Quick FOTDs

Hi beauties! Just a quick FOTD post…still crazy busy with trying to start a new job, finding a place to stay, getting my car fixed and studying for the GRE and FTCE. Yuck!! But for the first time since August, I went out! Having not seen me since I moved to LA, some of my friends were shocked that my face wasn’t all dolled up. Faces frowned when I told them I wasn’t really IN eye make-up these days and that lips was my focus. But for a ole’ times sake, I spent more than 3 minutes on my eye make-up and here is what I ended up with.

And I played around with some Blues. A color I very rarely touch. I don’t even remember what I used!
And that’s the only one that I can show since some of my girls are on this professional “don’t be postin’ pics of me” tip. LOL! I love them….I’ve been readin’ blogs on my phone but not leavin’ comments b/c it won’t let me. Boooo….but I am around. I’m trying to get rid of some lip/eye palettes. They are just taking up space and I have never even used them. If anyone is interested, send me an email.

Peace, my loves. And stay beautiful.

Squeeze It Lipglass

Greetings lovelies!

I decided to dedicate an entire post full of pictures and review to MAC’s Squeeze It Lipglass from the Fafi collection. A lot of folx have been saying they like it and passed on it when they initially checked out the Fafi goodies.

MAC describes Squeeze It (frost) as a Brassy Plum. But don’t go lookin’ at this color online because MAC’s uploads certainly does not do it much justice. I think it is a beautiful color for us brown skinned ladies and really for ALL ladies. I have the hardest time taking pictures of my lips because I feel like they are so big and look unflattering. But whatev. I love my full lips, I just don’t know how to do that sexy pout. LOL, so don’t laugh at me.

Here are my lips with MAC’s Chestnut lip liner. I also used Milani’s Cocomo.

Viloa. Squeeze It is ultra glossy and appears to be full of glitter but for an anti-glitter queen like myself, it isn’t too bad. Now for bigger pics to see the whole face. Which is make-up less and a mess, by the way. My skin is smooth but when I’m not battling pimples, I’m trying to get rid of the scarring previous pimples have left. This adult acne crap is crampin’ my style, yo. But then again, I could be exaggerating…AGAIN!

So there is Squeeze It. A color that I really like but I know a drugstore dupe like it exists. Any other Fafi colors that I should take a look at that are brown skinned friendly? Drop ya recs and help a newbie out.

Peace & have a fab weekend!


Hi loves….I’ve been a bit ghost on the blogging tip. I’ve moved back to Florida, I don’t start my new job until next Monday, my apartment place fell through so I’m looking for something else and I am slowly getting over the flu. I’ve tried to stop by everyone’s blog homes and leave some love. I’m still working on my purpose and defined role of Clumps of Mascara. I want this blog to benefit newbies and professional make-up artists alike. Which I am finding hard to do because it takes a ton of time and dedication. Working full time and preppin’ up for graduate school leaves me with very little time. I wish I could beauty blog my life away…..bein’ the first to post new collections, doing reviews on new products….but I don’t think I’ll be able to ever do that with the way my life works. But I’ll do my best. Especially for my newbies, because this blog is designed for you, for us…

So there’s that….a few explanations for the downtime. I checked out Fafi today and was a bit unimpressed…but thanks to the swatches of some of my blog sistas, I already knew what I was going to get and surprisingly got just those things.

I copped Fafi Eyes 1

….and Squeeze It Lipglass.

Here are some more swatches of Fafi Eyes 1 and the look that I’m not too big on. The colors seem a bit frosty and chalky, so I may have to play around with other bases and/or Mixing Medium to get a better look. Yall let me know what you think.

I don’t knowwwww…..super duper chalky to me but I’m going to play around with it some more. I think I may go back to get some Paint Pots and a lippie or two. We shall seeeee. What did yall think about Fafi? Was it worth the hype?

Peace & blush.

Brown skinned + Fafi=coooo

I’m hardly on Specktra anymore because I find it hard to keep up with that AND beauty blogging. And since most of yall are good at relaying Specktra news, I have no reason to stroll through there anymore. But I checked out the Fafi for Women of Color thread and found a tutorial done by….duh, a woman of color. She has me thinkin’ that this may not be too bad for us. I still can’t get over how much I loathe pastels on me, but we’ll see.

She didn’t allow users to use the embedded version, so here’s the link.

Shawnta, why did she remind me of you with her beautiful defined
browbone and gorgeous locs? I was like…..dang, twins!

Neutrals help

Hi loves!! I’m seeing all of the excitement over Fafi has escalated tremendously. Unfortunately, with me moving my life across the country (ahem, again), I don’t have the time to get into all of the hype. I did a drive-by read of a Fafi review that Temptalia did. I saw too many pinks and got discouraged because I can not stand pinks on my skin tone. Ugh, but we’ll see when I actually see the collection in person. Which may not be for awhile because I’ve got a new life to start.

In the meantime, because I’m super swamped I’ve decided to do a Q and A post. It’s definitely on a newbie level. Thanks to my girl for the email.

Q: I’ve been a member of specktra since April of last year…And i still haven’t gotten the product i wanted.. expect for foundation… I’m afraid of color and I was wondering how I can choose natural colors (eyeshadows) I’ve been going to and from Mac counters only to be depressed.. I searched for NYX line here in Canada… its limited… If you were to search for browns, bronze, coppers etc.. how will you choose?

A: Browns, bronzes and coppers, uh? Hmmm….MAC (obviously) has a great selection of those colors. What’s your skin color again? You look to be around my complexion at a NW45. Sooo my favorite browns would be Saddle, Espresso, Sable, Mulch, Handwritten, a Little Folie and Cocoa Beach pigment. Most of those are mattes so they go on nicely, especially on the crease.

My favorite bronzes/coppers would be Antique (sooo nice!) and….hmm, I think that may be the best bronze that I have. Ochre Style is a fab lid color but it is a bit on the muted gold style. That, Honey Lust and Woodwinked. But stay far away from that bright ass Amberlights. It is a pretty gold but it is sooo not what’s hot on warmer skin tones.

And since MAC recently dropped the N Collection (which is a neutral line), you can probably stroll by there and maybe get a make-over (it is usually free, you just have to buy some products) and see what works for you. I know all of the make-up artists are supposed to know what works, but I really like to ask folx who look like us. Hope I’ve helped. Newbie love!

And here are my top 3 favorite neutral looks.
Most of them are throwbacks, but yall get the idea.

Peace & Tropical Starbursts

Black History Fact:

In 1996, J.C. Watts becomes the first Black person selected
to respond to a state of the unioun address.

Beauty Review: Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint Herbal Shampoo

It has been a crazy week for me so I haven’t had the time to do much updating with me packing to move to Florida so I figured I’d do a quick review on a hair product that I used recently. This is Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint Herbal Shampoo with Sea Moss. This is the first shampoo I have used in my hair is very long time. I am a no-pooer and don’t shampoo my hair so I was a bit hesitate with what this product would do for me. But I am a natural-lite and since the products were all natural and lacking sulfates, I figured I would give it a shot.

The smell is niiiice and was very pleasing to me since I’m a big fan of Rosemary the essential oil and the spice. When we think of shampoos, we often think of getting nice lathers but this product didn’t do so and that was okay with me since lather often=sulfates. I massaged my scalp and gave my hair a good cleanse. I let it sit on my hair a bit to find that it was actually bringing out my natural curly cues.

Those little curly cues always disappear when my hair dries. After rinsed out the shampoo I was a bit saddened at how limp my hair felt. It was hard and unmanageable. Ugh, what happened?

So I don’t know about this one, ladies. This product didn’t make me want to convert to using shampoos again. So I’m sticking with the ACV rinses and conditioners. I’ve heard that ACV rinses work well for all hair types so click here to try the recipe for yourself. It does wonders!!

Oh….and Happy Black History Month. In fact here’s a fact:

In 1871, Jefferson Long of Georgia became the first Black to make an
official speech in the House of Representatives. He opposed leniency to former Confederates.

You can find more facts by the link to the right of the this post…Black Facts online.

Peace and Fists up and a fabulous weekend to all!

Bloggin’ Sistas and Bold Eye

I love blogging. It’s therapy and a lifestyle. Rantings of a Rebella and Clumps of Mascara have truly saved my sanity. I have 2 different sets of bloggin’ families and it just makes my day when I see a new comment or a new post sittin’ in the Google Reader. Today, I am happy to announce the unvealing of The Daily Cookie’s Facelift! My blog sista, Lilan and her web designers have done a fab job with the new site! Congrats, Lil! And the cookie theme just has me salivating all over the place. Munch your way over to The Daily Cookie.

Great things are happening all over the make-up world and in blogspace. You’ve got anticipation for Fafi thickening, Fashion Week in NYC, L’Oreal has everyone buzzin’…..I just can’t take it! Ah!

——–> MAKE-UP!

(one day I’ll buy Photoshop! LOL!)

Newbies, I have not forgotten about you. A Newbie Post is coming soon. Keep emailing me your suggesions. I’m lovin’ it! I have decided to familiarize myself more with the presdential election. So until I do that, I have to limit my make-up talk. Just last night I spent 2 hours at OnTheIssues.org trying to understand which candidate has the best lies, I mean platforms. Hehe, and I’m always tabbing in at CNN.com on the cell. Gotta know what’s goin’ on because it’s going to affect us all in some way.

Okay, no posts this weekend because I’ve got some packing and studying to do. But before I go, check it…..my school is having Catholic School Week next week and Monday is “spirit day”. You have to dress up in school colors. So, of course that gave me the idea to do a bold eye look; something I haven’t done in forever! So here’s what I came up with using Bright Sunshine e/s and Navy Blue pigment from MAC.

I don’t have on any face make-up. Eek! Ah well…should I recreate this? I’m on the fence about this one. I had to bring in Wondergrass e/s to help me blend but I just don’t think I like these colors on me. And I couldn’t bring the color too far up on the lid because then I’d look clown-ish. Suggestions? Anyone? Hmm…. Have a happy weekend, my loves!

Peace & Newbie Pride!

Oh, here’s the Clumps of Mascara banner! Ohhhh, my skills.
I’m a newbie in that area too. Clearly!

Bee Photo courtesy of Juliebee.ca

The Younger B….

I had to do it. This is the newest OT self-reflection post floatin‘ around the beauty blog space. I had to get up on it because I love readin‘ you all’s and doing them myself.


What I Would Tell the Younger Me

…now, I’m just turned 23 and I consider that to be pretty young. So I’m going to pretend as if I’m talking to the 18-year who moved out of the house in burbs of Tallahassee, Florida. She went to college 4 hours away and had no idea what her new life would bring her.

Look at her. Dorm room livin‘..


All young and innocent at the tender age of 19. Well, actually….this was sophomore year when I wasn’t so innocent, but I digress. LOL…and I’m going to write in Ebonics so if you need some translating, let me know! HA!

(1) Stop being so damn proud. You are going to need help so don’t be actin‘ like you can do it all and let someone help you (prolly need to tell this to the current me too!).

(2) Stop trying to want to be “grown”. Paying a bill don’t make you grown and when you finally HAVE to be grown, you won’t want to be. Trust.

(3) You are going to have some hard times. You are going to feel sad and alone but GOD will never leave you. Keep your optimism because that and GOD’s love will be your strength.

(4) It’s coo to desire the love of a man, but don’t be runnin‘ after them. You are too worthy for that and if you gotta chase a man, then honey, he ain’t the one.

(5) You were put on this Earth to write and help others. Don’t worry how you are going to do it. You will. Stop stressing about your “purpose”.

(6) Stop being so insecure. You are not fat. You’ll look better in a few years though. Watch.

(7) You’re not going to have it all together anytime soon so don’t think that by the time you’re 20 or 25, you will. Life ain’t that easy.

(8) Stop thinking that people HAVE to do right by you. They don’t. And they won’t. So be prepared.

(9) Stop thinking that college is killing you. You’re being too dramatic about it. Life AFTER college is what you really need to be fearing.

LOL…look at me.

Those were the days. No regrets in college. But I would pay a couple million to return to those days. I have yet to find the joys of NOT being a college student. 

What would you have like to the tell the “younger” you? I’d love to know!

Peace….inner and worldwide.