If you’ve been around the Clumps of Mascara scene for awhile, you’ve been there with me throughout my skin issues. From when I was living in Los Angeles and having crazy skin breakouts like here to when I even went as far as purchasing acne treatment kits like here. Truth is my skin is extremely important to me. Take away every beauty product that I own and I may weep. But curse me with acne prone skin for the rest of my life and I’m tip toe-ing to the edge of the “W” of the Hollywood sign.

I don’t spend a lot of time playing in eye shadows as much because my focus now (besides my obsession with blushes) is a good skin regime. has reallllly been helping me out. This website caters to those of African, Latino, Asian and Indian ancestry. It’s really all that I can ask for when it comes to skincare. I mean, who knows our skin better than we do? At the site, you will get an abundance of tips. It’s been my Saturday read for weeks to come now.

Dr. Susan Taylor has actually created a skincare line for US. I spotted some of the products in NYC’s Sephora in Time Square when I went visiting a few months ago. My sister copped a moisturizer from the Bright & Even line and has been raving about it. Dr. Taylor even has a book that covers all things skin, hair and nails for women of color.

What’s your take on Are you okay with the products you are currently using? More importantly, if you are a woman of color…..what’s the biggest concern/issue you’ve dealt with regarding skincare? Or maybe you feel as if skincare products cater to everyone. I want to hear it alllll.

Stay beautiful!

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Today’s the day!!!

I can’t say how proud I am of this blog. The support, the love, the interaction, the success….it has all been overwhelming and came out of nowhere! Seriously, I started this blog just to merely showcase my horrific make-up skills. I would have never thought that it would turn into all of this. I am elated.

And I have to thank you readers, the most. A blog is NOTHING without supporters. I still think it’s crazy that people care about what I say or feel so inclined to comment on my pictures. My induction into two wonderful Beauty networks has made my pride for this site just go up!

….now before I start with the cyber-tears, let’s review Clumps of Mascara’s top 5 moments.

  • The Parrot Eye: This look started my obsession with bright colored make-up. I didn’t really start toning it down until months later. I spent HOURS blending to achieve the perfect parrot eye.
  • Face Art: Living in LA had crazy inspiration. I spent a ton of time playing around with Face Art. Especially after MAC debuted those crazy hot Halloween face charts.
  • The Tragedy: Ahhh, the infamous brow incident. This experience had me coverin’ my brows for at least a month straight. I wasn’t even inspired to do much make-up because I didn’t even like looking at my face because of those frightful brows. Dramatic, I know.
  • The post that put Clumps of Mascara on the beauty map: This one gave the blog so much fame and fanfare that I felt like a online celebrity for at least 2 weeks. Bringing in 51 comments and being featured on big name beauty sites made me realize how far I wanted to take Clumps of Mascara.
  • It’s Official-The introduction to Clumps of Mascara–the dot-com site. This post is what started the series, networking with you other beauty bloggers and all of those creative features that make Clumps all unique ‘n stuff.

So yeah….check out those special moments. If you’re up for some good laughs check out some of the first few FOTDs that I did. Boy, did I come a loooong way. And you, my faithful readers have been there for the ride.

Hang on as we make Clumps of Mascara a revolution!!!

Oh….and what a wonderful anniversary gift! Toya from Life of a Ladybug has featured me as Beauty Blogger of Color. Check me out here!

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Brown and Blushin’ Series: Mineral Concepts Blush

Brown & Blushin’ time! And for this post, I just had to highlight not only a brand of make-up that I’m using but a different kind of blush.

ta daaaa….mineral blush!

First of all, mad love to Carol Jenne over at Mineral Concepts who is supportin’ a girl’s venture into not only mineral make-up but blushes too. After hearing wonderful things about this company, I just had to give it a whirl.

So check out Rosy Raisin.

The velvety smooth texture is to die for. And then when you come back to life, you will be in awe of the amazing color payoff which….uh, lasts all day on my primer-less and foundation-less skin in humid Central Florida.

Here’s a swatch..

And check it out on the cheek.

And I didn’t stop there with just the blush. I also dapped some of the color on my eyes…

I added some Black matte eyeshadow (MAC’s Carbon) to smoke it out a bit.

And theeeen I put on some clear lip gloss and put some color on the lippies too!

Ehhh, a little too dark for my liking but I think it’s amazing that I did a full face of make-up with only 4 products:

-Mineral Concepts Rosy Raisin blush
-MAC Carbon e/s
-NYC clear gloss
-Maybelline Black eyeliner

I’m happy about it and can’t wait to showcase some more mineral blushes for yall. Anyone else dapple in mineral blushes? Shoot me some of your favorites and recs!

For this posts’ Brown & Blushin’ beauty we have my girl Ari over at Fashion Devotee rockin’ MAC’s Full Fuchsia blush.

Hot pink blush is beautiful on for an after dark glam look. My sister is rockin’ it! Keep sendin’ me your submissions to Stay beautiful!

Mascara Monday: Sephora Lash Plumper

Grrr, yessss….yall know how I feel about Mondays. I’m hopin’ that my girl Kia from Yummy411 had a wonderful birthday on Saturday!!!! The only joy I get from Mondays is sharing a new mascara review with you wonderful people. Yall know I can’t keep up with reviewing a great deal of beauty products but one thing I don’t mind reviewing is mascaraaaaa. Especially the ones that say they can work magic. So how did Sephora’s Lash Plumper do?







Sephora’s Lash Plumper

Price: 1 out of 5 ($16….dang!)
Packaging (Brush Wand): 1 out of 5
1 out of 5

What it claims:Fatten your flutter with this lash-plumping formula. The larger brush, with slightly tapered edges, reaches from root to tip, for truly bat-worthy volume and glamour.”

The truth: This is a joke, right?

What I loved about it: The fact that I received it in sample size for free.

What I didn’t like: The product.

Overall: Boo and double boo. What just happened? ….absolutely NOTHING and that was the problem with this mascara. As a volumizing mascara, I expected clump-less coated lashes. I, in return, got….nothing. Not happy with that. Boo again.

What do you think about this mascara? Have you tried it and liked it? Better yet….tell me the WORST mascara that you’ve ever used. If you’ve sent me an email requesting a particular mascara to review, I haven’t forgotten about you. I have a looong list. Keep sendin’ me reviews at

Stay beautiful!

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New Series and Neo Sci-Fi Electro

I’m totally excited about this new series. And I’m going to have to discuss some issues I’ve already covered. Just for the sake of the series.

And yall know I can’t do this alone so I’m going to need reader submissions, pictures and suggestions.

Check this out.

How are yall diggin’ my funky border? I kinda like it. The purpose of this series to dispel the many myths and stereotypes that have haunted Black women for centuries. Colors we can’t wear, products we shouldn’t touch….it’s getting old. It’s time we start reclaiming our identities and defining our own beauties. Who’s with me?!!

Oh…got a bit excited.

First series post..

But Black Women Can’t…..wear orange lipstick.

As my boy Martin Lawrence would say, “Somebody dun told you wrong.”

I promised myself that I would re-visit Electro from the Neo Sci-Fi collection. I tried it on in the store and wanted to scream. My BFF make-up artist swore up and down that I looked beautiful and I know he wouldn’t lie but I wasn’t convinced. Still, I took that and Pink Grapefruit lip glass home to play around with in my own lighting.

(Is it me or does MAC’s lighting make you feel like a superstar and then you get home to your own bathroom and feel like an Ugly Betty. What kind of bulbs do they have?)

I’m going to keep it real with yall, so get ready for some laughs. I know I was doubled over in tears when I saw this.

Electro with 3 coats.

And I ain’t showin’ yall the full face because it’s awful!

I’m thinkin’ we as Black women (well us darker Black women) CAN wear this orange lipstick. But sheer. Check it with one coat.

See, not as scary.

And when topped off with Pink Grapefruit Lipglass….well, it’s just perfect for summer.

What do you think about us rockin’ orange lipstick? Send all of your suggestions for the But Black Women Can’t series to me at Wanna do a collaborative post? You know I’m down! And as always….send me your pics of you defying those myths!

Happy Friday!!!!

Costal Scents Brushes: Video Review

Why am I just now getting around to reviewing these? I actually did a video awhile back but forgot to create a post and upload.


I was too lazy to go through the Windows Movie Maker editing mess, and I didn’t realize how dark I was but oh well.

To see my original post about the CS brushes, click here.

Mascara Monday: MAC Zoom Lash

Happy Monday, gorgeous people! You know that the only thing good about Mondays are Mascara Mondays! You know I’m still trying to find the BEST mascara ever.

If it exists.

And lemme tell you…Maybelline XXL Curl Power is my current LG. Love it!

This time around I reviewed MAC’s Zoom Lash Mascara. Did it really give me zOoOoOm?

You ready to find out?

MAC’s Zoomlash

Price: 3 out of 4 ($11)
Packaging (Brush wand): 5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5

What it Claims: “This instant volume mascara power-lifts the lashes into length, curls them up…builds them faster than you can wink! Precision control wand glides smoothly down lashes to provide a gorgeously silky upward “sweep”. Smudgeproof and long-wearing!”

The truth: Seriously….it does give you some “ZOOM!”

What I loved about it: What I love most about Zoom Lash is the wand. I adore wands that are smaller in size with nice defined bristles.

What I didn’t like: It made my lashes a bit too wispy. And it is flaky. Yuck!

Overall: One of the better MAC mascaras, in my opinion. Zoom Lash works for me simply because it really gives my lashes a “wave” that I would not otherwise have. I also love that it is long lasting and doesn’t loose its lift throughout the day. I can certainly do without the flakiness, though. And I think I need to mention that this mascara makes your lashes a bit stiff. I personally like this feature because a lot of mascaras either weigh down my lashes or don’t give them enough lift. I can dig it!

Have you tried with mascara? What do you think? Or tell me what you think about MAC’s mascaras in general. Send your suggestions for Mascara Monday to

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Brown and Blushin’ Series: Berry/Plum Swatches

Yaaaaay, time for another edition of Brown & Blushin’.

*keys theme music*

A lot of you gals were interested in berry/plum blushes. I’m not even going to sit here and front like I own such. I’m a total newb when it comes to those colors. So what did I have to do? Hit up my sis, Jessica from paix all around. She has provided us with some gorgeous blush shots and even swatched them. I know she can’t wait to show us the FOTDs either, uh? Hehehe….love you Jess.

The colors are as follows (they are all from MAC):
(l-r) Ambering Rose, Breezy, Lovecrush (discontinued), Fever, Frame (discontinued), Flirt & Tease

Feenin’ yet?


Yall remember that song?

Oh my fault….had a New Jack swing moment. Let the show continue.

Beautiful, uh? I am definitely diggin’ that Lovecrush. And of course. It would be discontinued. No worries….I’m on my mission to find a beautiful berry blush for my brown skin. Say THAT 10x fast. So uhhh….I’m pretty much in love with berry blushes for now. What you gals say? Any recs?

And for this post’s Brown & Blushin’ Beauty…we have the lovely Danyelle rockin’ the MAC’s Breezy Blush. My girl is all shy about having me post her pictures and I don’t know why because she is gorgeous!!

Breezy- sheertone shimmer blush MAC; brush from CVS by Essence of Beauty
MSF Light Flush MAC

Killer brows, uh? And her skin IS that pretty in person. Chiiiile, I’m gon get there one day.
Don’t forget… can send your blush photos and submissions to me at And thanks to all of you beauty bloggers for their contributions to this series. It has definitely been a collaborative effort and you gals have been so wonderful at supporting me. *tear* Love yall!

Stay beautiful loves!


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