I’m learning…

I’m feeling so down still about this whole “make-up” thing. I’m trying to figure out if I should get serious SERIOUS about it or keep it a little hobby. I don’t feel like I’m good enough. And I know I need to practice to get better but….I don’t know.


Look at Joy. How pretty is she make-up less?
We went to MAC in Mode….MAC in Mode is a technique class that MAC Cosmetics sometimes hold. It is open to the public and free…..well, there is an assumed rule that you’re going to spend at least $50 worth of MAC Cosmetics. And I think you should….these make-up artists spend 3 hours teaching you some tricks. I think it’s the least we can do.

This makes my 3rd. Went to one in Tallahassee and one in Tampa) and boyyy did we learn A LOT! This was Joy’s time actually putting on make-up! She was such a virgin and left a serious lover of not only make-up but MAC Cosmetics.

The make-up artists were very nice and helping us in our make-up application and taught us about their skincare products. They are shocked that I knew that there is caffeine in Fix + and how holiday set brushes are machine made and regular brushes are handmade. At one point I shut the hell up because I felt too much like a snobby know-it all. But some of the ladies weren’t on point with their information so some of them , I think….need to stroll on over to Specktra. HA!

I ended up purchasing (out of obligation because I really wasn’t diggin’ the holiday sets…..until today when I realized I want one!):
Fibre Rich Mascara *insert upset smiley here*
Strobe Cream…..it’s aight. Too damn much for how much you get but it’s decent.
And #7 fake lashes. I like them, I like them!!

….I think I’m okay with purchasing for awhile. I’m back at work and can’t play around as much as I want to but I’m doing what I can.

I’m learning.

Oh….and here’s a picture of how I look today. I don’t look EXACTLY like that but the make-up is the same. Eyeliner and mascara…and I’m busting the StudioTech today with a Vanilla highlight and a little blush. Yay!!

I want the 187 face brush sooooo bad. But damn, $42!!! I could buy my students at least 30 books from a discounted book store for that much. See….my humanitarianism pulls on my make-up obsession. I hate that!

Make-up Thoughts

I’ve been having these crazy thoughts lately…..about make-up, in general.

Sometimes I’m envious….envious of those who work at MAC, those who have bangin’ ass photos of make-up they’ve done, folx with killa FOTDs.

Sometimes I feel stupid spendin’ all this money on make-up. I could be donating money I spend to the school that I work at. I could be paying off my credit card. Or saving up for a ticket home for the holidays. Or for a new tattoo. Or for grad school. Or for the damn GRE to get into grad school!

Sometimes I feel excited! I enjoy looking at my pictures and seeing the designs that I’ve created. I get proud of myself.

Sometimes I compare myself to others….”Damn, I can’t do that.” “I’ll never be able to do this…..” I get rather defeatist.

Sometimes I want to pursue make-up artistry.
Sometimes I think I should just focus on grad school.
Sometimes I get mad for not being to afford the things I want.
Sometimes I get mad for wanting to spend money on things like this.
Sometimes I think I can do it.
Sometimes I think I lack the experience and references.
Sometimes I want make-up to be a hobby.
Other days I want it to be a fun career.
Sometimes I think I’ll never make it big if I did pursue it.
Other days I think I may be THAT bomb ass make-up artist.

…..crazy thoughts. But at least they are genuine. Can anyone relate?

I also did another MAC Halloween look. Just for fun.

I used….no face make-up.
No blush…
Revlon Colorstay Black eyeliner
Golden Lemon pigment
Pink Mauve pigment
Fix +…..I love this stuff with pigments!
Jellybabe Lipgelee….tis all!
….only took me a good 15 minutes.

I certainly can dig it.


*breatheeeee” Jill Scott’s new album has a song on it called “Breathe”…..I really only buy neo-soul and jazz albums. Random fact #15 about B: I HATE MAINSTREAM MUSIC.

Moving on again..the MAC jigsaw facechart inspired me. So I tried to do the same thing. Except I didn’t and ended up with something different. First I tried this ish on my hand.

Here’s the full face. It took at least an hour and you don’t even want to know how many colors I used. A LOT! I don’t feel like posting the 30+ colors I used. I had a great time diggin’ in the pigments though. I very rarely use them. And then I realized how fab the colors are when they are used wet. Loved it!
I used Picasa to make the colors a little more vibrant. I can dig it. It was a fun look to do. And I absolutely love Mattene’s Rapturous. I just have a hard time wearing it outside the house. HA!

Next Up….Rainbow Eye Attempt #3. Every few months I like to do a rainbow/parrot eye. It gives me the opportunity to play around with colors I hardly use and work on my blending skills. Yesterday my Fix + came in and after spraying some on my 242 brush and applying the pigments, I ended up with the most vibrant rainbow eye ever .

I can dig it….went to a Halloween volunteer gig and looked fab with all of my color. It was fun and people were in awe of my colors.

What exactly is Fix + for? I mean…what is its primary use? I haven’t figured it out but it works greeeeat with my pigments. I have a MAC class today. I’m taking my housemate Joy who, like me at one point, doesn’t even own any make-up. Yet she’s got that bomb ass Benefit eyebrow set. Joy is so pretty. She’s Japanese and has beauuuutiful features. Can’t wait to see how she’ll look with a little enhancement.

Peace beauties.

Handwritten on my brows…

Okayyyy, because I’m off from teaching this whole week, I have enough time to be a serious “wannabe model”.

So….as most of you know, MAC released the Matte2 collection a few weeks back. I only got Signed Sealed and Handwritten. And that was before I realized the collection was perm. I figured these two colors would be great for the crease. I haven’t played around with them much. It wasn’t until I saw Yum’s beautiful brows until I realized that maybe I should try shadows on the brow.

Sooo….first I took out my concealer and cleaned up my under-brow area. I also brushed my brows like mad. They are sooo curly.

And then….with the 266 brush I applied Handwritten on the brows. Not in any sort of form or fashion. I started filling in empty hairs and then creating a better arch at the top. I didn’t really know what I was doing and I really think that perhaps my brows look TOO thick.

Please, viewers, readers, pros, newbies, stalkers
….tell me what you think.

And because I’m a mess….I decided to get all made up so I put on some:
Studio Tech
Warm Sand blush by Fashion Fair (still embarrassed to have this but who cares, lol!)
Feline Kohl Power on the waterline
….and sloppily applied MAC in 3D’s Wondershine.
It looks a mess in the rest of these pics so please ignore! HA!

….and then I got all dolled up in my favorite wrap!. I’m diggin’ the brows a bit. I think that perhaps this color is a bit too light. So I may need to get something darker. And WOW, that concealer really does make me look….”brighter”.
I’m sorry….Fashion Fair or not, I love this blush! I just hope I’m putting it on the right way. Am I contouring? Someone help!
Why do the brows look damn good when I make this face? Any other face and they just look…..aight. I want them to always look THIS good. But uh oh…I got the Tyra foundation thing goin’ on. I didn’t take it to the hairline. Ahhh well…you live and learn.

Me and my ankh. I heart photography.
LOL..my bra strap is showin’.
Make-up porn. Heheheeee…
Soooo….there’s my experience with that.

Make-up Hypocrisy

I’m a mess.
I’m forever vowing that I will never do this and never do that in regards to make-up and I always end up going there.

Remember when I said I would never wear face make-up?
*glances at MAC StudioTech*

I said…”Only people’s Mommas where lipsticks!”
*glances at Mattene Rapturous*

I vowed to never wear bright colors!
*smiles at Bright Sunshine*

And the latest….I said I was leaving my brows alone. I got impatient and fed up with trying to perfect them.

Until I applied Handwritten with the 266 on my brows.
They ain’t on Yummy’s level yet but damn they look good. I mean…they look really good.

No more saying what I’m going to STOP learning or trying to practice.
No more make-up hypocrisy.
….and I’ll post pics soon of brows. Yummy, you’re the inspiration!


So of course, most obsessed MAC fans know that the Antiquitease collection as dropped. I can’t say enough how much I love living in LA (and probably for this reason alone) because they have 2 MAC counters, a store and a PRO store in a 10-mile radius. So fortunate. I stay goin’ to the PRO store in West Hollywood because they have the best customer service and of course they get new collections a week earlier.

So I played around a bit and Mi’Lady’s beauty caught my attention. Some of the other colors did but I was realllly likin’ this one. So I purchased the damn thing only to find out it has waaay too many sparkles for me. I’m not a fan of sparkles and glitter on the eyes. Hence the reason why I don’t even look at Swimming e/s anymore. Glitter bothers me!

But I played around with it a bit and put the colors on top of Artifact paint pot. Still not likin’ it. The colors blend well together but….I don’t think it’s for me. A little disappointed too because I’ve thrown away my box and receipt so I can’t return it.

And yes, my application is a bit messy because I was just experimenting. Maybe Mi’Lady will be one of those colors that I grow to love.

We shall see. I’m staying away from Antiquitease lip stuffs. They all look a bit blah to me. I haven’t been too impressed with these past few MAC collections. This in a sense, is a good thing. A break in purchasing will allow me to perfect my skills in the skin and application and eyebrows and eyelashes area. LOL, I got a loooot to work on. Someone share some tips, recs or something with me. What’s goin’ on in your make-up/beautification life?

Eyelashes and skin

Soooo, for once in my make-up life, I actually stuck went to the mall and swiped exactly what I said I was going to swipe. That’s the first. I tend to loose my damn mind in Sephora, but yesterday I only got the Shu Uemura eyelash curler. However….on my way out, I took a peek at fab NARS blushes and I’m not too big on Crazed.

A lot of ladies in the Beauty of Color forum on Specktra.net seem to think that
Crazed (NARS defines this color as a Raspberry red with shimmer) is just absolutely fab. A little too pigmented for my dark skin, I think. And far too pink.

However, I so fell in love with Outlaw (defined as rose with shimmer). I think that may be my next purchase. But really no purchasing of any more blushes until I learn how to correctly apply. Ohhh, I love NARS. Why oh why is that brand so f-ing expensive?

…..okay, I’ve gone on a tangent once again. I’m diggin’ the Shu Uemura eyelash curler. It’s still giving me a crimp and not a curl but not nearly as bad as the others ones do.

And I loooove my MAC green gel cleanser. It is really clearing up my skin something wonderful. And not too drying. I’m excited about that. Bad skin really depresses me.

I’ve also gotten Fix + coming to me in the mail via a Specktra sale. Can’t wait to play around with that!

Halloween is Comin’ Up….

Soooo I tried some new stuff yesterday and actually had the balls to post it on Specktra’s FOTD page. *gulp* Everyone and their pro skills and then little ole me. Ahhh well. I liked the look so we’ll see what other ladies think.

Here’s what I used:

UDPP—my mofo BFF!
Rubensque as a base (sp)
Acid Orange pigment
Off the Radar pigment
Carbon e/s
Vanilla pigment
Plush Lash mascara (okay, I’m diggin’ it…)

And here’s what I got…..(let’s see how bad Blogger will F up the photo placement!)

Okayyy….so not too bad, uh? I could have blended a little better but what good would this blog me if everything I did was absolutely PERFECT? Hehe….and I swipped some NARS Taj Mahal….just a little…on my checks and I love it!

Let me know what yall think. Don’t be nice. Be honest.
But hey…if your honest is raving my new look…heyyy, I can dig it. :)

Ummm, also, need some help in the eyelashes department.
Has anyone ever used a Shu Uemura or Shiseido eyelash curler? Hmmm, I am seriously thinking about investing in one of these. The prices aren’t too steep….$16-$20 from Sephora. That’s not too bad. I tend to get that 90 degree angle when I use my drugstore curlers. It’s awfuuuuul. So we’ll see about gettin’ that. Hopefully today.

Peace and beauty, my loves!