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Hi loves…

Just dropping you a quick message to let you know that Clumps of Mascara will be Under Construction for awhile. So if you are having clicking troubles, clicking on dead dlinks or just having a hard time accessing the page, hang in there! The webmistress and I are almost complete!

Thanks for your patience, understanding and support. Yall is the best (Black English moment).
In the meantime, check out EnKore’s newest video in which he discusses what eyeshadows go with others. Helpful, or what?

Peace & Bobbi Brown (the make-up artist..not Whitney’s crazy man)

UDPP has been holdin’ out!

Yall see this?
Guess the product.

Now I know I’m a newbie and just learning some things but pleeeease tell me yall knew about this!

We all know Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, right (did you guess right?)? It is one of my HG and most beloved products. Even if I use a Paint Pot, Paint, concealer or even a Shadestick, I still start with UDPP. We all know that it is also a bit pricey and the shape of the bottle is just…..beyond frustrating. The wand can only go straight down into the tube. Never mind the sides. However, my friend showed me how we can get more product by cutting the tube in half. Now when she told and SHOWED me this I was thinking, “Ehhh….okay, a bit more would be nice.” A “bit” is an understatement. Chopping your UDPP in half will give you about 2-3 more months worth of product. Don’t believe me? Lemme show you!

What you’ll need:

UDPP (of course)
A pretty big knife
A not so big knife
Something to put UDPP in. I was going to use an depotted MAC pot but duhhh, it has holes so I settled for a random empty jar thingie. Sample pigment jars would be perfect though.

[STEP 1]
Start by cutting a knife straight through your UDPP. It may take some time. Make sure you use a cutting board. Forgot to take a pic of this. Sorrryyy..

[STEP 2]
Pull apart your UDPP and get angry at how Urban Decay has been ripping us off.

[STEP 3]
Scoop what you can OUT and place in your new jar. Hmmm, ice cream.

[STEP 4]
But girl, you ain’t done yet. Start slicing the base of the packaging too.

[STEP 5]
Scoop like hell and place everything in your new jar.

Can you believe this? Look how much of the product was still stuck inside of there. This took me all of 5 minutes to do. I say we all start emailing Urban Decay and suggest they find some new packaging for UDPP because this doesn’t make sense. What do you think?

Random post, I know. But in the midst of packing, I got into a depotting mode and then UDPP scooping mode and decided to share with my blog fam. Have a fab weekend, yall!

Peace and fists to Urban Decay!

[thanks Ms. Riss. Get back on the blog updating thang, sis b/c I miss you!]

[EDIT – 4/20/2009] The people have spoken and Urban Decay has revamped the packaging. It now has an angled wand. Check it out HERE. Yay!

Road triiiiiip

Hey chicas! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! Still shocked that I’m 23!

I’m back from my 2-day road trip. Of course I went to Orlando and hit up the MAC Pro store where I chatted it up with my new favorite artists who were happy to see me. I didn’t buy anything (THAT’S THE FIRST!!!!!) but it was good to see some familiar faces. I went to Universal City Walk, saw some friends and saw Juno. Please go see this movie. That and The Great Debaters. And August Rush. Amaziiiing films.

Then I headed to Tampa Bay!!! My college home! Had so many memories in this city and was happy to be back. I went to my storage spot to go grab some things and got all sentimental.

*Yums, see the shine?*

My life in a storage room. Gotta love it. I need a home! And then I went around visiting my friends and got into this HUGE debate about Black women wearing red lipsticks. My girls were NAY and I was YAY. Many said that because their lips were already big, wearing red would make them look like a clown.

Now tell me…..do I look like a clown?


Seriously…women of color are still victims of what beauty should look like. While a crap-load of people plump their lips and go around lookin’ a mess, we hate our beautiful naturally plump lips because back in the day we were hated on because of them. What a mess.

But I digress. Then my girls and I went to my favorite Thai restaurant. Aren’t they fab?

The Fashionista, the Public Relations chic, the law student and the International Humanitarian. I have great lady friends!

And then before I went and got my brows threaded. I seriously think that Indian women truly understand the art of thick natural brows with an arch.

I swear, I won’t let anyone else touch my brows. Only my Indian ladies and Sam Fine. That’s it!! But I just can’t get my left brow to look like the right. Dang, that bothers me! The right is just wonderful and the right is trying so hard to keep up.

More productive posts soon to come. I’m out living my last few days in Florida because I fly back to my poor volunteering life in Cali and I’m SO not looking forward to it. :( Yall bloggers have been updating like crazy. I can’t keep uuuuup!

Peace and India.

’07 Beauty Reflections

…and since I’m one of those semi-vain people
who celebrate their birthday like it’s a national holiday

TO ME!!!

It’s on the 2nd but I observe it from at least New Year’s Eve ’til around January 7th. I know, I know….who do I think I am? I’m big on birthdays and believe that if ain’t nobody else gonna make a big deal about it, I damn sure will! So have yourself a slice of my vegan cake. I, promise, it’s good. And I hope you aren’t not one of those “OMG, I can’t have a piece of cake because it has like too many calories in it” people because that’s just annoying. Eat it! HA!

I still haven’t made it Tampa/Orlando/Miami. My lazy A. I leave tomorrow. Fo real this time. And like my blog sistas Vanessa, Karen and Yummy, I have decided to reflect on this year of beauty.

As most of you know….I am a newbie to the make-up world. Hence the title of my blog. I didn’t get heavy into make-up until about June 2007. 90% of my products are 6 months old. Brushes included. I am a PROUD newbie. I don’t feel bad for for just figuring out what tightlining is or for having no clue how to put on fale lashes. I’m learning each and everday. My top 10 newbie lessons of 2007 would beeeeee….

  • Work on your own pace. And stop comparing your skills to someone else’s. We all had to start somewhere.
  • Great cosmetics can be found anywhere….and for cheap (Walgreens Buy 1, Get 1 Free, okayyyyy!!!).
  • Feeling like you HAVE to wear make-up everyday is, well…a problem.
  • Don’t fix what ain’t broke (leave my brows alone!). And my skin. No foundation is fine.
  • Celebrate being a beautiful Black woman by wearing something other than Burgundy lipstick.
  • Ask ask ask ask ask questions…and not just at counters/stores. Sometimes they are just trying to sell you a product. Get the truth from make-up gurus (Specktra).
  • Love myself make-up less and naked (TMI, I know but I had to say it).
  • Don’t feel bad for being addicted to make-up. It’s a fun and creative hobby.
  • Prevent impulse buying by researching and checking out swatches.
  • Create a portfolio for fun. Because even if I loose interest in make-up, at least I’ll have something to show for it.

I’m sure most of you know these things already but they are definitely most 10 most important lessons. 2008 will bring such greatness for me. I can feel it. The same way I felt it for ’07.

My biggest anticipation for ’08? Not grad school, home owning or locin’ up my hair but the Fafi Collection!!!

Don’t give me that cyber-look. You know you waitin’ on it too. Peace my loves and Happppppy New Yeeeeear!!!

[pics courtesy of maxrev.de & leehansen.com]

A Big Post!

Christmas is over and I almost dropped a tear. I love this time of year and this was one of my favorite Christmases. I may have spent $70 on gifts for 6 family members. I didn’t go broke for the first time ever and I am extremely happy about that.

I haven’t really played much in my Christmas haul. Except messin‘ around with the Prep-N-Prime mascara. [NOTE: I have belongings in 3 different locations—my Mom’s house in North Florida, a storage room in Central Florida and a room in Los Angeles] I have to be careful because along the way, things get lost. So I can’t really enjoy my haul until my items are packed away and are sitting at a DEFINITE location. Have I mentioned that I’ve moved a total of 9 times since 2003? Yikes! That’s about 8 different beds. I stay moving.

Anywayyyy, I played with greens the other day.

I used:
Bamboom Paint
Vanilla pigment

I try and keep it really simple. I’m getting lazy in eye make-up. I never want to spend more than 10 minutes on it. And the fewer products I can use, the better. My lazy ass. So sad.

Here at Clumps I am always trying to share my learnings and attempted perfections with yall. My newest one is using MAC’s Fluidlines. I’ve been using the 266 brush forever. And I’ve always liked it. But the smoothness of my lines on my lower lash line have been somewhat jagged. So I did some experimenting.

266 vs 209 (SE)
The angled brush versus the fine point brush.
The 209 wins!! I get a much smoother line when I use this brush…it takes a bit longer to apply but it is easier to go over mistakes because of the brush’s fine point.

A vast improvement for me. So I’m thinkin‘ if you’re like me and are having madd issues with applying the Fluidline, check the brush that you are using. And keep practicinbecause this is one of those things that takes hella practice to get perfect.

And lastly I went to the Bobbi Brown counter to check out those pretty Shimmer Brick Compacts but ended up getting caught up in skincare products. Uh oh! My skin is just now returning from Pimple-Ville USA. I think it’s safe to say that it was MAC face products that turned my normally good skin south. Could’ve been the Prep-N-Prime or Green Cleanser or StudioFix or Mineralized Skinfinish. I don’t know but since I’ve discontined using them, my skin has improved. I’ll take pics to prove.

Anyway….after asking the arists about finding a light foundation coverage item, one of the ladies used their tinted moisturizer and eye concealer on me.

Def not feeling the under the eye action. Even though I look “brighter”. And why in the hell are my pores so large? But the coverage is nice and light and easy to put on. So I purchased it. I’ll do a review on that later as well.

I’ve said enough loves…off to Orlando/Tampa/Miami to visit friends/fam. So I won’t be updating too often. If I miss it, have a happy New Year’s!!!

Peace and Fafi!


Merry Christmas, beauties!!!

The only reason I have time to post is because everyone is asleep. Because I’m a divorcee child, I have to spend Christmas at 2 separate houses. Which is fun because I get 2 Christmases but then again it sucks because you HAVE to spend equal time with everyone or else one household gets all “funny actin”. Trust me….

I got some goooood make-up stuffs. It started with the 187.

I knew I was getting this. Moms called me yesterday and asked me which brush I wanted. Too bad I don’t use face make-up right now but when I do I got this beautiful brush!! Yesss….

And then I went over to my Dad’s and look what I got:

Daaaang…..I know. I was shocked. It all came in a cute little traincase. My step-Mom didn’t know what to get. So she said. But how she knew I wanted the 182 brush is beyond me. So I got:

182 brush
187 brush
Heirlooms Eye brushes
Viva Glam VI lipglass
Finery Tan lip palette
Royal Assets cool eyes
MAC wipes
MAC Eye make-up remover
Engraved Powerpoint Pencil
Curiositease Plushglass set
Curiositease Cool lipstick set
Prep N Prime mascara
Zoom lash mascara

Gotta love puttin’ the buzz in my 9-year old sister’s ear. I did that last year and ended up with the Coach purse I wanted.

And speaking of Coach purses:

I love them. I got this cute little make-up bag and another Coach purse that I wanted. I seriously want for nothing else. Not even in the MAC world. I’m even thinking about returning some of the ish I got from The Originals collection. Which reminds me….I also got some pretty Bobbi Brown shadows that I left at my Dad’s.

Yayaya…I’m excited. Goin’ to Prescriptives tomorrow to check out their foundations. My face is 100% better. Now it’s time to get some decent coverage. Yaaay!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season. GOD is so good. Seriously. I don’t know everyone’s faith but I just have to brag about my GOD because He is a great one! I love you, beauty bloggers!! I’ll do a quick blog roll and then I might take my butt to bed.

Peace and 24 hours of The Christmas Story on TBS!

The Originals and then some…

I’m so behind on updating so I may be rushing things but I think yall can keep up.

One of my blog sisters, Yummy discussed Google Reader in her most recent blog. Do yourself a favor and check it out! It’s amaaaazing. I can now know when each and every one of you lovely ladies makes an update without spending 30 years going to each blog space. I just go to my Google Reader and BAM….I can see who made updates. It even works fab on my Sidekick (which will hopefully turn into a Blackberry Curve on Christmas Day). Good lookin’ out, Yums!

Here are what those pretty lip sticks look like. [ahem and how do yall get the titles and words on your pictures? Lemme guess….Photoshop, uh? I’ll invest in that when I get on that steady salary. Hehe.]

*left to right* [Milani’s Sumptuous and MAC’s 3D and Viva Glam IV]

And then here’s the bitty haul I got from The Originals Collection. Ochre Style on the left, A Little Folie on the right.

I was NOT a fan of that Parrot. I can’t believe people were goin’ crazy over a color that looks so close to MAC’s Shimmermoss and Waternymph (from the Lure collection). It’s so not worth the hype.

I like A Little Folie for a crease color. And even for a lid color if I can get it to work right. I have issues with some mattes. I like Ochre Style because it is a muted gold and isn’t as loud as that damn Amberlights. However, it’s color payoff isn’t too hot so I have to get a super good base for this to pop. But if they don’t work out, I will not hesitate to return them. HA!

Don’t understand that hype over C-Thru either because it looked a hot mess on me. Hmmm…this collection was just “Eh” for me. The last collection that seriously wow-ed me all over was Smoke Signals and that was in August, I believe. But I do believe that the Fafi collection will have me jumpin’ for joy!!!!!!! Who else is excited about this beauuuutiful collection?

Here is how I’m lookin’ these days. Face is looking a little better but I’m getting insecure with the dark spots. I only wear eye liner, mascara and a lip color everyday. Tis all. And heyyyy….look who got a new scarf! Have I mentioned how much I love scarves?

And I played around with Sushi Flower (I’m sorry but I hate HATE this color, I can’t ever get it to work), Humid and Shimmermoss. Something didn’t come out right because the color payoff so didn’t last. But then again, I was just playin’ around.

And ohhh, I got my nails done and isn’t this color pretty?

I’m happy happy. Why can’t my nails look this good when I do it? Ugghhh.. Yall like my faux wedding hand picture, uh? I even got the wedding ring. LOL, I’m a mess.

Peace and Louis Vuitton (I just found my first one!)

Lippy Wippy!

I’m in Florida!! Back on the East Coast and I couldn’t be happier. It was worth the jet lagged red eye trip from Cali at 1am. That was a rough day but I am so happy to see familiar faces, places and MY CAR! I haven’t driven in 3 months. That’s just insane.

I actually have a TON of updates but I gotta do some backtracking, so first things first.

I hauled MAC’s clear brow gel and I love love love it. It really aids in smoothing out my naturally thick and curly brows. Since the waxing accident, they have grown in nicely. I don’t need to pencil in anything. My roomie helps with the arch so I’m estatic that SOMETHING is going right in the beauty department.

I also hauled more lip colors…..
MAC’s 3D and Viva Glam IV.

Here are some FOTDs…ignore the eye make-up. I was messin’ around in pigments.


[Viva Glam IV ]

I like them both. And I’m really liking my collection. I also copped a Milani color that I don’t have any pictures of. I’ll do some swatches of ALL of my newest lip colors just in case other brown ladies are lookin’ for something that works nicely for us.

And I will also post pictures of my skin later. It’s actually getting A LOT better. I have been walking around here without the face make-up and surprisingly, I’m fine. I don’t think I look THAT bad. Some of yall are saying my skin ain’t THAT bad and maybe you’re right….my dramatic self. Still. I would like to try another foundation just for kicks. But to not wear it is just…..amazing.

And I checked out The Originals collection (that one snuck up on me) today and only purchased 2 things. That’s coming in the next post. 5 days until Christmas and I have still puchased zero gifts. It feels great.

I’m rockin’ out on Jaheim’s newest album. For a sultry singer with REAL talent, check out his “The Makings of a Man” album. Simply fab. I shall return, lovelies!

Peace and sexy Black men.