Weekend Ish

So I’m back. No more flu. Thank you all for your well wishes. I healed myself again without the use of OTCs. Only herbal, homeopathic and aromatherapy remedies and blends. My Mommy is an herbalist and is big on the “natural” tip. I didn’t play around with make-up too much last week since I was sick but I am thrilled at how my skin is looking these days. This is the best it has looked since I moved here. Of course I have 4 pimples getting ready to form but for the past 2 days….its looked fab. It’s a shame that I can’t have more acne-free days. LA smog, LA smog.

And I don’t even wear StudioTech anymore.
I just do….
-Prep N Prime
-Mineralized Skin Finish
…..an eye shadow or two and just gooooo.

It’s been a week since I’ve purchased Prep N Prime and I’m lovin’ it so far. I’ll do a beginner’s review on it later. No complaints so far.

I haven’t gotten around to playing with yellow eye shadows again like I said I was going to. No major beauty hauls this weekend either. Except this pretty little pearly color from Orly.

I’m staying far away from nail salons and especially acrylic nails. I’m really on this “self-beautification” thing these days. Which is why I spent 6 hours twisting my hair instead of pay someone else to do it. That was so not fun.

And I think I’ve found a good neutral look. Check it:

For a base I pulled out the UDPP and put MAC Paint Bamboo over it. I’ve been having some issues with Indianwood Paint Pot so I went back to the Paints and it’s actually working REALLY well. So I use that….lightly apply Woodwinked with a fluffy brush, hit my crease with some Cranberry and my outer V with Carbon.

I love Carbon….who would have thought you could do so much with a Black matte eye shadow. It’s such a staple for me.

I discovered 2 things about my eyes this weekend.
(1) I have a football field space between my eyes and eye brows. I’m serious. And I don’t think it’s a good thing. I have so much space between my eye and brows that I can’t ever really do a highlight because I end up looking clownish!! The pic below is me bein’ silly but I think it really shows just how much space I have! Urrggghhh!

(2) I have heavy lids. My lid goes completely over my crease. And then my crease disappears! I have to do the “surprised” (see above pic) look just for you to really see my eye make-up. I hate that! I’m thinking of doing a consultation (and payin’ for it, I guess) at MAC to figure out how I can work with my eye shape. It’s startin’ to drive me nuts.

I’m so glad that this is a short week! I went out and purchased some FAB boots for my NYC trip.

*Yums, you see the baby wipes?
I’m so addicted to them, I stock up!*

I haven’t been to NYC in a minute so I’m excited. I also went and purchased my first scarf. That’s big here in Cali, I guess. In FL, you don’t see anyone wearing a scarf and it gets pretty cold there too. Hmm, interesting.

And before I went home I went to Starbucks on La Cienega and Beverly Blvd….waiting to be discovered. LOL! Just kidding….*looks around*—not really though. Pulled out a book (after balancing the checkbook….gulp), put the feet up and just chillllled. The music was fab too. Prince, Jill Scott, India Arie, John Mayer…I was jammin’. And I’m not even a coffee drinker (this was my 2nd one this year!) but that Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha is amazing.

Yaaaay, tis all for now. Makin’ my rounds to my other beauty blogs.

Peace and scarves!

Oh yeah….and the blog is gonna undergo some ugly construction.
I’m playin’ around with HTML and doing some upgrading
so please excuse the mess. :)

I’m sick.

So I haven’t updated or checked out anyone’s blogs because…..I have the flu. Ugh, it’s awful!! I’m still working (which probably isn’t the smartest thing, but I have to) and work from 7:30am-6pm….I take a shower, eat something and hit the bed by 8am. Not a minute later.

So don’t think that I’ve forgotten about any of you. Typin’ this quick message during my lunch break (which really ain’t a break because students keep harassing me!)……gotta go.

Peace and blessings.

Saturday Madness….

Today was a pretty decent productive day. I went to the Fashion District, East Los Angeles with one of my BFFs and of course we went to the mall. The mall was all decorated with Christmas stuffs and I was like….”Awwww!” Ever since I was a kid, I have adored the holiday season. Spending it a different city and different state with very few familiar faces is a bit hard, but I am slowly getting more into the spirit.

Ran through CVS before goin’ to Downtown and East Los Angeles and had a field day. I keep forgetting how much I love drugstores. I checked out L’Oreal mascaras (I was gonna get the newest one in the green tube but I gotta check out reviews on that first)…..ran over to Milani, NYC, Beauty of Essence brushes, CoverGirl stuffs and ended up at the candy aisle dopin’ up on sugary sweets.

Here’s my haul:

….my NYC lippie isn’t showing. And I know that neon orange isn’t even in style but I love crazy colors like that. More so for my toes. And I went to a MAC counter and got the Prep & Prime for the face. I hope it works! I promise that will be my last MAC purchase for awhile. I need to save money if I plan on going home for the holidays. I haven’t even booked a flight! Yikes!

Oh….as I promised…..here’s how the brows are lookin’ these days:

You see how much hair I have growing back? And I know I may have been exaggerating a bit but I think this picture shows just how much she took off. Look how thick my brows are SUPPOSED to be. HA, crazy, right?

….and they make me look like I’m surprised. Here I am making more a normal face but the brows make me look like I’m like, SHOCKED or somethin’. I hate that! LOL!

And they almost look nonexistent here….

Ayyy…..Imma be aight, I suppose. I’m really not worried about them anymore. Tis it for now! Back to watching “Waiting to Exhale” for the 39,483rd time. I should be out on a date or partyin’ it up with friends but I am a truly an old woman with no funds and livin’ in a foreign city. Ain’t that just fab?

Peace and vegetarianism!

Pure Randomness….

I can NOT wait for MAC’s Collection of The Stylistics to drop. I think the packaging is just absolutely gorgeous! I wonder if the products are really worth the hype? It doesn’t even matter! I’m just happy to see beautiful Alek on the center of this piece. Pro-Black and pro-MAC. They do a pretty decent job at showin’ some brown folx. Missy, Eve, Mary J, Alek…..I can certainly support a company that shows brown skinned folx some love.

I thought about typing up the color story, but then I realized one of my favorite beauty blogs has already done that. Check out Temptalia for the complete cover story and beauuuuutiful pics of this upcoming collection. It’s droppin’ on November 29th. Normally I’d hit up my nearest MAC Pro store in Orlando……but then I moved to LA, so I usually run to the MAC Pro store off of Roberson a week before launch dates. Buuuut, I’ll be in NYC so I’ll be hittin’ up their MAC Pro in Manhattan. Can’t wait! Now whether I’ll be able to afford more than 2 products from this collection is another story.

On a good note: my brows are growing back. It’s been 8 days since….ahem, “the accident” and I’ve got hairs growin’ like mad. I’ll upload a picture later to show yall. I’m so happy. I’m broke beyond belief this weekend (oh wait….EVERY weekend) but I plan on working on some projects/designs. This weekend I want to:

(1) Watch some make-up videos (love EnKore!)
(2) Play around with my yellow shadows…just for fun.
(3) Invest in a kabuki.
(4) Check out fab fall nail polish colors…Alyssia, you’re the inspiration for this one!
(5) Study MAC product ingredients (I have a MAC Employee manual. Don’t even ask….hehe)
(6) Depot some eye shadows.
(7) Have a field day at the nearest CVS and check out Ardell lashes, Milani, CoverGirl, L’Oreal, Beauty of Essence brushes, etc.

….and that’s just for the weekend. Let’s see if I stick to it! Here’s a completely “blah” but natural look I did yesterday after work.

I used (all MAC unless otherwise noted):
StudioTech NW45
Mineralized Skin Finish (Deep Dark)
Revlon Colorstay eyeliner
L’Oreal HIP Cream Eyeliner
NYC lip color
….and sprayed with Fix +

Yes, been wearin’ the head wrap all week. I’m so dramatic—I trip my own self out. Pretty decent neutral look, I suppose. Thanks for showin’ the love and for all of your comments/responses/tips/opinions. It is greatly appreciated!


Flowa Powa!

Just did a quick flower look. Drop ya thoughts!

I used (all MAC unless otherwise noted):

Chartreuse pigment
Fuschia pigment
Violet pigment
Blitz & Glitz fluid line
L’Oreal HIP Black Cream Eyeliner
Mattene Rapturous lipstick
MAC in 3D’s Wondershine
Revlon Colorstay eyeliner

This is how my 4th grade girls greet me!

And because I love graphic design
(another hidden obsession).

…..damn look at those bumps all over my face. They came out of nowhere. I’m gonna keep blamin’ LA smog ’til the day I die. My face didn’t even look this bad during puberty!

Look what my students bought me!
Lil’ jokas don’t fool me. They still drive me nuts!

They know Ms. Thomas loves her some Hello Kitty. Just showin’ my quick “ain’t had nothin’ else to do” look. Took me 10 quick minutes.

Notice how you don’t see my brows in any of those pics. I’m still in depressive mode over that unfortunate wax incident. And I really can’t draw them on. I’ve tried. It looks a mess….. That’s one department in the make-up world that I just don’t think I can master. I really have tried.

And another thing, Blogger sucks…like major. I don’t know why my pictures can’t be seen on a larger scale when you click on them. When I play around with HTML to make them larger, they end up looking all pixelated. Does anyone know how to make Blogger pictures bigger? Heeeelp!

Peace and primer.

EDIT: Thanks Tee….PhotoBucket-ing EVERY picture ain’t fun. But at least yall can get a better view. Yessss!

A Fab Video and other stuffs…

I absolutely love beauty folx who aren’t caught up on just one brand of make-up. I’ve always been a hidden make-up lover, and it was MAC that brought out the obsession. However, I STILL can’t help but have a field day in drugstores and Sephora. Hell, I even get excited to go down beauty aisle in grocery stores! Craziness, I know.

I stumbled upon this video from D0rksta’s Beauty Blog. This man did a wonderful run through of his make-up collection and his essentials. It covered all the basics and as a newbie I found it to be extremely helpful! He even mentioned my Mineralized Skin Finish and I felt so proud. I was like, “Awww, I have that!” Please check out the video below for his tips, recs and reviews of make-up essentials. It’s a good 10 minutes of such wonderfulness!

He’s also on YouTube @ EnKore Make-up. I’m sooo watching all of his vids!


Reviews and my Top 10!

So I decided to do some quick reviews on my newest products. I still consider myself a newbie in the make-up business. There are so many things I don’t know! But I’m learning….can’t believe how far I’ve come. Yay me! So, I feel a bit juvenile having just been introduced to some of these products but heyyy…..I’m getttin’ there! So first up…..

MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural

Overall Rating: 5
Price: 4
Packaging Quality: 5
Would you buy this product again? Yes!

So I just purchased my first MSF and I absolutely love it! I really owe Scandalous Beauty a ton of love because it was that site that got me into even considering purchasing this product. Because I’m NW45, I have to use Deep Dark and it really sets my make-up and gives me such a nice….finish. I am very impressed with this product. Find out more about it here.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Overall Rating: 2
Price: 2
Packaging Quality: 5
Would you buy this product again?
Probably not. I’m a bit disappointed in this. The innumerable amount of raves from Specktralites convinced me to purchase this $18 curler. I didn’t give it a “1” because at least it doesn’t crimp my lashes like other curlers do. But it doesn’t seem to do much at all. Not for me, at least. Find out more about this product here.

MAC’s Strobe Cream

Overall Rating: 2

Price: 1
Packaging Quality: 1

Would you buy this product again? No way!
Being that I’m new to smog-filled LA, I’ve been looking for a reallly good moisturizer. Something that not only protects my skin, but keeps it feeling moisturized and conditioned. I thought Strobe Cream would do the trick, but I think not. For one, it’s too expensive! $29.50 and I only get a 1.7oz? That’s awful. Aside from the packaging, I don’t think this product is made for darker skin tones. It contains an opaque “pearly” pigment stuff that is supposed to make your face shine…as if a strobe light is on your face. Didn’t do that for me. Instead, I ended up looking like I had white shimmery residue on my face. Not a good look. And I made sure that I used a little, but then my face was left too dry. And when I used too much, I ended up with a white face. I hated it. Back to my jojoba oil by day and cocoa butter by night! Find out more about this product here.

MAC’s Green Gel Cleanser

Overall Rating: 4
Price: 3
Packaging Quality: 4

Would you buy this product again? Sure. Why not?
I was initially introduced to this product via sample. It was good enough for me to purchase. I like it. I use it in the morning and it realllly gets my dry skin nice and moisturized. I exfoliate every night and this cleanser seems to replenish my skin and give it back some of that moisture that was lost during exfoliation. If I came across something better, I’d go to it, but for right now the Green Gel Cleanser is doing the job. Find out more about this product here.

Aveeno’s Positively Ageless Rejuvenating Serum

Overall Rating: 3
Price: 3
Packaging Quality: 3

Would you buy this product again? Maybe.
Hidden fact: I’m a bit obsessed with fighting wrinkles and other “old age” lines that tend to plague our faces when we reach our “mature” ages. I’m only 22, but I strongly believe in taking care of my skin now so I can look 30 when I’m 80. LOL….I received this as a sample and it’s just “okay”. I love the way it smells and how light it feels on my face. It says that it can be used under a moisturizer, which I think is pretty cool. I use it under my eyes and on my forehead just because I know that’s where wrinkles first start. I’m going on my 2nd week using it and ehhh….it’s okay. Haven’t seen too many results yet, but then again I don’t have any wrinkles, so what exactly am I looking for? HA! I like it though. I’d give it a chance again. Find out more about this product here.

So that’s it for now….I hope I’ve given some of you other newbies (or pros) some good ideas….or recs. If you have some, please share! Especially in the department of skincare! Matter fact, before I peace out, I’ll drop my top 10 gotta get before ’08 comes list:

(1) A kabuki brush
(2) A good eye cream serum
(3) A foundation primer (looking at Smashbox’s )
(4) A good eyelash curler (looking at Shiseido’s)
(5) An everyday blush (looking at NARS’ Outlaw)
(6) Always looking for good mascaras.
(7) MAC’s 187 foundation brush or something close to it.
(8) Benefit’s Brow Zing
(9) A subtle but nice everyday lip color
(10) The perfect neutral eye combination.

….hopefully I can snag at least half of that list before ’08 rolls around. Give me some of your tips of favorite products!

Peace and kabukis!

Just updatin’….

Hi beauties!

Thanks to you all for the positive (and honest) responses in regards to the brows. I’m feelin’ a tad bit better about it. Well, not really but at least I’m not cryin’ about it anymore. I have, however, indulged heavily in my head wraps and making sure that they cover my brows. Guess I still haven’t been able to accept it. HA! It’s kinda funny when you think about it.
So I’ve been goin’ to work and ‘roun town lookin’ like this.

LOL, look at me. Got the snob look goin’ on and fake wedding ring blingin’. I look like I’m in mourning…of my brows. I’m a mess, yall. Some days I’ve pulled the scarf to the side for the gypsy look and other days I’ve tied it up like my African sistas do. So sad. I’ve prayed (literally got on my knees) and prayed about these brows. LOL, it can’t be that serious. But then again it is. I have purchased Espresso e/s. So we’ll see how that works. Trying to draw on brows with my MAC Stud eyebrow pencil is soooo hard.
Today I did a different kind of purple eye. For the look below I used:
Artifact paint pot as a base
Inner Lid-Hepcat
Outer V-Carbon (my new BFF. Sorry Vex!)
Crease-Satellite Dreams (Sooo fab!!)
….and then I dabbed some Vanilla along with S.Dreams and blended up.
Came up with this:

I can dig it. Did a super nude lip. Gotta love that Bare Truth lipstick from Blue Storm.
I also went to MAC and returned my Strobe Cream. I played with it as much as I could but I realllly didn’t like it. I didn’t feel like a strobe light was on my face. It didn’t give me enough moisture and all that opaque pearly stuff just made me look a bit ashy. So instead I returned that and purchased my first Mineralized Skinfinish. Really excited about this! Can’t wait to see how that works!
My girl Vanessa at NecessaryMakeup.com (faaab beauty blog. Check her out!) is pro Beauty of Essence brushes just like me. For great quality brushes for a realllly good price, please check out this brand at your local drugstores. And is it bad that I absolutely adore NYC’s lip stuffs? Pictures of “Mission Salvage Brows, Act I” will be available soon!
….but before I go! Cross your fingers for me! I’ve entered my Jigsaw look in Temptalia’s Halloween Mask Contest! Some girls have entered some beauuuutiful looks so we’ll see. Just to be featured on this wonderful beauty blog is considered an honor to me! To my other bloggers, add this one to your list. I don’t purchase anything until I get the trusty pictures and reviews from this site.
Love and L’Oreal macaras!