I watch it the better I think it looks.

So what do you folx think? Be honest! And you don’t have to be “Anonymous” to tell me your thoughts. LOL! Seriously. And I have to work with this since I don’t dig weaves or wigs so *sigh*…..I’ll make it do what it do. I am one step closer to sportin’ beauty locs!

Hope you are all to a wonderful upcoming week!

Stay beautiful!

Mascara Monday: Max Factor Volume Couture

I’m back from Chicago! Did you guys miss meeee?


LOL, I know I was missed but I am back and in action! I had a wonderful trip and as requested I will post some pictures of beautiful Chicago. And because of all of my busy-ness, I was not able to comment on fellow beauty/fashion bloggers’ posts but I read every single one of them! Promise, I did.

This Mascara Monday is going to be greeeeat because Jen from A Beautyful Sentiment and I are reviewing the exact same mascara. Be sure to check out her review as well to see what she thinks about it.

Max Factor’s Volume Couture

Price: 5 out of 5 (less than $7 from Wal-Mart)

Packaging (Brush Wand): 5 out of 5

Overall: 4.75 out of 5

What it claims: “The highly defined, voluminous lashes you crave are yours with new MAX Factor Volume Couture Mascara. Selected as the Official Mascara of Milan Fashion Week, this superb formula delivers extreme volume without clumping. Our innovative iFX brush coats every little lash, giving you MAXimum impact … and beautiful results.”

The truth: I looooove it! Definitely an everyday-use for me these days!

What I loved about it: I am finally getting used to the 3D brush. In fact, I think I love them more than the traditional brush. I definitely love Max Factor’s!

Overall: I haven’t read Jen’s review yet but I absolutely love Volume Couture. As mentioned in the video, I took it with me to Chicago and by bringing it with me on a trip, it pretty much forced me to use just THAT mascara. I had such a great experience with it. The volume factor is incredible! I didn’t get any flaking and my lashes didn’t feel heavy either. One coat was wonderful but two coats were on pooooooint!

Would I recommend it: No. I demand that you buy it! Seriously, this mascara is definitely in the Mascara Hall of Fame!

I know this mascara isn’t new on the market so how many of you ladies have tried it? Be sure to check out Jen’s other mascara reviews. Between the both of us, we have reviewed well over 20 mascaras and this is the only one that we have both reviewed. Loves it!!

Have a wonderful Labor Day (remember why we celebrate it) and stay beautiful!

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FOTD Friday: Oh La Tempting

Happy Friday, lovelies!!! I am still in Chicago and hopefully I am having a ball. Um, it’s strange talking about myself in the 4th person??

Ha! So if you know me beauty-wise, you know that I am Queen Itsadupe (it’s a dupe). I have this obsession with assuming that MAC’s newest collections with eye shadows can be duped with other eye shadows from not only MAC but other brands. Hence why I didn’t feel the need to haul the palettes from the Cult of Cherry collection. Not to mention, I am very fickle and anal when it comes to not only cleanliness but having 2 of the same anything. Especially eye shadows.

But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t think the colors were gorgeous. In fact I thought that Tempting was beautiful!! I had to try to find similar colors. Here’s how I tried to recreate the quad.

Tempting (top-left): Milani Golden Bronze
Dark Edge (top-right): MAC Signed Sealed
Next to Nothing (bottom-left): Clinique Almost Peach
Sharp (bottom-right): MAC Eyepopping

Dig the swatches on the hand…

Pretty darn close, uh?

I used…


(the colors stated up, of course)
Milani Cocomo Lipliner (I know, I know…I didn’t have brown eyeliner and was just experimenting)
Maybelline Unstoppable eye liner
A mascara that I haven’t reviewed yet but me gusta!

Mineral Concepts Dessert Dawn blush

(1st look)
MAC Nightmoth Lip pencil
MAC Jampacked Lip glass

(2nd look)
NYC somethin’….name rubbed off.

OMG, my lip liner so isn’t blended. Clumps of Mascara strikes again. Gotta love it! And check out how different this look is without the bright lip.

I am also thinking that despite the bright green shadow, the look is still subtle enough for work. And brown liner on the lower lash line is crazy beautiful. I have to incorporate that in more looks. Except I hope to use a eye pencil next time instead of a lip pencil. Shhh, don’t act like you’ve never done it before. HA!

What do you people think? I think my dupes are almost identical. I shall be returning to Florida tomorrow evening. I hope that everyone has wonderful weekends!

Stay beautiful!

[NOTE]: I ended up wearing this look to an after-5 lounge and at work and it was beautiful!

(picture source)

Let It Clump: Fragrances

This series is where we stop talking about make-up to explore other areas of beauty and beyond. That’s anything! Nails, hair, fashion, jacked up love lives..anything! Any suggestions? Let me know at

This is a first for Clumps of Mascara. I don’t think I’ve ever discussed fragrances. *gasp*

I remember being a little girl and sneaking into my Mother’s bathroom, stepping on my tippy toes and spritzing my little neck with whatever beautiful bottle of perfume I could find. For me, perfume bottles signified elegance.

I requested my first fragrance in Elementary School. I felt so grown up spraying a bit of Baby Love (now who remembers that?) on my wrists. By 7th grade I was all over Tommy Girl and Shi. And by high school I straight robbing Mommy’s boudoir every morning for a bit of Bvlargi, Cool Water or Chanel N’5.

Every Christmas or birthday, my family members already knew what to get me, “….a fragrance.” In college, I wasn’t bankin’ enough to purchase my own scents so I relied on the gifts. And even know, as a college graduate (um, still broke) with a little more sophistication, I find it hard to drop $50+ on a fragrance.

But that doesn’t stop me from eye-ing them in department stores, indulging in the samples (don’t act like you don’t do this…lol) and treating to myself to one or two fragrances a year.

Baby Phat’s Fabulocity was one of those fragrances that I had to have. But not because I’m in love with the self-absorbed Kimora Lee. It’s because of the freakin’ bottle. Look at it!

A diamond? Are you kidding me? I had to have it. Never mind that it wasn’t anywhere in Orlando.

Never mind that I had to do something I haaate doing (buy things online, cries). I had to have it.

So when it finally arrived I placed it on one of the floating shelves in my room. I felt like a won a trophy.

But the smell? Uh…let’s just say if you don’t mind smelling like freshly cut grass with a tinge of honey suckle on a warm Spring today, then this is the fragrance for you.

No, I’m kidding.

I think.

I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of this fragrance beyond the bottle. But I think it’s because I have a very picky nose. I don’t like anything too floral or too fruity. And if it smells good enough to eat, then honey I don’t want it. Walking around smelling like a cookie, baked apple pie or strawberry shortcake (yumsss) is definitely not for moi.

I can get down with Baby Phat’s first fragrance but Fabulocity is uhh….not up to par, for me.

I like smelling like a sophisticated woman something more on the lines of:

Elizabeth Arden’s Provocative Woman

And Sean Jean’s Unforgettable Woman

….yes, I desire to smell like a woman and these fragrances definitely deliver. So if I have to go around smelling like somebody’s Momma, I’m down! No, I’m kidding. My friends used to laugh at me in high school because they said I smelled too old. Whatev. HA!

Any perfume-lovin’ folx out there?

Don’t forget to shoot me emails! I am still in Chicago and I’m sure I am mad bored going from luncheons to meetings. *sigh*

Stay beautiful!

Mascara Monday: Urban Decay Fatty Mascara in Black Cherry

It’s Mooooonday!! I know that I will be having a great one. Half day of work=great day! But even greater than that is sharing a pretty funky mascara with you. A reader requested this mascara a while back (okay, like a month…sorry for the delay, chica) and I can’t believe I waiting so long to review it. Check out the review fooooor:

Urban Decay’s Fatty Mascara in Black Cherry

Price: 3 out of 5 ($17 from anywhere Urban Decay products are sold)

Packaging (Brush Wand): 3 out of 5

Overall: 4 out of 5

What it claims: “If you love the extra-thickening powers of Big Fatty Mascara, round out your collection with these wearable shades. Turquoise and navy hues give brown and blue eyes a jolt, purple shades make green eyes more dangerous, and burgundy adds drama to any eye color—a refreshing alternative to basic black.”

The truth: Duuude, I mean the red really is red. CRAZY!

What I loved about it: The color payoff on my lashes was really obvious. I didn’t want it to be a subtle touch of color because that would be defeating the purpose of a colorful mascara.

What I didn’t like: The color on the lashes is where it ends for this mascara. Volume? Nooope. Length? Chile please. And ohmigoodness, the flakiness is out of control. And will it last all day? Noooot.

Overall: What a great idea! I’ve seen folx with purple and blue mascara but I really wanted to try the red. I think that it is perfect for a quick pop up color. You know…one of those “goin’ out with the girls nights but only have 12 minutes to get ready” scenarios? A colored mascara gives you a quick pop of color that is noticeable without looking TOO dramatic? Is it for everyday looks? Maybe, depending on how snazzy you are from day-to-day. Definitely not for us folx who work in a strict business setting though. I absolutely adore this mascara! I wish that Urban Decay focused a little more on the formula so that it would give volume or length. But nonetheless, it is fab, yo!

Would I recommend it: Absolutely! The price is a bit steep but I think every gal needs to have a colored mascara in her collection.

The video review will appear later..YouTube was on the trips. Boo!

What do you think about this mascara? Would you or have you tried a colored mascara? Or are you a traditional brown/black mascara wearer?

Oh…wanted to let you pretty people know that I will be in Chicago from Tuesday-Saturday of this week for business. I have a few scheduled posts–most of which will be articles than series post but I hope yall find them interesting. I won’t be totting the laptop but I will have the trusted Blackberry so I be able to check the email and Google Reader. I leave tomorrow and am mad busy with the packing so don’t shoot me cyber-birds for my delayed responses. Muah!!

Stay beautiful!

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FOTD Friday: Hot Pink Runway Look

It’s Friiiiiiday! And I’m glad because this week was a yucky week for me. With Tropical Storm Faye dumping a ton of rain and me getting very little sleep because of my obsession with watching the Olympics, I was a little “out of it” this week.

But leave it to Friday to put a little pep in my step….a smile on my face…and a twist in my hip. I made that last one up because I figured it would sound okay since it rhymed. Kinda? Maybe?

No? HA..okayyyyy.

Today’s FOTD Friday is definitely a runway look. I got the inspiration from visiting and came across this banner.

I was really loving the pink winged liner so of course I had to try my version of it.

But first….who would have thought Wet ‘N Wild would have such a pretty Kohl eyeliner?

Beautiful!! I will definitely be picking up some more of their pencils. The staying power isn’t half bad. It was only $1.99. I don’t know why I’m acting like Wet ‘N Wild is new. It’s funny now some of us beauty folx try to get all siddity and get to purchasing liners for over $10 when the cheap ones work pretty well.

Ya know?

I wanted to focus on 3 things for this look:

*The pink liner with crazy
dramatic lashes*

*A super nude lip*

*Pale pink cheeks*

So here’s what I used:

MAC Fuschia pigment
Stila glitter liner
Wet ‘N Wild Turquoise Kohl Eyeliner
Dior DiorShow mascara (revisted—I’m likin’ it more!)

Cargo Blush in Lyon

MAC Soft Lust lipstick
Stila Brown Sugar Lipglaze

Sinful Colors San Fransisco

My before…

Tis was fun. I like to play around with everyday looks, runway looks and everything in between! What do you thiiiiink? I will be crazy busy this weekend preparing for my business trip to Chicago early next week. But no worries, I will have scheduled posts. Most will be articles and random ramblings than series’ posts. So I will still be around!

Have a happy weekend, beautiful people!!

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