FOTD Friday: Halloween Look!

Happy Friday, beautiful people! Ohmigoodness, this week has been an amazing one! Between yesterday’s Breast Cancer Awareness contest, gas goin’ day and just being alive, I can’t complain! This week’s FOTD goes in conjunction the Jaimie from Just Kiss ‘N Makeup‘s Halloween contest.

I loooove doing this! Last year I did two.

I love doing looks with pops of color! This year I wanted my look to have a story behind it.

Yeeeep, go ‘head and pull up a chair.

LOL, I’m just playin’…I won’t be long. I am in LOVE with all things African. The culture, the music, the food, the history, the garments..I just love my heritage. But as an African American with untraceable roots to the African continent, I often find a hard time “connecting” to my lost background. When I first jumped on the “Halloween Look” bandwagon, I immediately knew I wanted to do an African look. Here was my inspiration:

I loved it! That green goes beautifully against her dark skin. Green eyeshadows, actually have a special place in my make-up stash. Meet the family…

Altogether I used a combination of ALL of those greens so should you need specific names, just ask. :) I even tried some false lashes for the first time. They were great for the look but I can’t see myself ever wearing those things regularly. My eyes were just a waterin’.

For the lips, I decided to go with a 14K color so I used some of my MAC Golden Lemon pigment and mixed it with a clear gloss (N.Y.C. Cosmetics, holla!).

To make the green pop even more I bronzed my face down with Cargo Bronzer. I love how it didn’t make me ashy but gave me “glow”. The lining of the mask comes from Urban Decays 24/7 eyeliner in Envy. So here’s the look!

Sometimes I get TOO
ANTM in my pictures, uh? HA!

Do yall know I walked around my house like this?! I just felt good with the make-up and the wrap and the clothes! Loved it! Why not a scary look? I’m not a big fan of Halloween to begin with and I don’t really like scary stuffs. Hence why I can’t watch the nightly news.

I kid! Not really but kinda. :)

There’s my submission for the contest! What do yall think?

Be honest, be honest…

Have a wonderfuuuul weekend!!

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Clumps of Mascara’s NYC Giveaway

Hold on to your wigs, chicas (lo siento, y chicos tambien)! This will blow you away! I am honored to be a part of Total Beauty’s Total Cure Breast Cancer Awareness initiative. I just know you’ve read (or least heard) about it. Every day this month, participating bloggers have been hosting giveaways in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My maternal Grandfather (yes, men can get it too) passed away from Breast Cancer when I was 14 years old. I know many of us have been affected by this disease whether it be personally or through the stories and testimonies. WE CAN BEAT IT!!

I am so glad that I can incorporate beauty in this aspect. You know this brand, right?

Check out the goodies you can win by entering the contest…

Color Wheel Mosaic Eye
– Purple Rain 3.99
– Pink Cadillac 3.99
– Beyond The Sea 3.99
– Brown Eyed Girl 3.99

Smooth Minerals
– Loose Foundation Powder/Natural Medium 6.99
– Loose Foundation Powder/Natural Fair 6.99
– Loose Foundation Powder/Natural Light 6.99
– Loose Foundation Powder/Natural Deep 6.99
– Pressed Foundation Powder 6.99
– Loose Finishing Powder 6.99
– Loose Eye Powder/Onyx 6.99
– Loose Eye Powder/Cocoa 6.99
– Loose Eye Powder/Espresso 6.99
– Loose Eye Powder/Frosty 6.99
– Loose Powder Blush/Mocha 6.99
– Loose Powder Blush/Apricot 6.99
– Loose Powder Blush/Desert Rose 6.99

Cover Stick
– Light 1.99
– Medium 1.99
– Yellow 1.99
– Green 1.99

Pressed Face Powder
– Translucent 1.99
– Neutral 1.99
– Naturally Beige 1.99

Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder
– Mocha Glow 4.99
– Peach Glow 4.99
– Rose Glow 4.99

Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder 2.99

Sparkle Eye Dust/Baby Blue 3.99
Sparkle Eye Dust/Smokey Topaz 3.99
Sparkle Eye Dust/Opal 3.99
Sparkle Eye Dust/Pink Champage 3.99

Eyeliner Duet
– Mockingbird 1.99
– Rich Girl 1.99
– Endless Love 1.99
– Islands In The Stream 1.99

Eye2Eye Shadows
– Pink Ink 2.99
– Heather Plum 2.99
– Chocolate Kiss 2.99
– Blue Smoke 2.99

Mod Quad Eyeshadow/Go Go Green 3.99

Color Kit/Manhattan Mauve 4.99

Browblender Brow & Liner
– Light Brown 4.99
– Auburn 4.99
– Black Velvet 4.99

Maximum Boost Mascara/Black 3.99
Lash Precise Mascara/Black 4.99
Liquid Eyeliner/Black 1.99
Eyelashes/Black Glamour 1.99
Eyelashes/Black Natural 1.99
Eyelashes/ Black Double Cross 1.99
Curling Mascara/Cobalt Blue 2.99

Ultra Moist Lip Wear
– Sheer Red 0.99
– Ruby 0.99
– Chiffon 0.99
– Blossom 0.99 – Petal 0.99

Lippin Large
– Very Clear 3.99
– Strawberry Mouse 3.99
– Peach Parfait 3.99
– Toffee Kiss 3.99
– Pink Champagne 3.99
– Plum Tart 3.99

Eyelash Curler 2.99
Shadow Applicators 0.99

TOTAL $251.35

Can you believe it? And the best thing is all you have to do to drop me a Breast Cancer awareness fact, you email address, and of course, your name here in this post. You can find facts at Total Beauty’s Facebook page or their MySpace page. You can also submit your entry to This giveaway ends in 24 hours and is for US and Canadian residents only. Hop to it, family!

Stay beautiful and let’s kick breast cancer in the rump!

Brown and Blushin’ Series: Petticoat MSF

Good day, beautiful people! I bring to you a requested post from a reader who was just dyiiiiing to get my opinion on one of MAC’s newest collection. Obviously, I’m being dramatical again. :) MAC Cosmetics just recently released a collection called Sheer Minerals; a collection that I really had no interest in. Until of course I visited my girl Safia (MAC Pro Orlando, holla!). She sneakily slid the Mineralize Skinfinish in Petticoat ($25) in my hand.

“Um, what is this?” I inquired.

“You’ll love it,” she exclaimed.

LOVE is an understatement. As I watched her apply this velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish (source) on the BFF’s cheek bones, I knew I had to have it.

This baby just look amazing and I love it just as much if not more than my Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick in Brownie.

Petticoat is to the left, Bobbi Brown’s Brownie to the right.

Petticoat, still with its subtlety, manages to bring out a certain “POP” on my cheeks. And not with chunky glitter stuffs either. Here’s where I place it.

Yes, that’s an eyeshadow brush….and what? LOL! Yall know I keep it real.

Petticoat brings out those high cheekbones that I thought I DIDN’T have. It truly is amazing.

And yall just KNOW how I feel about multi-purpose items. I can see myself using this as a highlight and even a lid color. Definitely something worth checking out.

And in other news….look who has been inspired to some nail designs. This one’s for you, Nikki! China Glaze’s Avalanche is a fun gunmetal lavender and the crazy black swiggly lines give the nails some character.

Stay beautiful, fam!!

Support my Total Beauty family and our Total Cure Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative! Skin Deco and Beauty Logic are having giveaways today. Submit a Breast Cancer Awareness fact and press your luck to snag those goodies.

Mascara Monday: Rewind, Part II

Happy Monday, family! Every once in awhile, I like to give the lashes a rest and update you beautiful people on the mascaras I’ve been reviewing since our last update. Since then I have reviewed the following:

I decided to have a little awards ceremony for this batch of mascaras!

Best All Around: Max Factor Volume Couture provides amazing volume with clump-free application. To be a drugstore brand, it definitely delivers better than most of the higher end brands that I’ve reviewed. I love love LOVE this baby! And we won’t even talk about how amazing it is with my current HG (haven’t reviewed yet) primer. Oh-my-goodnessgraciousitshot!

Maybelline XXL Extensions: Daaaang, this gold and black tube provides crazy length!

The “Oh Hell Nah” (sorry Mom, gotta keep it real): Urban Decay Fatty Mascara in Black Cherry. Red lashes? Now that’s hot! But UD could definitely work on their mascara’s formula. It was crazy flaky and lacked length and volume. Um….ew?

The Biggest LOL: Wet ‘N Wild MegaVolume Mascara. Dear, Wet ‘N Wild, Just stop making this stuff. Like….seriously. Yours Truly, B.

The biggest exaggerated claim: Neutrogena’s Healthy mascara…granted the mascara is pretty amazing, but claiming that it will make your lashes 400% fuller is just a little bit dramatic; even for me.

Best Curl: *looks around* No one up in here, babes!
Best Length: Maybelline XXL Extensions
Best Volume: Max Factor Volume Couture

So what do you think? Have you tried any of these mascaras? I will answer any of your questions and as always, you can send me any requests at But I may give you a cyber side-eye if you request any more of those Wet ‘N Wild mascaras. I love yall dearly but I just….I can’t. LOL!

Stay beautiful!

(photo source)

FOTD: Fuchsia Lippies!

Happy Friday, beautiful people. I am singing Marvin Sapp’s “Neeeeever would have made it wiiiithout youuuuu,” Ohh wee–this was a trying week but I made it through. I’m spending the weekend with SisterClumps3 and doing some volunteering at the Obama4Orlando office so I hope to have a good weekend!

Last week MAC Cosmetics dropped the Manish Arora collection available only online and at a few (I think like two….) MAC locations. I had no intentions of snagging anything from this collection but the packaging was just divine. But I’m still broke and despite the fact that gas is around $2.99/gallon, I still need to pinch pennies. Hence the reason why I only grabbed two lippies. But booooy, do I love Girl About Town lipstick and Pink Manish Lip glass.

Peep the FOTD:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Cargo Medium Bronzer
Too Faced Mocha Meteor
Clinique Almost Peach
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner
Max Factor Volume Couture mascara (still lovin’ it!)

MAC Girl About Town lipstick (fabulous fuchsia )
MAC Pink Manish Lip glass (frosted fuchsia with multi-color pearl)

Nada..can’t you tell. I’m shinning something serious!

Girl About Time alone…I was being a little extra giddy.

Oh wait…that’s how I ALWAYS am. HA!

Wow! Who would have thought a fuchsia lipstick would be so beautiful! I mean, it’s not something I can wear to work but it’s kinda jazzy. I can dig it. What do you think?

This lippie is so bright, it looks like it’s glowing!

I love my simple neutral eye combination. Bronzer on the lids is truly amzing!

I was excited about Pink Manish because I really don’t have a pink gloss like this…no really, I don’t. Like….I’m not even kidding.

NOTD (Nail of the day) is China Glaze’s For Audrey. Not one of my favorites but it’s a cool and funky shade.

‘Tis all. I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! Oh, but wait…

I’ve been quiet this month in reference to Breast Cancer awareness but I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work for Total Beauty, Total Cure campaign. As a participating blog, I am also on the tech committee making sure everything runs smoothly for the daily giveaways! Tune in next week….I’ll drop you the scoop for each and every giveaway and benefit.

….Breast Cancer awareness? Now that’s beautiful!

Stay beautiful!

Eyeliner 101

By popular demand (okay, only 2 of yall asked, lol), I bring you some eyeliner tips. When I tell you there is no RIGHT way to achieve the pretty simple line on the waterline, I ain’t lyin. I used to have crazy thick lines. Don’t believe me?

Exhibit A (May ’08)….

Yes family, I have learned a thing or two and thought I’d share them with you.

First–don’t think that your line has be perfect.

My preference is a gel eyeliner with an angled brush because you can control the width of your line. Pencil and liquid liners don’t allow that.

You can start any where on your lid. For the pictures, I started in the corner and worked my way out. Normally I start in the center. Do whatever works for you.

I imagine as if I’m drawing at the base of my lashes—not ON my lid. Does that make sense?

I take small strokes. Trying to make a complete straight line is sooo hard for me. Shoot, I can’t even draw a straight line on paper.

At the end I simply turn my brush for a little extra “winged” look.


But look closely at those mistakes…

A swip swip of a Q-tip dipped in make-up remover can clean that baby up.

Bam bam! The video actually does a lot better job at explaining how I do this.

Preguntas? Just let me know! What do you use to get the line on the waterline? Any tips or suggestions for me?

Sista Show Off: Fitness/Diet Blogs

Welcome to another post from the Sista Show Off series! In this series I like to show some love to other companies, blogs, businesses, organizations or just regular ladies like myself who are paving the way for women everywhere! Let me feature you! Shoot me an email at

As most of you know I have been actively training to run a 5K. I have been serious about fitness since July but I have kicked it up a notch within the past month or so. It is super hard to stay motivated. I can deal with eating healthy but forcing myself to run and sweat and lift weights is totally out of my element. Thank God for blogs like Gaining Beauty while Loosing Booty. This fitness trainer/Mommy really has been wonderful at keeping a beginner like me focused and motivated.

And then there’s the Diet Blog. I check this blog EVERY day. The posts are just as informative as the readers’ comments. The blog authors actually respond to your questions and are extremely helpful.

Talk about about a strong sista! Confessions of a Fitness Diva drops a ton of tips to help tone your flabby parts.

My other favorites include:

These blogs have been instrumental in inspiring me to stick to this new way of living. And don’t think you can’t do it. Had you told me a few months ago that I would be running 3 miles a day, I would have laughed at you. Soon I will be starting the Nike + program (I owe that one to you, Mischo!) and hope to make exercising as normal as breathing. Taking care of our bodies is beauty too!

Any athletes out there? Or anyone else working to loose weight or become more fit? Tell me!!

….and as always, stay beautiful!!

Mascara Monday: MAC FibreRich

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope that yall had a wonderful weekend. While the low gas prices should have prompted me to make some travels around Florida, I was too lazy to do so. I opted to spend some time cleaning out my closet, shopping for some shoes and continuing my training for the 5K. Loves it!! I would first like to ‘pologize for the delay on this mascara. Gosh, I was asked to review these decades okay. But I got it for you this time around. Introducing…..

MAC Fibre Rich Mascara

Price: 3 out of 5 ($12.00)
Packaging (Brush Wand): 3 out of 5
Overall: 3.5 out of 5

What it claims: “Fibre-rich. Good for you. Keeps lashes fit. Makes them strong, fat, well-defined. Adds muscle to short and fine lashes. Creams on. Clump proof…Spike-proof! The difference fibre makes is amazing. Add it to your lashes’ diet!”

The truth: *yawn* Oh…uh? What were we talking about? LOL, nah I’m kidding…it’s good.

What I loved about it: Well, it did lengthen.

What I didn’t like: I really couldn’t get down with the wand. That little swirly brush thing was just not working too well for me.

Overall: I’m just going to keep it real in the fied, folx. I know a lot of beauty gurus/enthusiasts love to give MAC Cosmetics crazy props even if the products are so-so. I ain’t one of those people so please…no cyber tomatoes. LOL! I’m just not THAT impressed. Had the brush been a little easier to use, I think I would have liked it more. The clump factor was minimal so that’s always a good thing. I didn’t experience any of those mid-day flakes so props for that! I mean, I did give it 3 out of 5 because I do like the length that it gave me but I know for a fact that there are other lengthening mascaras that can deliever just as good as this baby here and for a cheaper price! Maybelline XXL Extensions being one. Imju Fiberwig being the other (but only if you have some pennies to spare). So is Fibre Rich bad? No. Is Fibre Rich phenomal? No.

Would I recommend it: If you are looking for a good lengthening mascara, then yes. But if you already have one, save your duckies.

Lashes with NO mascara

Lashes with TWO coats

….okay, now that I’m lookin’ at these pictures, maybe I didn’t give this mascara a fair review. LOL, they did bring the lashes out there a bit, didn’t they? Ah well…my favorite lengthening mascara will forever and always be Imju Fiberwig.

What’s your favorite? Tell B!

Enjoy your Monday!!!

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