Yellows and a Neuty

Hi beautiful faces!

Before I introduce my reviews and looks, I have to mention that MAC Pro has launched some gorgeous new colors. They are more along the C-Shock line: bright, vibrant and highly pigmented colors. I am in love with them all but unfortunately when I went to the PRO store in Orlando, they only had one of the ones I wanted. Let me introduce you kids to:


Yesss…another yellow. If you’re like me and have found zero success in Chrome Yellow and Canary Yellow, this is it! MAC has done it. This yellow is magnificent. It is highly pigmented even without a base—so imagine how it looks WITH one. Now I know some of us may not be BIG on yellows…it’s not exactly a color that you’d want to wear everyday, but I’m looking to have a rather diverse traincase—and that includes non-traditional colors. Not to mention, neglecting to own colors like this feeds to the idea that darker skinned women can’t wear bright colors and I KNOW that ain’t true.

BRIGHT SUNSHINE, A color that MAC describes as a “Bright clean primary iridescent yellow”. As a frost, this color needs very little application to go on brightly. To prove this, I’ve done 4 swatches. 3 with bases. 1 without. The first 3 colors’ bases are:

(1) Urban Decay Primer Potion
(2) Gentil Lentil Shadestick
(3) Bamboom Paint
….and (4) is no base at all.

Wow….so, of course I had a hard time with lightning, but the last swatch looks just as good as the other three. My favorite base for this would be the paint. And I bet if you had a yellowish shadestick, it would pop like none other! So 10 points for Bright Sunshine….only available at MAC Pro locations.

Hmmm….and since we’re on this new launch of fab colors, let’s talk about one more. Blue Clam…similar to Electric Eeel but BETTER is a look I had done on me by one of the make-up artists. Aside from falling in love with this handsome cat, he also used the Delft Paint Pot (okay….these are FAB!). I don’t have a great close up but this is the finished product…me in all of my silliness.

So yes…I encourage you folx….who are into the bright colors to check out MAC Pro’s new line. I think you’ll fall in love just like I did. However, a lot of the great colors are already sold out so I guess us unfortunate non MAC Pro membership folx are outta luck, uh? So sad….I’m tryna get a membership myself. LOL, somehow!!

Kay kay….before I go, lemme drop you a Neuty aka….a neutral look that I created and topped off with MAC in 3D’s Wondershine.
What I have here is:
-Woodwinked on lid
-Antiqued on crease and lightly blended up
-Vanilla pigment on crease

The MAC in 3D Wondershine has a dark brown lip liner from Jordana (my favorite cheapo brand) but I was considering puchasing a Lipglass liner….but who knows. How the freak are you supposed to sharpen those mofos? I love the color nonetheless and am going to go check out some more today.

And Reno, mama….this Wondershine close up is for you. You said it was TOO bright, but don’t let the color of these MAC 3D lippies fool you. They look bright in the their bottles, but they really are very sheer. But sheer enough to where it shows up. And I’m workin’ on snappin’ shots of my baby traincase so you can see what I’m “workin’ wit” (lol)—but it ain’t much so don’t be shocked. And MAC Pro stores…..nothing less than heaven. It’s amazing! Peace and pigments, loves!

….oh and have I mentioned how uploading pics on Blogger is AWFUL! Am I the only one who has these problems?

Two looks

Okay, I got some madd updates for ya this entry. It’ll be a week and a half before I head out to LA….my internship is over. I have no classes and I feel like I am lacking so much purpose in my life right now. Post-graduation nerves, I’m assuming. The only thing that is making me feel better is make-up. And I’m in mofo Tallahassee…this place only has a MAC counter. No store. I hate flippin’ counters…..anywho this is what I have.

Fiiirst, the look I have here has no name. Here are the products I used:
That yucky Hush Color Cream base…oh, ignore that Antiqued eye shadow….and this is a palette I created:
-Woodwinked in inner lid
-Sketch on outer lid
-Humid on crease
-And Bamboom as my highlighter
I loooove this combination. It’s gorgeous. This is what I came up with. Let me know what you think:

Uggghh, as usual, ignore the brows. I have yet to return to perfecting them. Skin is getting better…thank the Lord for that.
This picture is arranged on my blog a little funny, but here is the look in its entirety. I’m wearing Elaborate Lip glass. It’s aight….too much glitter if you ask me, but it was a cheap outlet steal.
I looove that palette. It’s a nice everyday look. Humid is dark enough to where it tones down the Woodwinked and Sketch…I don’t know. I love Sketch. I think it’s such a lovely “Outer V….or outer lid look”.
And now introducing another look that I did using greens. I used 3:
Eyepopping….some Milani green (ugh, can’t remember the name!) and Humid. Whoever suggested that I get Humid, I loooove you. It is gorgeous and goes on beautifully.
All of these pictures are gonna look crazy because I was having a wonderful morning this particular day, so you’ll have to excuse my silliness. I don’t know…..I’m really feelin’ greens these days.

Eyepopping was on inner lid, that Milani green in the middle and I used Humid as an outer V and blended all 3 colors up. I didn’t do a highlighter. After my consultation with an artist yesterday, I discovered that I don’t need a highlighter when I do crazy looks like these. The space between my crease and brownbone is like a mile away. I have so much space. Color on the lid, crease AND browbone is too much for me sometimes….has anyone else realized this?

Heres’s a better “far away” look. Ohhh….and ZDazzle, can you guess what’s on my lips? It’s that wonderful Wondershine from the MAC in 3D line. Yes, it’s wonderful and I don’t mind the color payoff being intense. It’s dark enough for me. I love this color A LOT!
What do yall think? Thoughts?
Oh…I’m loving my new MAC brushes. They seriously were worth the money. My blending is 10x better and that 242….I don’t know how I survived without it!


So a sista has been gone for a minute and I do apologize. But I do come back to you as a COLLEGE GRADUATE!!

Yess yessss, I have walked the stage and it was so wonderful that I want to do it again. LOL, seriously. After my AmeriCorps service I’m headin’ on to someone’s grad school. So yep yep, that’s that.

Aaaaand, I got a digital camera as a gift so now there will be more updates with better quality photos. The only one I have today is:

Yesss, I was beyond excited. My eye make-up was “ehhh….” Nothing to brag about. The look here was my favorite pigment combo…

-Melon on the lid
-Coco beach on the crease
-And I took out my ex-BFF Vex as my highlighter

….and then I put on the StudioFix because I knew I was going to be taken a ton of photos. It lasted pretty well. But then a day later, I noticed freakin’ small bumps all over my face. (sigh) Could be a coincidence, but whatever. I’m thinking I need to completly retire that StudioFix and try StudioTech…or somethin’ else. It clearly isn’t for me.

Over the past week or so I’ve been to 2 MAC stores, 2 MAC counters, an outlet, Ulta and Sephora. So I’ve been out and about. Got some new stuffs and got some reviews.



The Novel Twist basic brush set is such greatness….well, for me at least. This is the most I’ve spent on brushes. I think it’s great for a beginner like myself. The entire set costs $48 and includes smaller handles of the 129, 190, 224, 242 and 266. Now of course it came out ’bout a month ago but I was waiting until I copped some graduation money before I got it. Hehehe…..anywho the 224 is an amazing blending brush. And the 242 is GREAT for eyeshadow application.

Still playing around with the others. And then I purchased a 222 brush from an outlet for only $11. It’s the white tip blending brush that I haven’t played around with much and only purchased out of excitement. Any ideas on how to use this one?

Okay noooow…..


Anyone familiar with this one? It stuck out on me for some reason and I think it is so divine. MAC describes it as ash brown with bronze cast. As a veluxe pearl, it goes on very nicely….especially with Woodwinked.

Chrome Yellow
Purchased this because I want a diverse make-up collection. And uhh…I’m not too sure if I like it just yet. It takes a looong time to get it to do what you want it to do. I’m assuming this will only be GREAT with a primer similar to its color. Other than that I wasn’t too big on it. But I think it’s great to have nonetheless. I also pulled Humid and finally Woodwinked. Which is 10x better than that bright ass Amberlights, I might add.

My “to be purchased soon” shadows:
Flashtrack-what I’ll do this this royal blue, I don’t know…but it calls my name EVERYTIME I go into MAC. Next time I’m getting it. It’s sooo pretty.

…and Star Violet, Sushi Flower and Parfait Amour.


Hush Color Cream Base
Has anyone used MAC’s CCBs before? Wellll, this is my first and last purchase of these kids. The artist did warn me that CCBs are NOT for folx with oily lids. Welll….I never considered mine to be so oily, but apparently they are. A few hours after having put this on, the whole “where you blink your eye” crease part was completely jacked up. I mean, I had NO make-up there. It looked awful. Definitely not for me. So what have I learned from this? Urban Decay’s Primer Potion is the best…better than CCBs, shadesticks and paint. The end. I should probably mention that MAC says this product has many uses so perhaps I’ll find something else to use it for. But for the lids…nooooope.

….I got some other stuff like Elaborate Lip glass (not to be worn alone…too much glitter)….my beloved MAC Vanilla piggie (plan on order more samples before I move to LA) and some non-make-up goodies like Carol’s Daughter hair oil.

Tis it for now…..look for mo betta photos!

Pigments and more…



Now let’s rap on pigments for a quick second.

I absolutely love them!!! Their versatility is amazing. I have found so much success is virtually all of the pigments I’ve played around with…

Pigments are sooo much fun and you can use them everywhere! Eyes, lips, face, nail polishes, etc. My top 3 favorite so far are:

1) Vanilla….I love this heavenly color. I’ve used it as a highlighter, dabbed it on my lips and even sprinkled some in my lotion for a summer shimmery look. It’s a amazing.

2) Coco Beach…the BEST crease color I’ve come across so far. It blends amazingly with my knock off 224 brush. An absolute gorgeous color.

3) Melon…I loooove this color. In the jar it looks a bit bright, but when applied on my skin, it is a little more toned down. This on my lid with Coco beach as my crease is such a GREAT neutral color. My Mom, who is NC35 looks amazing with this color too.

:: I’ll post pics soon of my pretty piggie combos.

…..I’m still playing around with some other MAC piggies that I have such as Kelly Green, Cornflower, Fuchsia, Golden Lemon, etc. And of course I have the SAMPLE sizes of pigments. I highly suggest purchasing samples instead of spending a whooping $19.50 on a jar of pigment that you won’t use in a lifetime. A little really goes a looong way.

Where can you get samples?
Once upon a time, I believe Ebay users could sell samples, but that has recently stopped. I found a great seller through Specktra who not only has a great selection of pigments, but has GREAT prices, as well. Shoot Cheryl an email at and she’ll email you a list of her colors and prices. She’s amazing for business, friendly and her service is fassst. She lives in Cali, I in Florida and I got my pigments in 3 days! Get up on it!

I think I’m more in love with MAC pigments than the eye shadows. I find myself grabbing for a piggie daily now instead of my palette.

Check out my Wish List:
-UPDD Primer Potion (on sale @ 2, get 1 free. I need to stock up for Cali)
-Naked Lunch
-Novel Twist Basic Brush set
-A brown lip pencil. Probably from Jordana 2/$3. I love this cheap brand!
-Vanilla pigment (don’t have time to order out, so I’ll prolly have to buy the whole thing!)
..that’s it!

Look at the lippie stuffs stash from my purse. Ain’t this sad? Love ‘em all too. All under $4. Except that MAC Jellybabe which came in a gift set that I got as a gift. That MAC in 3D has me gettin’ excited so let’s hope it’s worth the hype, ZDazzle. No amazement since C-Shock here!

Guess who is graduating? Me in 10 days? How I’m going to wear my hair is quite the wonder. Someone mentioned a weave or wig. Okay….looks good on some, but I’m not the type to wear styles like that. Plus, I’m kinda big on my natural hair so to hide it on a big day would be such the contradiction to me. Any ideas? I look dead in this pic, but what about a headwrap UNDER the cap? No?

New look!! If I’m not in the mood to go all out on the eyes, I simply do…eyeliner, fluidline and mascara! That’s it. I’m lovin’ it! What’s goin’ on in your make-up world? Any new finds and whatnot?

Arabian Lights AGAIN!

Hi pretty faces.

I know Specktra’s new look is all pretty, but I’m not feeling it for some reason. The navigation is all jacked up to me. Ah well…

I played with pigments this morning. Melon and Maroon, to be exact. I don’t know what it is about me, but I love looks that have half and half of gold/burgundy. I have a look called Arabian Lights and I mistakingly ALWAYS mimic it. Helllllloooo, can I be more creative?

How good can a make-up blog be WITHOUT a decent camera? LOL, one day I’ll upgrade, yall. I promise.

Not a very clear picture….but my eyebrows don’t look too bad, uh? I’m learning, yall….I’m learning!

Ahhh yes. The “innocent” look. I’m going to head home and play around with some more pigments, colors and work on my brush usage because I still don’t know how to work with them THAT well. Oh, and another thing—I’ve got 2 empty slots in my MAC 15-palette. Drop me 2 must have colors and I’ll run out today and get them.



It’s comedy hour here at Clumps of Mascara. Click on the pic below for some laughs.

I can laugh at this terrible look now ONLY because I know better. But in October 2006, you could not have told me that I didn’t know ’bout blending. But boooooy, if only I knew then what I know now.

I’ve come across a great reference/resource for blending. I just recently got back on MySpace (I deactivated my account 3-4 months ago when it got hacked into. So sad) and found a sista who does some bomb ass blending! I mean, her skills are impeccable….please check her work.

Her designs blew me away. She spotlights her products, techniques and tools. And what I’m amazed to find out is that she uses Sonia Kashuk brushes!! Whaaaat?! With blending this good, I’m thinking she’s goin’ bankrupt purchasing expensive brushes. But nope….good ole’ Sonia again has saved the day.

She also touched on the fact that practice, practice, practice is crucial when it comes to blending. I have to keep remembering that. Sometimes I get discouraged when my looks don’t look as good as I want them to but practicing is very important.

Anyone else got any tips, suggestions or anything to add on the topic of blending? Perfecting blending, to me, is so very important. It’s the difference between make-up application and make-up ART.

Blend on my sistas….

Paint, brushes, Flashtronic

Greetings to whoever is reading this randomness of mine.

Life has been relatively good. I went through the hassle of moving everything out of my apartment into storage and it was a pretty terrible experience, but with the help of my ride-or-die best friend and some cute male counterparts, it was done! So I’m grateful for that.
So of course..that Flashtronic/Rushmetal/Novel Twist stuff dropped and everyone is actin’ all crazy about it. I’m not super impressed. I’m really not. I mean the colors from Flashtronic are actually niiiice, but not nice-nice. I didn’t feel the need to buy them ASAP. Maybe I’ll change my mind.
But I did cop some new finds and have some small reviews.

I was on a mission for the longest trying to find a neutral look. Well, after speaking with a great MAC make-up artist, I think I’ve found a nice everyday look. I’ve also learned how to adequately use a blending brush. I won’t tell you how I was using it before….you may laugh.

(1) Neutral look:
I purchased my first paint. The picture you see is not the same color as the one I picked up, so don’t get confused. I purchased Bamboom. It’s a great “neutral” look for my NW45 lids. I’m still working on how to apply it though. The make-up artist said use some number brush, but I’m not droppin’ $30 on no brush no time soon, lol….so I use a concealer brush from Target for $1.99 that uhhh….works very nice.
With Bamboom paint all over the lid, I then apply Sketch (a look that MAC describes as an intense burgundy-plum flecked with red shimmer) on outer lid and crease. I blend with my blending brush and apply Bamboo as my highlighter. I’ve come to discover that while I love Vex, it contributes to the “too much”ness that I loathe at work. Bamboo is a great neutral highlighter. It’s enough without being too much.
The end result? I like it….I tried capturing a pic with the camera phone. Ugh, the lighting is off. But it’s a nice look. Of course, I need to keep practicing to perfect it. Sketch in moderation is a pretty nice color.
(2) Lip stuffs
I almost purchased Flashtronic lipglass but then I realized it’s the same thing….or something simliar to jelly babe, except it has a little more shimmer. And then I realized that spending that much money on lip stuff is a mess. But that’s just my opinion. I splurge on eye stuff, but good and cheap lip chap (lol!!) can be found anywhere!ht

(3) Novel Twist Brush Set

Sooo as I’m sure MAC addicts know, Novel Twist stuffs dropped at Nordstrom’s on the 20th. I checked out the colors but was realllly considering getting the brush set. There are 2. One is a basic set and the other, professional. I talk a lot of trash about spending a ton of money on brushes…buuuut, I may cop the basic brush set. My wonderful Targe Sonia Kash(whatever the name is) brushes and watercolor paint brushes have not failed me yet, but maybe I’m falling into the “cause it’s MAC” mentality. Especially that 224 blending brush. I may get it. The entire set is only $48. A 224 brush alone costs $28! So this really is a deal. Hmmm….should I?
Ohhh, I purchased a 15-color palette. My collection is growing! Still need to perfect certain areas. Still need a steady hand for fluidlines. And still need to keep curling my lashes. They are all over the place. Still not wearing freakin’ StudioFix or anything on my face. The condition of my face is “decent”, but me not wearing foundation is for a personal reason. When I put it on, I feel like I look so….beautiful. But also so fake. Of course, Big T and Romping eye shadow isn’t natural but foundation, for me…..makes me really wish my skin was the way the make-up makes it. Perfect. And I’m on this self-acceptance tip. I don’t have flawless skin and that’s fine. Covering up my flaws everyday, in a sense, denies myself of my true self. Sounds deep, but that’s me.
2 out and about pics and I’m out. Deucesssss.

At my friend’s surprise birthday party. I had on a black shirt, but was bored, so hooked up my eyes up with some Firespot, Cranberry and Vex. The eyelashes are popping thanks to that Loreal Telescopic mascara! Wooooot!

Yesss, I never ever am normal when taking pictures. I can’t just smile and move on. I always have to do something silly. This was at a club and I have over 5 colors goin’ on here. If you look, the shirt that I’m wearing isn’t exactly color-less. So I tried to play up all of the colors from it.


Creative title there, uh?

Okayyyy, so I guess it’s time for a new post. I’ve had an awesome weekend with great friends! I’m trying to live up my life here in Tampa because I’m moving to LA for AmeriCorps in September and *tear*….I doubt anyone will visit me since it’s so far.

Well, I am happy to announce that I did not purchase any make-up products this weekend! This is considered a good thing because I’m broke! LOL! I’m moving out of my apartment and putting things in storage and funds are realllly very low right now, so I’ve been staying away from Specktra’s For sale forums and…

…oh wait, I did buy some mascara at Target, but guess what? It was on sale! $4.99. Regularly $7.99.

It’s the Loreal Telescopic mascara that my lovely Ms. Riss raved about. I can see why! This is some great stuff! It’s actually better than the Loreal Voluminous. I mean, really….my eyelashes are out of this world! I loved it so much that I didn’t even feel the need to put on any make-up. Just the mascara, some eye liner and my MAC jellybabe. It’s so hotness! Get up on it!

Sooo…in other news, I copped
the MAC Firespot from the Moonbathe line and I’m in love with flippin’ color. It’s insanely beautiful! I tried it on a friend of mine who is NC45 with some Cranberry and Vex and it was fire! HOTTTT!!! Just “Ehhh….” on me. Gotta keep playing around with it. It’s just such a wonderful color for my collection. I’m excited about it. But I’m not too hip on ordering MAC products over the phone or online to be mailed to me. It took entirely TOO long and shipping was too expensive. I’ll only do that if I HAVE to.

Best friend tells me that Ulta is having this crazy cool sale on Urban Decay Primer Potion (buy 2, get 1 free) and some other goodies… I say check it out. I’m so blessed. A Sephora, Ulta, MAC, and Nordstrom’s in the SAME city? All of which I JUST discovered in 3 months? LOL, I’m so spoiled. Oh wait…I’ve found the link. The sale is going on until August 4. Yesss!! I should have at least 2 paychecks by then!

3 random pics of me and then I’m out…..but WAIT….you haven’t lived until you’ve checked out this online boutique. I’m not even lying. Shoes for $9.99? Hot jewelry for $.99? Thanks Black Pearls for showing this one. Great another addiction: online boutiques. Freakin’ A!

Peace and pretty faces!

I so need a better focus. LOL!!

One of my favorite looks: Arabian Lights….so gorgeous!

Chuckin’ the deuces at cha….whatever that means!